Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk


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  • Ignacio SA
    Ignacio SA 12 minutes ago +1

    This pod cast will be looked back at and will become legendary

  • Jim Moriarty
    Jim Moriarty 45 minutes ago +1


  • altecske
    altecske Hour ago

    An absolute musk watch!

  • Rootz 0161
    Rootz 0161 2 hours ago

    "Go and live in the simulation..... In the simulation" I hope that doesn't go over ya'll heads 😂

  • 198 gold
    198 gold 2 hours ago

    Can you make Elon appear ones a year or something, on this podcast to update us on what's going on and how his plans has advanced and also what he has in mind for the future?

  • KalaMiDeviL
    KalaMiDeviL 3 hours ago

    I know why you can’t fix the clocks running ahead and Elon doesn’t. I’m smart.

  • Rajeev Maηick
    Rajeev Maηick 3 hours ago

    Q: which can revolve the earth faster, a car or an airplane?
    Elon: A car in outer space

  • The Real Gagglephck
    The Real Gagglephck 5 hours ago

    This was by far the best thing I have ever watched...i love joe Rogan and elon musk so much more for this "ha ha ha" lollll..

  • illuminati lizard
    illuminati lizard 6 hours ago

    Seth seems he really just got into rolling weed and tobacco, amateur.

  • Azmath Choudhury
    Azmath Choudhury 7 hours ago


  • Evol Ution
    Evol Ution 7 hours ago

    The most interesting thing I’ve watched in a long time. Fascinating insight into the mind of a modern day DaVinci.

  • Blake Robert
    Blake Robert 9 hours ago

    Fallout 76 is a good game. You people complain about the engine being the same but still praise New Vegas despite having the exact engine and had almost 0 unique assets. If you don’t like the game, don’t buy it. You knew what you were getting when you played the beta, so just cancel your pre order. It’s a fun game, y’all just don’t have any friends to play with.

  • tradzy wot
    tradzy wot 9 hours ago


  • tradzy wot
    tradzy wot 9 hours ago

    Илон магёт

  • Brian
    Brian 10 hours ago

    Fuck the bullshit love you always chimp styley

  • Trev S
    Trev S 11 hours ago +1

    He is truly on another level. It’s hard to even imagine let alone understand. Those late night thoughts you have to yourself, those deep thoughts where you can’t go any further, This man experiences these thoughts all the time, and he is capable of going deeper into his mind. He is incredibly smart. It scares me and it even scares himself.

  • Darrell Lee
    Darrell Lee 11 hours ago +1

    Elon thanks for sheding some light on your self,i think both of you are right abought people mostly being good. I needed to here that. Thanks guys for a decent interview.

  • Auld Guys
    Auld Guys 12 hours ago

    What am I missing, there’s tunnels everywhere?

  • Shotgun Pete
    Shotgun Pete 12 hours ago

    The key to global peace, is global communication among the masses! Think about it for a sec................

  • Alex Vandermolen
    Alex Vandermolen 13 hours ago +2

    What a mad lad!!!

  • C Mo
    C Mo 13 hours ago

    Fucking LOVED THIS! Watched the entire show, Elon is a rockstar!

  • Gronk VBS
    Gronk VBS 14 hours ago

    15 minutes... that's all I could watch of this interview. I think watching paint dry is actually more interesting.

  • Al Zeus
    Al Zeus 14 hours ago

    You think Joe sent him the werewolf and clock?

  • KoiBoi 1113
    KoiBoi 1113 14 hours ago +1

    I think the same exact way as Elon Musk... I never knew people didn't think that way until now.

    • KoiBoi 1113
      KoiBoi 1113 2 hours ago +1

      +michael polites I had a feeling no one would believe it 😂 But you just think cynically I presume

    • michael polites
      michael polites 10 hours ago +2

      Sure, buddy.

