Ryzen 7 1800X vs. Core i7 7700K, 4 Intel Cores vs. 8 AMD Cores in 2019

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming X: www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z390%20Phantom%20Gaming%20X/index.asp
    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X: amzn.to/2RrkJx1
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X: amzn.to/31GoyTL
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700: amzn.to/2FjYx3d
    AMD Ryzen 5 1600: amzn.to/2EXuqhU
    AMD Ryzen 5 2600: amzn.to/2WiRw8k
    AMD Ryzen 5 2600X: amzn.to/2Xz7j4b
    MSI B450 Tomahawk: amzn.to/2WVBAND
    Intel Core i7-7700K: amzn.to/2XlIfRE
    Intel Core i5-7600K: amzn.to/2WnkPXp
    Check out the written version of this feature on TechSpot: www.techspot.com/review/1863-two-years-later-ryzen-1800x-vs-core-i7-7700k/
    Ryzen 7 1800X vs. Core i7 7700K, 4 Intel Cores vs. 8 AMD Cores in 2019
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Comments • 1 595

  • Nulevoe Krylo
    Nulevoe Krylo 2 days ago

    For 100% core increase, there should be near 100% increase in multi-core performance to justify jumping from i7 7700k. And the STP is still not great. And how AMD resolves synchronization between chiplets? They don't do it. Gonna pass the AM4.
    "Hurr durr i7 is stuttering"
    Use a decent OCd RAM and do something with your hard drive already.

  • halistine jenkins
    halistine jenkins 20 days ago

    i'd like to see these older 4 core cpus paired with 3600-4000 mhz DDR4 since they are clearly bottlenecking the 2080ti.

  • halistine jenkins
    halistine jenkins 20 days ago

    the 7700k wins in gaming with half the cores/threads...

  • shivanSpS
    shivanSpS 21 day ago

    Steve two things, 1) the comparison is unfair, you are comparing a $350 7700K vs a $500 1800X, by the time Ryzen launched the 7700K was more closer in price to the Ryzen 7 1700 than the 1700X and you are comparing it to a 1800X.
    2) As a Ryzen 1000 early adopter(i got a 1700), i feel i paid to be a beta tester of Zen arch considering how much better the 2000 and 3000 CPUs are, and my B350 4+2 VRM cant really upgrade to a 3900X, at least i have a upgrade path but only thanks to OEMs because AMD did not force OEMs to support the 300 series. So is not that much of a walk in the park being a Ryzen 1000 adopter, is it a far better situacion than getting locked out completely like what Intel did in the 7th gen, that for sure.

    • shivanSpS
      shivanSpS 21 day ago

      @Hardware Unboxed The 1800X did drop from $500 quickly, but only dropped below $400 after 8th gen launch, by that time the 7700K was dead already. And im saying $400 because im considering $50 for the cost of a cooler. (btw so many people forgets about this when comparing the 9900K to the 3900X). The 1700X is a far more 1 to 1 comparison when i take into account the cost of a cooler, but it also is 200mhz lower all core turbo.

      My motherboard is a Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3, the ONLY motherboard that Gigabyte launched that had better VRMs than this is the AX370-Gaming 5 and AX370-Gaming K7 (top of the line). Even the AX370-Gaming 3 has the same VRMs. And Gigabyte is not alone in this. But im not complaining i say AM4 300 series boards had its faults. I could probably use a 3900X, in fact Gigabyte has the 3900X in the A320M-S2H CPU support list, but 4+2 on 12 C with PBO? I dont think it is a good idea.

      BTW, something is not mentioned in the video is the AM4 versability compared to Intel platform, i not longer have the 1700, my GPU died and im not going to buy a gpu with those crazy prices, so i sold my 1700 and i now got a 3200G and im still gaming belive it or not. Ill keep like this until Cyberpunk at least. Good luck trying that on a Intel CPU.
      Oh, BTW, bios support is SO BAD on the 300 series that if you attempt to overclock the 3200G IGP in BIOS, the motherboad will attempt to kill the CPU with 1.6 Vcore for wharever reason.

