I used Roblox admin to DRAW DISTURBING MESSAGES...

  • Published on Feb 5, 2020
  • thanks Real_KingBob for getting this whiteboard to work on island life!
    Today I go into Island Life with a drawing board and I write some weird messages to people

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  • UrLocalCoffeeShop #standforukrain

    I can't tell if Albert is Depressed Or Living His Best Life

  • Markシ
    Markシ  +1

    Flamingo is not rude, He's just helping the Roblox Community get rid of online daters

  • 🥔 potato 🥔

    You can slowly tip the map with admin and see how long it takes for them to notice.

  • Shadow Queen Playz

    ok but respect to him for removing the kid who might had given their password

  • S t r q b e r i i - k o w

    Getting humiliated by Albert is actually a compliment

  • Missbee
    Missbee  +56

    “Kill the homeless girl on the way just like picking up groceries.”

  • Audrey sharp
    Audrey sharp 2 years ago +911

    Idea: Go invisible, and when someone tries to buy a house, get it before they do . But they'll think THEY own it. And once they get in, lock the doors so they can't leave. And while they are in their house chilling, move around objects and make them think their house is haunted. Do that 5 or 6 times at least. Then when he or she goes to sleep, make everything foggy or dark, and turn into a demonic creature and kill them, then nuke the map. Use command :invisible others and mute them all except for the victim. Make her so scared that she leaves. (I don't have twitter so I can't DM Albert, someone please do it for me if you can!)

  • ItsLillian
    ItsLillian Year ago +748


  • StormerKiing
    StormerKiing Year ago +30

    It’s great how people can talk about their problems in Roblox. It makes the admin videos 1000% funnier.

  • ♡• Black labs aren't bad luck•♡

    Can we appreciate how good his drawing skills are?

  • Evie Copas
    Evie Copas  +114

    Idea- make a big maze with multiple exits for a person each and every time they get to an exit block it off and then unblock once they walk away. And tell them if they make it they get big prize, but they never will :)

  • faline
    faline  +11

    I was literally having a breakdown and then i just started watching,,i feel way happier! thank you sm for uploading almost every day <33

  • Astronomy Forever
    Astronomy Forever 2 years ago +739

    Idea: When you get into a server make a weird unusual creepy room

  • lila
    lila Year ago +202

    "a picture is words" honestly the most inspirational thing I've ever heard...

  • Tera_V
    Tera_V Year ago +98


  • Meowsouls

    Legends say Albert still hasn't achieved his goal of killing that guy while he was alone… 😔

  • Jeffy
    Jeffy  +30

    I love how he reacts to the noises and emotes

  • ChumpsVyzer

    The “kill them” influence he was putting on people made him look like an actual leader

  • Teknovage
    Teknovage 2 years ago +237


  • God ♡'syou
    God ♡'syou Year ago +124

    Right after "tell me your password Gary."