Chilling Video Captures Woman Screaming For Help, Car Fleeing, In Apparent Kidnapping

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Chilling footage captured on a Ring doorbell showed what appeared to be a woman screaming for help before being driven away in a speeding car.

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  • Kim Possible
    Kim Possible 10 hours ago

    That would totally suck so bad screaming for help and nothing happens.

    But I wonder, surely someone wouldn’t pull a prank like this, right? Pranks like that should be illegal. Didn’t sound like a prank scream to me but still.... could’ve been.
    I kinda HOPE it’s a prank actually.
    If not then she’s either dead or shackled and chained in some underground soundproof room by some pos twisted in the head mf like User ID: 112Dirtbag

  • Melissa Buss
    Melissa Buss 5 days ago

    If there isn’t a report of a missing person then is it real??

  • AllieTheBean
    AllieTheBean 5 days ago

    The standby effect sucks. Most people won’t do anything unless they see someone else do something

  • edward arsiaga
    edward arsiaga 6 days ago

    U know she was drugged asap to keep her quiet. She jus became a sex slave for the cartel.

  • Shrek Is my name
    Shrek Is my name 9 days ago

    These people in the video should be ashamed of themselves! Not doing anything. Just watching like a bunch of scared dogs.

  • diepewpie
    diepewpie 9 days ago

    What if the kidnapper tried to kidnap the school shooter

  • Abasi D.
    Abasi D. 10 days ago +3

    I honestly can't get the screams out my head. And the most current update on this story is that her name is still unknown.

  • UnkillerJake
    UnkillerJake 12 days ago

    It’s true. I was the car

  • steve tomlin
    steve tomlin 12 days ago

    none of it adds why up until this day hav`nt family or friends of this woman reported her missing?. This woman has been let down by so many, i just hope and pray she is safe or still alive

  • Elipido Espinoza
    Elipido Espinoza 12 days ago +2

    She's probably already dead because they failed to save her.

  • Yusuf Abdullah
    Yusuf Abdullah 13 days ago

    People have been disappearing and the news never reports on this. The only reason even this case was report is because the video was posted on fb, and everybody was talking about it...... Something really creepy is happening everywhere in the world, people are disappearing because of organ harvesting and the media isnt reporting on it

  • Justin Harrold
    Justin Harrold 13 days ago

    Honestly she was probably already part of a sex traffic ring. That dude in the car was probably the guy pimping her out, and they were probably in the neighborhood because that's where a client had just sexually assaulted her for the first time. How hard is it to find a white Honda civic hatchback? And someone in that area knows something...need to get traffickers off of the streets.

  • Nevy lin
    Nevy lin 14 days ago +4

    I’ll jump in my car and follow the car while having 911 on speed dial ready to give them that plate number

    • Khadku Jatt
      Khadku Jatt 7 days ago +2

      If you was raised in LA you would know not to do that sweetheart. Unless you got a somthing on you and you ready to bust.

  • A Anon
    A Anon 14 days ago +1

    Unfortunately we live in the See Something say Nothing World.
    Its just too Dangerous to speak out, The Police will get You K8lled or Worse.
    See Something say Nothing!


  • meli c
    meli c 14 days ago

    I've watched this video like 6 times. I get very mad everytime I watch it. the lady just stayed there looking at the whole situation happen. the vehicle was obviously stopped. The witnesses said "she was trying to get out" "we saw them arguing" . I guess not everyone will stop and help. They rather let someone just get hurt. Then after the fact everyone wants to say I was scared! I think "she lives on the street". Compassion people! As a society nobody wants to help. It's a sad reality. I'm a veteran of the United states army, I can tell you the many times I have helped a stranger. I have seen people just stand by. Its irritating to watch this video. Imagine if people would of ran to help. Just imagine.

  • Shabba _ Dub
    Shabba _ Dub 14 days ago

    Why the gangsters in every city Waring with each other, when they should be cracking down and working together stop this stuff

  • Keith Marsh
    Keith Marsh 17 days ago

    Too bad these authorities are too ignorant to give appropriate info. They say to be on the lookout for a white prius when that's clearly a hot hatch type car. It's too square for a prius, tail lights are different and lastly, it's making sound under full throttle. A prius would be in electric mode for the instant torque.

  • suzanne c-j
    suzanne c-j 18 days ago +7


    • G. Montoya
      G. Montoya 5 days ago

      @Shrek Is my name I looked it up. Here is the correct spelling TASHIRA BOUGHTON

    • G. Montoya
      G. Montoya 5 days ago

      @Shrek Is my name The first name is misspelled.

