Why People Say "Joe Rogan Is a Horrible Interviewer"?

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • Joe Rogan's biggest secrets revealed!
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Comments • 833

  • Zeino
    Zeino  Month ago +197

    Joe Rogan tweeted out this video, that's INSANE!!!
    Thank you Joe, you're a huge inspiration for us

    • Chris Wong
      Chris Wong 9 days ago

      Joe rogan got his financial stability from his Disney start up career builder thing and that set him upon the sitcom world (news radio, hardball),,,,,, then fear factor

    • Kestila
      Kestila 24 days ago +1

      @chillmane Did you even bother to watch the video? Jesus Christ, the attention span of some people...

    • Anonymous Blank
      Anonymous Blank Month ago

      Just goes to show at the end of the day you're as much of a sheep as the rest of society lmao

    • chillmane
      chillmane Month ago +1

      Hes a big Inspiration but you make a whole video shitting on him and saying hes a terrible Interviewer? Your a fucking cuck and I hope you lose everything in life

    • AJG
      AJG Month ago


  • Sugar Tits
    Sugar Tits 6 hours ago

    No one says that

  • Dylan J.
    Dylan J. 8 hours ago

    Love that clip of joe talking ab apes and chimps, it makes me laugh everytime. He's 50 and he'd whoop some serious ass.

  • John
    John 16 hours ago

    Last time I've checked he wasn't a journalist.
    There, 9 minutes saved.

  • Gbaker
    Gbaker Day ago

    This really just inspired me


    Joe Rogan: *but I'm not an interviewer*

  • Jay Mata
    Jay Mata 2 days ago

    You showed Flashgitz!!!!

  • Eru
    Eru 2 days ago

    Honesty, he is popular because he is honest and doesnt answer to any interest but his own curiosity

  • Anthony
    Anthony 2 days ago

    No one does

  • Conservative News Network of America

    These fuck damn edits dude.

  • Canadian Turtle
    Canadian Turtle 3 days ago

    It's only progressives that are butthurt because Joe isn't using his platform as a catalyst for far-left values. No one else is complaining about him. Most normal people enjoy his content, or don't enjoy it. But it's only progressive-leftists that call him a "bad interviewer" or "alt-right" lol

  • Abserd O
    Abserd O 3 days ago

    DMT really is amazing though. I hage about 20-30mg laying around somewhere and once my oil burner comes in from Jeff Bezos Im going to Rogan land once more.

  • Abserd O
    Abserd O 3 days ago

    Holy fuck dude since the start he has said that this is not a formal interview show.

  • Breakfast _
    Breakfast _ 4 days ago

    What an odd video that basically just says nothing new.

  • tendy boi
    tendy boi 5 days ago

    The relatability thing, it's like people consider that joe rogan is relatable, but he's really actually not, it's just that the average person likes to over estimate their faculties to the level in wich they'd like them to be in, and so most of them love to beleive that they're, for example, as smart and funny as joe rogan... it's called the dunning kruger effect. (it might also have a little bit to do envy), translated into the reason why it might to so poplular : the joe rogan podcast is a window that allows people to see how their conversations would go if everything in them went as they wanned them to go.

  • Ty Smith
    Ty Smith 5 days ago

    ...... When did I subscribe to this channel??

  • Nathan Penick
    Nathan Penick 6 days ago

    Never heard that in my life. He has his flaws but I mostly hear great things about him.

  • Toms Lauskis
    Toms Lauskis 6 days ago

    when video used muchdank, i understood this is a bullshit video and video maker should stop making video and go work with farm animals.

  • PonyFucker
    PonyFucker 7 days ago

    Your style is a perfect parody of kurtzgesagt.

  • Cyrus Inojas
    Cyrus Inojas 7 days ago

    Lmao clickbait much

  • PuffTheMagicHobo
    PuffTheMagicHobo 7 days ago

    Well-put together video actually

  • PuffTheMagicHobo
    PuffTheMagicHobo 7 days ago

    Who the fuck even says this shit

  • swolf4444
    swolf4444 7 days ago

    ''who's that voice oh I know that voice who is it???''

  • Hamilcar Barca
    Hamilcar Barca 7 days ago

    Cos Joe Rogan product of US educational system thus dumb and he interviews people smarter then him and makes himself looks stupid.

  • Nicknacks Nicknacks
    Nicknacks Nicknacks 7 days ago

    You are no Infographics Show. Oh the irony.

  • Nickolas Langbach
    Nickolas Langbach 7 days ago

    Its funny how its still mentioned that he allways talk about psychadelics etc. when he have rarely picked it up in the last 6-9 months. I mean, it does happen, but before it was way more often.

  • Keftes Pou To Skase
    Keftes Pou To Skase 7 days ago

    We fucking love Joe Rogan. Gtfo

  • Mighty Grimace
    Mighty Grimace 8 days ago

    He doesn't interview people. He does DMT...

    TRIGO 8 days ago

    What do u use for the animations?

