Monster School : Memories of baby monsters going to school - Funny Minecraft Animation

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Monster School : Memories of baby monsters going to school - Funny Minecraft Animation
    In this episode of Monster School, Herobrine opens memories of his funny past and memories of monsters from the beginning of the class. Because the monsters are still babies, of course many funny moments. What is it like?
    Monster School : Memories of baby monsters going to school
    Monster School : Cooking challenge
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    Music Kevin MacLeod
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    6:53 teacher:"Shut up Class! " me:LOL 😂😂😂

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    0:25 cara ta vendo o que kkkkk so pode ser bestera kkk

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    I like baby on monters school so

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    They are so cute

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    Creeper’s family is so cool!!😂😂

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    Yaaay!! Loved it! That was very cute!!

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    Wow Nc Animation

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    Baby is cute

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    Woaw that was a good minecraft video i really like it anyway im always watching your video in 2017 omg that mean im your bigest fan!! 😄😄

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    Lol funy school

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