    • suzanne c-j
      suzanne c-j 9 days ago

      Shrek Is my name look it up on Facebook. finding TARISHA BOUGHTON

    • Shrek Is my name
      Shrek Is my name 9 days ago

      suzanne c-j couldn’t find anything in the web about that name.

  • Camara Coulter
    Camara Coulter 18 days ago

    Why the heck would she just stand their

  • J4yePThatIs💋💕🍷

    What’s the point of having a ring video doorbell if you not going to help or do something...Damnnnn I hope the woman that is screaming is ok my prayers for her safe return...

  • m9key
    m9key 18 days ago

    I hate myself for watching this as I’m trying to go to sleep. Now all I keep thinking about is whether the Girl is okay. I hope they find her and she is not hurt or even worse. Shit is so fucked up sometimes man... :(

  • Val Dand
    Val Dand 18 days ago

    So many things went wrong here, it seems like we are not our brothers keepers anymore, at 1:25 mins there was a car facing the suspect and couldn't even get the license or anything, hope these people don't have kids and that whoever it was is suffering no more, cause if it is a sex trafficking victim, she probably better be off dead. So sad.

  • mikixP
    mikixP 19 days ago

    That was a prank the girl was drunk only you dumb people believe everything from the news

  • Martin Rasmussen
    Martin Rasmussen 19 days ago

    Read somewhere it took them a week before anyone said "oh yea that event" and then the police got the footage which actually made her a missing person whoever she is.

  • Sky2015100
    Sky2015100 19 days ago

    I know that lady and man were confused. But hello?! Call 911?! Like where is your cell phone?!

  • Dee
    Dee 19 days ago +2

    Looks like the neighbor on the ring bell has a gun in his right hand. If the damn neighbors would’ve went out to her screams he probably would’ve let her go. If I hear screams like that I’m helping whatever I can do. Not sit and watch that could be your daughter , sister ,niece or aunt.

    • tommiile
      tommiile 16 days ago

      It’s a flashlight

  • Yeps A
    Yeps A 19 days ago

    Good for everybody on the block who tried to follow the car. You get a star.

  • r6 god clips
    r6 god clips 20 days ago +2

    Imagine we living in a world where instead of pulling a phone to record, instead we pull out a gun.

    • Abuelita *
      Abuelita * 14 days ago

      And have shootings and innocent lives taken everyday? Lmao

  • tiger claw
    tiger claw 20 days ago

    Why did no one try to help?? the woman could have tried to yell out at the guy or something to scare him off.......

  • mieklYouhanes
    mieklYouhanes 20 days ago

    Wow...nobody helped she could be dead for all we know.

  • Susan Ledezma
    Susan Ledezma 21 day ago

    Is there an update to this story?

  • The 'Woke Dyke
    The 'Woke Dyke 21 day ago

    I recall awhile back my homeless car living ass saw a lady in distress and I saw a dude getting out a van and into a car then into the van with the woman at the wheel and it seemed like they were gonna have sex. Given the odd circumstances I went over to ask if she alright. She said yeah and I returned to my car. It looked prettay suspect but for all intents and purposes she coulda been held hostage and him raping her orally - I pray that wasnt the case!

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo 21 day ago

    Chase them !!!! Wtf is a camera gonna do???

    RUBEN SALAZAR 22 days ago +1

    i hate when people are just stand there doing nothing at all

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 22 days ago +1

    0:39 he had that fire!

  • Nicole Dennis
    Nicole Dennis 22 days ago +3

    Holy shi* be nosey as all hell but don't run out to help at all ?!?!?!?! 🤬🤔🤨!!!!

  • Curtis Hoyt
    Curtis Hoyt 22 days ago

    So much for the good guy with a gun. yall dumbass just watched a woman get abducted and didn't do shit.

  • Jesse Aubrey
    Jesse Aubrey 22 days ago

    Too bad politicians in California don't respect the 2nd Amendment.

  • Sophia Hernandez
    Sophia Hernandez 22 days ago

    That’s sooo scary

  • Sauce
    Sauce 23 days ago

    Yeah no. I ain't doing shit.

  • Wendy .-. Heredia
    Wendy .-. Heredia 23 days ago

    What the hell this Is terrible

  • Reina
    Reina 23 days ago +1

    Why is there even a question mark in the banner on the news title?! All I see are articles of "apparent" or "possible" kidnapping. Theres a girl screaming at the top of her lungs for help in a passing car and they're saying a "possible" kidnapping?! WTF?!

