Everything Wrong With Bad Boys II In Woosah Minutes

  • This movie sucks. It's terrible, unfunny, and awful. We hate it. Additionally, it also has a bunch of sins, so we counted them.
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    Thursday: Animal sins.
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Comments • 80

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot Day ago

    This guy deserves to be knocked out.
    13:34 the guy is a snowflake.

  • Ron Florax
    Ron Florax 2 days ago

    Why are you joining the modern-day trend of whinging about how everything is offensive?

  • Volfzi
    Volfzi 2 days ago

    still one of my favourite movies ever

  • Kelly O'Brien
    Kelly O'Brien 4 days ago

    it's not a cigar wrapper box thing on the desk...it's the pack the incense comes in.

  • Uncle Sweets
    Uncle Sweets 4 days ago

    Jeremy needs a dick up his ass courtesy of Michael Bay.

  • Uncle Sweets
    Uncle Sweets 4 days ago

    Your critique on this movie is garbage. You’re entitled to your opinion though but you’re a bit critical on every film.

  • LamiNalchor
    LamiNalchor 5 days ago

    Those were different times. In different times you have different perspectives and standards. It is utter primitivity to look back and declare yourself morally superior to former attitudes and trends.The channel has become a disgrace regarding these aspects. Anyone with rationality would stay away from moral sermons like this.

  • Adrian Medina
    Adrian Medina 5 days ago

    I like this channel but...Damn man, i get your suppose to sin these movies, and this movie does have a lot, but counting sins just because certain scenes "offends" your fragile feelings makes me cringe so hard i should pimp slap yo pansy ass. And the whole thing with Reggie was the best and most memorable part of this movie. Its freaking snowflakes like you that need to grow a pair, learn to take a joke, and get that pinecone out of your ass.

  • Victoria Ana Redding

    Lol! Haha! Is this movie running for president!? Omg! Lol! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Marcelo Ferreira
    Marcelo Ferreira 8 days ago


  • William Traylor
    William Traylor 9 days ago

    Everything Wrong With Every "Oceans" Movie Ever

  • Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker 15 days ago

    When did Jeremy become a libtard? LOL WTF

  • E
    E 16 days ago

    The dammit gina at the end 😂

  • Stephen Robbins
    Stephen Robbins 17 days ago

    *roll future credits *😂

  • Tommy Musselman
    Tommy Musselman 17 days ago +1

    You actually trippin........ LMFAO troglodyte

  • Tsunami1001
    Tsunami1001 17 days ago

    So you added multiple sins for no reason? Wow, dudes wow.

  • Pepijn van Gijzen
    Pepijn van Gijzen 18 days ago

    There's no way that ship comes from Amsterdam, xtc is produced in the south of the Netherlands (Brabant) and of course shipped via Rotterdam.

  • MALIK anderson
    MALIK anderson 19 days ago

    I was confused on why you sinned the alonzo mourning Jersey

  • YahYeet
    YahYeet 19 days ago

    This movie is so bad... Yuegh...

  • MrPrajitura
    MrPrajitura 20 days ago

    I know you guys are butt hurt nitpickers so i'll let slide how hard you went on this movie, but man, the bad boys movies were fun, kinda like before F&F became so popular. It's not a serious movie, and I don't even think it was intended as one. Looking forward to the third one...as much as I'm dreading it :DD

  • Just Some Jew
    Just Some Jew 20 days ago

    The pool cost $3900.

  • Why?
    Why? 20 days ago +1

    *Right wing shit bag that bitch about other peoples opinions. @Jack Huson do you need a safe space?.*

    Funny Jack is the same kind of person bitching about people bitching about other people hateful and harmful options.

  • Kevin Barksdale
    Kevin Barksdale 23 days ago

    The first movie was so terrible, and Martin Lawrence runs the same stupid non funny jokes about married in every movie he has ever been in where he had a wife or girlfriend that I was never going to make the mistake of wasting time this one. When the first one is so bad, and the second movies almost always come out worse than the first this was a no brainer for not watching, but this sin clip made me feel doubly certain I made the right choice.

  • elwooodblues85
    elwooodblues85 23 days ago

    Why sin Alonzo Morning?? You aren't funny anymore. And most of your sins don't make any sense at all.

