Bill Burr ROASTING People ◼ Try Not To Laugh 2018

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
  • If Bill Burr gets going, no one can Stop him
    Bill Burr describes and often portrays himself as the uninformed loudmouth in the bar. This is pretty accurate, in my opinion, and interesting for a number of reasons.
    Comedians are moral detectives, and Burr’s style is one of the many ways society finds its moral boundaries probed by comedians. This shows how comedy, in this regard, is limitlessly diverse, and ever-changing, and more important in our lives now, than ever.
    Burr’s deployment of anecdote and recruitment of common experience as (often insightful) social critique and general shit-talk/locker-room-banter air is relatable (often more so than late night T.V. and mainstream comedy’s the more erudite deconstruction of politics, society etc.) and a breath of fresh air. He is a relentless contrarian (like most comedians), but his original style is what makes him truly different.
    Finally, Burr’s comedy has the heart. He lampoons furiously, but with heart. If comedy is art, then Burr proves, time and again, that great artists are ultimate, unabashedly, unapologetically themselves, and that, perhaps, we should strive to be too.
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  • TheLaughPlanet
    TheLaughPlanet  2 months ago +30

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    • Rilriia Kilurden
      Rilriia Kilurden Month ago

      This guy is simply bitter and uninformed on oooh so much. If this hateful garbage is what passes for comedy these days, I'll stick with DVD collections of Robin Williams and old Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.

  • Ryan Kats
    Ryan Kats 21 minute ago

    He’s right about Steve Jobs, the guy didn’t invent anything

  • Adrian Trejo
    Adrian Trejo Hour ago

    “Soldering, possibly welding” ..😂😂 hilarious

  • orange70383
    orange70383 6 hours ago

    He's straight up tellin it.

  • smokestrong1000
    smokestrong1000 13 hours ago

    bill burr was like this guy is shorter than me let me be an asshole lol

  • Sara Winters
    Sara Winters 15 hours ago +1

    2:34 I love how Bill went at this Feminist liberal crybaby.

  • demonioblanco772
    demonioblanco772 21 hour ago

    he lost me with milenials.. idk who they are. so he lost me here. i missed the rest of the video trying to figure that out.. ?? who..

  • demonioblanco772
    demonioblanco772 21 hour ago

    he said milenialanaos. who the fuck are they???

  • SlightlyWetFart
    SlightlyWetFart Day ago

    Who's that at 3:00 ?

  • Inderpal Singh Assi

    Why is Jimmy Fallon over doing it?

  • Shad R
    Shad R Day ago

    Bill is the realest nigga livin 😂😂

  • encrypted file
    encrypted file 2 days ago

    he isn't even that funny, i mean, he's okay, but he is so over rated

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 2 days ago


  • HeavenCanWait7
    HeavenCanWait7 2 days ago +1

    Just found my new favorite Comedian. Reminds me of Carl Baron, its funny because its true and we lived it.

  • harry potter meygooni
    harry potter meygooni 3 days ago +3

    just a regular everyday normal motherfucka

  • Leo Fif7
    Leo Fif7 3 days ago

    not funny

  • Emad Hadadi
    Emad Hadadi 3 days ago

    jimmy fallon is not funny

  • Happy Hertzair
    Happy Hertzair 3 days ago

    Burr is the Rickles of our time

  • Moff Jerjerrod
    Moff Jerjerrod 3 days ago

    Bill Burr is great, I love how he just say how it is. But, in interviews he tends to do his act, not anything else.

  • Bryan Awkwardson
    Bryan Awkwardson 3 days ago +2

    His analysis of Steve Jobs is just SPOT ON 😆😜😉

  • War Wolf
    War Wolf 3 days ago

    Oprah stood on tthe heads of little people.

  • Blake Stuff
    Blake Stuff 4 days ago +4

    The fact that he's so non-PC is his greatest asset.

  • Ur Daddy
    Ur Daddy 4 days ago +3

    I never liked Steve Jobs too, glad I'm not alone.

  • chaotic mercenary
    chaotic mercenary 4 days ago

    Wow a try not to laugh that can actually make me laugh

  • Phillin Myself
    Phillin Myself 4 days ago

    Scarecrow tippin over and shit

  • Hannover Fist
    Hannover Fist 4 days ago

    people .....cucks.beta fags
    & femanzai
    dont likr Bthr TRUTH & BILL


  • killboi207
    killboi207 5 days ago

    Bill Burr is the funniest man alive, next to Norm McDonald, also the Hodge twins honorable mention.

  • cecilyt006
    cecilyt006 5 days ago

    I went Savage Mode on your Mom.

