Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.

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  • Shawman Null
    Shawman Null Hour ago

    And God was born

  • Edluis Rivera
    Edluis Rivera Hour ago

    11k people who have no creativity and intellect

  • presence of mind
    presence of mind Hour ago

    Spider man in Gotham city lol what

  • notfree
    notfree 2 hours ago

    We are the Sims.

  • notfree
    notfree 2 hours ago

    Elon looks like a man who is kept awake much of the night by what he knows.

  • Big Virgil
    Big Virgil 2 hours ago

    2:29:34 yep he’s an alien

  • Mike Rossi
    Mike Rossi 3 hours ago

    ROGAN needs to have Musk on every single September, just like how he does sober October.

  • gutie
    gutie 4 hours ago

    I just realized Elon and Joe swapped saliva with that 'joint'. Mind blown.

  • Male
    Male 4 hours ago

    J: "So we're fucked."
    E: "No we're not fucked."

  • Tyler Reed
    Tyler Reed 4 hours ago

    This is who should be president

  • Noag Bogudki
    Noag Bogudki 4 hours ago

    It’s just a whole in the ground

  • Mitch Brown
    Mitch Brown 5 hours ago

    Joe should get him back on and be less serious. I feel like Elon wanted to come on a crack jokes more.

  • Roderick Upshur
    Roderick Upshur 5 hours ago

    I think Elon likes the word Pit.

  • Dylan Allan-Masters
    Dylan Allan-Masters 5 hours ago

    Kinda interested in this gasoline printer?

  • Aaron Griffith
    Aaron Griffith 5 hours ago

    Who came back to rewatch this after finding out about the Neuralink being REAL. Yall think he has a brain chip in in this podcast? Damn near does lol

  • Stephen Santos Sacayanan

    I envision a new James Bond master villain as Elon Musk.

  • Tracey Swink
    Tracey Swink 6 hours ago +1

    This is a scary dude. If anyone knows abt the crazy shit coming in the future it's this guy. Evil genius

    • Barbi Digital
      Barbi Digital Hour ago +1

      Sister... I'm watching this thinking the same sordid thing...

  • Joden Peters
    Joden Peters 7 hours ago

    Could u imagine alex joe and elon

  • Maciej Czapiewski
    Maciej Czapiewski 7 hours ago

    I really think Elon was memeing Joe the entire podcast.

  • RB slammed
    RB slammed 8 hours ago

    Elon Musk is a Test that we humans clearly have failed.
    Elon is a marketing exercise to discover is someone needs to even be of normal intelligence to be marketed as a genius to people who are being sold to.
    Joe Rogan, Elon musk has all this time on his hands Bc he plays no essential role in these accomplishments you credit him with.
    The ideas are not Elons, nor are the accomplishments. Elon musk is dumb, I mean you can see it for yourself. His accomplishment is are result of us being sold on things contrary to what evidence and facts suggest. None of his “companies” or “inventions” were his nor are the “engineers” who actually make his legend possible a result of his intellect. It’s a defect in ours.
    I mean you don’t need to listen to me, listen to him.

  • Runner3331
    Runner3331 8 hours ago

    Elon seems like a creepy guy

  • yadhu krishnan
    yadhu krishnan 8 hours ago

    His thoughts are on another level 😇

  • BillyMacWraps
    BillyMacWraps 10 hours ago

    Elon essentially now a real life Mojo Jojo...

  • THICC1
    THICC1 10 hours ago

    Elon musk is the soul surviver from the future and has come back to help us. Going to colonise other planets, stop A.I, make electric cars to stop carbon emissions, tunnels to minimise traffic. Solar power instead of fossil fuels

  • Archie Hulme
    Archie Hulme 10 hours ago +1

    Side note: gonna be super awkward when everybody storms Area 51 and find 1 million Elon musks

  • αмвeя ωeekley
    αмвeя ωeekley 11 hours ago

    "Most people are good."
    Except for the hubdreds of thousands in prisons all over the country.😂

  • Archie Hulme
    Archie Hulme 11 hours ago

    You have to listen at 1.75x speed so that Elon speaks normally

  • Z K
    Z K 11 hours ago

    20:38 it's like he's been to or come back from the future and is greatly disturbed.

