More Thoughts on the Tesla Cybertruck

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • The Tesla Cybertruck has everyone talking. Today Doug DeMuro is explaining more thoughts on the Tesla Cybertruck, and I'm responding to some of the rebuttals to my last Cybertruck video, located below.
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  • Harmen Hartmans
    Harmen Hartmans 2 days ago

    Your fuel calculation is flawed because your comparing low end models vs the Cybertruck. My '14 SLT Ram eco diesel was priced at 55-60k . This truck is more equivalent then a gas powered Chevy because the range per charge/fill up is closer. Many truck owners spend much more than 291 per month. I'm over 500 per month and so is many others who own less efficient engines.
    In the last 5 years of ownership I've had to spend over $7000 to fix various diesel related problems on my truck. Ask anyone if there DEF system is working without any issues. My neighbor has the Ford diesel with similar costly problems. Cybertruck will come with Telsla super charger bonus, I'm only 10 min away. I wont spend $700 per month on electricity because of this. I use synthetic oil for my eco diesel, cost per oil change (needs 12 liters) is $150 x 4 per year . How much do owners spend on small dents and minor body damage over a ten year period? How many tail gates do you see with dents and scrapes from different accidents etc. This wont be an issue with the Cybertruck.
    My previous truck was also a SLT Ram diesel with a Cummins 5.9 model. I purchased new for $49k on a year end clearance. During that owner ship I had to replace the injectors costing over $4000, then a year later the reverse goes on the tranny costing another $3000. And I haven't even talked about the brakes! It feels like the internal combustion engines were designed to fail to provide more service revenue to the dealer network.
    I can't wait to get rid of my last internal combustion motor vehicle!

  • Richard Bennett
    Richard Bennett 4 days ago

    Compare apples to apples.
    Meeting the bare minimum of what the midrange tesla can do requires a 2020 F-150 with the following features/options.
    Crew Cab, 4x4, cruise control, Heavy duty payload package, Hard tonneau cover, bedliner, Stowable loading ramps (which btw, you cant even get if you also get the tonneau cover)
    all of that still falls short of what the Cybertruck can do even if you ONLY look at the standard auto drive feature.
    The MSRP (not including destination/acquisition fees) is $47,400 for the F-150.
    I'd say that's a pretty comparible price range.

  • francois G
    francois G 4 days ago

    You’re off the epa that you are using mention 2150 per year which is about $41 per week! The company that use a truck on a daily basis are the one that will save the most. You should do the calculation for 3 different type of owner to see how it end up. Ho sorry you’re biaised!

  • Kirk Morris
    Kirk Morris 5 days ago

    So your Ford GT40 is a good value? $28,000 to just get started before even driving to Whole Foods. No car purchase is just about cost, that’s why you buy cars that you think are worth owning regardless whether they are a good value or have utility. Bad review 😕

  • RpM_Evan
    RpM_Evan 5 days ago

    These Tesla fanboys in the comments tho

  • david roman
    david roman 5 days ago

    Doug !!!!! What if is a cheeper Lamborghini urus ??? You didn’t think about that. Just look how fast that thing goes compare to the Lamborghini.

  • Some Name
    Some Name 6 days ago

    What about the cost of replacing the lithium ion battery pack in this electric truck. Shout this not also be factored into the running cost over 5+ years?

  • William Morey-Baker
    William Morey-Baker 6 days ago

    Your cost analysis of truck ownership is nonsense... In 2018, the average full sized truck purchase cost nearly 50k. Do some research Doug

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 8 days ago

    It’s a punk rock studded belt with a big rodeo buckle. Can’t wait till the coal rollers are painting these like the General Lee. Dukes of Voltage, lol.

  • tellucas
    tellucas 11 days ago

    If it has 300k mile life on the power pack and million mile motor life then it will make sense in a fleet environment where the vehicles return home every day such as road crews and construction sites. stationary power from the truck would eliminate a generator and its associated fuel, maintenance and noise for running site lights and charging power tools.

  • fabianphil
    fabianphil 12 days ago

    tesla owners drank too much kool aid

  • Adan M
    Adan M 12 days ago

    20% naws, that's the Tesla effect.