  • Cappy 22
    Cappy 22 24 days ago


  • soundbombin23
    soundbombin23 29 days ago

    Why so offended?

  • Richard Goetzen
    Richard Goetzen 29 days ago

    A little too harsh on the series honestly

  • RayaRay
    RayaRay Month ago

    I don't care what anyone says, this movie is action packed and hilarious! Michael Bay's movies are always a bit too much/completely ridiculous in terms of action but combined with the Will/Martin comedy chemistry, it gets a pass. Good story line, crazy action, great actors, hilarious comedy...this movie rules.

  • Jonise Smith
    Jonise Smith Month ago

    Is that your ass or your mama half reindeer.... that means her ass is big and black girls compare their asses to reindeer so that sin don't count

  • Moe Snert
    Moe Snert Month ago

    This is pretty lame.

  • J. Herman Armstrong
    J. Herman Armstrong Month ago +1

    25 sins for a guy getting a blowjob? Trump insults. This channel used to be funny and original. But now sounds like every other sjw pussy bullshit I hear on cnn

  • TheSonPowerx
    TheSonPowerx Month ago +1

    you called the the Reggie scene not fun or funny? You disgust me

  • ArmonGD
    ArmonGD Month ago +2

    Jeremy points things out on the desk is the funniest sin I've ever heard

  • Reverend Antoine
    Reverend Antoine Month ago

    Now I remember why I NEVER watched this movie. Still baffled by it getting a third sequel.

  • Marcus Henry
    Marcus Henry Month ago

    😂 Also I forgot how much I love this movie 💯

  • Dr.T. Fatima
    Dr.T. Fatima Month ago

    I'm still feeling bad for Reggie...

  • Marcus Henry
    Marcus Henry Month ago +1

    2:51 the 25 sins was unnecessary, how is it offensive to women? lol
    Cinema Sins is a SJW?

  • Garret Larkin
    Garret Larkin Month ago

    Where is their Vibranium... ?!?! 🙄😡 ...fuck off, film!!

  • Garret Larkin
    Garret Larkin Month ago

    Can Hellywood stop making movies.. please.... thanks. 😁👍

  • Ravez Jones
    Ravez Jones Month ago

    I used to like your videos, but this movie is GREAT!!!! You're 10000000%Wrong

  • AlexIsModded
    AlexIsModded Month ago

    I'm disappointed you didn't remove at LEAST 20 sins for the entirety of Syd's character. Her badassery made Mike and Marcus look like a couple of goofballs, lol.

  • The D Hive Podcast
    The D Hive Podcast Month ago

    Of all the garbage action comedies that he has reviewed he came down particularly hard on this one. Weird........

  • Daniel Miranda
    Daniel Miranda Month ago

    I’m sure you were fully aware during the entire making of this video, you were committing a mortal sin.
    In the words of George Clooney’s film dad in “The Men That Stare At Goats”.....
    “STOP ACTING SO FUCKING QUEER!” **Throws beer at you**

  • Terrell Mason
    Terrell Mason Month ago

    He threw on at least 42 extra sins for this movie plus 1 for fast and furious plus sinned not shooting at the tires (which is generally considered a small target and also doesn’t necessarily disable a car), he sinned the light in the captains office as if the captain doesn’t ever work when the suns down, the Reggie scene, etc. I usually agree with Jeremy but In this one he kinda comes off as a hater and I really enjoyed this movie even with the sins. 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  • MasterK18
    MasterK18 Month ago

    No matter how much someone hates the Movie for whatever Reasons, tackling the Reggie Scene as Garbage is just a straight Up Lie. I would bet Stacks Jeremy had to laugh on that Scene too on First Sight. It is just amazing, Period

  • Robert Penick
    Robert Penick Month ago

    You can really tell that he loves thos movie

  • SwordmasterKane
    SwordmasterKane Month ago

    For the record: The Reggie scene is overrated.…
    But you didn't even sin the cameo of Michael Bay? Shame!

  • Radical Racc
    Radical Racc Month ago

    The trump jokes are getting old

    MEGACHEESE Month ago

    I'm giving Jeremy 75 sins for the reggie scene sin, the terrible Spanish accent when singing Miami, and the fact that your name is Jeremy but you radiate Chad energy.