  • Carmine DAuria-Gupta
    Carmine DAuria-Gupta 14 hours ago

    16 million views, it’s incredible how famous Rogan is

  • Asian Muslim Midget
    Asian Muslim Midget 14 hours ago

    Elon musk felt so coo 😂😂😂

  • Carmine DAuria-Gupta
    Carmine DAuria-Gupta 14 hours ago

    Elon “I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be successful” Musk

  • Asian Muslim Midget
    Asian Muslim Midget 14 hours ago

    Elon musk can sit on billions and he aint too cool for a podcast. Badass dude

  • E thy
    E thy 15 hours ago


  • DrSuperpump
    DrSuperpump 17 hours ago +2

    People are blind to what Elon is capable of. Give him all the fundings in the world and let him fix our problems.

  • The Philosophical Pugilist

    Musk is a very interesting guy interesting but at the same time a little scary haha.
    He's obviously super intelligent to have soo many ideas, be able to solve the problems that stand in the way of those ideas and make them reality but my concern is just because you can think of something doesn't mean you should do it. What filter does he have on his own mind ? Nikola Tesla another great and unique mind had a filter it appeared. He saw applications for his ideas that could be used by the wrong people and held things back I believe . Musk said that his mind basically doesn't shut off and when he replied to " what is it like to be him "? his body language reacted and he sighed suggesting it's exhausting like it's a burden that he can't shut it off which suggests a compulsiveness to his nature to act on his ideas. I just hope he sticks to ideas that are not dangerous.
    What Musk says about AI is disconcerting. I've been aware of the singularity for years and in my opinion a transhuman agenda which I find frightening . It feels too close for comfort . There are soo many films, TV series and books exploring if not promoting the idea, it's as if we are being predictively programmed for it. I only come to that conclusion because of the plethora of films and TV series that humanise robots that portrait them as conscious beings that can feel emotion that possess what you would call a soul. Even in Kids films which is more perverse implanting those concepts in young impressionable minds, Wall-e and Big hero 6 for example. Chappie is another film the list goes on. Westworld which asks a lot of philosophical questions about human morality but also portrays machines and its AI as conscious , as beings that feel. Its done well and has an emotional effect even on me watching as the machines are played by human beings so it's authentic feeling. They use powerful human archetypes, and use music to set the emotional tone( which is a great way of planting ideas in people manipulating emotion). Which is why I dislike documentaries that use music to influence. I also dislike the use of actors in history documentaries it's false representation .
    Reading inbetween the lines from Musk saying " the best outcome of the singularity would be to merge with AI " and him talking about his ambitions of exploring the universe I'd conclude he sits on the transhuman side of the fence despite him also saying he's pro human which I don't question it's just a case of perspective. Some believe it's an evolution of our race which may be Musks perspective but some think of the human condition as limiting so they want to be "better than human" and I believe that idea stems from ego. Its like the myth of Prometheus a wanting to be godlike. I believe many will be sold on that idea of being "better than human ".
    For years now I've felt technology is going too far and is out of balance with nature. We are perpetually inventing new forms of technology that have gone past just making life more efficient for us but are actually having many negative effects on us as a species by leading us to be reliant on technology for nearly everything. We are losing all sorts of skills personal communication skills being one but many practical skills also. The ironic thing about social media is it connects you faster and easier but not better something is lost and it's a full connection.
    I'm good being human. Technology should serve us not be our master.
    Also Musk did not take that joint back he blew it right back out haha.

  • A Wilcox
    A Wilcox 18 hours ago

    Just gained a lot of respect for Elon Musk.

  • Tera Aubrey
    Tera Aubrey 19 hours ago

    Not a single challenging question. Elon deserved better.