  • Adan M
    Adan M 12 days ago

    Who the hell is buying a pick-up truck to be frugal? Idiots!

  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy 13 days ago

    I mean, it's not practical as a pick up, since if you tow, which is what you'd want to do with a pick-up truck, you'll have to stop every 150-250 miles to recharge the batteries depending on the model and weight of your payload (which might change when the truck comes out to the general public) but it's not going to be used like a Silverado or Tundra or F-150, it's going to be driven by that guy who always has to flex on his neighbors saying "LOOK AT ME! I HAVE THE TESLA CYBERTRUCK!"

  • Billy Bradley
    Billy Bradley 13 days ago

    One consideration for long term use (1) How long will these batteries last.? (2) What is the Replacement cost.? It might be that true long term use isn't financially feasible. Many owners keep F150s for 10 or 20 years. 300,000 miles. A rebuilt short block might be only 1000 to 2000 dollars.

  • scott web
    scott web 14 days ago

    Go to rural areas - you will notice the average family car IS a pickup a it will not be a family car but in the suburbs/rural areas it MIGHT work.

  • Tevel Drinkwater
    Tevel Drinkwater 14 days ago

    The comparison I'm interested in is Cybertruck vs. other EVs. I was considering if the Ford Mach-e would be the "one car", with the California Route 1 trim. The 300 mile route 1 list is $53,500 US. The 300 mile Cybertruck is $50,000 US list. Plus if I need to make a dump run, or use the truck functionality I have it, without needing to rent a truck.
    This is the argument around 11 minutes, but around here there are lots of full sized crew cab trucks that people *do* use as every day vehicles. You are correct though, they are big. Friends just replaced their minivan with an F250 Lariat, and it seems to work for them.

  • Reinier van Ramshorst
    Reinier van Ramshorst 15 days ago +1

    Nobody is going to care how much a cybertruck costs compared to a combustion engine pickup truck...

  • Shenghong Zhang
    Shenghong Zhang 15 days ago

    It's way cheaper than the trucks that can do FSD and the same 0-60 performance. Oh wait.. No truck can do either.

    • Billy Bradley
      Billy Bradley 13 days ago +1

      0-60.? Trucks haul and pull. Most of us could care less about 0-60.

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs 15 days ago

    The cybertruck looks awful, the model s is the only beautiful Tesla

  • Nerfamus
    Nerfamus 17 days ago

    What about the $7500 Electric Vehicle tax credit?

  • earl billups
    earl billups 18 days ago

    Here’s where you’re wrong. I ordered the dual motor cyber truck. 300 miles per charge. I don’t own a trailer and won’t be towing anything. I commute 90 miles per day. Half of my co workers are commuting in full size pickups or SUV’s. Primarily it’ll be my daily commuter, people hauler, furniture mover etc. Gas prices in NorCal for my current vehicle is almost $4 per gallon and I fill up every 2.5 days. A typical fill up is about $70-75. I have solar so my fuel savings will be dramatic. Also my driveway is long enough for 3 midsize cars bumper to bumper with a little room to spare. I currently commute in a 2013 Infinity G37X. I prefer a larger vehicle to see over and ahead of traffic in front of me. I had a 2017 Honda Accord Sport totaled by a motorcycle on the freeway. I had a 2011 Nissan Juke totaled by a Camry. I doubt that would happen with the Cybertruck. I’d guesstimate that 90% of the people I know with trucks aren’t towing anything but as people movers / family vehicles.

  • Kiki Setiabuddhi
    Kiki Setiabuddhi 18 days ago

    I thought it was like 30k...

  • Vignesh Waran
    Vignesh Waran 18 days ago

    It is ugly af .Dot

  • The Person You Are Looking For

    Doug I think your sweater is very cool! Thanks for this video!

  • Kevin McGuinness
    Kevin McGuinness 18 days ago

    I would consider myself (in all honesty) a Tesla fanboy, and I have to admit, he made some good arguments here.

  • Bill456
    Bill456 18 days ago

    This video wronge:
    here way by experts:
    1) (shorter video)
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    Now you understand.

  • nungiceman
    nungiceman 18 days ago

    The most important aspect is not to forget batteries don't run forever, when you need to swap out the batteries, it will cost you tons of money and it's probably not worth it at all, whereas, a normal car or truck can run forever it is looked after properly and well maintained.

