• Published on Dec 9, 2019
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Comments • 564

  • Hugh Livingstone
    Hugh Livingstone Month ago +2

    Wet Spam

  • James Wilmsh
    James Wilmsh Month ago +3

    Someone tell him it’s West Ham they beat. Not Real Madrid. Not Barcelona. But West Ham. Mans talking like this is the best result of his life. WEST HAM?! Pathetic.

    • Muhd Lawal Bashir
      Muhd Lawal Bashir 22 days ago +2

      James Wilmsh according to arsenal performance West Ham is like playing against Real Madrid or Barcelona!!😅

  • ??
    ?? Month ago +1

    Ure surprised a lot!!!!

  • Hazem Abdallah
    Hazem Abdallah Month ago +4

    10-0 is a bit much
    Southampton: hold my dignity

  • Mahdev Patel
    Mahdev Patel Month ago +7

    Pepe will be like Naby keita it will take time for him to settle

  • Meme et
    Meme et Month ago +5

    Has he actually gone mental?

  • Japsconp 26
    Japsconp 26 Month ago +5

    Pepe has 2 good games in 4 months "PePe Is WoRtH 72 MilLiOn"

    • Riss Anne
      Riss Anne Month ago

      “Martinelli”, but yeah you’ve got the idea

  • Rashid Mohammed
    Rashid Mohammed Month ago +1

    Do a BMG career mode

  • Andrew Graver
    Andrew Graver Month ago

    Can you imagin if he supported someone who were actually bad ?? Funny as fuck !

  • Thomas Poole
    Thomas Poole Month ago

    Imagine if he supported who was actually crap eg coventry

  • Sejr For life
    Sejr For life Month ago +5

    I am a Liverpool fan but i am impresed that Arsenal could win a Football match

  • George Gaul
    George Gaul Month ago +6

    Chill out, it's only West ham 😂

  • noob noob
    noob noob Month ago +6

    Are you goner do a nova career mode

  • ZainexTV
    ZainexTV Month ago +16

    Xhaka was not good enough? Are you sure he was the calmest and most assured mover of the ball

    • Arsenal 4Life
      Arsenal 4Life Month ago +1

      @dennis matveev I'm sorry but he gave the ball away so many times. Ducked for the West Ham goal and didn't offer much. If it weren't for Torreira doing Xhaka's job we could have lost.

    • dennis matveev
      dennis matveev Month ago +3

      ZainexTV agreed. Blame Xhaka syndrome has eaten away the brains of most of our fan base.

  • VRS
    VRS Month ago +10

    I almost died when you said that fifa is realistic, football is about passing and not pace.

  • Dennis
    Dennis Month ago +2

    enjoy the win while it lasts because man city is the next game for arsenal in the league

  • OzzyFied Gaming
    OzzyFied Gaming Month ago +4

    Dude stfu dont shit talk about my guy like that

  • Leo Ellen
    Leo Ellen Month ago +17

    The backround ain't even that bad

  • Alfie Vickers
    Alfie Vickers Month ago +9

    A 3-1 win and there are still tons of problems. Once invincible now too beatable

  • Jodeana Tully
    Jodeana Tully Month ago +10

    Arsenal went 9 games without a win that was 6 draws and 3 wins I bet arsenal payed west ham to let them win 🤣🤣 jk

  • Michael O'Shea
    Michael O'Shea Month ago +4

    Ur saying everything exatly the same as radio 5 live

  • yank4v
    yank4v Month ago +12

    new mic and cam is great

  • Bershan Hati
    Bershan Hati Month ago +3

    And don't say we you don't play an arsenal

    • Bershan Hati
      Bershan Hati Month ago

      @SG M I ment that he has no faith in his FAVORITE club

    • SG M
      SG M Month ago

      @Bershan Hati it might be my english, but yes i did not fully understand.

    • Bershan Hati
      Bershan Hati Month ago

      @SG M do you not understand

    • SG M
      SG M Month ago


  • Bershan Hati
    Bershan Hati Month ago +7

    Right now you're just making fun of Arsenal so are you Arsenal fan or not because if you're not you should shut up

    • Bershan Hati
      Bershan Hati 19 days ago

      @Jenson Strupish so

    • Jenson Strupish
      Jenson Strupish Month ago +1

      No he supports fleetwood of course he supports Arsenal dumbo that’s why he’s got an Arsenal cap on!!!

    • lumi
      lumi Month ago +4

      just cuz he's an arsenal fan doesn't mean he cant rightfully criticize arsenal because they've been shit

    • Jodeana Tully
      Jodeana Tully Month ago +1

      @ZakAttack789 that's what I was thinking

    • ZakAttack789
      ZakAttack789 Month ago +6

      Obviously he supports Arsenal, why else would he upload every time Arsenal play?!

  • Jeff Moore
    Jeff Moore Month ago +6

    Rugani & Demiral both are not rated by Sari at Juventus.. but would be a great addition to every other team...!!

  • Nikola Borić
    Nikola Borić Month ago +3

    Drama Queen, poor acting

  • Mahesh Jaybhaye
    Mahesh Jaybhaye Month ago +3

    AC Milan next club

  • Viet Trinh
    Viet Trinh Month ago +11

    Just remember to have the lineup next time Matt. Everything else is great

  • Ferenc Toth
    Ferenc Toth Month ago +3

    i still dont believing in Pepe his going to be another YAYA

    • Ferenc Toth
      Ferenc Toth Month ago

      @El Gweedy pepe is rubbish. thank me end of the year friend

    • Ferenc Toth
      Ferenc Toth Month ago

      @Calvin Devlin very funny. english is not my first language.. and u still understood what i meant so whats a big deal..

