Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk


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  • Sloth Streams
    Sloth Streams 3 hours ago +1


  • Mike Mathews
    Mike Mathews 4 hours ago

    1:02:30 joe with an absolutely terrible southern accent.

  • Danny Moran
    Danny Moran 4 hours ago

    Two of my favourite people, put them together, epic! Love the way Elon thinks about problems and solutions. He isn’t someone who complains about the difficulty of the problem, he uses it as fuel to be creative, The way he talks about energy and how we should be utilising renewables is inspiring. Top bloke! Thanks Joe for another great interview.

  • Dr.Ishan Mishra
    Dr.Ishan Mishra 4 hours ago

    Joe you should have 'Sadhguru-The mystic' on your podcast.

  • Drake Mcguire
    Drake Mcguire 4 hours ago

    I’m confused why people disliked this...

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice 5 hours ago

    Why is he acting so different from the way he's acting in interviews he's done before? It's like he's trolling everyone.

  • bob walker
    bob walker 5 hours ago

    This was super fucking dope

  • Mike Domke
    Mike Domke 5 hours ago

    I just want to know what judges are these privileged rich white guys are talking about?

  • Leadway Records
    Leadway Records 5 hours ago

    Elon is not so obviously using dry humor. Terminator voice.

  • fractal truth
    fractal truth 6 hours ago +1

    02:09:29 the beginning of the sequence where Joe saw an opportunity to light a blunt (was this staged or not?)

  • Diego Vaquer
    Diego Vaquer 6 hours ago

    Please “agregar subtítulos en español”

  • The MKS connection
    The MKS connection 6 hours ago +1

    Yo Jamie! Fix the description! It's "magnate" not "magnet" lol!

  • Evil Jay
    Evil Jay 6 hours ago

    Elon "Yes." Musk

  • The MKS connection
    The MKS connection 6 hours ago +2

    Shockingly normal guy. Smart but not alien-cyborg smart. Too much hype. Liked the podcast.

  • Colin
    Colin 6 hours ago

    "So is that a joint?" Innocent elon

  • E Rock
    E Rock 6 hours ago

    Wow, what an interesting guy. Incredibly intelligent also. I could listen to him talk for hours. Actually, I guess I just did! Lol

  • The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule

    The pink collared shirt, a clear giveaway that Joe is not fucking around with this podcast

  • Stuart Long
    Stuart Long 6 hours ago


  • Rudy T
    Rudy T 6 hours ago

    One of Joe's best interviews ever

  • huh yuh
    huh yuh 6 hours ago

    The smartest people are always socially awkward

  • Jason Gray
    Jason Gray 6 hours ago

    You’re a fucking shill, Joe Rogan.

  • Sosanika
    Sosanika 7 hours ago

    He seems to be reading from an invisible document in front of him. Genius Elon Musk

  • Orange Juicy Ice
    Orange Juicy Ice 7 hours ago

    If you want to laugh look at 2:10:00 it to 0.25x speed you won’t be disappointed. 💀

  • Omar KD
    Omar KD 7 hours ago

    He looks very nervous but i can appreciate the vulnerability and his effort to use his talents to improve our world. Salute Elon.

  • pavel kulik
    pavel kulik 7 hours ago

    Most people are good? Tell that to the 6 million jews, 30 million russians and 60 million Chinese people that lived through the communism and nazism.
    Most people are what they are due to multiple factors such as religion and culture in which they were raised.

  • Man In Black
    Man In Black 7 hours ago

    Elon got very self reflective after hitting the joint. Whatever tiny amount of cannabinoids got into his system after that pathetic barely inhaled hit obviously started to affect how he was thinking at the time.

  • Marcus Knight
    Marcus Knight 7 hours ago

    i believe elon is an alien ill tell you why. when these type of beings came to us in the past they came to us as a messiah because its what we truly believed in at the time. now they come to us in a form which breeds new hope for future tech cause its what we believe in now. if you really listen to elon hes telling you the future right now.also hes taking a long time to process a response to all of joes questions trying to put the answer in a form we can understand

  • Wolf.
    Wolf. 7 hours ago +1

    I love Joe's random side stories: "So they gave this buddhist monk a bunch of acid and he just ate it." 😂

  • mike schatz
    mike schatz 8 hours ago

    One more thing.... mr. Rogan this is the best interview I have ever heard. Thank you .

