8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Season 10 Episode 6 (S12E04)

  • Published on Nov 1, 2017
  • This episode aired on 15 September 2017
  • ComedyComedy

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  • vlady8me
    vlady8me 11 hours ago

    Now THATS a challenging wank.

  • Giantelephantgenitalsinsideagiraffe

    Some1 described Sean as a "chaotic evil" I can't can't stop thinking about how true it is

  • Gabe man
    Gabe man Day ago

    Love the Show, hate the intro music.

  • Dyster
    Dyster 6 days ago

    You are indeed a bunch of ugly motherfuckers, my dear Englishmen.

  • Kerry White
    Kerry White 10 days ago

    18:49 It took a moment or two, but, I got: TODAYS. Not mentioned. The initial YAY! was quieted a bit for me.

  • ungratefulmetalpansy
    ungratefulmetalpansy 11 days ago

    bring me the big blue opera woman

  • Mick Kjelland
    Mick Kjelland 25 days ago

    You look like an ancient Simon Pegg, hahahahaha, too true

  • Nick Hafke
    Nick Hafke 28 days ago

    'Can I choose them then?'
    'yes, you can'
    'I'll have three vowels please'
    'I'll step in there...'

  • Jason Bock
    Jason Bock Month ago

    the keyboard cunt horribly unfunny

  • sonoslain69
    sonoslain69 Month ago

    Can't find the WANKR app.😡

  • Mac
    Mac Month ago

    is it season 10, episode 6 or season 12 episode 4? am confused.

  • Martin Provost
    Martin Provost Month ago

    Every time they introduce Sara it's "She's a feminist and a vegan"... Trying to push her agenda a bit too much there...

  • Pranjal Jain
    Pranjal Jain Month ago +11

    45:29 Sara gets motivated, Jon presses the buzzer but he is so polite that he doesn't shout in excitement because it was her who got the word. So he lets her say it. And her genuine happiness is so palpable. Quite a moment.
    PS- This is the most out of character, I've seen Fabio.

  • DoctorCal
    DoctorCal 2 months ago

    [75 + 100 + 5] * [5 - 1] = 720

  • Lia van Stevelen
    Lia van Stevelen 2 months ago

    the title it confusing... what is it

  • Merlandese
    Merlandese 2 months ago

    Sean is the best.

  • Winston Forman
    Winston Forman 2 months ago

    Sean looks like heisenburg breaking bad

  • Kringtendo64
    Kringtendo64 2 months ago

    Joe Wilkinson is a national treasure

  • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

    With the 720, they had 75*100 and 6*5 to make 750-30. I'm a bit surprised nobody saw that way. Jon's way needed more steps.
    Edit: Never mind, I'm wrong

  • Rv4 Guy
    Rv4 Guy 2 months ago +1

    Rachel's got some padding

  • Doktor Jönsson
    Doktor Jönsson 3 months ago

    Square root of 25=5

  • eJacob Cornelius
    eJacob Cornelius 3 months ago

    Unlike American game shows, British game shows appear to be funny.

  • RealToWonder
    RealToWonder 3 months ago +3

    anyone else use Rachel's dresses as a key to figure out if you've watched the episode?

  • Matt -
    Matt - 4 months ago

    I've seen this one a thousand times, and Sean's innuendo response always gets me

  • MaxwellEindhoven
    MaxwellEindhoven 4 months ago +4

    Wait, I'm confused. Is it season 10, episode 6? Or Season 12, episode 4?

  • A R
    A R 4 months ago +4

    I love Sean’s books. I wish they were really for sale.

  • Yaar Ben Herut
    Yaar Ben Herut 4 months ago

    Easy AF

  • zaitesushion
    zaitesushion 4 months ago +2

    I ship Jon and Fabio, don't @ me

  • John Manoochehri
    John Manoochehri 4 months ago

    I must be the only person to not find this funny at all. Despite liking all the individual comedians. Weird. Seems so contrived.

  • Arsalan Hassan
    Arsalan Hassan 4 months ago

    Gotta keep track of which ones I've watched

  • flyhound97
    flyhound97 4 months ago

    Oh how I would love to have 69 with Rachel and then divider her 2 and add my 1 multiple times if you know what I mean?

  • Alchemic Overdrive
    Alchemic Overdrive 4 months ago

    Jon dressed like a grandma

  • beamspickett
    beamspickett 4 months ago

    Cyril the Screw.
    I'd buy that.

  • VladTheRad
    VladTheRad 4 months ago +1

    8:08 = Programmers explaining their code

  • Johnathan Steele
    Johnathan Steele 4 months ago

    100-75, 25x25 625, 3x5 15, +9 ,24 ,625-24 = 601

  • goutham edara
    goutham edara 4 months ago

    I bet all these views are just for the lovely rachel

  • Yordan Krekmanski
    Yordan Krekmanski 4 months ago

    David is not funny, always ruins the show. Cocker spaniels are THE BEST dogs that you can have in your house. To make a joke about a dead dog is really nothing but stupid. But he thinks he's funny anyway so.. there... "hate me now"

  • Azizah Manzur
    Azizah Manzur 4 months ago

    I've watched so much of these that I think I might fancy Jon Richardson now. Or maybe it's cos I've seen his face so many times.