    • Hardware Unboxed
      Hardware Unboxed  21 day ago

      1) Watch the video, within the same year of release the 1800X was cheaper than the 7700K.
      2) You got more than you paid for, good luck getting a better 8-core/16-thread CPU for even twice the price of the R7 1700.
      3) You bought a super cheap motherboard and you're surprised it might have issues with a higher TDP part years later? That said what board do you have? I found even the worst B350 boards support the 3900X perfectly well.

  • Lee Sun
    Lee Sun 28 days ago

    Someone sell me your i7 7700k

  • Giancarlo R
    Giancarlo R Month ago

    I think is crazy that the R5 3600 beats both of these CPUs.

  • License to Chill
    License to Chill Month ago

    As a 7700k owner, I don't feel enticed to run out and buy a Zen 2. There isn't a game out there that my PC can't handle. Until there's a PC game that I must play and shits on my computer then I'll upgrade. Never upgrade for games that already run totally fine on your PC to begin. You'll get diminishing returns on your investment. Like, "wow Destiny 2 first ran at 90 and now I'm getting 100".

  • spacetime
    spacetime Month ago +1

    What was that website to check part price against all online retailers? Great video. This reassures me in my decision in December 2017 to build a new PC with the 1800x at its heart.

  • dombrox
    dombrox Month ago

    Really fun that you do videos not only about the newest but also about a bit older cpus, quite interesting video. But also say whatever you want but I am a fanboy of 6700k because it is very good cpu for fast paced games and adobe premiere. Though it doesn't like games like assassins creed odyssey that much as so newer cpus, but I don't really play that so much because it is very long game so that's that

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat Month ago

    In my opinion, if you had 100 PC users, 2 of those users would be the "creative" types who would benefit from having a Ryzen CPU. The other 98 would benefit from the Intel CPU. And your data supports this. In all of the 9 games you tested, the Intel CPU was in the lead using FPS as your metric of measurement. Every one. Since the vast majority of PC users are gamers and not creators, they would clearly be ahead with the Intel CPU.
    I also take issue with you not competing on a level playing field. You need to test core for core, hyperthread for hyperthread. Price is subjective and MSRP needs to be taken completely out of the equation. Hardware is not subjective. You should have tested using the Intel i9-9900k SKU. That would have been a fair test. You are comparing performance benchmarks to determine the best CPU in this comparison.
    I feel that this comparison is nothing short of misleading the consumer. This was an apple to oranges test and as such, holds no weight for me.

  • Cobraazi
    Cobraazi Month ago

    could you benchmark haswell-e and broadwell-e cpus against 3rd gen ryzen CPUs. because i think there is many guys with 5820K/6800K who is looking for upgrade :)

  • MrDeathknight1
    MrDeathknight1 Month ago

    Good video my only comment would be the 7700k 4.8 oc OK it didn't need more but any good board had pre sets for like 5ghz so why 4.8 or was ya chip just unstable after that just thought I'd ask was all like both these videos tho and I've been a Intel fan boy all my life pretty much ... and as long as the 3000 series is as good as claimed and I will wait to see what all you benchmarks make of them oc and normal clocks I'll most likely buy a new first ever amd platform but has to be good in games other wise why bother as I'm only a gamer but I do like to keep the cash in my pocket if I don't have to put it into Intels

  • Rudolf Stahel
    Rudolf Stahel Month ago

    I have a i7-7700 and I'm happy, all games on ultra 60FPS+
    and the CPU is still strong enough for future upgrades, I have tested RTX 2080 and without bottleneck so for 2.5K monitor it is still a good CPU for a long time.

  • folop86
    folop86 Month ago

    AMD sponsored much LOL.

  • Teal 'c
    Teal 'c Month ago

    This just in!...... Core2 quad out performs Athlon 64 x2. Why are you doing a video on these 2 1/2 year old cpus? Are there a large quantity of these hitting the used market now for cheap??? or did it take you this long to research info for your video??

