The Little Brother Rap

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Kyle Exum
    Kyle Exum  3 months ago +3372

    Thanks for Watching! Make sure y'all stream The Little Brother Rap Song up here: Remember to Like & Subscribe! If we get 150,000 likes I'm dropping The Crazy Girlfriend Rap. Let's get this thing trending!

  • kevin howley
    kevin howley 4 hours ago

    this is the best youtob video ever

  • Marena Shawquy
    Marena Shawquy 18 hours ago

    Every part of the video is my favourite

  • Water Carrot
    Water Carrot 18 hours ago

    It be like that sometimes... 😂

  • Liyana Bari
    Liyana Bari 19 hours ago

    Kyle’s Chores list
    • Make your bed
    • -Take our trash-
    • -Vacuum the vacuum- I say what?
    • -Wax the roof- I say what?
    • -Replace the windows with new windows-
    • -Put the old windows back in- Me: Oof Lmao
    • -Fix Your Hairline- Me: *YOU HAVE THE SAME HAIR*
    • -Step your Outfit Game Up-
    • Clean my belts: Kyle’s dad: Oh hell nah you ain’t clean ma belts? Me: RUN DUNUNDUNDUN
    Oh I knew it, it was actually Timmy’s

  • 初音XxMikuVcaloidxX
    初音XxMikuVcaloidxX 22 hours ago

    Boii, just play GTA somewhere ! Lol best song ever!

  • Leon_ Idk
    Leon_ Idk Day ago

    Should I sub?

  • Naty Marban
    Naty Marban Day ago +1

    1 like 1 slap for the little brother

  • El Luguaso
    El Luguaso Day ago

    This is such a good vid you just got a sub👍

  • J Loftis
    J Loftis Day ago

    I’d videotape him trying to blackmail me and show it to the parents and show he is about there little angel
    Then I’d look at him and say that’s what you get for bieng a little spoiled brat

  • Hub Mathurin
    Hub Mathurin Day ago

    1:43. He has a 9lb weight.

  • Tanush karumuru
    Tanush karumuru Day ago

    Kyle: Imma work out
    Kyle's bro: I can work out too. with real weights, I don't want those 2's
    Kyle: Bro chill out. Whatchu trying to prove?
    Kyle's bro: That anything you do, I can too.
    Kyle: That's not true now just step aside.
    Kyle's Mom: Kyle give your bro those 9's
    Kyle: OK fine
    Kyle's bro: OW my toe!
    Kyle's Mom: This hurts me more than it hurts your bro!

  • Andrew Santiago
    Andrew Santiago 2 days ago

    Nailed it

  • Gamingwith Merohunter

    2:41 may the force be with you
    Every small brother for real

  • Ahlana B
    Ahlana B 2 days ago

    Every time I see my little sister siting outside of room or knocking at my door, followed up by silence with a smug look on her face makes me so angry. Just seeing Timmy with that look on his face in the beginning from 0:39-0:42 made me want to fight.

  • Bella the equestrian

    Kyle why are you so GOODDDD!!

  • dpgamer 132
    dpgamer 132 2 days ago

    0:34 it's 9:57

  • Free AMV
    Free AMV 2 days ago

    Yo can you add me on fortnite

  • Son Te whare
    Son Te whare 2 days ago

    I couldnt play kahoot wif u

  • Netty BeatMaker
    Netty BeatMaker 2 days ago

    I can't get over that "angry stare" of yours man!! 🤣

  • 100k subs without any vids Challenge

    Kyles brother got skills

  • Eugene Mack
    Eugene Mack 2 days ago

    I play GTA 5

  • Squeguin Quack
    Squeguin Quack 2 days ago +1

    Did he really just play GTA on a MacBook with a PS4 controller?

  • Elias Reyes
    Elias Reyes 2 days ago

    Dang good rimes

  • Free AMV
    Free AMV 3 days ago

    Bro you are like the most og rapper I know

  • Cru Sis
    Cru Sis 3 days ago


  • OG_Austin
    OG_Austin 3 days ago


  • hi5 guy
    hi5 guy 3 days ago +1

    this summarizes the existence of f little siblings and how they are VERY VERY ANNOYING! :)

  • Mark Newberry II
    Mark Newberry II 3 days ago

    Dope bro, keep it going

  • yeet stephisnoob
    yeet stephisnoob 3 days ago

    I just like the part where he just say you hit so atke me along I'mma tall mom I'mma tell mom

  • Mazin Amir
    Mazin Amir 4 days ago

    Kyle I'm a little brother

  • Gacha and many more Gotu king of gacha

    lem me kill the lil shit

  • Itz_GalaxyWolf Twins

    This song explains my brother
    I frikin accidentally touch him when passing by and he acts like he got hit my a truck

  • God's Child X
    God's Child X 4 days ago +1

    He's trying to play the game tv off

  • Blue _
    Blue _ 4 days ago

    Put it on 0.75 it’s 🔥

  • Jada Walker
    Jada Walker 4 days ago +1

    Its pronosned hide and seek

  • Elijah Hawkins
    Elijah Hawkins 4 days ago

    The brother has rap out

  • JB Minniear
    JB Minniear 4 days ago +1

    Exactly how my bro’s act
    This was meant for the little bro rap

  • *’katrina’*
    *’katrina’* 4 days ago

    This is so me and my brother

  • CandyCloudWolf
    CandyCloudWolf 5 days ago +1

    That sounds like my little sister. Like an exact clone.

  • Domino Watts
    Domino Watts 5 days ago +1

    The people who disliked haven't had a good past

    LIGHTNINGBOY Thomas 5 days ago

    How many times y'all think Kyle got bettings

  • verio y baby jedwin
    verio y baby jedwin 6 days ago

    Make a video when parents take the big brother side.

  • The Blank Guy
    The Blank Guy 6 days ago

    Use me as your imma tell mom button

  • Tyler Bros
    Tyler Bros 6 days ago

    Best song

  • Elijah Linton-Jones
    Elijah Linton-Jones 6 days ago

    Fire 🔥 just fire 🔥

  • Sunkuma Fighter
    Sunkuma Fighter 6 days ago

    Your welcome 😇

  • Toxic Flame
    Toxic Flame 7 days ago

    Little brother:Hey I was sitting on the couch first

    Big brother: I was here first

  • camden crews
    camden crews 7 days ago

    I have a annoying little sooooo can you make a big sister rap

  • Kaiden Willson
    Kaiden Willson 7 days ago

    by the way good song

  • Kaiden Willson
    Kaiden Willson 7 days ago

    that is so like my little brother

    LIGHTNINGBOY Thomas 7 days ago

    Who do y'all like more timmy or kyle

  • Caleb Johnson
    Caleb Johnson 7 days ago

    U love your videos

    WILLIE WASHAM 7 days ago


  • Gamer QueenH Mora
    Gamer QueenH Mora 8 days ago +1

    Kyell- "Omg im laughing so hard cannot breathe"

    Also kyell-**serious face**

    (Kyell from Starbucks thing)

  • Seven_blocks Is toxic

    Timmy is talking like my fucking bitchass baby sis

  • Eduardo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Rodriguez 8 days ago

    Soooooo true

    LIGHTNINGBOY Thomas 8 days ago

    Did y'all saw his face when timmy got caught😨that's how he was 😂😅😎

  • Duck frag
    Duck frag 8 days ago

    I like you videos you cap smiling

  • Benjamin McRae
    Benjamin McRae 8 days ago +1

    "Imma tell mom" so true