  • Gonçalo Paup3pe
    Gonçalo Paup3pe 8 days ago

    Public intelectuals

  • SlabBeats
    SlabBeats 8 days ago

    Yeah thats why he's seen so much success lol

  • josh wagstaff
    josh wagstaff 8 days ago

    Joe is literally a father figure fuck off

  • Jayden Mills
    Jayden Mills 9 days ago


  • matthew skullblood
    matthew skullblood 9 days ago

    joe rogan actually does a podcast instead of 1 hour of a bunch of random people

  • cyb201
    cyb201 9 days ago

    I like Joe's podcast because he actually fucking LISTENS to people, even if he doesn't agree with them (or even if he does) he'll let them say their piece. And he doesn't ask stupid ass leading questions like most "interviewers" do, if he wants to ask something he lays it out honestly.

  • walter hicks
    walter hicks 9 days ago

    LOL...Rogan didn't 'build' shit,..he sold out. BIG difference. He's a mere shadow of the person he once was.

  • Olivier The MaD PaNdA
    Olivier The MaD PaNdA 9 days ago +1

    Joe is the best

  • jsijid nfnnf
    jsijid nfnnf 9 days ago

    Nobody’s says that stupid shit 😂

  • Mr. Bongs BurgH
    Mr. Bongs BurgH 9 days ago

    Just watch the Leah Remini interview and I swear to God I never seen a man try so hard to hide his micropenis like Joe Rogan

  • Somewierdo Online
    Somewierdo Online 9 days ago

    Zenio you absolute banana

  • Mystery Playa
    Mystery Playa 9 days ago

    I’ve never heard anyone say he’s a bad interviewer maybe because I have watched to many of his podcasts or something but I guess I just missed when everyone called him a bad interviewer 😂😂😂🤣

  • Kymatic
    Kymatic 9 days ago

    Holy shit I love this fucking video! So fucking funny! I just had this in my suggested and I swore it look like it was going to actually be critical of him. Which I was interested in hearing. I’m not familiar with this channel at all. It hit me so hard when I realized what was going on, and I couldn’t stop laughing! Thank you for this amazing piece of art!!

  • Stevester
    Stevester 9 days ago

    I love JoRo!! I just think he's a little too chameleon with his guests. If he has a right-winger on, then all of a sudden he's pro-gun and goes off about people being censored from the left. If he has a a left-winger on then he makes speeches about how wrong it is to discriminate minorities.

  • I Made Agastya Dharma Agung Putra

    Who is Joe?

  • Wes Freeman
    Wes Freeman 10 days ago

    To say Joe Rogan doesn't know much about what his guests are talkin about is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard on a video in a while, just look at the facts he rattles off the top of his head, he's alot smarter than ppl give him credit for

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 10 days ago

    Nobody says he’s bad at interviewing except for the loud minority in his comment section. And your video is autistically cringy

  • Gerson Ortez-Benitez
    Gerson Ortez-Benitez 10 days ago

    Cats. Smoking. YEEEEETS

  • Acquainted nipple
    Acquainted nipple 10 days ago

    Niel likes to hear himself talk.

  • Codename
    Codename 10 days ago +1

    Did you change the title of this video? Could swear you did.

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 10 days ago

    I think some people should just shut the fuck up, if you're feeling akward listening to some parts it's because you're a fucking beta who doesn't know how to handle confrontation. You're always ready to suck someone's dick for attention and validation so it surprises you Rogan and his guests don't react the same way. Grow up kids

  • Tyler
    Tyler 11 days ago +1

    I love this animation homage

  • The Derp
    The Derp 11 days ago

    Hmmm so I am replying to how "Joe Rogan is a Horrible Interviewer" to say that hey dumbass this ain't an interview, its two people just talking you dumb shit. You want an interview go watch msnbc or abc or some msm newstation or Charlie Rose or youtube Jordan Peterson where they have lists of questions prepared.

  • Dylan Walsh
    Dylan Walsh 11 days ago

    Eddie Bravo = Intellectual is a new gold standard

  • Jonathan Meddis
    Jonathan Meddis 11 days ago

    Joe Rogan is the smartest person I've ever heard saying some of the the dumbest things I've ever heard

  • Akrem
    Akrem 11 days ago

    booo joe is the goat

  • Colin Chaponis
    Colin Chaponis 11 days ago

    I think Joes one of the best interviewers, I’ve ever watched. The only thing I’m not wild about is he has a tendency to shape his opinion based on the person he’s interviewing, if he’s interviewing Ben Shapiro he laughs at how ridiculous the left is, if he interviews David Packman he rides the lefts dick. So it’s kinda panderingish but he’s fantastic at asking questions, and has unique and or controversial guests. Plus he has the inquisitive mind of a typical beta male with the social aptitude of an Alpha male

  • Equals Cash
    Equals Cash 12 days ago +10

    One word: Authenticity - more people finally started to appreciate it.

  • Dive Dodge
    Dive Dodge 12 days ago

    His approach is about open introspection. He dose not push a fucking agenda. That's why people love his pod cast. It's pure. It's honest. It has no goal. It demonizes nothing while expanding the knowledge of himself and the viewer.

  • Arko Banks
    Arko Banks 12 days ago +1

    This whole video make 0 since. It’s a podcast for conversations not interviews.

  • Jimiah Walker
    Jimiah Walker 12 days ago

    Love joe rogan Fr