  • Kankipappa
    Kankipappa Month ago

    Its all cool, but it would be even more interesting to show these with tweaked memory timings (since bios defaults run 2133mhz subtimings loosened in relation to highened mhz even with XMP profile). I remember 1700x being kinda equal in games back then with the memory tweaked :)

  • Cfif Asd
    Cfif Asd Month ago

    7700k фризит в батле с мощными видяхами, поможет только ограничение фпс....но такое себе

  • Stephen Snow
    Stephen Snow Month ago

    How are there only 372k subs for this channel? :/ Should have a bunch more :)

  • William Wen
    William Wen Month ago

    AMD processor aged well

  • xnonsuchx
    xnonsuchx Month ago

    Since most games/game engines were still only optimized for 2-4 core CPUs in 2017, the 8700K didn't seem significantly better at the time. And many places were selling the 7700K for US$290-300 while the 8700K was often >MSRP (and the 7700K still worked on many Skylake mobos), so the 7700K looked like a pretty decent option in later 2017, but I can certainly see earlier 7700K purchasers who paid a lot more feeling a little 'screwed.'

    • daniel ortega
      daniel ortega Month ago

      @xnonsuchx what?

    • xnonsuchx
      xnonsuchx Month ago

      @daniel ortega But you mention plenty of BS

    • daniel ortega
      daniel ortega Month ago

      @xnonsuchx you never mentioned 2019 games

    • xnonsuchx
      xnonsuchx Month ago

      @daniel ortega I did tell

    • daniel ortega
      daniel ortega Month ago

      And in 2019 what games are requiring 6 cores? Please do tell

  • Carlos Goitea
    Carlos Goitea Month ago


  • igloo2
    igloo2 Month ago +5

    Intel still wins if you aren’t a content producer


    R7 2700 instead

  • William Henrickson
    William Henrickson 2 months ago

    Looks like a early morning video eh Steve?

  • sergio gonzalez
    sergio gonzalez 2 months ago

    great content steve, whiy do you make one video about wich ones could be the more recommended motherboard 470 for zen 2

  • Kevin Van Neste
    Kevin Van Neste 2 months ago

    Great video

  • wakenbaker-uk
    wakenbaker-uk 2 months ago

    i have an fx 8350 system and an athlon IIx6 1055t both overclocked with 3gb graphics. this is all pie in the sky for me for at least 4-5 years. i only buy old shit cos i have ex wife that requires food and is apparently my concern, despite her re-marrying another mug

  • Rozzbourn
    Rozzbourn 2 months ago

    i don't know why intel didn't push the cores on mainstream for so long (they had the 10 core chips on the 2066 platform at the time), but i think they thought they had more time? don't get me wrong here, the 7700k was THE gaming chip back then, but intel always seems to leave something on the table when they could clearly have higher performing parts. its like intel is the hare and amd the tortoise. intel jumps out ahead, then lollygags around until amd reaches them (or maybe in this case passes them) before we see something significant. i know the 10nm stuff really kicked their butts, but 4 years of getting your butt kicked by a process node? at what point do you give up on it and move on? we got 2 weeks left to see these benchmarks, and i cant wait for all the aftermath.

  • carlos faustino
    carlos faustino 2 months ago

    Thank you AMD, INTEL is downloading prices

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores 2 months ago +1

    I have the i7 7700k. Good gaming CPU but didnt even lasted a year and bam the i7 8700k was born. AMD is a good competitor and best bang for the buck. I7 7700k will be my first and last final purchase and gonna be buying the new ryzen chips.

  • JanoschNr1
    JanoschNr1 2 months ago

    You really get the feeling that he's an AMD fan cause when the Intel is "slightly" better he says it but when the AMD is better he says it's "significantly better" and such ...

  • Jacob schmidt
    Jacob schmidt 2 months ago

    My 7700k has gives me no problems in gaming paired with a titan x maxwell at 1080p

  • Mr Screamer
    Mr Screamer 2 months ago

    Average use would be nice. How fast does it boot Windows? How fast does it load chrome tabs? Any chance of general responsiveness benchmarks in the future? Much like on phones where people open up say 10 apps and time it? A little script to do a bunch of things might give an idea of performance for everyday use. Honestly ... how many people use Blender?

