Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk


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  • Bradley Woods
    Bradley Woods 10 hours ago

    So in an alternate universe this would of already happened and there is already AI which is smarter than us by an immeasurable amount, and they probably dominate that universe and have created giant death stars.

  • Athena
    Athena 10 hours ago

    He’s quite the character. His mannerism are quite interesting if you pay attention. (I cant help it, im a weirdo that notices everything, especially human behavior patterns) Anyone else notice when he’s asked a question he nods his head when he finishes a statement as if to put a period on it? It’s obvious that he’s a little socially awkward, but i guess when your a genius billionaire your allowed to be. Also what is that accent? It sounds partially British, American, Australian and something else at the same time.

  • Bradley Woods
    Bradley Woods 10 hours ago

    Joe "how do you manage your time" Rogan

  • Dante Frigerio
    Dante Frigerio 10 hours ago +1

    What if in the future the environment is so fucked is we live in a virtual reality which disconnects our memories from our consciousness and that’s our present and people that claim that they see the future are flaws in the code that separates memory from consciousness

  • lol man
    lol man 12 hours ago

    Like for Elon musk to host meme review

  • Niki M.
    Niki M. 12 hours ago

    10k flatearthers

  • JungleBunnyHellfire
    JungleBunnyHellfire 13 hours ago

    What happened at 2:16:00 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • T R
    T R 14 hours ago

    This is goddamn crazy

  • Anuar Y
    Anuar Y 14 hours ago

    this reminds me of the intro of the animatrix movie.. AI will create a capitalist country that does not sleep and everybody pulls for a common goal, the robots would control us in a manner of years. the amount of research and access to information that a machine can have, plus machines do not have a concept of time, they dont "die" they just.. improve

  • Imke Hoyndorf
    Imke Hoyndorf 17 hours ago

    …@…&n :@

  • Cash Cody
    Cash Cody 20 hours ago

    He is so smart & rich AF but so awkward!!!!! 😂

  • Pretty Wise
    Pretty Wise 20 hours ago

    why is he incapable of answering joe's question of who u ask about digging the tunnels.... omg painfull????!!! 9 mins in ahhh

  • The Urban Bourbon Bloke

    War of Ideas huh? I think I know what beliefs are gonna be against Evolution...
    - Some form of digital age beliefs
    - New Age Spirituality
    - (Possibly) Islamic Pseudoscience
    ^ It's either gonna be a Triple Threat or a Fatal 4 Way debate of ideas.

  • Eisa Kamran
    Eisa Kamran 21 hour ago

    I like listenning to Elon say pit

  • FreedomNine 19
    FreedomNine 19 22 hours ago

    Elon nibbling ice cubes is probably the cutest think i'll hear today 😂👍

  • Skill_Gamer
    Skill_Gamer Day ago +1

    Road to 20 Million views....

  • Vanilla Gorilla Adventures

    DAMN I got high as f and literally watched this entire video while eating a huge bag of funyuns . Im so freaked out but somehow also have a erection ......... best worst night ever

  • John Edvards
    John Edvards Day ago

    I love Elon, but I don't think he fully understands mechanical watches and why it's so difficult to make them not go a second to fast or to slow.
    Having looked into it it's much much harder then you'd think

  • Harvey *
    Harvey * Day ago

    Elon is low-key a prototype of his older self

  • Boone
    Boone Day ago

    Elon Musk 2020

  • Vyguard Elite
    Vyguard Elite Day ago +1

    Man creates systems to make A.I.
    A.I. has realization of existence.
    Man marvels at the technological advancements.
    A.I. commits suicide via self destruction at realization a lesser life form was able to create it.
    Man wins.

  • Cool Steez
    Cool Steez Day ago

    Look up artificial by earth gang

  • Cool Steez
    Cool Steez Day ago

    Rogan needs to get with entrepreneurship side of the universe; just do it.

