Rematch Regimen ~ Anthony Joshua

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • Following the full press tour it's focus time, rematch mindset! #AJBXNG ~ Anthony Joshua
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  • ilyas ali
    ilyas ali Day ago

    Anthony please get some very fast middle weight fighters (protected of course) to spar with in between your normal heavyweight fighter sparring. The middle weight fighters will test your reflexes and they should be encouraged to push forward in order to mimic Andy Ruiz.

  • Lucy
    Lucy Day ago

    Been waiting for this and I know you'll win the rematch AJ ♥

  • keosbay stnicholas
    keosbay stnicholas 3 days ago +1

    Go on AJ.
    get them belts back home brotha, where they belong. 👊👊👊

  • James Davis
    James Davis 3 days ago

    U will win an use the uppercut bro

  • cc_ov_nottz
    cc_ov_nottz 4 days ago

    LETS GO CHAMP!! Bring them belts home my G!! You’ve got to! it’s on my birthday!! 🥊🥊🥊

  • Araali
    Araali 4 days ago

    Let's go Champ!

  • aloe naidoo
    aloe naidoo 4 days ago +2

    Anthony Joshua Will win the Rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr.

  • Back Joel
    Back Joel 5 days ago

    Dont speak give punch only punch are talking. Lets go champ AJ

  • namepi
    namepi 5 days ago

    Damn man Andy is genuinely a nice guy

  • The underestimated
    The underestimated 6 days ago

    with you all the way brother AJ! time to go to work!!!!!

  • The Silkworm
    The Silkworm 6 days ago

    It’s probably best you don’t beat Ruiz
    Because in my opinion usyk would humble you

  • chris collins
    chris collins 8 days ago

    The only way he beats Ruiz is to pay him off-lol just joking!! Ruiz beat Parker in my humble opinion and now has a full training camp! I like AJ but intimidation with Ruiz will not work. Ruiz foot work has gotten much better, and he's young with excellent stamina, power, strength, and determination. Simply put your gonna have to dig in and not quit! You don't need to talk to build the fight and focus on getting your skill level up period! This is gonna be a tough fight period! Ruiz took your best shot got up to pay you back the favor. Remember your studying him so will he you! Bad habits manifest in boxing when your tired! So Joshua work on your defense, it disappeared completely. Master this you have a chance to get a decision. That muscle is too taxing on the body tons of CALCIUM my man IT'S LIKE STERIODS--TRUST ME !! Good Luck

    ENGLISH EATS 8 days ago

    Aj mate on the rematch don’t think about what the bum squad is doing and don’t feel like you have to prove a point in the next fight Ruiz has a Granit chin nothing ain’t breaking it just do what you did with Parker use your reach and dominate on points don’t push for the ko I know your instinct is to right the wrong with a ko but the win is more important much love

  • Kiwana Artis
    Kiwana Artis 8 days ago +4

    You got this ... The belts will be back where they belong.

  • Makiaveli THA Don
    Makiaveli THA Don 9 days ago

    Bro. Start rapping. I’m sure you will become more popular than Roy Jones. Yes, and it would be very cool

  • Twinkle
    Twinkle 9 days ago

    The amount of sportsmanship between these two is amazing! Both great warriors!

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias 9 days ago

    AJ is a very talented and motivated fighter, but he truly has to evolve in order to keep up with the Wilder's and Fury's of today. His body is so much more powerfull than both Wilder's and Fury's physique.. and he has to learn to use it to his advantage. Speed, in combination with power, precision and unpredictabillity does the trick.

  • Simon Gonitshe
    Simon Gonitshe 9 days ago

    Let‘s Go Champ you Can do it you the best 👑✊🏾

  • marc hatchet
    marc hatchet 9 days ago

    No disrespect to Ruiz, he did what he needed to do, however, in Saudi, the hand of the American boxing Gods has little influence and the true outcome of this fight will come to be. PBC get ready for retaliation and the relentless pursuit of that spider limbed WBC "champion" you have.

  • Cia Unleashed
    Cia Unleashed 9 days ago

    Champ just thought of you, and the fight coming in December, ill pray for you all day, please do me a favour pray also and the go to the gym come back from Gym and pray,,,and gym again...keep family close,already scared you,but you are champ not by mistake you were born for this,believe Jeremiah 1 vs 5,,,, this why you are in this earth early January after you win come visit South Africa,,,, i sending you to that fight with the Madiba Spirit (Nelson Mandela ) when you are here in South Africa we will tell you what is Madiba spirit,,Go get whats is you champ,,,,pray all times

  • Yuxian He
    Yuxian He 10 days ago +2

    Never a fan of boxing but I see greatness in the way you handle that lost fight. Let's go champ.

    WONK WONK 11 days ago


  • Faress Garmatee
    Faress Garmatee 11 days ago

    Great advice from a great champion

  • xFADEx
    xFADEx 12 days ago +1

    Hey ruiz wheres my pizza delivery at bro ...