  • Spectify
    Spectify 2 months ago

    i hate the inflection in his voice

  • Mattia_98
    Mattia_98 2 months ago

    When I observed Far Cry 5 I noticed that it only uses two cores... Sad :/

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 2 months ago

    I'm glad with my 1700x :) Now I need to replace my R9 290 ! I'll probably get an RX 5700 XT early 2020 before cyberpunk 2077 comes out :)

  • Leopardipzg
    Leopardipzg 2 months ago

    I've noticed this "hitching" on my i7 4790K as well after Win 10 Build 1809. *Security patches ruin the smooth feel on Intel CPU's in 2019*

  • Al bida
    Al bida 2 months ago +1

    1500x = i7 3770k
    2700x = i7 6900k
    3800x = i9 9900k

  • Teddy B.
    Teddy B. 2 months ago +32

    I have a 7700k ... good cpu but it’s my last intel purchase

    • License to Chill
      License to Chill Month ago

      It's easy to say that now, but you never know what Intel will offer in the future.

    • xnonsuchx
      xnonsuchx Month ago +1

      @Teddy B. I understand the feeling, but there's also an if-you-wait-for-something-better-you'll-never-buy-anything aspect. As I mentioned in a reply to the main video, 7700K also worked with many (most/all???) Skylake mobos, whereas 8700K would require a new mobo (and wasn't really significantly better for gaming...maybe 3-5% overall at the time).

    • Teddy B.
      Teddy B. Month ago +1

      xnonsuchx yea I was disappointed when a better CPU came out in 5 months for the same price. That was a dirty move by intel.

    • xnonsuchx
      xnonsuchx Month ago +3

      Same here (probably). Built my 7700K PC in Sep 2017 (my new retail 7700K was US$293, BTW) and will be ready for a new build in 1.5-2.5 years and hope Ryzen's even more impressive against Intel options then so I can switch.

  • Aji Gagah N
    Aji Gagah N 2 months ago

    I love these benchmark videos,
    but is it possible to add more esports games like csgo or overwatch if possible
    I play at 240hz and using 4790k + 1080ti I do see some dips to around 180-190fps at times which I can feel, though not game breaking, does annoy me
    I am planning to upgrade my processor since these games are more cpu bound than gpu, but the fps for those games are important to me, would love to go for ryzen but if the fps is less for those games then I might go for intel again instead
    Just a suggestion, but thanks for all the work man! great video as always

    • Leopardipzg
      Leopardipzg 2 months ago

      Ryzen 3000 will be there in the top of the charts even in single core type games like CSGO. And obiously you will also get the hitch free smooth experience, because the security patches introduce hitching on Intel CPU's.

  • Jarrod Flint
    Jarrod Flint 2 months ago

    Quake Champions is f2p should add it to tests

  • dj extreme970
    dj extreme970 2 months ago

    8700k will beat 1800x- 2700x easy

    • Leopardipzg
      Leopardipzg 2 months ago

      @dj extreme970 749$ 3950X beats the 2000$ i9-9980XE. www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-ryzen-3950x-vs-intel-i9-9980xe-geekbench,39640.html

    • dj extreme970
      dj extreme970 2 months ago

      @Leopardipzg u sure can beat Intel® Core i9-7980XE

    • Leopardipzg
      Leopardipzg 2 months ago

      and 3800x 3900x will beat 8700k/9900k easy

  • timwood70
    timwood70 2 months ago

    ah I see you readmycomments in the last videos, another terrible review. this is a 2 Year Old video. Unsprising as you are not only in intels pocket, but also RTI. this video should have used the IGPU results as to show how infact the single core speed clock speed is less effective at high rates video playback.

  • Pablo Tassinari
    Pablo Tassinari 2 months ago

    Intel always screw their costumers with no upgrade path!

  • stageselectca
    stageselectca 2 months ago

    were you using QuickSync for you Adobe Premiere tests..?

  • Bruce
    Bruce 2 months ago

    This was an incredibly useful video review. I was wondering if my 6700K would still be adequate today if combined with a powerful graphics card, such as the 2080TI, and it seems that it wouldn't be the huge bottleneck I thought it would be.

  • Prusaudisisill Game Guides

    So in the interest of value for the dollar research . I was wondering, after seeing a Radeon RX570 for $100 today on Newegg. How much performance could you get running 2 RX570s in CrossFire? More than a 580 for cheaper? Something to investigate

  • Nedeljko Kovacevic
    Nedeljko Kovacevic 2 months ago

    Steve, would it be of additional burden if you could include DX12 benchmarks for BF V?