  • Neil Biggs
    Neil Biggs 19 days ago

    You are obviously an idiot if you think comparing a 2 passenger ICE model with a 6 passenger larger bed capacity NICE is fair. Also operating costs for at least 1 year should be accounted for. No contest. ICE loses. NICE wins hands down.

  • Daniel Druce
    Daniel Druce 19 days ago

    You still didn't address the reason behind the polygonal design and the benefits of stainless steel. Calling it ugly is honestly stupid because it looks the way it does for a reason. Still, good video, and I'm glad youre speaking your mind about your opinions on the Cybertruck.

  • Josh Kaufman
    Josh Kaufman 19 days ago

    Doug must have some imagination to be wishing the new Tesla truck to be something "next level"
    I can't imagine what that would be, any ideas?
    (Besides nuclear powered and hover package?)

  • Webb Browser
    Webb Browser 21 day ago Geez, I have watched SO many of Doug's videos...but this is the first time I am actually commenting on one of his videos. The reason is that I have finally figured out that he does not have 'real' critical thought. Sure, it's easy for me to not be humble, since I am actually a mechanic, I've owned almost 50 vehicles, and have done my fair share of ground up rebuilds...and not just cars, but boats as well. But, Doug's opinion on the Cybertruck is simply child like. Stainless is the killer. This Cybertruck will have zero body maintenance, whereas all other steel trucks will have a lot of spend to maintain a dentless/scratchless/rustless state that the CT will have for 40 years. The difference between crap stamped steel and the CT cold rolled hardened 3mm 12 gauge stainless is night & day. Sorry Doug, but THE STAINLESS is the story with this truck...not the fact that it will have 1/4 the fuel costs with basically zero drivetrain maintenance. How can a vehicle depreciate IF it has million mile batteries/motors AND a Stainless Steel body that won't be damaged or even rust for 40+ years? People better get on the list since the only CTs that will be reasonably priced as used vehicles...will be the ones that have been in HEAVY accidents. ….and no, this CT will not be a replacement for normal cars, but a stainless version of the upcoming model Y would be. Who would be dumb enough to buy ANY other car IF there was a stainless Model 3/Y available? Answer: Nobody!

  • John Snow
    John Snow 22 days ago

    you don't matter

  • Anthony Fletcher
    Anthony Fletcher 22 days ago

    If we don't support the cyber truck there won't be a model in 3 or 4 years....

  • Sayef Is A Yeeter !
    Sayef Is A Yeeter ! 22 days ago

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  • Max Waterman
    Max Waterman 23 days ago

    Aren't EVs about protecting the environment? Surely conventional trucks are the worst of the worst for the EV one is probably a significant improvement?

  • jawbreaker
    jawbreaker 24 days ago +1

    Your logic is correct however I still think that the more expensive Cybertruck offers things that are unprecedented and will sell well.

  • Geoffrey Hodies
    Geoffrey Hodies 24 days ago

    Right it’s two years away. New technology new batteries. Tesla is not standing still. You compare old teslas such as the model X with all battery cell technology. Thank you for naming the model 3 as the BEST car of the year. I know you understand how far ahead Tesla is.

  • David P
    David P 24 days ago

    I like the follow up content to discuss a truck as controversial and different as this.

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall 25 days ago


  • Freddy Chale
    Freddy Chale 25 days ago +3

    If the UN gets a teenager to discuss climate change.
    Why shouldn't Elon get a toddler to design his electric garbage bin?

  • Keryn Woods
    Keryn Woods 26 days ago +1

    As long as you think you're right Doug, that's all that matters doesn't it

  • mboiko
    mboiko 26 days ago +1

    I believe this is what Doug was referencing when he brought up Tesla towing...
    "Teslas CAN'T Tow Across Country - Watch Us Try and FAIL! "

  • mboiko
    mboiko 26 days ago +1

    Too bad there'll be no federal EV tax credit given on the Cybertruck.
    "Tesla doesn't cite tax savings with the Cybertruck because it will ship nearly a year after Tesla's federal tax credit expires. Once $7,500, it's now down to $1,875 and falls to zero on Jan 2020. ... Tesla was the first automaker to sell 200,000 EVs and now it's the first with no tax credits as of Jan 2020"

  • Yinyangsepticirish
    Yinyangsepticirish 27 days ago

    What are your thoughts on the Fiat Multipla first generation?