    NAETO 13 days ago


  • In2 the shadows Paranormal or paranoia

    Hey AJ I've been studying ruiz fights and I think I know his weakness.. Try jabs to his nose from distance then power hook his jaw but on his right now the right is his weak side hit him to the right of his head and jab that nose. Jabing his nose will course him to breath heavy and that will make him worn out quicker which will make the blood in his system rush to his head and with that the pressure of all that blood rushing will make him weak then the power jaw shots to the right will knock him out. Come on champ bring the belts back

  • Tayfun E
    Tayfun E 14 days ago

    We are behind you
    Joshua you are the best

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 15 days ago

    LET'S GO CHAMP.......

    AL HAMAD CLASHER 8.9 15 days ago +1

    AJ plzz launch video fought between you And Miller Plzz i want to know who won more chance to win is with u best of luck bro

  • Aakashpsvs
    Aakashpsvs 17 days ago

    Let’s go champ it’s still haunting me

  • Morten Rye Olsen
    Morten Rye Olsen 17 days ago +3

    Go get them belts!! What ever it takes!
    I remember following you, before you got them belts, the first time around.
    I saw a video of you, training movement, by going under a piece of rope back and fourth.
    And somebody was clowning, and said: what's next, catching chicken.
    Your reply was "What ever it takes!" those words, stuck with me, in my own Journey in Life!

  • damintri
    damintri 19 days ago +1

    Message to AJ.... STOP BEING A SNOWFLAKE ❄️

  • Connor Foley
    Connor Foley 20 days ago +1

    6:58 - Is that a face to face? is it available on youtube?

    • Batuhan Ilhan
      Batuhan Ilhan 18 days ago

      It recorded but will publish later,i guess close to december.

  • allanisa umpar
    allanisa umpar 20 days ago

    I can't wait your comeback

  • The Guy
    The Guy 21 day ago

    I am praying to God that AJ wins

  • Horizon Film
    Horizon Film 21 day ago

    its good brother . its not about belts its about the story . zero to hero , you made it out of the estate , fuck all the hype :) .

  • Bo Ak
    Bo Ak 21 day ago

    hey AJ why don't u fight at least 1 out of those 4 heavyweights: Usyk, Dubois, Wilder, Fury?

  • Julian Velasquez
    Julian Velasquez 21 day ago

    A por la revancha! Esa pelea la ganas si o si

  • LaPamilya Do
    LaPamilya Do 21 day ago

    My man please watch the film of lennox lewis vs tua, on how lennox out classed tua. Maybe it would help you on the rematch vs ruiz

  • Don Crypto
    Don Crypto 22 days ago

    I sense death in the ring noooooooooooooooooo Andy noooooooooooo don't fight AJ just hand belts over to the legit champ plsssssssssss
    5th round Let's go AJ Let's go champ

  • Mister Goblin
    Mister Goblin 22 days ago

    Joshua will look great on that December night....until Ruiz gets inside at some point and throws combinations....Joshua will revert and respond as he did in the first fight. He will be stopped or his corner will stop the fight.

  • New Message
    New Message 23 days ago +1

    5.25 Logans trainer let's go champ lol ksi

  • Castro Troy
    Castro Troy 24 days ago +27

    AJ needs to study the Ruiz v Dimitrenko fight and see how Ruiz got inside and dealt with a taller fighter, as he did the same with AJ in his fight. AJ needs to keep Ruiz at distance using his jab and doubling up his jab then straight right as Ruiz comes forward. He must keep Ruiz at a distance because Ruiz hits very, very hard, as he is very solid and strong, and when his punches connect, they don't just hurt, they zap your strength and slow you down. The only way AJ beats him, is to hurt Ruiz from distance and slow him down, then move in for the kill. Don't rush the fight, use all the rounds you need, but must fight at a distance. Good luck AJ and your team.
    🇬🇧 LET'S GO CHAMP 🇬🇧

    • daBomb1968
      daBomb1968 8 days ago +1

      defo but I also think joshuas form was tailor made for Ortiz he knew that and exposed A.Js form quite easily, think AJ gotta seriously adapt for this next bout. Lets go A.J.

    • k oliver
      k oliver 14 days ago

      His jab is weak and slow on the outside if he is tired(usually 3 rounds). And he also has flashes on the inside. He loses focus there and thinks only about surviving the round. Technically he is fast enough to move out but somewhy he doesn't.

    • dogsolja100
      dogsolja100 17 days ago +3

      My g

    • imwalk worse
      imwalk worse 19 days ago +3

      good analysis. i think you are spot on.

  • FUBU Boxing News and Views

    @Anthony Joshua - First of all I've been a supporter of your career since your Olympic days. And I didn't jump off the "Bandwagon" just because you lost to Ruiz. I would imagine it's probably rare for you to see you have an American supporter these days. But I respect your hustle and professionalism.
    Secondly, I hate to suggest or even insinuate that I know what's best for your career. This isn't an insult to you, your trainers, advisors, or anyone in your circle (Camp).
    With that said. I believe it would be beneficial to you to introduce either Robert Garcia, Abel Sanchez, Freddie Roach, or Johnathan Banks into your camp, to get you ready for December 7th. Garcia & Sanchez are Mexicanos lol. However I believe they have integrity and would help, and not hurt or sabotage your camp. Roach & Banks are purist Trainers, they would also know those little incidentals of how to deal with a Mexican fighter like Ruiz.
    Anyway of course I can't go into detail as to why I feel my suggestions would benefit you here on TheXvid because my comment would be even longer. But I'd be happy to.
    I'm sure you've done your research and know what's best for you and your career. So again, I mean no disrespect at all brother.
    Peace!! Holla at-cha Boy!