  • SullySadface
    SullySadface 2 months ago

    Dang, I think I'll upgrade my poor FX8350 rig to a 2nd gen r7 this year. Should hold me over until we hit affordable 5ghz stock clocks.

  • M. Grabarz
    M. Grabarz 2 months ago

    MAG271CQR Review please. They are on sale for $300 at microcenter right now so how does this monitor fair at the $300 price point?

    RIPTIDE FPV 2 months ago

    Could you possibly do some x299 revisits? Really want to see what a 7900x does today.

  • Jeff Sadowski
    Jeff Sadowski 2 months ago

    That asymmetrical fan layout on the 2080ti is triggering more than anything.

  • Corey Carpenter
    Corey Carpenter 2 months ago

    You Shill, my 1800x is great for gaming and i... nah only joking. Good work, the 1800x actually did better than i thought. It is hard to beat that single threaded performance of the core i series. Looking forward to your reviews on Ryzen 3000 series next month. Be nice to actually upgrade my 1800x to something bigger an better.

  • fturla ___
    fturla ___ 2 months ago

    If you use applications that give the Core i7 7700k a significant advantage in performance then you should consider buying the item, but I stay within budget guidelines where it's more important that the Ryzen 7 1800 CPU is almost half the price on the retail market in June 2019 compared to Intel's chip. I don't see how I could possibly buy Intel chips without getting burned in price, performance, availability, or accessory excess markups in the future, and it's getting worse until Intel can actually release better chips than they have now, which won't come before 2022.

  • Paul Frederick
    Paul Frederick 2 months ago

    We'll see what things are like when the pendulum swings. Now is just not a good time for PC hardware.

  • FuryXHD PC
    FuryXHD PC 2 months ago

    Great video...but...something about your...hair...is....just...a bit...strange...........

  • Full Entertainment
    Full Entertainment 2 months ago +1

    Intel wins in gaming..my i5 8600k oc to 5.2 ghz and it's game over ryzen..

  • CherryShia
    CherryShia 2 months ago

    I just use Intel coz of Blender. 😂

  • Stormy
    Stormy 2 months ago

    that integrated i/o looks so freaking cool

  • 秦天
    秦天 2 months ago

    amd yes!

  • UV
    UV 2 months ago

    More 2700x or 2700 in tests is appreciated.

  • Dustin Blevins
    Dustin Blevins 2 months ago +2

    I love my 7700k. With that being said though, I still feel like intel screwed me when it came to the 8700k

    • Rohan Rathour
      Rohan Rathour Month ago +1

      Ya bro intel in fear released 6 core for i5 which matches i7 7700k.

  • Jay
    Jay 2 months ago

    So looking forward to them new ryzens! The 3800 looks like my pick if it's really that good and I may switch from intel after 10 yrs

  • Matías Henríquez
    Matías Henríquez 2 months ago

    Best ending in the entire youtube

  • Audi100C3 2.4 I5
    Audi100C3 2.4 I5 2 months ago

    Whats with the muslim moustache?

  • OcihEvE
    OcihEvE 2 months ago

    I've seen 1800X as low as $180 US on sale and picked mine up for $200 US. That's where AMD has always made Intel look bad. For people looking for deals in older gen CPU's Intel yields no benefits.

  • zergtoss1
    zergtoss1 2 months ago

    It’s a trap!!!!!

  • ikkiro
    ikkiro 2 months ago

    where was the price indexing site from?

  • AbdullahFM
    AbdullahFM 2 months ago

    What is 1% low fps?is this 1% really matters?

  • Swift's Tech Talks
    Swift's Tech Talks 2 months ago +1

    Hopefully games will take advantage of 8 cores in these next few years

  • Ian Pender P
    Ian Pender P 2 months ago

    Which one has better internal graphics

  • spirit lemonade gaming
    spirit lemonade gaming 2 months ago

    Too much gimmick of word gaming

  • Smil3F4ce
    Smil3F4ce 2 months ago

    Oh here we go again 😄 pls let the fan boy war beginn 🤣

  • Eff One
    Eff One 2 months ago

    I have both processors, in my various rigs, and find them both very capable.