  • Marcus Knight
    Marcus Knight 8 hours ago

    his explanation of the tunnels flexing with earthquakes now makes sense why the elites are building underground bunkers

  • iabd
    iabd 8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who can see there is something wrong here? He sounds like a robot and pauses to process the question without human emotions and completely changes eye movements and eye contact that looks very robotic. I would not trust this man with anything. And the fact that Joe rogan doesn’t address his long pauses and super weird robotic wordings makes me question him.

  • mike schatz
    mike schatz 8 hours ago

    Good,bad or indifferent this man is my real life hero! Thanks for taking logic to higher orders of magnitude.

  • x.mezzo 187
    x.mezzo 187 8 hours ago

    the fact that this went viral only because elon hits the blunt is mind blowing. the blunt part is probably the worst part of this interview

  • Freeyourmind
    Freeyourmind 8 hours ago

    It's actually a range outlet that charges Tesla cars. Takes me an average of about two hours to install. Some people opt for the super charge pack. About the same time to install.

  • Colby Coiner
    Colby Coiner 8 hours ago

    He blew out the weed

  • Alexandru Dinu
    Alexandru Dinu 8 hours ago

    lol, I was listening this podcast, meanwhile searching random stuffs on Wikipedia and I find this:
    Business and economy
    Tesla stock drops 9% the day after CEO Elon Musk was seen drinking whiskey and smoking cannabis in California while discussing space colonization, life after the technological singularity and whether reality is a simulation on The Joe Rogan Experience, and two executives resign. (AP) (

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 8 hours ago

    My man said I can play emulators on the Tesla.

  • Peter Mcwilliams
    Peter Mcwilliams 8 hours ago

    Elon, who exactly are you? never heard of you till about 6 month ago, you just to seem to have popped up from nowhere, and your full of shit,, good luck on getting to mars, youll never get there but im sure you got finance from someone, just not me

  • sivedan
    sivedan 9 hours ago

    Elon Musk tries to be cool so bad, it's pathetic, smoking a joint won't make you cool you geek !!! He has hair plugs, he wants so bad to be accepted it's pathetic, all the money in the world won't help him...
    He's still the same computer geek, that he was when he ran away from military service in South Africa in 1989; and it wasn't because he gave a shit about the blacks there, he just didn't want to do military service...fucking fake....

  • Usman Ahmed
    Usman Ahmed 9 hours ago

    Elon seems programmed just like Zucc, just listen to his laugh. It's exactly "Hahaha". programmed.

  • Realest mf
    Realest mf 9 hours ago +1

    That nigga took a real weak ass hit

  • Jeremy Petersen
    Jeremy Petersen 9 hours ago

    seriously man fu*k this guy.. quit being so damned creepy

  • Patrick L
    Patrick L 9 hours ago

    Always been a Rogan fan but Elon brought me here. Subscribed. Great seeing a very smart guy help a genius explain himself.

  • Jeremy Petersen
    Jeremy Petersen 9 hours ago

    I never actually seen more than a photo of this guy before.. but this guy scares the fu*k out of me.

  • Western Quantum Trends

    A.I. is nothing more than aggregated data lost in space. When comes time to use it, it can and most likely will manifest itself with disastrous consequences. Elon: do not have auto-drive on your vehicles - wait 'til we come up with a better 'real-time' solution for critical decision making. We the people that is. Joe best interview of all time anyone, anywhere a given with this one.

  • Holly
    Holly 9 hours ago

    As an adult with Aspergers, I recognise many traits in Elon Musk and this interview that I'd not previously noticed. His tone, speed, gestures and head movements. This setting is both very intense but comfortable in it's privacy (at the time) - the behaviours become more obvious as he warms up to a topic. The process is almost evident on his face as he thinks and speaks.

  • Michael L. King
    Michael L. King 9 hours ago

    I saw an interview where the interviewer was telling Elon Musk that his heroes were basically not fans. His heroes’, for a lack of better words, were a bit unfiltered and unkind with their criticism. This made Elon Musk emotional. You could see it and feel it in his response and his reaction.

  • Bullfrog Lincoln
    Bullfrog Lincoln 10 hours ago

    YOU got to see this!!! Elon Musk confimring Alex Jones claims!!!