  • αмвeя ωeekley
    αмвeя ωeekley 11 hours ago

    Omg I love Elon! He doesn't give 2 sh#ts what the media is going to say about his "puff pass" (it definitely was no a puff puff pass)

  • Hayden carter
    Hayden carter 11 hours ago

    Also u should creat a robot that cleans up the Ocean be something fun and challenging, don't know if u will make money off it but give it a go

  • Hayden carter
    Hayden carter 11 hours ago

    Well I drive a truck and drink piss everyday so your welcome guys

  • Christopher Peterson
    Christopher Peterson 11 hours ago

    Elon is right. We need to save the Earth. Gasoline was a horrible idea.

  • Kristufar Burhtun
    Kristufar Burhtun 11 hours ago

    In Elon we Musk

  • vaiuuii
    vaiuuii 11 hours ago

    This should be mandatory viewing in any school in the world today! A simple lesson on how to think and how to plan for the future, on how to enjoy what you do and find meaning.

    • Hylas Maliki
      Hylas Maliki 8 hours ago

      And how should one think and plan for the future?

  • B Reelz DaTruthseeker
    B Reelz DaTruthseeker 12 hours ago

    This is the last podcast PRE TESLA OWNER lmao

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd 12 hours ago

    This dude wants everyone to die except him and his money buddies that are evil. He said ai is unleashing a demon yet hes devoted to it???

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd 12 hours ago


  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd 12 hours ago

    Forget Hitler yall...

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd 12 hours ago

    Not an actual flamethrower like neuralinks not an actual mind control device.

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd 13 hours ago

    Still people bought them... not his fault he only made them AVAILABLE... (flamethrowers)

  • Cmaz29
    Cmaz29 15 hours ago

    Listen to 41:32 through 41:44 with eyes closed

  • neverlander trending
    neverlander trending 15 hours ago

    Joe is such a genius. And i wish Elon smoke more weed, i mean thats the beauty of weed when you are try it first or second time, you don't even realise that you are high, just look at the questions Joe asked him after Elon took that one puff and how he answered them.

  • Peen Musk
    Peen Musk 16 hours ago

    He sounds retarded..

  • Eugene Foo
    Eugene Foo 16 hours ago

    so many comfortable pauses

  • Rand00mThing
    Rand00mThing 16 hours ago

    Plot twist: Joe Rogan is the android/cyborg and Elon must carefully choose his words to not blow his cover or else the robots will take him out on the spot and the plan to save the future of all of mankind will fail!

  • Gwyddion Flint
    Gwyddion Flint 16 hours ago

    Surely the most obvious way he manages to do all this is by getting other people to do it?

  • mark venicio
    mark venicio 16 hours ago

    I believe artphichul intelligence should be sex machines so I could have a chance to pimp them. The faces will be my celebrities femals choices

  • luisrodriguez 198
    luisrodriguez 198 17 hours ago

    Everyone went from white to asian in terms of IQ from watching this video

  • Timberhouse Lodge
    Timberhouse Lodge 17 hours ago

    He says, He wont swear then tokes it up.... Hilarious!

  • Sarbur Gideg
    Sarbur Gideg 19 hours ago

    2:16:40 Spiderman isn't from Gotham city he's from New York City lol

  • Taras Kuzyk
    Taras Kuzyk 21 hour ago

    Came here to look at him speaking about Neuralink. I thought it was bullshit, but as with any news with Elon, he never stops delivering. Holy. Shit.

  • Ryan Ambsdorf
    Ryan Ambsdorf 21 hour ago

    Congress doesn't understand Facebook; they're not going to understand risks associated with AI.

  • Jon Dovik
    Jon Dovik 22 hours ago +1

    4:55 do funny

  • DrNarwal 1
    DrNarwal 1 22 hours ago

    Joe "Chimp life" Rogan

  • Miguel A. Rivera S.
    Miguel A. Rivera S. 22 hours ago


  • Jon Dovik
    Jon Dovik 22 hours ago

    He talks like an autist

  • Courier 6
    Courier 6 22 hours ago +2

    20:30-20:37 did he just make a calculation in his robot brain

  • Phúc Giang
    Phúc Giang 23 hours ago

    Who's here for 2:10:32?