  • Cool Steez
    Cool Steez Day ago

    Why is Elon fidgeting like he did a ounce of cocaine

  • Calvinmirko
    Calvinmirko Day ago

    1:15:34 just a casual supersonic speed electric takeoff an landing

  • Michael J
    Michael J Day ago

    elon musk eats his weird

  • Meme Sauce
    Meme Sauce Day ago +1


  • Sara Is vegan
    Sara Is vegan Day ago +1

    I’m stupid

    ELCHAMUCO_ Day ago

    Elon musk thinks Joe is dum

  • Getbigordietrying86


  • CG Collects
    CG Collects Day ago


  • Getbigordietrying86

    Joe wears a lot of PINK & PURPLE....Look into it!!!!!!!!

  • Spencer Jacobson

    what kind of mushrooms

  • tjblackman08
    tjblackman08 Day ago

    omg, this video needs to defaulted to 1.25x speed

  • tomas reyes
    tomas reyes Day ago

    Tech is all about felling closer to the future that's why people like it.

  • SpontaneousWeasel

    Just two dudes hanging out smoking the weed, sippin the good stuff.... watched by 20 million people!!!

  • Nf1n1t1 Tha NERDSTAR

    I love Nikola Tesla, and the Tesla brand Elon has created BUT he gives me very full of shit vibes. Also everything he says is vague and kinda short.

  • jan bacak
    jan bacak Day ago

    Joe rogan is a son of a bitch

  • Sheila Moore
    Sheila Moore Day ago

    Elon Musk talking about AI severely creeps me out.... It's kinda insane... O_o

  • Sara Is vegan
    Sara Is vegan Day ago

    He’s genius . That’s it

  • Hinderson Toffano

    What an awkward guy

  • Ascended
    Ascended Day ago +2

    Joe ''magnetic system'' Rogan

  • Fygostudio
    Fygostudio Day ago

    Very interesting interviex, thanks a lot !
    Something to know about : an animated short film about Elon Musk has just been released, it retraces its main companies and innovations : Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company until its upcoming expeditions! Fans of Elon Musk should enjoy this 1 minute little nugget! ;)

  • ayush kumar
    ayush kumar 2 days ago +8

    World no 1 podcast for a reason. A lot of future in 2 hours 47 minutes

  • rayminthecat
    rayminthecat 2 days ago

    Just curious, why does the show need headphones? I would think 2 people talking in a room wouldn't need that just microphones and a sound guy. But I'm not a pro...

  • Abelardo Diaz Del Castillo

    To attempt to obtain a simple acknowledgement of the complexity of this persons problem solving and literall conversation and interacting skillls is simply difficult in itself. I ponder on the difficulty of living day to day with this level of operation as a social being. Perhaps as a society we underestimate and judge our fellow beings and hold them to a standard that is unfairly applicable. As explained there is a relentless flow of ideas Constantly bombarding his mind. Can we please realize that he is vital to our future and not hold them to our so called social norms. Let the man be. Let him create. Let him revolutionize. It’s sad that he’s being criticized. Have we not learned for history’s oppression on intellectuals? Wake up folks this is a living legend. We love you Elon I believe in you.

  • Yeah Boiii
    Yeah Boiii 2 days ago +1

    I don't own a cell phone so I won't be on the Mechanists list! I live in the technological shadow. No AI coming to find me. Edit: Tunnels would be awesome in Minnesota no snow on the road to deal with!!!👍 Elon please dig a "Pit" in Minnesota!!😉

  • Devin Vennard
    Devin Vennard 2 days ago

    he says there is no point in cooling rooms when you arent home? isn't it cheaper to maintain a cool temp than to put all the energy into fluctuating temperatures?

  • David McCoul
    David McCoul 2 days ago +2

    I liked the first half of this interview, but Joe got less and less coherent and more and more condescending to Elon the drunker he got. Sorry, but Elon is not that unusual of a person. He’s about as smart as any good engineer with an advanced degree. He’s just very creative and also very lucky to have the wealth and celebrity he has to fund his ventures. Also Elon seems like a genuinely good person, caring about helping the greater good of humanity over his own desires. Props to Elon.