  • McDangerously
    McDangerously 5 months ago

    Breaking Bad UK starring Sean Lock

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ 5 months ago

    that operatic scene was completely wrong. That aria is a duet so there were too many singers.

    • Snaakie
      Snaakie 3 months ago

      Have you seen the rest of the show?
      Everything is weird and different.

  • The Ablution Room
    The Ablution Room 5 months ago

    "All the kids've got the phones." Jon is in his 30s! He is the new Karl Pilkington in some ways.

  • NoLagJustBad
    NoLagJustBad 5 months ago +3

    omg ancient simon peg, nailed it.

  • n6 h6
    n6 h6 5 months ago

    I got all the teasers this time, woo!

  • Tr0nzoid
    Tr0nzoid 5 months ago

    I knew someone who laughed kind of like the host. No matter what he was laughing about, it was always the same loud laugh.

  • Sweaty Banana
    Sweaty Banana 6 months ago

    Congratulations to both highly intelligent babes!!!!

  • Moos1005
    Moos1005 6 months ago

    34:03 Yup, that are the letters for the german word for 'vagina'...

  • Kaye Henry
    Kaye Henry 6 months ago +1

    This is neither "Season 10 Episode 6" nor "(S12E04)" as stated in the title. It is actually S14E04 as indicated by the date given in the description and confirmed by searching imdb.com. Why such sloppy notation, Georgi Kadiyski?!

  • General Hargrievous
    General Hargrievous 6 months ago

    I lost it at shit on them and put them in my ears

  • Lauren
    Lauren 6 months ago

    I miss the old set

  • Mikoto Suoh
    Mikoto Suoh 6 months ago

    that jon cosplay reminds me of the supernatural season10 episode, where sam and dean end up in the musical of their life :D

  • lets-call-me that-one-guy

    sqaure root of 100 is 10. do that times 75 u got 750. then 5 x 6 = 30 and take that off of the 750 and u got 720 :l


    • PoiBoink
      PoiBoink Month ago

      No square roots in this show

  • Magnar Mundal
    Magnar Mundal 6 months ago

    25-3 = 22

  • Creatip
    Creatip 6 months ago

    In some videos, like this one, Rachel's cup was at least D, but on some other videos, it was at most B. How come?? Push up bra maybe?

  • David Witheridge
    David Witheridge 6 months ago

    Every time David is there I think "Why is Judd Apatow there dressed as Ash Ketchum"?

  • Aslan T Vorlon
    Aslan T Vorlon 6 months ago

    How come this says Season 10 Episode 6 (S12E04), aired on 15 September 2017 and there is S16E05 in the up next column?
    none of those numbers OR letters make any fucking sense!

  • bdylanfan90
    bdylanfan90 6 months ago

    100 x 3! = 600; rt(9 = 3; 3!-5 =1; 600+1

  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright 6 months ago

    this is my second time watching and i just now got what an “infinity knife” was

  • chair362
    chair362 6 months ago

    david's dog song kinda got to me because i have a rubbish dog who has bit me(and other). used to chase cats and hold them down just top be a bitch, killed multiple chickens, fought with the other dogs, used to fake going pee outside for treats only to pee in the floor 5 minutes after we let her in, actually got out one day and ran into a car(she hit it), growls whenever you touch her(mostly just a growl and nothing more) and now that she is old not much has changed she just does it slower...but i wouldnt trade this hell of a dog for anything.

  • Zeldabamgames
    Zeldabamgames 6 months ago


  • Stannous Flouride
    Stannous Flouride 6 months ago +1

    Wouldn't you love to hear Rachel say to you, "Lovely. Very nice." about just about anything?

  • xokrizelle
    xokrizelle 7 months ago

    They could've also done:
    9-3= 6 x 100 = 600
    100/25= 4
    5-4 = 1
    600+1= 601.

  • Kin Uor Thel
    Kin Uor Thel 7 months ago

    How isn't "Y" a vowel in english?

  • parsuli.
    parsuli. 7 months ago


  • Daniel Wallace
    Daniel Wallace 7 months ago

    I got 'MORALLER' for the last word game

  • Daniel Wallace
    Daniel Wallace 7 months ago

    Sean was my favourite. Changed my mind, love Jon

  • EnoVarma
    EnoVarma 7 months ago +1

    How is everyone not in love with Sara Pascoe?

  • paras ladwal
    paras ladwal 7 months ago +3

    488k views. Cats does Countdown is surely going places

  • ReeAllTheFirst
    ReeAllTheFirst 7 months ago

    Infinity knife needs to get more recognition

  • Helle Skorge
    Helle Skorge 7 months ago

    I really love David

  • Anthony Luke
    Anthony Luke 7 months ago

    I'm shocked that nobody thought to just divide 75 by 25 then subtract from 5. I'm terrible at math and was expecting everyone to get it right away.

