Pressure grows on Boris Johnson as No. 10 stay silent on Downing Street party

  • Published on Jan 10, 2022
  • Boris Johnson is under pressure to say whether or not he attended a party in the Downing Street garden during the first covid lockdown in May 2020.

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    The Prime Minister has not denied being there, but is insisting that he won't comment before a senior civil servant has completed an investigation.

    But today the leader of the Scottish Conservatives said there's no reason for the prime minister to refuse to answer such a basic question. And if the answer is 'yes', he could no longer give him his support.
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  • John Hobbes
    John Hobbes 21 hour ago +535

    A decent person would resign, so the answer is obviously: No!

  • Thomas Sikki
    Thomas Sikki 21 hour ago +331

    ‘We have investigated ourselves and we find ourselves not guilty’ - The Tories

  • Con Man
    Con Man 21 hour ago +268

    That lady saying they should actually investigate when there were no parties...savage 🤣🤣🤣

  • David Fay
    David Fay 21 hour ago +204

    Other people were getting fined £10,000 for holding parties in their gardens.

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown 21 hour ago +72

    There was a policeman outside No 10 who would have been aware of party guests arriving, standing with his back turned on a crime being committed. Basically he was a glorified club bouncer. So what chance is there of an impartial police investigation?

  • Pam Ackroyd
    Pam Ackroyd 21 hour ago +137

    I wonder how many people find this funny? All those people who could not be with dying relatives in hospital. Who could not attend loved ones funerals on the day the PM was mixing with his mates at a party in Downing Street in Lockdown. When everyone else in the country who broke their laws were fined the government ( Public Servants who's wages are paid by the public) were laughing in their faces of the dead and dying.

  • QU4DP1MP
    QU4DP1MP 21 hour ago +56

    Members of the general public were arrested for doing exactly what he's done. He's a compulsive liar, a hypocrite and an embarrassment to this country, he has to go

  • Lee Howson
    Lee Howson 21 hour ago +116

    I was listening to an ex MP today on talk radio who said.

  • Michael
    Michael 21 hour ago +167

    "Never set up an inquiry unless you know in advance what it`s findings will be" Sir Humphrey

  • lythalls
    lythalls 21 hour ago +71

    Not only should Boris resign but so should anyone who works at downing street who attended this party , maybe the whole CONservative party should resign .

  • M C
    M C 21 hour ago +124

    That needs self respect, dignity, moral and due duty whilst holding public office, which Boris lacks beyond any doubt

  • The Mutterer
    The Mutterer 21 hour ago +186

    A letter sent to Boris Johnson’s dad during his time at Eton College sums up Boris' character (or rather lack thereof) very well.

  • Clandestine919
    Clandestine919 21 hour ago +39

    Anybody who try’s to defend this man on any grounds, should be ashamed of themselves. I suppose that depends on what social

  • Pandora Piam
    Pandora Piam 21 hour ago +24

    I saw an interview today in which a Tory claimed that the people who attened the party had been busy working on the vaccine roll out and needed a break. I find this odd as the party was in May 2020 and the first vaccine was not even approved for use in the UK until December 2nd.

  • Edwardinho
    Edwardinho 21 hour ago +113

    Will Boris resign? Absolutely not. Should Boris resign? Absolutely yes.

  • Bo Deadly
    Bo Deadly 21 hour ago +47

    The Police should arrest and charge the guilty party parties and they should be swiftly Fired !

  • best7 best7
    best7 best7 21 hour ago +42

    We're talking about the man that can't tell the truth to a mirror...he need not worry, it'll be something else tomorrow. This is what happens when the electorate choice charisma over integrity 🙄

  • Toni Cherub
    Toni Cherub 21 hour ago +29

    I’m in healthcare & have been locked in with my own son like many others as extremely clinically vulnerable & how dare Boris & who ever was at that party when many people have died without loved ones.

  • Paddy Mallory
    Paddy Mallory 21 hour ago +21

    The PM should resign and take her husband with her!

  • Reiteration 6
    Reiteration 6 19 hours ago +13

    As a Scot, I'm glad Douglas Ross & Ruth Davidson aren't defending him over this.