  • Duke City
    Duke City 10 hours ago

    I was smoking well watching this and I lost my shit laughing when Joe did that "wooooo" after asking Elon "what if there were a million Elon's" 😂😂😂😂

  • Hamzah Imran
    Hamzah Imran 10 hours ago

    Elon needs god to be honest, we need to pray for him

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer 10 hours ago

    Elon musk should bring back the dinosaurs

  • Sheriff Lobo
    Sheriff Lobo 10 hours ago +1

    EVEN LIKES = It is ok for Elon to smoke weed
    ODD LIKES = It is not ok for Elon to smoke weed
    The jury is out.......

  • D-Boll 420
    D-Boll 420 10 hours ago

    When talking about AI he sounds like a time traveller sent back to save us

  • Don't Worry
    Don't Worry 10 hours ago

    "We need to stop using oil" -electric car company founder
    Wow, what a revelation..

  • Davman
    Davman 10 hours ago

    I hope that English diver who helped save those Thai kids, sues this arse hole!

  • Dr Patrick Zegers
    Dr Patrick Zegers 10 hours ago

    is elon having a mojito?

  • Dalton Ward
    Dalton Ward 11 hours ago

    1st generation of Mercedes maybach had a solar panel on the roof

  • dajapa
    dajapa 11 hours ago

    Not criticizing Elon's accent but it would be very good to get subs!

  • jayd8672
    jayd8672 11 hours ago

    Listened pissed up and I ain't no idiot head but can't help but think it's another fact of thinking that it's boring because there's no answer to the fact we ain't gonna find an answer to why we exist for a fraction and perceive ourselves as actual matter and actual ways matters reactional fact is an impossible track which we will never Fathom

  • Paul The Don69
    Paul The Don69 11 hours ago

    Without doubt one of the most interesting things I’ve ever heard! Billions of people being superhumans, a link between human and AI eg humans and their phone. Answer any question, any sum instantly! 🤯🤯🤯

  • kanji lion
    kanji lion 11 hours ago

    Get that Proper 12 irish whiskey lol

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 11 hours ago

    One of the most interesting conversations Ive ever had the pleasure of absorbing. Well done gentlemen.

  • james beit
    james beit 11 hours ago

    "something to announce in a few months. An order of magnitude better." HOLY SHIT

  • Victor Saavedra
    Victor Saavedra 11 hours ago

    They put that smoking shit out so the people would just Focus on the interview so they ignore the while interview . This shit id Krazy what they mena

  • Yo Daguy
    Yo Daguy 11 hours ago

    Im a big fan of the podcast and a big fan of Elon, but am I the only one thst found this podcast to actually be more biring than i expected? Still definitly enjoyable ,but for me personally i found it a little lackluster

    • TriGaar Four
      TriGaar Four 11 hours ago

      Joe kinda flopped on this one I think. Was on a totally different wavelength to Elon. A good example is 44 minutes in.

  • Yo Daguy
    Yo Daguy 11 hours ago

    Ive been skipping aeound but havent seen Elon lean back yet....Occupy WHAT?

  • James Kirby
    James Kirby 11 hours ago

    How do I volunteer to be a test subject for Neuralink?!

  • Cass Clay
    Cass Clay 11 hours ago

    Elon Pit Musk

  • Colin Fraser
    Colin Fraser 12 hours ago

    Elon Musk shows why ADHD is an adaptive advantage in some cases.

    • Tommy
      Tommy 4 hours ago

      Rather, a lighter variant of Asperger's syndrome and / or autism that he can handle - maybe himself or with medicine. Maybe some ADD mixed in there too. But not ADHD.

  • Paul The Don69
    Paul The Don69 12 hours ago

    I listened to this without watching it, I dunno if that has made a difference, but this dude really sounds weird. He’s an alien for sure!!!

  • Daniel Huerta
    Daniel Huerta 12 hours ago

    Does he drink coffee?

  • Antonio Subirats
    Antonio Subirats 12 hours ago

    Simulation Hypothesis: Elon Musk's way of saying 'Intelligent Design' BITCHES!!!

  • Abstrkkt
    Abstrkkt 12 hours ago

    This was a masterful exhibition of how to polish an arsehole with your nose.

  • dcpmootown
    dcpmootown 12 hours ago

    this is some awesome trippy stuff family

  • Don Zeke
    Don Zeke 12 hours ago

    One Giant Cybernetic Collective. V2k the bullshit is all there. You guys don’t get it though.

