Buffalo Gold Slot Bonus 62 Spin Hand Pay High Limit $36 per spin

  • Published on Oct 4, 2016
  • Hit this at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas with VegasMonkey from vegasfanatics.com
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  • Life's A Gamble
    Life's A Gamble Day ago

    Incredible!!! I haven't seen a multi denom buffalo gold yet

  • james williams
    james williams Day ago

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  • Dino Danny
    Dino Danny 2 days ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Mr Kolasa
    Mr Kolasa 4 days ago

    If somebody was shouting and screaming in my ear hole id punch them in the nigga

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 7 days ago +2

    slot heads are crazy, they generally end up giving it all back.

  • Re H
    Re H 8 days ago

    shut up Chad

  • Majopa 2001
    Majopa 2001 9 days ago

    Just play online! eunsetee.com/jOFI

  • rick ross
    rick ross 9 days ago

    Put it all on red you dumbass

  • Francisco Cavazos III
    Francisco Cavazos III 10 days ago

    Por qué yo nunca gano

  • Russ Zurcher
    Russ Zurcher 12 days ago

    6:49 (hand would have been chopped off!)

  • Dylan Zelaya
    Dylan Zelaya 15 days ago +4

    Why is everyone hating on his friend for? He was just hyped so what

  • Armando Willie Speaks Coffey

    How many of us had that person we can be accurately use the background possible face was like you’re gonna cry and a person it’s OK just recorded here and then his little we we we win will take it blowjob laughing my ass off

  • Raul Michel
    Raul Michel 17 days ago

    The adding here sucks!

  • Nevaeh carter
    Nevaeh carter 20 days ago

    Whats happening when you are low on coins and they offer you 50 thousand coins to watch a video you do and they do not pay you the coins? This has happened to me about 4 times. Whom should you contact for that? I like the game but l am going to delete it cause they've cheated me out out of my winnings too many times.

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K 20 days ago

    Very, very nice one....but I still think the biggest I've seen is $15k on a $7.20 bet …..so no, it's definitely not the biggest on TheXvid.

  • Jean Marc Polly
    Jean Marc Polly 22 days ago

    Commentary stupid

  • Michael Grbavac
    Michael Grbavac 24 days ago

    I couldn't watch it all

  • jzx1103
    jzx1103 28 days ago

    Y'all got some balls playing Buffalo gold at $36 a spin. It's one of the most volatile slot games out there. Its the only game where I've seen people blow a grand at $3 a bet and not even getting a bonus lol. They gotta figurr a way to pay out these 10k+ Jackpot bonuses somehow.

  • Dabba doo
    Dabba doo Month ago

    I really wanna punch your friend in the face

  • pelon lopez
    pelon lopez Month ago

    Annoying mf

    MFC KET Month ago

    For the stake, that’s fucking awful for the payout really... percentage wise that’s not a great payout

  • Capt Morgan
    Capt Morgan Month ago

    Did your friend feel dumb when he realized it was only at $850 win

    • Capt Morgan
      Capt Morgan Month ago

      @IronCan88 oooook I see damn I'll be stubborn and pretend I'm right

    • IronCan88
      IronCan88 Month ago

      Actually the annoying calculator is right, because each unit is 10 cents (not 1 cent)..Look on lower right corner.they were betting $36 per game.

  • Diane Berggren
    Diane Berggren Month ago

    At Las Vegas airport - Barney's - during free spin I collected 79 free spins. Turned $20 into $60

  • dani feeling
    dani feeling Month ago

    that guy said 800 bucks at the end 😂🤦‍♀️ nah, smartass.. it’s dimes, add a zero!

  • MegadethsGirl
    MegadethsGirl Month ago

    I would never play again, after such a spectacular win. That was your big gift in life. Now what you do with it...

  • Redman 2000
    Redman 2000 Month ago

    What the hell this clown talking about 85 hundred bucks😂😂😂😂😂 $849.60

  • Research Slot Machine


  • cocaineinmyvein
    cocaineinmyvein Month ago

    You guys haven't played this game much huh? You don't seem to really understand it at all.

