Joe Rogan on Conor McGregor Punching That Old Guy

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1338 w/Everlast:

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  • Abz Deelo
    Abz Deelo 4 hours ago

    Y are u not telling Connor off for punching a old man what happens if that was ur dad Joe u fukin prick.. smoking too much shit u look like a ganja bud

  • Ricky GS97
    Ricky GS97 5 hours ago

    Rogan man..... this is low 😐

  • Heavy Early
    Heavy Early 5 hours ago

    Joe "He figured it out.." Rogan

  • Troy Baker
    Troy Baker 17 hours ago

    OK Joe u can come out of Conner's ass now and stop sucking him off

  • wfp
    wfp 18 hours ago

    Joe Rogan, watch the video, it's going viral

  • Rick
    Rick 19 hours ago

    Conor taking a loss like a man? == my foot was a balloon my toes disconnected.. shut the fuck up Joe, "men" don't make excuses when they lose....

  • Tyler W.
    Tyler W. 20 hours ago

    A top martial artist sucker punching a drunk old man could’ve easily resulted in a death. Nothing funny about it

  • kapoios enadip
    kapoios enadip Day ago

    Old man should have had a gun and blow Conors little brains out

  • Boxing Guru
    Boxing Guru Day ago


  • Dai Mona
    Dai Mona Day ago

    Conar fucked up we all know but you can't oversee what he has achieved.
    We all human beings do mistake
    I am rooting for Conor no matter what other say
    He is gonna comeback mark my words😊

  • amlasm
    amlasm Day ago

    i used to like Joe, but his connor dickriding is pathetic. i now listen to the mike tyson hotboxin podcast so much funnier and deeper

  • Trumpet Friday
    Trumpet Friday Day ago

    Dana white instructions must have reached Joe Rogan on Aug 19th 2019 about how to show Connie's *good rep* with a *package*

  • Reem
    Reem Day ago +2

    Floyd Mayweather had $1 billion Dollars, still fought guys.

  • Dalvir Sidhu
    Dalvir Sidhu Day ago +2

    Wow. Joe Rogan is a major scumbag.

  • Cuyler Marvin
    Cuyler Marvin 2 days ago

    Joe for real... he gave him a couple fingers? Dude he straight up tried to feed that guy a full power left hook and the old man was still conscious. Connor has turned into a disgrace with all of his lame ass actions. Khabib and Tony and Henry are some of the most badass dudes right now who are just generally at least much more decent and not as lame as McGregor. I honestly used to be his fan but fuck that dude. He shows no good sportsmanship and only can consistently talk shit. Btw Connor is such a lame fighter all he’s done recently is try to rabbit punch everyone and do illegal ass moves.

  • Edgar U
    Edgar U 2 days ago +1

    Joe is not doing too bad himself with USD25m net worth...

  • Rex King
    Rex King 2 days ago

    didn't like the taste of Khabib's pressure

  • Conall Kearney
    Conall Kearney 2 days ago

    You dont really know Irish people Joe

  • watcanib
    watcanib 2 days ago

    Reasons for this segment
    1. Joe wants an interview with Mcgregor, BAD!
    2. UFC wants JRE to spearhead damage control for Conor antics and justify everything he does by attributing all his negativity to his Irish background. UFC and Joe Rogan do not care how this negatively impacts the reputation of the Irish people.
    3. UFC wants a Khabib vs Mcgregor rematch and they have to hype Mcgregor up despite his losses.
    4. The Irish people have begun to realize Mcgregor does not represents Irish values and morals and Joe is trying to kiss thier ass by telling them the story of Mcgregors financial success.

  • watcanib
    watcanib 2 days ago

    Yea lets just forget the Khabib fight. Conor ate pressure huh?

  • Big Bollox
    Big Bollox 2 days ago

    He didn’t mention the old lad once

  • vector prime
    vector prime 3 days ago

    you need to watch this then jpe best football fans in europe celtic fc

  • MKT
    MKT 3 days ago

    I love how people have created this stereotype that Irish people are loud alcoholics and dumb when really they are respectful

  • Callum 98
    Callum 98 3 days ago +1

    If it was Joe's mum or dad that got punched in the head I'm sure he wouldn't be blowing it off as a slap.

  • Aayush Goyal
    Aayush Goyal 3 days ago

    I wish that old man was Joe's father.
    Joe: "Dad, he's got 100 mil. Don't be a bitch."

  • Miha Režek
    Miha Režek 3 days ago

    people just don't understand that that just happend and eho the fuck knows what really happend there. And people that say joe just lost subscriber well you clearly never really understood him.. Joe is just on a higher level of psyhological things

  • Devlins10
    Devlins10 3 days ago

    Dana would fire Rogan if he bashed Conor. Think about it. Conor is still a gravy train for the UFC.