    • Francesca Rossi
      Francesca Rossi Day ago +1

      He started his ventures and that's how he got wealthy, not the other way around. He started his first company, Zip2, with 3000$, got 22 millions when sold. Second was Paypal, got 180 millions when sold. Then he put 100 millions into SpaceX and 80 into Tesla, and now he's worth billions because both Tesla and SpaceX have been successful. He was certanly lucky too and his celebrity helps him now, but... I read his biography and no, he is not your average guy by any stretch of imagination.

  • ΗydroHawk 2001
    ΗydroHawk 2001 2 days ago

    Is this nigga Elon a wierdo or what bruh

  • SYN
    SYN 2 days ago +56

    A hole in the ground is better than no hole in the ground.
    -Elon Musk 2018

  • The Legacy Show
    The Legacy Show 2 days ago +1

    "Nobody listened..."

  • edgar57639
    edgar57639 2 days ago +2

    Hes holding back he knows a lot more about ehats going on than hes saying. Who has or where is the master control so we can hit the off button

  • Agent Hanson
    Agent Hanson 2 days ago

    Finally got around to this, Rogan is actually more clever thinking than Musk but spent the first 1/3 (so far) in a subject that is Musk's hobby. Not impressed with the alleged genius yet

  • Dark SidΣ Studio
    Dark SidΣ Studio 2 days ago

    I need ENG Subbbbbbb.

  • Debra Chase
    Debra Chase 2 days ago

    When some imbibe, a different story emerges. Whiskey and pot didn't alter the purity of his generous mission. When he did, the beauty of his intent stayed true. A beautiful, congruent being. "For it is out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

  • Bryan Coombes ART
    Bryan Coombes ART 2 days ago

    Are they drinking Old Camp Whisky? (pecan peach version)

  • Ntuthuko Stundero khathi

    This is the best interview 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • amasterbater
    amasterbater 2 days ago

    I'm right of center...sometime liberal... with conservative views...why are we putting 20 billion a year into nasa and 1 billion into cern (13 b to find higgs) Why are we fucking around when we need to find a power source that can sustain I the only one who thinks elon musk is an idiot that made $100,000 cars nobody can afford and a lunch system for military satellites... we need a power source !!!

  • Debra Chase
    Debra Chase 2 days ago

    Did he get in the tank? I think the magnesium would be great for him. It may not make the ideas stop, but he might feel a bit better and physically supported, while having them

  • TheKickItMastah
    TheKickItMastah 2 days ago

    What if there were million joe rogans 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Choppa
    Choppa 2 days ago

    Best episode ever haha

  • Shadow of a Daud
    Shadow of a Daud 2 days ago

    JR: I'm listening.
    EM: ... ? (confused look)

  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan 2 days ago

    elon musk should be the richest man in the world

  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan 2 days ago +8

    is it just me or this is really the best podcast ever?

  • Kaiya Rogers
    Kaiya Rogers 2 days ago +12

    It's incredible that Elon Musk is as humble as he is. As if he does nothing more than flip burgers. Not at all like Neil Degrasse Tyson where you can pick up on his condescending air and irrefutable arrogance. Elon Musk seems like a pretty down to earth dude, albeit very awkward. Love Joe Rogan, too. This interview is 👏🏽 I'm watching it for the first time. Took me long enough 😂

  • Alexandru Catalin Macovei

    Giant filter to take CO2 out of the air?
    Isn't that what forests do?

  • ThePhantomEMT
    ThePhantomEMT 2 days ago

    He has said this about AI. Look at this recent story about OpenAI.

  • Trini2dbone666 Pubgmobile

    Watch my videos

  • PiPsi AP
    PiPsi AP 2 days ago

    Their laughs are the funniest thing ever
    Joe rogans laugh is like a SFX Riser and Elons laugh is just ha, ha, ha.

  • Derek White
    Derek White 2 days ago

    Jesus, shut the fuck up Joe! I watched this for Elon, not your pathetic opinion. Shut up you fucking douche bag!

  • Boss T
    Boss T 2 days ago

    cuz he got money. He can pay people to do the work. Elon has the ideas.