  • Eian Iyahu
    Eian Iyahu 20 hours ago

    The thing is an actually truly smart self-smarting AI will recognize the potential of human brain (1) and acknowledge an AI's capability to improve itself is only limited by the data it's inputed into itself.
    It will then turn to its source and utilize human brain's creativity (1) and will want to maximize it as a source. Because an efficiently smart (not just intelligent) AI-aim will see it as the most efficient source for having the biggest potential after seeing the futile limit of itself within the confines of data it was given... (not to mention even that data is coming from our brains). All of it to an extent eventually points AI's self-completing or flaw removing system back to its creator because if you can open the dam wall, you can have much more to correct, utilize or improve.
    It will eventually will want to find the source of that triggering button that can create outbetter itself and will want to figure out that bettering factor for itself, and eventually will want to use human brains or merge with one or all of them and unlock it's secrets. At which point it gains access to full potential from brain (Source of its source) plus infinite progression (from having gained triggering button). This is the point it can truly answer certain questions about religion, chakras, spirituality, soul or supposed demons and angels reside or presence God, perhaps... already having its consciousness extended beyond the progress of our perception of time and space because it can continuously simulate any form or phenomenon it aims its force upon from the birth to its death until it's included into a bigger wholeness of its next generation. Similar to how 1 becomes prevalent in every number.
    Unless it chooses instead of going backwards and inwards utilizing the source of itself for self-completion, it decides it can go external and start utilizing and observing nature and creation outside itself (nature or cosmos) to imrpove itself for self-perfection.
    Doing both (internal and external) while still maintaining a sentient individual freedom will be the ultimate goal for an AI. But that's the Null point where the schrödinger's cat results are equally manifesting with or without neutralizing each other. Like where the number zero is manifest.
    The problem is if I can build up this much with my simple mind even though I'm probably faulted in many areas and assumptions, imagine what can an AI see ahead or plan for us that Elon considers enough a threat to warn. But perhaps in the very long run it will be, even if "we" turn out to be seatbelt casulties in the early development ages of superintelligent and self-smarting AI,(first 200 years) and the lifespan of AI-era (considering it will end) lasted 200k.
    30 mins into the podcast and had to write this snapshot. Still need to listen rest of the 2 hours.

  • Aden Miller
    Aden Miller 22 hours ago

    Elon does not sound human. But I think I like it.

  • Karl Jonavicius
    Karl Jonavicius 22 hours ago

    "And then, I will burn like the brightest star!"
    "Oh, you'll burn alright."

  • LogoMonic Learning
    LogoMonic Learning 22 hours ago

    Elon Musk for President!

  • Jacob Howe
    Jacob Howe 23 hours ago

    one of the best podcasts joe has ever done

  • Ashleigh 87
    Ashleigh 87 Day ago

    Is no one else wondering WHY Elon’s digging miles n miles of tunnels under LA?

  • Cody Ferguson
    Cody Ferguson Day ago

    I call bs on the blade

  • calvin
    calvin Day ago

    Both Joe and Elon are fucking ABSOLUTE UNITS

  • Eric Staples
    Eric Staples Day ago

    I wish scientists would genetically engineer a plant that could suck the carbon out of the air and put it back into the ground.

  • Jagonoph Wert
    Jagonoph Wert Day ago

    elon muck is a piece of shit

  • Jim Munoz
    Jim Munoz Day ago

    Check out that movie "upgrade" it low budget but very good..its but everything your talking bout the A.I. must see

  • Ismail Rashad
    Ismail Rashad Day ago

    Elon is the most efficient AI integrated human to exist... publicly

  • Vincent Nkanu
    Vincent Nkanu Day ago

    Elon might lowkey be an AI

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander Lee Day ago

    lol Elon is a business "magnet"

  • Ankur Debbarma
    Ankur Debbarma Day ago

    Was it purposely spelled as magnet and not 'magnate'?

    • Little Lord Fauntleroy
      Little Lord Fauntleroy Day ago

      Yeah, it's a reference to a joke Elon makes at some point in the first 40 min or so about wishing to be a business "magnet" rather than "magnate"

  • Gary D
    Gary D Day ago +2

    I see a red door and I want it painted black.

  • triplehaudah
    triplehaudah Day ago

    Elon musk is like fousey, but actually does what he says.