  • Silver N Black Mopar
    Silver N Black Mopar 27 days ago

    I saw one of these in a Walmart parking lot. It was in a handicap spot....

  • CLP
    CLP 27 days ago

    Of course the Cybertruck has way more equipment than the Silverado. It has 100% more Batmobile steering wheels than the base Silverado. Your move Chevy.

  • laxballdmw
    laxballdmw 27 days ago +2

    Cost of ownership argument coming from a man who financed a used Ford for $200,000

  • ABreathOfReason
    ABreathOfReason 27 days ago

    Yes, electricity prices, especially if EVs are massively successful, will be MUCH cheaper than gas in the future. - Idiots.

  • Mike Hunt Sr.
    Mike Hunt Sr. 27 days ago

    The Cybertruck will be bought by people you use their trucks like cars. You know the type. $60,000 truck that has never seen a dirt road, done any work, or towed a load. They would use it as a commuter vehicle.
    Anybody that has a truck for actual work knows the Cybertruck is ridiculous.

  • RB01138
    RB01138 28 days ago +4

    You'd have to be over 9 feet tall to reach into the bed over the side. If you're a normal person, you have to climb in to access the bed.

  • GunshyBean
    GunshyBean 29 days ago

    I don’t believe it matters if the cyber truck is a usable truck. This isn’t going to sell to truck people. Its selling to the exact rich people you mentioned who might buy a g-wagon or raptor for the sake of having a raptor or g wagon. (Or even the people who pay 180000 for a new Land Rover!) It’s going to sell to the same rich segment people who buy luxury 4x4 capable vehicles with no interest in off-roading.
    I also think the idea this market is tiny right now is true, but the fact it’s a Tesla I assume will help carry it. With other new generations of vehicles you see high sales. The hype is there 100%. I think sales will be small compared to previous Tesla’s, people will call it a failure, but it will not matter

  • Chase Profit
    Chase Profit 29 days ago

    Doug is the type of guy to make a thumbnail looking like a thumbnail 😀

  • James Leadley
    James Leadley 29 days ago

    Doug is just plain wrong. Tesla's truck is going to be rated to last 1,000,000 and will probably last much longer than even that. It could very well be the only vehicle a 20 something EVER buys in their entire life. That kind of durability is highly valued in truck enthusiasts. Old Dodge Hemi diesels still have insane prices with over 500,000 miles on them because they will go forever. It's sad to see an 'influencer' simply double down on their stupidity and not consider revolutionary products in a new light.

  • Law Law
    Law Law Month ago +1

    Electric cars are taking another big step forward, now that they're comparing them to ice cars on price, on an equal basis.
    In recent history, it was: "well it is an electric car, so we can't really compare on a dollar for dollar basis."
    Now, without being consciously aware, we expect electric cars to be on a similar price point to ice cars, and that shows an evolution in our thinking, and an acceptance of electric cars as a genuine alternative.
    Electrification is on the move, and at a much faster rate than expected. Even the persons who believe they are against electric cars are accepting them subconsciously. By the next few years the only objection to electric cars will be: "well ice cars are more expensive and less capable, but I love ice vehicles for sentimental reasons."

  • Julian Oliver
    Julian Oliver Month ago +2

    doug is the best.

  • Popphan motor industries

    If my Chevy suburban fits in my garage, or my driveway with two other cars, then the cyber truck would fit too. I personally am not a big fan of the cyber truck, this is more of a fact check than anything else.

  • Jill S
    Jill S Month ago +3

    Just like how the G wag is a staple of money and maybe 5% of the owners take it "off roading" youre gonna see these all over LA driven by soundcloud rappers and im here for that

  • Haydn Simon
    Haydn Simon Month ago

    What is the Range of a Faso truck wehena towing?

  • Haydn Simon
    Haydn Simon Month ago

    The $49,00cyber truck is $20,000
    cheapor than a $49,00 Ford truck after 5 years.