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson 5 days ago +1

    There is another. Edison had a big house with thirty to forty guys working for him. And under US law he can claim the patent on things, things others invented if he can he could have he would have patent baldness and Bill Burr would have been taken to court and fined aswell as many others even me. So he did. Edison had guys at all the patent offices. So when the light bulb was invented in 1870. Edison jumped at the chance to steal someone's else's invention. In Britain you are inventor not your boss or company. Allegedly. That's why George Lucas lost his case when a English guy was making Darth Vader masks or stormtrooper masks from the Star Wars franchise he was ask to design helmets with that stood out and looked different, so he took his reference from Japanese samurai helmets. Allegedly. He took the person to court and found out under British law, if you give someone a task, and they invent something which he this man did. It is not or does not belong to you, but to the person who made it not commissioned it. There and if the lesson. Bill Burr just brilliant and on the money:

  • Bakedbeans G
    Bakedbeans G 5 days ago

    god damn jimmy falon is the worst

  • GetFuckedUTube1
    GetFuckedUTube1 5 days ago +1

    Raising children is pretty simple...I mean, the population is booming, especially in 3rd world countries. As such, how hard could it be?

  • Monte Stu
    Monte Stu 5 days ago +3

    10:58 Lance/Oprah bit is hilarious

  • Gang forever Forever gang

    Thomas Edison isn’t a fucking invented he’s just some guy that liked nikola Tesla’s ideas so much he copied them and made it his

  • Geoffrey Toomey
    Geoffrey Toomey 5 days ago

    gosh Mate , your stuck in the real truth world , thanks for being real , you offended me , cause I haven't got the balls to tell the truth , I've enjoyed you truth comedy for about 30 years,

  • Grandmasterstick69
    Grandmasterstick69 6 days ago

    9:18 not a fan lady?

  • Fran Dingus
    Fran Dingus 6 days ago +3

    First joke, then rolling in tears for 15 minutes. 😂😂

  • Kcets
    Kcets 6 days ago

    Dear Chick at 7:23-7:52,
    You look like a man, dress like a man, and act like a man. Don't be shocked when you get treated like one. "Be a fucking gentleman!" Nah buddy, you forfeited that a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.

  • Revolution
    Revolution 7 days ago

  • kemo sabe
    kemo sabe 7 days ago

    Jeffrey Gurian looks like a troll doll

  • Bryan Liguori
    Bryan Liguori 7 days ago +2

    He speaks so much truth in a way that's actually enjoyable to listen to, I'm pretty sure someone's going to assassinate him

  • joe-switch engage
    joe-switch engage 7 days ago

    Loved him in Breaking Bad btw

  • jbliggidy123
    jbliggidy123 7 days ago

    he hit the nail on the head about Steve Jobs lol

  • SevenMagpies
    SevenMagpies 8 days ago

    Trump should hire this guy as a speechwriter.

  • joe sar
    joe sar 8 days ago

    Bill burr is cool and all men should be like him putting women in their places the only women that love me is my wife mother and two sisters every other woman hates me because I dont take their shit and I put them in their place and I tell them what I think of feminism everyday

  • Deanna Marie
    Deanna Marie 8 days ago

    that bit about shot guns is so true lol

  • Sir ChucklenutsTM
    Sir ChucklenutsTM 8 days ago

    he started shaving his head cause he really got into OPM

  • Tristan Möller
    Tristan Möller 8 days ago +1

    “Bill Burr roasting people”
    - literally every single time

  • M I R
    M I R 8 days ago

    Jimmy kimmel needs to invite this guy to make his show funny and interesting

  • M Nohcho
    M Nohcho 8 days ago

    Bill is GOAT

  • 3xitt
    3xitt 9 days ago

    Spot-on about Steve Jobs...

  • DEAN M
    DEAN M 9 days ago +1

    Steve jobs was like Edison, took credit for someone else’s work

  • JKB DK
    JKB DK 9 days ago

    You'll hear the truth from drunk people, little kids and Bill Burr.
    God i love this mans sense of humor

  • mcsniper77
    mcsniper77 9 days ago

    Very true Steve Jobs personally invested nothing. In the beginning it was Steve Wozniak that carried the weight, after they split he used hired guns. Conan is right he was like Edison in he stole young engineers patents.

  • Zion Strickland
    Zion Strickland 9 days ago +1

    “Nobody cares.... I don’t care”

  • Doom Sayer
    Doom Sayer 9 days ago

    Bill Burr is the new George Carlin

  • David Trent
    David Trent 10 days ago

    Shit aint even funny. I would roast his rapist looking ass.

  • Red Screen Ninjas
    Red Screen Ninjas 10 days ago

    wow I could not tell at all that was deepfake. Impressive guys!

  • Lonus Bjonus
    Lonus Bjonus 10 days ago

    holy moly that guy at 2:00 looks creepy as hell

  • That Doodler
    That Doodler 10 days ago

    I keep on imagining frank murphy saying all this stuff, it fits fairly well in his personality.

  • Jorge Warcrimes
    Jorge Warcrimes 10 days ago

    The less hair bill has the funnier he gets.

  • JUN10R
    JUN10R 10 days ago

    nothing much Brad!! lol. im dead.

  • living the life
    living the life 10 days ago

    When i accidentally watch Burr...its easy not to laugh

  • tiluriso
    tiluriso 10 days ago

    Keepin' it real in Witchita! LMFO. 'Yo, shit was crazy, know'm sayin? M'fuckin corn wasn't growing, m'fuckin scarecrow was tippin over and shit!