  • tuxedojones
    tuxedojones 12 hours ago

    I need the comment with the list of subjects that they talked about, please someone tag me

  • Rob FB
    Rob FB 13 hours ago

    (AI)Live Forever v Pro create this generations ( heredity v. environment)... premised in the movie Lucy

  • Claudia Jade
    Claudia Jade 13 hours ago

    It's funny cause in Aus that's just how we smoke all our weed (with tobacco). Didn't realise until I travelled overseas that not everyone does that.

  • Mark Harkin
    Mark Harkin 13 hours ago

    I wish Bob Lazar showed up as soon as his name was mentioned

  • Edvinas D
    Edvinas D 13 hours ago

    interesting interview, it seems to me Elon Musk isnt really interested in a lot of subjects Joe is interested in and often just makes stuff up as the conversation goes. The whole people and society part was elon just saying he cares about this or that when it seemed as if Elon almost cringed at those queations.

  • Nenad Kralj
    Nenad Kralj 13 hours ago

    Elon you have my respect - still watching can't stop // you two are great

  • Rob FB
    Rob FB 13 hours ago

    As much as we humans evolve, we devolve somewhere else...Balance Theory... Elon has evolved to a bio-econometric tier, hence his added understanding of mortality and pragmatic acceptance .Change is the only constant.

  • Boston Lombardi
    Boston Lombardi 13 hours ago

    Elon "It's great!" Musk
    Elon "Yes" Musk

    What an interesting man.

    MMA DISTRICT 13 hours ago +1

    What an interesting human being!

  • Maguca
    Maguca 13 hours ago

    Gaben when??

  • Cold.Steel
    Cold.Steel 13 hours ago

    2:10:28 is what you came for, your welcome.

  • Christian godin
    Christian godin 14 hours ago +1

    7.3K evil people out there, love is all guys love is all

  • Names
    Names 14 hours ago

    Joe "dumb laugh" Rogan

  • Slavko Krznaric
    Slavko Krznaric 14 hours ago


  • Drakilicious
    Drakilicious 14 hours ago

    @1:35:35 - Elon disappointed me a little when he started being a boot-licker defending judges and the blatantly corrupt justice system that we have in this country. ... If you're a celebrity or rich they might pay you favorites but Joe Rogan was right they take advantage of people all the time and a blind eye cant be turned to this... I can't totally discredit Elon for what he said I suppose; hes like that kid in school whos smart but not wise to the realities and harshness of the world quite yet.... though after them doing a hit-piece on him for smoking a joint he'll start to learn... lot of evil corrupt forces out there.

  • CFP DT
    CFP DT 14 hours ago

    From the looks of things I don't think Elon even inhaled the spliff... His smoke is too dense. Take a look at Joegan's smoke. MAJOR difference. The media making a big deal of this is more interesting. The car companies going after this guy?

  • Ginger Noir
    Ginger Noir 15 hours ago +1

    The interview is 2,5 h long, filled with incredible ideas and theories. The only thing people talk about is, that he took ONE FUCKING HIT.... That's what's wrong with the world.

  • Lisa Giuliano
    Lisa Giuliano 15 hours ago +1


  • Catira App
    Catira App 15 hours ago

    Dont tell anyone but the whole time watching this interview I imagined ridding ellon tesla stick

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes 15 hours ago

    2:12:30 why am I dragging this dead horse around.. and I'm a horse. Lmao

  • ryan burgeson
    ryan burgeson 15 hours ago

    Why couldn't we assume that it would be extremely chaotic outside of the simulation? If you were in an extremely harsh environment wouldn't you want something more mild. Like you were saying about nostalgia with the mason jars, consciousness longs for a simpler version of life.

  • Naroodo Games
    Naroodo Games 15 hours ago +1

    I wish all schools taught like this

    • MrTarekR
      MrTarekR 8 hours ago +1

      Naroodo Games taught*

  • seetv569
    seetv569 15 hours ago

    At some point, especially towards the end of the interview, if you read Elon's facial expressions, I think Elon didn't know what more to say to Joe's questions. Joe deified him soooo much that I think Elon didn't know how to process that and probably didn't care for it. His face was like 😐😑?!?!?!?

  • Edgar Ramos
    Edgar Ramos 15 hours ago

    Whoa, first Joe Rogan podcast I've seen , worth it.

  • Edgar Ramos
    Edgar Ramos 15 hours ago

    Whoa, first Joe Rogan podcast I've seen , worth it.