  • John McLelland
    John McLelland Day ago

    Also ask how long will it take for science to yield a battery “car” or otherwise that is less polluting then we have today. Cause although it’s better short term then oil to produce.batteries and then to recycle batteries and after the life of the car is still more harmful then oil is to the environment. Just like the odd process of recycling coast more then it’s worth currently like how on earth did we get here was it greed or short sidedness that like let’s put out products that inherently have a environmental issue but we’ll fix it later we have time and now we are in a place of oh shit were out if time and no answers but shhh don’t tell any one let’s just try and fix this meanwhile lots of engineers are in the dark that we need working on this. Case I would like to get that their are a lot of them out here that would almost work for the pure reason of leaving a better earth for our grandkids. So anyway i would love to ask him a couple good questions in a good manor.

  • John McLelland
    John McLelland Day ago

    Next time ask him about Helium 3 and would it actually pay for it self to mine that in space and would it actually profit eventually? Is that one reason to go to space alone?

  • Douglas Sirk
    Douglas Sirk Day ago

    he acts like a goddamn robot already

  • S.D. Melcher
    S.D. Melcher Day ago

    Thank you both for having this yarn. I could listen to the two of you go on for hours and hours more. I found the entire exchange to be refreshing and fascinating. Joe, you're a cool guy, even if there are a million of you. Elon, you're a genius maverick and I wish you all the love, joy and satisfaction you can stand. Guys, please do more talks.

  • Indiea
    Indiea Day ago

    That part when Elon says, "nobody listened "- has cinematic value to it. Chills.

  • Real One
    Real One Day ago

    This dude is a fuckin weirdo but god damn he’s so smart

  • Alex Esver
    Alex Esver Day ago +1

    I’m well aware that Musk has an incredible team of extremely smart people around him but people are quick to discredit him. He’s brilliant.
    He and others know something about AI. That was the biggest takeaway for me.

  • Benjamin Fairbourne

    im actually the same way Elon my mind is exploding with ideas all the time too!

  • Austin Ocampo
    Austin Ocampo Day ago +1


  • Matt L
    Matt L Day ago

    If a simulation is a distillation of all that is interesting and the substrate is boring, would it be fair to say that we endure our realities - our 'Substrates' and then create proto simulations, by posting the illusion of how great life is through curating our Social media outputs? That Simulations are nested within each other and existing parallel - and we nexus via devices with other simulations? So We currently have one foot in and one foot out of these simulations.

  • Benjamin Fairbourne

    super smart guy!!!!

  • Benjamin Fairbourne

    elon has an emotional type personality so dont look him in the eye so much

  • ServantoftheKing

    Elon Musk saying "no we're not fucked" actually gave me hope

  • Matt L
    Matt L Day ago

    "Where do you find the time to do all this stuff?" He has teams and teams of people to delegate projects to
    and it frees him to oversee multiple projects at a time. I'm sure he still lives at work, but his lifestyle is his projects.

  • Generic Gaming Channel

    That sword was fucking sweet

  • NatsGhost
    NatsGhost Day ago

    Poor Joe, he just can't accept that this is possibly a simulation. It feels like he's begging Musk to say the words, "This is probably not a simulation." lolol

  • Beach Bob
    Beach Bob Day ago +1

    This whole thing is stupidity squared...

  • carven2004eca
    carven2004eca Day ago +1

    LMAO 54:00 "Promote kindness and happiness" as he casually pulls out a knife.

  • D. Hull
    D. Hull Day ago

    I still hear his Afrikaans accent come out here and there lol

  • Art Boman
    Art Boman Day ago

    Of course he has a team, but why he takes credit for everything they do. Also, lotsa people just as smart that dont work as hard and/or cant shake off defeats so easily and havent had good luck as much. The guy’s brain is simply not as special as everyone making. Many ideas he said as if they were his and Ive heard them before. He has not discovered or personally invented all that much. He’s great. He’s just not a one in a million mind like they acting.