  • Randhir Sookdeo
    Randhir Sookdeo 3 days ago +1

    Can't believe Conner's action is being excused and his behavior made light of. Totally despicable to be hitting that old man.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 3 days ago

    These comments . you people have no understand for what someone has going on in their mind. You don't have to agree just try to understand. Conor isn't a piece of shit he is having problems and I hope he bounces back

  • Yusuf Ahmed
    Yusuf Ahmed 3 days ago

    That old man was the reason Connor had a price on his head in Ireland

  • Kuya Bryan
    Kuya Bryan 3 days ago

    Ireland government is very stupid for not arresting Conor. You stupid McGregor! you should be assassinated!

  • D Watson 1776
    D Watson 1776 4 days ago

    McGregor is god

  • Smoking Beauty. UK.
    Smoking Beauty. UK. 4 days ago

    Every now and then I like to check in to remind myself why I stopped listening to Joe...

  • sonny dlight
    sonny dlight 4 days ago +1

    Rogan hyping white fans up... Just saying

  • Sam Ahmed
    Sam Ahmed 4 days ago

    Joe is a fake man, I didn’t know that before you lost respect dude

  • Sam Ahmed
    Sam Ahmed 4 days ago

    The Government of Ireland should send Conor to rematch with Khabib that is a good punishment!

  • Rui Silva
    Rui Silva 4 days ago

    I see all these comments turning on Conor and Joe. It will be great to see these people saying the exact opposite when he comes back and becomes what he was meant to be.

  • Robert Clyne
    Robert Clyne 4 days ago +2

    We had Ali who was talk on an entire nation over a righteous moral cause.. You got Connor MacGregor who is an Ali wannabe with zero moral compass.

  • Mike R
    Mike R 4 days ago

    Just suck his dick Joe and get it over with you bald gay fuck.

  • basterfa84
    basterfa84 5 days ago

    Joe went Hollywood a long time ago, don't let the hype fool you. They all fall in line for the corporate pay check.

  • bledge1993
    bledge1993 5 days ago +1

    Joe: Conor knows how to take a loss

    Conor: Hold my balewn foot

  • Figaro Monzi
    Figaro Monzi 5 days ago

    Ask him about Stosic

  • one universe
    one universe 5 days ago

    I have respect for joe Rogan until I watch this video.

  • Lolrtfyu Lolytfru
    Lolrtfyu Lolytfru 5 days ago

    Fuck Connor that little bitch ass. Khabib al the way a real fighter not a bitch like Connor.

  • Rizzlelid
    Rizzlelid 5 days ago +1

    McGregor is a Scottish name and everyone thinks he is “fully Irish” the Scots are harder than the Irish, they don’t punch old men for no reason.

  • Yousri
    Yousri 6 days ago

    imagine if khabib did this ..

  • Edgar himself
    Edgar himself 6 days ago

    Why is everyone so mad ?

  • jon Q
    jon Q 6 days ago

    Holy shit, I didn't realize that was Everlast until he mentioned House of Pain... haha.

  • Tom M
    Tom M 6 days ago

    I feel like he should have smoked some weed before this

  • Saad Kassim
    Saad Kassim 6 days ago

    Joe needs to go to anfield on a Thursday evening

  • dsahsdouga
    dsahsdouga 6 days ago

    0:37 wtf, dude in the background just randomly scratching and feelin it, lol

  • Mohammed Rehan
    Mohammed Rehan 6 days ago

    Ireland are racists, pussies and messed up muthafuckers and a russian beat their fake ass pride

    • MKT
      MKT 3 days ago

      No that's just a stereotype they are actually one of the more respectful people you will meet

  • Isaac Hoz
    Isaac Hoz 6 days ago

    Joe has no balls. Never forget this bullshit.

  • Peter Hamilton
    Peter Hamilton 7 days ago

    Making fun of an mma fighter hitting an old man ....get a life you fucking loser

  • Sean
    Sean 7 days ago +1

    No, no no no! That's not ok! You teach your children not to act like that from the get go! Not disrespectful & not to act criminal! I'm Irish & it's not bringing me pride seeing this idiot throwing chairs through busses! Screw him!

  • Eric Arem
    Eric Arem 7 days ago

    The "old guy" spoke out. He is more upset that the media has dubbed him as the old guy. LoL. Hes only 50.

  • Richard Dunne
    Richard Dunne 7 days ago

    Asskissing an asshole.

  • S1gm@_Wolf
    S1gm@_Wolf 7 days ago

    Notn long hell be broke af. Hes having all these kids and stupid shit. When the money well dries up his girl will dip out to another guy and run him into the ground.

  • fluffy fingerz
    fluffy fingerz 7 days ago

    the "irish chants" is spanish xD olly olly olly or whatever it is

  • naveed ahmed
    naveed ahmed 7 days ago

    Mamamama. Khabib bummed connor hard for life