  • David Israel
    David Israel 10 days ago

    Bill Bur what about the fact that McDonald's sells more chemicals than food

  • Beau mccudden
    Beau mccudden 10 days ago

    F is forr

  • Enrique Oquendo
    Enrique Oquendo 10 days ago

    This guy is savage!!!! Love it.

  • LeMan Booker
    LeMan Booker 10 days ago +4

    "Keepin' it real in Wichita?" 🤣🤣🤣

  • adrian quezaire
    adrian quezaire 10 days ago

    this dude is genius

  • Aethgeir
    Aethgeir 10 days ago +1

    Every time I see Jimmy Fallon I find myself daydreaming about punching him in the face.

  • Lemon Music.
    Lemon Music. 10 days ago

    "we're all eating a big shit sandwich out there. Nobody cares. I don't care."

  • Sajirou Plays
    Sajirou Plays 10 days ago

    Why did she want the championship belt? You can imagine if she won it, she'd sell it off because it's a championship belt.

  • Ian W
    Ian W 10 days ago

    okay i couldn't help it --

  • ferbobian
    ferbobian 10 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon's fake laugh is fucking nauseating...

  • GiantsJack
    GiantsJack 11 days ago +1

    Burr is fantastic. Always was, just kept getting better.

  • Willian C. Silva
    Willian C. Silva 11 days ago +6

    Had to skid the Fallon clip. That guy is just unwatchable.

  • cannibalaaron 1
    cannibalaaron 1 11 days ago +3

    Have to say wasn't a fan but this video has changed my mind

  • cannibalaaron 1
    cannibalaaron 1 11 days ago

    He is definitely more of a humorist

  • Vaibhav
    Vaibhav 11 days ago

    7:38 burn destruction annihilation

  • jenni hernandez
    jenni hernandez 11 days ago

    13:46 favorite part

  • Benjamin Brant
    Benjamin Brant 11 days ago

    Bill Burr is the funniest gun grabbing liberal retard there is. I mean it.

  • iAndy
    iAndy 12 days ago +6

    I've never seen Conan laugh as hard as when Bill Burr is on.. I'm with him.

    • Dennis Blair
      Dennis Blair 11 days ago

      iAndy that’s the best. When a comedian is laughing from a comedian. Good haha

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 12 days ago +1

    Nothing much BRAD!! too funny

  • Eric Brown-Bey
    Eric Brown-Bey 12 days ago

    Not funny

  • Troy DeHaan
    Troy DeHaan 12 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon is a fucking douche lol

  • SamDotGov
    SamDotGov 12 days ago +31

    I wish Bill Burr played J Johna Jamason in the new Spider-Man moveis

  • Thuro Brown
    Thuro Brown 12 days ago +9

    Bill Burr is just so REAL, you gotta love him!

  • RNY
    RNY 12 days ago +2

    *Why would I try not to laugh?*

  • tom hecht
    tom hecht 12 days ago +6

    Best comedian today. The perfect comedy theme for today's world.Smart guy.

  • Diego Souza
    Diego Souza 12 days ago +5

    11:45 I've neve seen conan laugh so hard.

  • Equate Null
    Equate Null 12 days ago

    Finding a Cure is a Sad Joke perpetrated on the gullible.
    If you do any realistic will find, that there are several cancer cures available, depending on the type cancer you have.
    The Medical community will find a way to kill you faster....all the while giving them your money
    What an absolute Con...Cancer Research?.....Has been on the brink of a discovery/cure for decades!
    Finding a Cure is Not profitable!
    DO RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN.... FROM SEVERAL SOURCES...Not associated with large corporations.

  • Cheffory Jones
    Cheffory Jones 12 days ago

    Fallon is the FUCKING worst interviewer

  • Richard middleton
    Richard middleton 12 days ago +1

    Bill Burr and Anthony Jeselnik are the only people that can make me scream laugh.

  • Orri Greaves
    Orri Greaves 12 days ago

    Why is the description an 8th grade essay?

  • elcabezon veintidos
    elcabezon veintidos 13 days ago

    This dude!

  • B-Rabbit t
    B-Rabbit t 13 days ago +1

    if i was a dictator those people would be eliminated hahahah

  • Shae Ase
    Shae Ase 13 days ago +6

    He asked why the man tweeted and didn't heckle him at the show. Uhm, cuz everyone knows your the Heckler Murderer Bill. Dude wanted to leave with his soul that night, talk shit later #TwitterFingers

  • Shae Ase
    Shae Ase 13 days ago

    2:34 bill burr is givin real advice. the problem with feminism is women want shit given to them. I say "them" because, yes I am a woman, but I just take shit, no one's gettin handouts out here

  • Tyler Fehr
    Tyler Fehr 13 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon's fake ass laugh ruined all those segments for me

  • Hermit620
    Hermit620 13 days ago

    Jesus I hate Jimmy Fallon. My God he is so fake.

  • doug weiss
    doug weiss 13 days ago

    I HATE Jimmie Fallon!! Gratuitous laughing clown that he is. It's one thing to laugh at humor, but to bend over, move in your chair, grab your face, etc. He is so narcissistic that HE has to be the center of attention. Burr is such a comedic genius, so real yet little Jimmie has to guffaw and flail in an attempt to be noticed. Carson would have hated him.