  • Torjuz1337
    Torjuz1337 7 months ago

    Would have gone for Scheize for 7 and say it’s the english equivalent to scheiße

  • Dennis Günther
    Dennis Günther 7 months ago

    Sorry, I'm confused.... why is season 12 episode 4 season 10 episode 6???

  • Ryan's Adventure & Info

    If Jimmy wasn't wearing a dark jacket his hair dye would stand out even more. Too dark... especially compared to an earlier version in same series.

  • sugibudder
    sugibudder 7 months ago

    you can get 1 with 3 and 9 if you take the square root of 9 and then divide 3 by 3.

  • ChaosNinja666
    ChaosNinja666 8 months ago

    Is it season 10 or 12, how does the naming scheme work?

  • Stalin’s Mustache
    Stalin’s Mustache 8 months ago

    100x5 is 500 plus 75 is 575 plus 25 is 600 then add 9 and off to the side to 5+3 is 8 then subtract 8 by 609 and you get 601. This is the first one ive gotten ever

  • Stalin’s Mustache
    Stalin’s Mustache 8 months ago

    Not gonna lie, i dont like the orange set that much as the blue and silver one

  • julian whitton
    julian whitton 8 months ago

    Can you not use square roots?

  • Thundersub
    Thundersub 8 months ago

    Sara is so funny and cute. Just sad that she is so left wing.

    • Neville Wissmann
      Neville Wissmann 7 months ago +1

      Thundersub oddly, that’s what I like best about her

    • Daniel Essex
      Daniel Essex 8 months ago +4

      You make it sound like being a fairy tale believing racist is so much better

  • Maxence R
    Maxence R 8 months ago

    "Y" is a consonant in English?

  • shawn Z
    shawn Z 8 months ago

    Could jons chair be any higher???

  • JJ EST 19XX
    JJ EST 19XX 8 months ago

    DOD looks like a snuggly cat cosplaying as Ask Ketchum

  • deliman7203
    deliman7203 8 months ago

    Those are shitty seats for the audience.

  • tommykl
    tommykl 8 months ago


  • S J
    S J 8 months ago

    If Judd Apatow was made into a muppet...you'd have the gent with susie

  • Marco Boscarol
    Marco Boscarol 8 months ago

    16:48 that was the cutest fuck off ever XD

  • Leena Cabrera
    Leena Cabrera 8 months ago +1

    Sean looks like Walter White from breaking bad 😂

  • Mega Dong Master
    Mega Dong Master 8 months ago

    ((6 + 1) x 100) + ((75/5) + 5) = 720

  • Elle
    Elle 8 months ago +1

    Why do I find Jon sexy af

  • stefanavic
    stefanavic 8 months ago

    That second song shows the full intelligence of dog people.
    Troll that you poo-picker-uppers.

  • J N Morgan
    J N Morgan 8 months ago

    27:20 or so. Coaster.

  • Grammar Jew
    Grammar Jew 8 months ago

    75x10=750=3 =753
    +75 +25 =600
    700+15+5 =720

  • Martyn Rollinson
    Martyn Rollinson 8 months ago

    One of the Opera singer men was on Britain's got talent last series....yes!

  • Cam Davies
    Cam Davies 8 months ago +1

    Sitiday lol that's how it's pronounced in Australia not New Zealand

  • wicious
    wicious 8 months ago

    I want that wild life shirt so bad

  • Bbearhug Thomas
    Bbearhug Thomas 8 months ago

    Would have been finnier if they took Sara instead.

  • Bonsai Bros
    Bonsai Bros 8 months ago

    david sure has a easy job what rubbish

  • Slap Of Reality
    Slap Of Reality 8 months ago +1

    I'm in America so please bare with me on this.. But this is confusing to me - 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Season 10 Episode 6 (S12E04). So which is it, Season 10 Episode 6 or Season 12 Episode 4? I might have been searching for them wrong and that's the reason for me keep getting the same ones I've already watched.
    Thanks for sharing though. I'm going to eventually watch every single episode. I love UK sense of humor. Hell of a lot better than America who seem to have a stick up their asses and unable to laugh for shit!

    • ungratefulmetalpansy
      ungratefulmetalpansy 11 days ago

      in the rest of the world we read comments fully dressed
      didn't know about the american way

    • Brett B
      Brett B Month ago

      Don't know - for me it's the "orange dress" one.

  • Yokie Miller
    Yokie Miller 8 months ago +1

    Enough with the feminist barbs. You should be ashamed to not promote equal rights for all.

  • Carlo Lubrano
    Carlo Lubrano 9 months ago +4

    I hate to be that guy but the number 13 was not unlucky for the Romans. It was the number 17. For when they wrote it, it was XVII, which if rearranged would spell VIXI, or "i lived", which was written on all roman tombstones