  • Taiwo Dosunmu
    Taiwo Dosunmu 24 days ago

    Prediction : A. J. is winning. Heavyweight Champion of the World A. J., 'Dollar Man' Anthony Joshua. Niggas are always on the move, Come on let's go Champ.

  • Andrew Sycamore
    Andrew Sycamore 24 days ago

    Please please AJ bring it home my friend🙏 rooting for the british bulldog!! Id love reply bro?

  • Sion Pyrs
    Sion Pyrs 24 days ago

    I believe in you aj

  • Elizabeth Vulane
    Elizabeth Vulane 25 days ago

    Let's go champ! You got these!👊👊

  • goo turner
    goo turner 25 days ago


  • Barrett's Hair and grooming

    As long as AJ keeps his distance takes advantage of his jab he will win there is no point going on the inside where Ruiz can dominate his power shots, keep that distance move around the ring don't stay still, I know you will win this your an inspiration to the UK, never be afraid of failure as you will bounce back come on AJ #TeamAJ #AJForTheKnockout

  • Furious Ghost
    Furious Ghost 25 days ago


  • Kully Singh
    Kully Singh 25 days ago

    2:00 - what track is this?

  • Bereshit bara Elohim
    Bereshit bara Elohim 25 days ago

    As crazy as this sound, I went back and watched the last fight once more. A.J failed to follow up with upper cuts after throwing jabs. Instead he Jabs and throw hard punches. Which Ruiz would Dodge easily then punches A.J 3 or 4 times in those exchanges. So if A.j had used his upper cut and advanced on Ruiz, it would have caused Ruiz to move backward never allowing Ruiz to counter. The biggest weakness A.J showed that day is stamina. He was burned out after round 3. And when you think about it. He didn't put that much effort in round 3 that would cause this fatigue. I mean he's a professional athlete and this usual happens to amateur fighters in "street beef" on TheXvid. But A.J was probably Rusty since he had not have a fight for at least an entire year. So it's like riding a bicycle after 30 years. Or a yellow taxi driver stops driving for a week and starts driving again...he won't be as good as he once A.J being off for a year definitely had him Rusty. The other thing is , even when A.J was at his best there were time when he got tired in fights. So stamina is definitely a problem for him. Shannon Brigg, wasn't a great fighter in my opinion. Much like A.J he was muscular but....Technic wise I thought he wasn't a great boxer. A.J however is a good boxer who can correct all the wrongs. He is intelligent. A.J could be easily influenceable and that scares me too. He let others affect him. So to A.J you need faith and let faith be your only backbone! At the end of the day non of the people around you with the exception of your Dad and Mom are trust worthy. They are all in for $ and you will know it when shit hits the fan. A.J is too loyal! Now after he beats Ruiz, I need him to change trainers or add trainers..let the trainers compete​ in making him better...right now it's not happening.....having the same Technic isn't the best way. Adding more Technic is good for now but not the future. A.J needs to feed his kids, his Nigerian fans and most of all , all the fans he got in USA. That includes me of course 😇.
    If I was able to give A.J an advice. I would tell him contact the boxer Bird. He would really be the right person to get some pointers Technic wise. Shannon Briggs hmm not really.

  • Teruaki Tsumura
    Teruaki Tsumura 26 days ago

    Strength and class. What a gentleman he is.

  • Twesigye Ronald
    Twesigye Ronald 26 days ago

    Please AJ AJ.Ruiz has a one Technic of hitting /boxing at the back of the ear and his affects balance in the ear drum. Please take note

  • Tania
    Tania 26 days ago

    I hope one of those lucky punches from the “gods” was not Santa Muerte.

  • Zayd Joomun
    Zayd Joomun 26 days ago +1

    I feel that AJ being stripped of his belts was beneficial to him, now he's regained that fiery passion he had during his first fights.

  • NOE King
    NOE King 26 days ago +1

    LET’S GO CHAMP!! ✊🏿✊🏿

  • The Truth
    The Truth 27 days ago
    Bo mac crawfords trainer probably the best in the business listen to his advice he talks real shit I would love him to train u he'll make u have better head movement n defence which is what u need to work more on !

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias 27 days ago

    You are never going to beat Wilder the way you are right now. Learn to adapt. Learn from the best and add from theire skills what is usefull to become better. Observe and apply the footwork and punching from jeet kune do into your boxing. It will make you waste less energy during a match, you'll be faster, generate more power, even when you jab.. better footwork, you'll be more direct and most important, less predictable. Broken rythm is key.