  • StevenKeithCo
    StevenKeithCo Day ago

    Damn, this dude is building electric cars, going to space, boring tunnels, launching satellites en masse, amongst other things & all of these are impressive but I have a question........ Did he secretly cure male pattern baldness? Did he just get that case of mange under control? Dude was freaking bald 10 years ago!!!! This, curing male pattern baldness, is far & away his greatest accomplishment! Think PayPal, or Tesla Motors made him billions? Curing baldness will make PayPal & Tesla Motors look like “chump change”! Or........maybe it was just a transplant?

  • Jon Monte
    Jon Monte Day ago

    Cant we use the Earths rotation as a generator?

  • William Fallon
    William Fallon Day ago

    does anybody else hate the sound of people talking when there mouth is too dry?

  • Jon Monte
    Jon Monte Day ago

    Don't they have trains that move by opposing magnetic forces

  • john Oleary
    john Oleary Day ago

    Joe cuts open blunts with a samurai sword in my reality

  • Brian Chandler
    Brian Chandler Day ago

    Elon Musk is not human she is a cybernetic organism or he is an alien

  • Malik McDowell’s wrecked ATV

    Joe ain’t lying does Elon have enough time for everything? The guy will literally get bored and invent a cure for AIDS.

  • Menace312
    Menace312 Day ago

    Love is definitely not the answer. Wisdom is...
    Elon ffs.

  • zena rynaldy
    zena rynaldy Day ago +3

    Is he legit an engineer or what? The way he talks is just like a human puppet and it really baffles me, and his expressions too is very odd.

    • Bryan Badass Dass
      Bryan Badass Dass 22 hours ago +1

      i agree- but yep he is an engineer but not formally trained. he himself tells that he doesnt have any degree in Software Engineering, Aerospace Engineering etc- He is self taught on those topics. From what i see tho- he has great engineers working for him and he is more a great businessman who invested in companies rly well early on- but also had knowledge of what he was doing to do things like write paypal (which i think he did)-

      he has an air of being smart about what he is involved with. That being said, MANY engineers consider him to not be a real engineer and to be consumed with the entire 'cult of personality' that he sells/presents. It's actually very good branding and makes everything more interesting but there is the unfortunate habit of onlookers to make a 'big hero' out of him in their romanticizing.

  • Hariyo Ardhito
    Hariyo Ardhito Day ago +1

    it took me almost a month to finish watching this podcast, quite literally learned more than anything in 12 years "education" cycle combined. i actually did understand and learn from it. absolutely Mindblown, Thanks Joe!

    • Hariyo Ardhito
      Hariyo Ardhito 19 hours ago

      Lucas Arievillo yeah, and i said that not just because i hate school or whatsoever, i did well in school, i did even almost perfect in science especially physics and also math, i just really think that this talk teaches us more insights than everything that’s ever been spoken in school

    • Lucas Arievillo
      Lucas Arievillo Day ago

      Hariyo Ardhito amazing how genuine podcasts can truly teach you raw knowledge better than a decade of college education, this shit is fascinating to me

  • The Channel of ALL

    If Elon tells me to fuckin jump then fuck it imma jump

  • John O'Leary
    John O'Leary Day ago

    "I never saw a blue duck, so I drew a blue duck" - Billy Madison

  • Allistair Neil
    Allistair Neil Day ago

    Refreshing to watch two great minds interact like this. Why can’t all conversations be like this?

  • letsgetrealmedicated

    My name is CHAPPIE
    Pretty close too. Although idk if he could upgrade on his own.

  • letsgetrealmedicated

    My name is STEM
    I think that's as close as as we might get soon.

  • Built Jdm
    Built Jdm Day ago

    So people bought a “not a flame thrower”

  • N3V3RSAYD13
    N3V3RSAYD13 Day ago

    Thats alot of Ice there

  • yu mi be ach
    yu mi be ach Day ago

    Elon for president!

  • Luke 66
    Luke 66 Day ago +1

    Can you imagine getting Eddie Bravo on with Elon, he would just shut down all of his conspiracy's down with raw science. The flat earth debate would be wonderful to listen to.

