Everything GREAT About Chronicle!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2018
  • Chronicle is one of those underrated movies that slipped through the cracks while receiving pretty good reviews from both critics and audience members alike. I personally remember a lot of people complaining about it when it was released, but I guess that was just a Mandela Effect. Either way, check it out now if you never got a chance before.
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Comments • 2 276

  • bella mcmillan
    bella mcmillan 22 hours ago


  • Jair Trail
    Jair Trail 3 days ago


  • kill me
    kill me 7 days ago

    I'm going to be honest I watch this movie when I was like five with my mom and I forgot the name of it and I'm just now finding it and I'm so happy that I get to re-watch this again

  • Slytherin Rules
    Slytherin Rules 8 days ago

    I loved this movie

  • Kevin Castaneda
    Kevin Castaneda 14 days ago

    This movie fucking sucks

  • Velocity 17
    Velocity 17 16 days ago

    “We’re just Mormons”

  • Scally Cowell
    Scally Cowell 18 days ago

    I was watching a clip from this film and TheXvid offered me two choices amongst the recommendation list: Cinema Wins Chronicle or Cinema Sins Chronicle.
    I have clearly made my choice.

  • Jay Digzz
    Jay Digzz 18 days ago

    There’s an anime called Inuyashiki that is kind of like this. Basic plot line: 2 people are transformed into some sort of machine. One tries to cling to him humanity the other forsakes it. If you liked this movie check it out.

  • Just A D00d On YT
    Just A D00d On YT 21 day ago +1

    It’s like 2012 in a movie

  • Mattias Jerman
    Mattias Jerman 22 days ago +1

    Ugh, I just feel so guilty. The guy he hates is named Matt, and my nickname is Matt. UUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!! 😩

  • Abraham Gadson
    Abraham Gadson 26 days ago

    The scream when the lighting struck steve is terrifying

  • Natsuuftw
    Natsuuftw 27 days ago

    *All i wanted was to see a sky shot of all the nearby buildings floating in the air while Andrew was screaming at the end.*
    *Then when he get impaled they all fall*

  • sophia pham
    sophia pham 28 days ago

    i thought i was the only one who really liked this movie

  • AD C
    AD C Month ago +40

    Even if he didn’t get the powers he most definitely would’ve been a school shooter or snapped in a violent way

    • CHIEF
      CHIEF 21 day ago

      AD C lmao fr

  • The Patched Vest
    The Patched Vest Month ago +1

    Wait, so, Chronicle, a movie about teenagers w/ telekinetic superpowers was going to have a sequel about time travel? Didn't Life Is Strange just do this exact same thing but in reverse?

  • Charles צ'ארלס

    5:15 The Best Day Of My Life
    Was also spent throwing the football around with my 2 best friends :D

  • SFLVideos
    SFLVideos Month ago

    Chronicle is one of my favorite movies of all time.
    I was really bummed that we didn't get a sequel with Matt. Thought they could have done a lot with this "universe".

  • vLoadinf-
    vLoadinf- Month ago

    Casey fucking Neistat

  • Loop Is Dedz
    Loop Is Dedz Month ago +22

    "Michael B. Jordan is always a win"
    **Gets killed by Andrew**

  • Robert Bogan
    Robert Bogan Month ago

    I love how they catch and show the spear part from multiple angles and with the repeated scream.

  • Blu Jay
    Blu Jay Month ago

    As a kid that experienced a lot of abuse I can tell you right now what Andrew felt. He felt trapped in a mirror complex, seeing everything as a dark place, which is why the movie has dark overtones throughout. He couldn't ever take his anger out on anyone, so it just built up to the point of breaking him. He had to be the predator because he thought everyone else was hunting him. It doesn't excuse his actions, but it could've been prevented if someone could've found out.

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia Month ago

    Man, this movie really made me think about all the shit I'd do if i stumbled upon telekinetic power, like telekinetic cunnilingus hehe

  • Hotep Anthony
    Hotep Anthony Month ago

    Awful take on Matt lol.

  • Aaron Mooneyham
    Aaron Mooneyham Month ago

    Such an underappreciated film. I need to rewatch it

  • Micheal Reeves
    Micheal Reeves Month ago

    Every time I watch this movie I get depressed I’ll never have these powers

  • DerOffeneFensterWahnsinnige 1

    Its been almost 8 years god damn it i want a sequel so bad

  • VOCAL Lotus
    VOCAL Lotus Month ago +1

    This movie reminds me of BrightBurn . But this movie is soo good!!!!

  • Cipherzilla
    Cipherzilla Month ago

    This movie is so under appreciated when really I think it’s amazing and very well directed and thought out

  • Kano52
    Kano52 Month ago +1

    I am sorry but when a person chooses to kill others that are innocent or begins to lord over others like some kind of god my sympathy leaves me. Matt was a jerk but he was not a terrible person, for all the bad he did good too. There must come a point when your upbringing no longer excuses you actions.

  • sobazaRai aRaxis
    sobazaRai aRaxis Month ago

    I love how you pronounce 'Akira' . Really emphasizes the R. its rare. And I like it. Also still waiting for Akira Live Action. Also stopped watching "Everything Wrong With" becuz of this channel. I find it easier and more interesting to watch movies strength from your point of view, you can really tell what the Directors, Storywriters and Cast tried to potray in films. Also obsessive nitpickings and blatant making movies, crews, and cast looks stupid and brainless is why I stopped watching "Everything Wrong With" . This is Better. and Thank You.
    Really, Thank You.
    ps - sorry for my English, Im your fan from Malaysia and English is not my strongest suit.

    • Space Case
      Space Case Month ago

      Plus, most of Cinemasins’ “sins” feel like either terrible jokes or the crew not understanding how films work.