  • Humble Wonder
    Humble Wonder Month ago +1

    Such a trash TheXvid channel

  • Ice Lunatic
    Ice Lunatic Month ago

    The reggi scene was funny as hell. U can't deny that sins. 😆✌️

  • Jack Quantrell
    Jack Quantrell Month ago

    Jesus Christ. Who pissed you off before doing this video? The movie is great and you just sound like your wife’s boyfriend is giving you a hard time.

  • Duntavious Kill
    Duntavious Kill Month ago

    How does ecstasy get absorbed through your skin?

  • Mister Whiskers
    Mister Whiskers Month ago

    Liberal much?

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz Month ago +1

    Seeing how upset people are that he didn’t like the movie is hilarious

  • Mario Brown
    Mario Brown Month ago

    You obviously went out and tried to find some of those drugs mid take. This movie is Classic.

  • Ben D.
    Ben D. Month ago

    the 2000's was a different time man. I watched this a few years after it came out and i was 11-12 at the time maybe. I loved this movie, but if it came out today, it really would get torn apart. Maybe its my nostalgia of this film, but I loved it, it was so cool to me

  • Philip Hall
    Philip Hall Month ago

    That's the thing: there IS no trade route that requires your ship to go into the Gulf of Mexico if you're going straight from Europe to Miami...

  • Daniel McCammon
    Daniel McCammon Month ago

    Maaaan I really like you but offensive to women? homophobia? Misogynist? Really??? It's a fucking comedy movie man. Lighten up.

  • LFPS0311
    LFPS0311 Month ago

    The cigar box wrapper thing is an incense box.

  • lesnara hamilton
    lesnara hamilton Month ago

    i know not everbody likes everything but but he hates this movie far more then he needs to i know his sence of humor is lacking but realy??? a sin for one of the funiest jokes in bad boys 2 with reggie???

  • One Love
    One Love Month ago


  • OperativeHD
    OperativeHD Month ago

    The scene with the boyfriend they harass is funny you idiot

  • OperativeHD
    OperativeHD Month ago

    Trump is none of those things dumbass

  • steve822009
    steve822009 Month ago

    Oh come one dude... not you too with the “trump is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic...” bullshit. Def a dislike for that.

  • Ayoo Des!
    Ayoo Des! Month ago

    Calling them Pirates is??? Weird

  • Ayoo Des!
    Ayoo Des! Month ago


  • Ayoo Des!
    Ayoo Des! Month ago

    59 unnecessary sins within the first 3 mins?🥴 absurd lol

  • Dewott .[Pine Barrens Gaming]

    Bay Boy 2 is good, but an opinion is an opinion
    *Sins CinemaSins for being a jackass*

  • Kayla B
    Kayla B Month ago

    You seem really angry. Maybe try woosah?

  • Darryl B
    Darryl B Month ago

    Love Martin, but he was so funny on Martin it never translated to the big screen. Hands down one of the best sitcoms ever. However he never made my laugh in movies like he did on Martin.

  • ExiaBlade
    ExiaBlade Month ago +1

    Wow! So many people defending a Michael Bay movie. Did I step into an alternate universe?

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Month ago +1

    I didn't know so many people would get so salty about Bad Bays 2. It's a terrible movie.

  • ccsballazdre
    ccsballazdre Month ago

    Eye roll every time he says he hates this movie.

  • ericaleshai
    ericaleshai Month ago

    Yea I don’t think y’all should do sins for Black movies without consulting someone on Black humor. Y’all sinned a lot of stuff you didn’t think was funny because you just don’t understand it.

  • The KingPin
    The KingPin Month ago

    Did the director fuck your girl or something? 13:43 is one of the funniest scenes in the movie. I still watch it years later

  • racoon bird
    racoon bird Month ago

    how did they not sin the nip slip at 4:38

  • Aragom Castro
    Aragom Castro Month ago

    This movie might be bad but them raiding the KKK is badass on many levels.

  • Roderick Sutton
    Roderick Sutton Month ago

    1996 Chicago Bulls:
    1. Jordan.
    2. Pippen.
    3. Rodman.
    4. Kukoc.
    5. Ron Harper.
    6. Steve Kerr.
    50. John Sally.

  • walter hank
    walter hank Month ago