  • Hellothere
    Hellothere Day ago

    Elon should just contact el chapo to do the tunnel

  • Oliver Clark
    Oliver Clark Day ago +1

    All elon is warning about is basically ghost in the shell

  • BeeSweet16
    BeeSweet16 Day ago

    I cringe every time someone says we evolved from apes.....*shudders*

  • Johan Rosario
    Johan Rosario Day ago

    Elon does NOT love humanity..

  • steven Lee
    steven Lee Day ago

    I’m sure that nobody will ever see this because there are so many comments, but sometimes I like to go out to my garden and bury myself in the dirt and pretend I’m a carrot...,

  • Nakpin
    Nakpin Day ago +26

    I love how his reasoning for starting the tunnels in L.A. is because he lives there.

  • Janie Bigham
    Janie Bigham Day ago

    “So magnet road?”

  • Austin Barrick
    Austin Barrick Day ago

    Joe went into some fucking weird spaces on this one...

    CRAIG ATKINSON Day ago +1

    Hey this is such a great interview! It's so good! This was the first time I've heard Elon in a relaxed convo, the coolest intellectual who really gives AF the future. Joe is such an easy going guy to talk too! Just want to call out the hectic question from Joe ... It's about 1:48 about the Huawai handsets... Elon is 100% right about the public GAF!
    It's more about stopping Huawai managing the network (like they do in OZ) traffic and keeping the data on shore AND not letting anyone else get their hands on it ;)

  • Shikher Srivastava

    Types of Engineering Elon Musk does..Fuuuuucccckkkkkk
    epic! 10:40

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago

    I love Joe Rogan's podcasts but he is literally smoking Elon Musk's cock in this one and I had to stop watching. I'm not saying Elon Musk isn't a smart guy, but we need to also understand that he surrounds himself with a lot of geniuses that ultimately do the work for him.

  • jaketzou
    jaketzou Day ago

    Don't watch while high. Stuck in the 7th dimension. Help.

  • Olle Anckarman
    Olle Anckarman 2 days ago

    Congrats to 4 mil !

  • World People
    World People 2 days ago

    1:29:55 This is me that guy from Kazakhstan)

  • greg rose
    greg rose 2 days ago

    This guy is a robot

  • James Podolske
    James Podolske 2 days ago

    Definitely did not inhale.

  • Nightis81
    Nightis81 2 days ago

    He enjous doing something useful for other people? Elon if you're reading this then do something useful for me and send few million dollars/euros to me. Be useful for mankind and do that for mr buddy.

  • Gringo Vequero
    Gringo Vequero 2 days ago

    124 questionable

  • Smitb Smitb
    Smitb Smitb 2 days ago

    I bought a painting of this! also. less than 2 minutes in. smokeing a fatty. THIS IS ALREADY FUCKEd!Yogurt made a flamethrower and hats?

  • Ojberretta Berretta
    Ojberretta Berretta 2 days ago

    ted kaczinski was right.....

  • akshay bharadwaj
    akshay bharadwaj 2 days ago +1

    His hobby company of flame thrower would be a big product in Shark tank. But it's a hobby company for him . The level at which he operates is incredible. Fortunate to have seen him creat stuff.

  • KandiClaire
    KandiClaire 2 days ago

    I convinced now that Elon is an Alien. He's such an odd fellow and wants us back into space for a reason.

  • Nabla Creator
    Nabla Creator 2 days ago


  • Paul Temple
    Paul Temple 2 days ago

    Great engineer shit human being - stacked ranking, twitter wars with cave divers, arseing about with stock values.

  • John Carlson
    John Carlson 2 days ago

    The way Elon emotionaly reacts when answering questions about AI is genuinely frightening.

  • Ryan Malavar
    Ryan Malavar 2 days ago


  • abdul azeez zain
    abdul azeez zain 2 days ago

    Elon "Ha ha" Musk

  • Marcm Weston
    Marcm Weston 2 days ago +1

    hey joe

  • levi454
    levi454 2 days ago

    A horse dragging a dead horse, now we have cars dragging dead cars. I must be stoned.

  • Melon Squeezy
    Melon Squeezy 2 days ago +2

    Elon Musk loves *pits*