    • Calvin Devlin
      Calvin Devlin Month ago

      Ferenc Toth i still dont believing in ur spelling

    • El Gweedy
      El Gweedy Month ago

      I still don’t believing that you watch

    • Ferenc Toth
      Ferenc Toth Month ago

      @Benedict Case did what. pepe really nothing special. his having a good game once in a while. his not arsenal quality. arsenal need more.
      was a big mistake singing him. after one good season in france?? lol

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts Month ago +5

    Mic is rly good camera is rly good love it

  • Dan DA little Man
    Dan DA little Man Month ago +2

    TBh, the defence of West Ham was god awful 👍

  • Alex Eder
    Alex Eder Month ago +7

    You're being harsh on Ainsley. He had a good game apart from the west ham goal. Ainsley actually tries to take the game forward and linked up with Pepe better than mr. sideways and backwards Bellerin ever has.

  • Fizz
    Fizz Month ago +3

    Not gonna lie, I strongly dislike the new microphone but every thing else is nice

  • ThatOtherDrummer
    ThatOtherDrummer Month ago +10

    love the new background man! much better with no green screen imo :)

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis Month ago +10

    The mentality from Martinelli really impressed me, scores his first prem goal and instead of doing a Dan James he’s straight for the ball to restart the game and look for the win

  • mo the best
    mo the best Month ago +9

    0:06 when an arsenal FC fan makes sure that his team won a game and that he is not sleeping.

  • Hmni Kadoza
    Hmni Kadoza Month ago +4

    Martinelli is going to be a stud!!!!

  • Tom Hangs
    Tom Hangs Month ago +4

    Great video Matt, sound is amazing and the background even better. Please keep it like this ☺️

  • Izzy Izzy
    Izzy Izzy Month ago +4

    Hopefully this is the start of something great

  • Sam Stewart
    Sam Stewart Month ago +7

    Piss off stop being so negative what's that gonna do you have to be positive COYG🔴⚪️

    • Conor Halpin
      Conor Halpin Month ago

      Sam Stewart he’s only stating the obvious that ur shit at the back and class at the front

  • Aditya __
    Aditya __ Month ago +7

    We also need a midfielder that controls the game. Something Ramsey did. I really think Jack Grealish is a great option to have.

      BILL TJAY Month ago

      Ramsey never controlled his special trait was the forward runs

    • Logan Dervish
      Logan Dervish Month ago +1

      I'd go for 2 midfielders, Grealish sounds good, but also someone with physicality and technique to partner torriera, like zakaria. Guendouzi can run, but is pretty weak, xhaka is powerful and a leader, but sloppy, I think zakaria brings the 'best' of both.

    • Tom G
      Tom G Month ago

      True, but I doubt he’ll leave Aston villa

    • คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律
      คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律 Month ago

      True he's actually quality

  • Zainboy5
    Zainboy5 Month ago +1

    Arsenal offensive with Man uniteds back 4 ooof a good team

  • Arsenal Boys
    Arsenal Boys Month ago +4

    Have you ever been to a game

    • KFC JimBob
      KFC JimBob Month ago +1

      Arsenal Boys he has. Have you

  • Forze Ferrari
    Forze Ferrari Month ago +10

    Awesome new set up!

  • Izac Zentar
    Izac Zentar Month ago +5

    Mark my words we will get top 4

    • Isac Kraft
      Isac Kraft Month ago +1

      What a legend

    • Izac Zentar
      Izac Zentar Month ago

      @daniel 14 are you shore???

    • daniel 14
      daniel 14 Month ago

      Sorry to say we will not get top 4

    • Izac Zentar
      Izac Zentar Month ago

      @KFC JimBob I bet yhat you support leeds or blackburn

    • KFC JimBob
      KFC JimBob Month ago +1

      Izac Zentar well you aren’t even as good as Newcastle

  • REC in
    REC in Month ago +6

    OMG the sound & image difference !!🔥 quality Matt, quality 😁👌
    K, I’m gonna watch the rest of the video now

  • Lynzi Garrett
    Lynzi Garrett Month ago +2

    Only thought of this now but thank goodness Arsenal are not called Arsenil

  • drew
    drew Month ago +9

    I prefer without the green screen to be honest

  • Eddiel Olivares
    Eddiel Olivares Month ago +1

    oh my MGH

    TSM ZVYRKT Month ago +3

    love the mic

  • CoCo MiKe
    CoCo MiKe Month ago +2

    Love the New mic amazing video love it.. Good job MGH!!!

  • Un Named
    Un Named Month ago +2

    Gabriel Martinpele 🇧🇷💪🏽💪🏽

  • Mandrew United
    Mandrew United Month ago +8

    Do a new setup tour

  • Riley C
    Riley C Month ago +9

    Loving the new mic!

  • idrees h
    idrees h Month ago +3

    I’m surprised we even won today, I hope we release Pepe he is so shit 72m lmaooo. Daniel James is 10x better and he cost only to 15m

    • ERC1422
      ERC1422 Month ago

      @Zyl0 sorry but ur so dumb lol

    • Zyl0
      Zyl0 Month ago

      Etienne Calleja sorry but ur so dumb lol

    • ERC1422
      ERC1422 Month ago +2

      r u drunk mate?

  • Gabgjo
    Gabgjo Month ago +5

    i really love your new mic!:)

  • mrbanana1805 !
    mrbanana1805 ! Month ago +2

    Do a west brom career mode. Or at least another championship one

    JACKSON MACKAY Month ago +6

    I really like this set up and background Matt! Chilled vibes

  • Electro Williams
    Electro Williams Month ago +1

    if ARSENAL plays against CITY with the mentality they had in the first half we are going to have a 10 - 0 loss

  • Hector Humphrys
    Hector Humphrys Month ago

    So good