  • gp
    gp Day ago

    Roe "Congestion" Jogan

  • Gadderz87
    Gadderz87 Day ago

    The A.I ability to create art has come up a few times, but I don't think it would have any difficulty enjoying art or creating art any more than we do? If an A.I can develop self preservation then surely down the line it will develop all the need to create art? I'd love to listen to a talk or discussion on this if anyone knows of any

  • RobinYourHood 18

    Beer before grass...
    whiskey before grass you're riskey.

  • Chester Ogilvie
    Chester Ogilvie Day ago +1

    George Carlin once said our purpose was to give the world plastic..

  • Cody
    Cody Day ago

    Now Elon Musk is releasing Neuralink. Brain chip to connect us with AI. Almost a year after this was released. He's planning to have the first one put in a human by the end of 2020.

  • Ash4eTo
    Ash4eTo Day ago

    What Joe never got is, and kept asking him - Elon doesn't bring his ideas to anyone. He IS the guy who can make those happen :)

  • Brayden Grossman

    I love you too Elongated Muskrat

  • Chris French
    Chris French Day ago

    Just here to speak DMX interview into existence...

  • Negev
    Negev Day ago

    18:25 That was totally like the scenes in movies where some character says something kinda insulting to a mob boss and they take it as a joke.

  • Evil Gary
    Evil Gary Day ago

    Jaime, can you pull up that whiskey?

  • Doctor Sk
    Doctor Sk Day ago +1

    Neuralink discussion makes a lot of sense now that the neuralink announcement has been made

  • William Parker
    William Parker Day ago

    Elon must feel as if he is living in an Idiocracy.

    • Carla P
      Carla P Day ago

      William Parker I think that movie has nailed what the future is gonna be. Give it 30 years

  • iSpy Ellis
    iSpy Ellis Day ago

    He’s about to ends this mans whole career


    Great interview joe with Elon Musk

  • Alfred Barnes
    Alfred Barnes 2 days ago

    I robot coming into existence..

  • Guitarwrist
    Guitarwrist 2 days ago

    Elon reminds me of a kind LEX LUTHOR.

  • Aaron Echols
    Aaron Echols 2 days ago

    Joe and Elon need to 🚬 some DMT. Imagine that 😵

  • RezaSeries
    RezaSeries 2 days ago

    We need this type of podcast in france or i need to work hard my english elon looks so strange the good way i mean

  • Shawn Kaiser
    Shawn Kaiser 2 days ago +1

    Elon Musk more or less says that Bob Lazars description the UFO tech wasn't possible.. but then it was... Bob Lazar says the issue is material science we have can't understand the craft. Maybe Bob and Elon need to join the Storm A51 movement and start looking at the ship. LOL

  • Joe Stiles
    Joe Stiles 2 days ago

    The Psychology of Winning
    As a young man I realized several things about my life, firstly one does not learn on his own he simply pick and prys at others to find himself and what works for him. Be it his personality, his mannerisms and even the way he talks. All of this has been learned from people that young man admired be it his father, grandfather or even a political figure. As these fundamental points have been established one can finally understand how and why some succeed and some don’t. A man goes his entire life watching some win and some lose but never truly tries to become the winner. Now the three points I am going to give are not all encompassing but will really get you thinking.
    1. Enhancing Your Mindset
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    2. Deciding your a Loser to Early
    Are You a Loser?
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    3. Step Outside of Your World
    Fear Of Winning Is a Fear of Achieving.
    Although it is an innate feature of human biology and psychology to love the things we can not have it does not mean once you have them you are really a winner. For a lot of people a mansion seems like the best thing that can happen to them, but who can beat the satisfaction of life. To challenge yourself is one of the most satisfying things on our wonderful planet, to step outside of our own little worlds we created is not only hard but nerve-racking. We create our worlds to safeguard our selfs from the fear of failure. Fear is a great thing for a winner, find your fears and face them over and over again till there is no more. Real winners take the interview they are scared off, Real winners better themselves by putting themselves out there.
    Challenge yourself in every aspect of your life! Forget your Past It does not define you! Knowledge is The Elixir of Winning.

  • rubydog 25
    rubydog 25 2 days ago +2

    Joe Rogans dream is a foreshadowing of the neuralink generation.

  • Pablo
    Pablo 2 days ago +7

    Sometime in the future when we’re able to be among the stars, this will be one of the news headlines.