  • Motorhead Aj
    Motorhead Aj 23 days ago

    Mfers just watched America is going to hell

  • Jazmine Lashe
    Jazmine Lashe 24 days ago

    Why stare why not help ? 😑

  • markos r
    markos r 24 days ago

    Sounds like the women & mans voice are pre-recorded & enhanced through speakers in the rear, that may be why the hatch was open while passing through the neighborhood. When the car is slowed down you only see the driver visible, where’s the women? The driver is obviously not holding her down, that person is driving... I think it’s a prank the people didn’t think would go so viral to a point of no return.. it’s too serious now.

    • Kelsee Cantu
      Kelsee Cantu 9 days ago

      markos r I thought the same thing. It sounds like a recording

  • Savannah Marie
    Savannah Marie 24 days ago

    That poor woman

  • belencita
    belencita 24 days ago +10

    oh god that’s horrific. it sounds like he hurt her pretty badly and is freaking out and saying sorry. he kidnapped her and she’s terrified because she knows he’s gonna end up killing her.

  • Jormarie Carpio
    Jormarie Carpio 24 days ago

    What an asshole she could’ve done more then just stand there

  • Laura Sandoval
    Laura Sandoval 24 days ago +4

    And they tell women to scream loudly for others to hear you,,,, they’ll hear u but won’t do shit to help i guess

    • The 'Woke Dyke
      The 'Woke Dyke 21 day ago

      They say scream fire to get help so they say....

    • Ellen D
      Ellen D 21 day ago +1

      Laura Sandoval Every single person that heard the screams got in their cars and chased them until they lost the car, including the couple in this video.

  • Hit Da Dougie Douglas
    Hit Da Dougie Douglas 24 days ago +1

    God I pray for this women honestly Jesus pls get her home back safe and bring who ever peace Wretched filth to judgement because even if you don’t get caught in this life for the evil things you do you will pay maybe not in this life but you will pay let’s all pray and this is just another read we should never give are rights away To bear arms it’s a god given right no man on the planet can’t tell you to protect your self or should tell you she

  • Elite TerryYT
    Elite TerryYT 24 days ago +1

    Runnn go get her

  • Harris kids World
    Harris kids World 24 days ago +2

    My daughter just shown me this very very hurtful we did what everyone else should be doing now praying trusting the lord will get her back safe untouched or harmed .
    Every single day I pray and pled the blood over our Children please people it’s needed badly we all need to just be an agreements she is found .

  • Amanda F
    Amanda F 24 days ago +119

    Imagine screaming for your life and seeing people on their porches just watching you get taken.

    • Valarie Carroll
      Valarie Carroll 4 days ago

      Amanda F I was thinking the same thing goooo run out!!!!!!!

    • Emily Hefferon
      Emily Hefferon 13 days ago

      chyxz .... I hope nobody u love ever gets taken. U probs won’t be able to “do anything”.

    • Emily Hefferon
      Emily Hefferon 13 days ago +1

      Right... if I ever saw that I would do everything in my power to help. Could of followed them while I had the cops on the phone telling them ur location or something. So scary, sex trafficking is so prevalent.

    • 8 M
      8 M 16 days ago +1

      @Amanda F The couple did get in their car and go after the white car. They couldn't get the license plate number because the trunk was open!

    • Young AI
      Young AI 19 days ago +2

      I would’ve been on the kidnappers ass

  • Cameron Lebeau
    Cameron Lebeau 24 days ago

    OK did the dumb bimbo who owns the camera , even attempt to call 911 ? Cause she literally just watched as the car drove off.

  • Hector Ramos
    Hector Ramos 24 days ago

    Nobody does shit?

  • Antoine Mazyck
    Antoine Mazyck 24 days ago

    This is so upsetting! Not one person runs to help her. People are fuxking cowards, how do you hear screams like that and not want to go help someone, grab a bat or a fuxking gun, grab fuxking anything and go see what the hell is going on! For all we know that girl could be dead now. Domestic disputes cab and do end with death. wtf is the difference. Ugh smh

  • XxFaTe-AzZaZzIn_
    XxFaTe-AzZaZzIn_ 24 days ago +3

    I'm still thinking why didn't that lady go to help her than just watch on the porch?

    • the supermanisalive
      the supermanisalive 22 days ago +1

      she's a fucking lady... what a lady could do with a grown man.

    • cb 97
      cb 97 23 days ago

      What if he was armed that lady could have been hurt also.. but i agree with you. More people could have done something

  • Hath Eternal Life [Keyson]

    Lord have mercy the screams just penetrated my soul!

  • JupiterLove87 X
    JupiterLove87 X 24 days ago +1

    That scream gives me chills 😔

  • twan Jackson
    twan Jackson 24 days ago +3

    Damn I felt this one , I don’t even know the person and I’m worried and concerned smh