  • Nique_Antoinette
    Nique_Antoinette Month ago

    I love the Buffalo machine and I've never hit like this man I wish I could

  • Bin Dardundat
    Bin Dardundat Month ago

    When YOU started to win your buddy was saying WE are winning lol

    • Team America
      Team America Month ago +1

      Bin Dardundat yea its highly possible 2-3 of them threw in a couple hundred bucks and whatever they win they all divide it . People do that a lot here in Reno. Actually a good technique

  • Fly Agaric
    Fly Agaric Month ago

    Would love to play this game

  • G.D. Romanov
    G.D. Romanov Month ago

    Awesome win! Congratulations!🎉

  • Scott Runnels
    Scott Runnels Month ago +1

    Next time tell that guy in the background we can count. But nice win!!!!

  • Shayne Hunter
    Shayne Hunter Month ago +1

    Your numbnuts friends.

  • Plway
    Plway Month ago +1

    Congratulations! But the dude yelling was super annoying haha

  • Fix and Mix Vlogs
    Fix and Mix Vlogs Month ago

    Tapik na kita

  • kingzero gaming
    kingzero gaming Month ago +1

    pretty sure we dont need nobody telling us how much u won sound like he had a organism smdh

  • Johnny Vex
    Johnny Vex Month ago +1

    Wait this was $36 a hand?

  • Casinospielbank
    Casinospielbank Month ago

    Great! Next time I will join you.

  • Ziggy The Adventurer
    Ziggy The Adventurer Month ago +1

    Captain Obvious seemed like an investor waiting for the payout.
    Captain Obvious: "where's my cut"
    Winner: "go fuck yourself"
    Gold digger: "he's mine"
    Winner: "go fuck yourself too"

  • brip eeer
    brip eeer 2 months ago

    he fucked you

  • Philip Puglisi
    Philip Puglisi 2 months ago

    Tell your friend to shut up

  • Max Avelar
    Max Avelar 2 months ago

    Dude tell ur mathematician friend to fuk off

  • Cory Cory
    Cory Cory 2 months ago


    MrPEDROU3 2 months ago

    I always lose in this machine

  • SparksWillFly
    SparksWillFly 2 months ago


  • jon gimbo
    jon gimbo 2 months ago +1

    Now pay 40% of it in taxes

  • spoodles50
    spoodles50 2 months ago

    Hey dude, seriously, what an annoying moron. I guess his baseball cap is on backwards too.

  • Andreas Arristos
    Andreas Arristos 2 months ago

    How much did you bet

  • Thilip kumar
    Thilip kumar 2 months ago


  • Slot Angel
    Slot Angel 2 months ago


  • Ragnar holmer
    Ragnar holmer 2 months ago +2

    I hope you walked away after this and never came back!

  • Omat Vargas
    Omat Vargas 2 months ago +2

    Me: How come this never happens to me?
    Also me: bets 0.40 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Truth Exposed
    Truth Exposed 2 months ago

    Las Vegas No Privacy Vloggers Killing Vegas: thexvid.com/video/tg9LAY74HSQ/video.html

    MIDDLE FINGERS 2 months ago

    849.60 dumb asses

  • Troy Robinson
    Troy Robinson 2 months ago

    I stopped watching after the guy started yelling at the top of his lungs and the girl saying omg how much money, can't take it, anyway congratulations

  • Ellah Pesay
    Ellah Pesay 2 months ago

    my favorite game buffalo

  • Huero 818
    Huero 818 2 months ago

    You mean $3.60 there is no $36 slots on buffalo

  • Dee K
    Dee K 2 months ago

    Omg stop yelling out your winnings before you get robbed

    SATAN 2 months ago

    Good win, but it is not life changing by any means... I won 880K in 2005 on a lottery ticket and I barely gamble lol. I'll throw in $20 or $40 here and there but thats about it. I already got my big win and actually that money has made me more money because I bought a lot of precious metals at the time and Gold right now is sky rocketing and silver is going up as well. :) it's all put away, for my future. Bye bye