  • The Legacy of Gaming

    Man how I wish the movie ended with them still figuring new things out and having fun as high school kids. It took a left turn so quickly. :(

  • Dustin Reichard
    Dustin Reichard Month ago

    We don’t deserve a second movie. This is completely perfect the way it is. A second movie would.. as I hate to say it.. it would be bad. That’s why just one movie would be perfect by itself.

  • Eric Coulombe
    Eric Coulombe Month ago

    Dont appreciate the time you took to rag on Matt, hurt my ears, and wasn't even fully accurate. Sounds like cinema sins to me

    • Ampocalypse W
      Ampocalypse W Month ago

      I mean matt wasnt that strong of a character, dont get me wrong he now has to deal with the after math and blame for not being more involved. But he was barely seen that much, hell steve was the GOAT but unfortunately he wasnt the main character

  • Sir Wesley
    Sir Wesley Month ago

    I loved this movie all the way EXCEPT the end result being the one outcast kind being the villain and everyone except one guy dies. I'm so tired of the outcast with abusive parents being the villain. Of every person I know it's never the abused outcast that's the bad person. In fact it's usually that person that often has better moral compass than everyone else. They've been there, they know what that life is like. They know what it's like to be the outcast and it makes them more sensitive to treating others that way. Pretty tired of Movies' obsession with making the odd outcast the badguy.

    Being someone who has figuratively lived the events of this movie, that's not what happens. Those three teenage kids would always be together. Even if not literally, they're always a part of each others' lives and would never go that far in hurting each other.

  • Josh Mitchell
    Josh Mitchell Month ago

    How is it a win that the guy won't be making it into politics?

  • Azrael
    Azrael 2 months ago

    One of my all time favorites, I thought there was going to be a sequel with that ending but it never came

  • lit
    lit 2 months ago

    Chronicle 2 coming soon shooting location in LA

  • YourRyeBread
    YourRyeBread 2 months ago +1

    No talking about how one uses eyes, one uses hands, one uses mind?

  • Tentons O'fun
    Tentons O'fun 2 months ago

    God you really take the onus off Andrew. Apparently the highschooler Matt is borderline evil because he wasnt a saint towards Andrew and did some slightly mean things but Andrew is essentially a pure victim because his actions he didnt control? How can one be absolved but not the other?
    Clearly Andrew is sympathetic but Matt doing things like dumb pranks and distancing himself from the weirdo Andrew were just as much result of peer pressure and an inherent desire to be happy and accepted. Like you said he actually was there for Andrew as basically his only friend and tried again and again to stop him going down a path. Andrew snapped and became flat out evil but gleeful torture and murder and mutilation are hallmarks of a villain no matter the reason, both the kids were imperfect but acknowledgement needs to be given that they both had agency over their actions. In the end Matt fought and sacrificed to be 'good' wheres Andrew, possibly not evil but still horribly destructive, had given up on everything and just wanted hurt and kill and didnt care if he died. It was putting down a rabid dog at that point
    The point is you cant take the blame from Andrew because he is a victim of his own circumstances without doing the same for Matt. Then we just come back Andrew having to die because he was killing people

  • Jimmy Valmer
    Jimmy Valmer 2 months ago

    Totally forgot this movie ever existed

    VEHICLEFAN5500 2 months ago

    *The Patriarchy Of Males Only Deserve To Watch This Film!*

  • Caden Walters
    Caden Walters 2 months ago

    This dude is smart as hell

  • RariGold
    RariGold 2 months ago

    everytime i watch this movie i wish i could save steve

  • darania1
    darania1 2 months ago

    Andrew is the Elliot Rodgers of superpowered TKs...

  • Shaun Michaels
    Shaun Michaels 2 months ago

    slow, boring, no reason for blue light or anything. load of shit

  • Johnny Pottseed
    Johnny Pottseed 2 months ago

    I remember Doug stamper as the coolest asshole in the dawn of the dead remake.

  • Inflec
    Inflec 2 months ago

    Here is the link to the time traveling idea that Max Landis was originally considering for the sequel: www.syfy.com/syfywire/max-landis-reveals-time-tripping-chronicle-sequel-pitch-we%E2%80%99ll-never-get-see

  • B A
    B A 2 months ago

    The thing about people who are assholes because of circumstances beyond their control, is that they are still assholes.

  • doorran
    doorran 2 months ago +1

    there are so many differnt sequels they might have done for this...

  • Bay Radberry
    Bay Radberry 2 months ago

    Ever watch Project Almanac? Primer? Just some additional movies to consider in this niche genre.

  • The Spice Of Stockton
    The Spice Of Stockton 2 months ago +1

    13:48 Sorry but you can’t compare a human life to a lamp

  • Leo
    Leo 2 months ago +1

    Andrew didn't choose his path, his path was paved for him.

  • Kenny Laysh
    Kenny Laysh 3 months ago

    I always thought this was a really good movie. I bought it soon as it hit blu ray.

  • Saljon
    Saljon 3 months ago

    I don't know this version of the movie....

  • Kobrag90
    Kobrag90 3 months ago

    I lovd this movie, I am soooo stoked you loved it too. *Hugs*

  • James Williams
    James Williams 3 months ago

    Tell me one thing in this movie that was bad I'll wait. Nah seriously tho its so underrated

  • nicolas bedard
    nicolas bedard 3 months ago

    Wow I live In Canada and I've never seen the sort of magic concert

  • MC Studios
    MC Studios 3 months ago

    One of the most amazing and underrated movies of all time

  • Stanley Ze'Dachshund
    Stanley Ze'Dachshund 3 months ago

    People do bad things.....

  • brasco HF
    brasco HF 3 months ago

    Evertime I watch this I cant help noticing similarities to a classic maga movie called Akira bar that I think its a great move