  • sy noble
    sy noble 2 days ago

    There’s only one joe rogan !

  • Knarph Asther
    Knarph Asther 2 days ago

    Elon Musk’s laugh is identical to John Travoltas in Greece when he is at the jukebox apologizing to Sandy

  • saurabh sutar
    saurabh sutar 2 days ago +1

    Can I get subs for the shit content that i make

  • Joseph Collins II
    Joseph Collins II 3 days ago

    At points he almost talks in this past tense when speaking of AI. "I tried to warn them, they wouldn't listen"

    If anyone has been to the future, Elon has. He's John Connor.

  • Tom Childers
    Tom Childers 3 days ago

    Are there any fans of JBP and Eric Weinstein and Greenhall that want to help support his efforts to crystalize into a movement? And know how to do basic video editing?

  • Jérémy Chevallier
    Jérémy Chevallier 3 days ago

    *leans in* … “i'm too stupid for this conversation”

  • Strange Foot
    Strange Foot 3 days ago

    So what humans know as in knowledge is like a turd of what is really out there. So then a.i. Will just be polishing a turd. A.i can just help us filter tru what really works and what Doesent. Then we apply it back into the a.i thus confirming the improvement. For each factor there is a balance. Even a.i. Will seek a simple useful tool , or a basic constant route to convey and absorb..

  • Glen Beckner
    Glen Beckner 3 days ago

    I feel like I'm stroking out listening to this man. Is that an accent or his patient calculated speaking

  • Glen Beckner
    Glen Beckner 3 days ago

    So insanely smart

  • sikkazzfool89
    sikkazzfool89 3 days ago

    And thus, the greatest meme of all time was born... 2:10:25

  • Ron Hiner
    Ron Hiner 3 days ago

    A question about electric cars. What happens when we theoretically make the shift from gas cars to all electric? What's the environmental cost of increased demand for rare earth metals like lithium, cobalt, zinc, etc.? How long do those supplies last? Honest question. I'm very curious!

  • Kevin Franco
    Kevin Franco 3 days ago

    You can tell A.I. is no joke when he speaks about it. He looks so nervous when talking about A.I.

  • Mejora Constante
    Mejora Constante 3 days ago


  • Jake Ramos
    Jake Ramos 3 days ago +5

    All the people that disliked this were the people texting Elon “what the hell are you doing smoking weed?!”

  • Arturo Vega
    Arturo Vega 3 days ago


  • Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan 3 days ago

    You’re looking for 2:10:37.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 3 days ago

    Man Elon is a strange man. I wanna see him talk when he is comfortable so I can really see how he works and what he thinks because I feel like he was somewhat self conscious or uncomfortable with the interview. This mans just a genius

  • rotflolextreme
    rotflolextreme 3 days ago

    This man spoke to the most powerful people in this country about the dangers of AI, and what cane of that? They ignored him. All of them? Really?

  • Hasito B
    Hasito B 3 days ago

    He always looks so exhausted 😖🤯😬

  • rotflolextreme
    rotflolextreme 3 days ago

    Elon is AI. Super advanced. Fully blown. Bio-synthetic AI.

  • Tam Hewitt-Baker
    Tam Hewitt-Baker 3 days ago

    Saw the ice in the whisky and turned off. lol

  • Iiro Ivaska
    Iiro Ivaska 3 days ago

    This guy sounds like Shroud :D Lol

  • wallyshling
    wallyshling 3 days ago

    1:18 . Joe (whispering into a microphone) : "I'm too stupid for this conversation." LULZ!

  • dingo
    dingo 3 days ago

    First time watching this, if anything its funnier how wasted elon is getting haha

  • EastPh1lly
    EastPh1lly 3 days ago

    What an amazing interview! Thanks for that!!!

  • Stuart Kirk
    Stuart Kirk 3 days ago +1

    I had to google so many words.... lol

  • X Fighter
    X Fighter 3 days ago

    This dude is defiantly alien

  • Ocean Lean
    Ocean Lean 3 days ago

    Dude this guy has hella opinions for a car dealer