JRE MMA Show #63 with Jorge Masvidal

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Joe is joined by UFC welterweight fighter Jorge Masvidal.

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  • Juan Carrasquel
    Juan Carrasquel Hour ago

    I don't know how many times I heard Joe said that Miami is Garbage, as soon Jorge comes to the show, Joe says Miami is cool the food is exotic, bla, bla come on man

  • IslamicRageBoy
    IslamicRageBoy 11 hours ago

    On,y wrestling and boxing should be allowed

  • IslamicRageBoy
    IslamicRageBoy 11 hours ago


  • Nestor Lugo
    Nestor Lugo Day ago

    Here after sage northcutt facial reconstruction surgery

  • Timothy Muldoon
    Timothy Muldoon 2 days ago

    Listen to your body moral of story

  • Timothy Muldoon
    Timothy Muldoon 2 days ago

    Hell yeah I love his diet advice... I couldn't find a way till I started telling me no I know my body I'm up at 5 for pushups everyday and might not eat until 1 and once more for dinner do it big then that's it I feel better read more positive ... To much info is just that too much

  • Jimmy Diaz
    Jimmy Diaz 2 days ago

    I thought he was gay.???Is he?

  • Marcel Maglica
    Marcel Maglica 2 days ago

    Just to play devils advocate.

  • Kola Kola
    Kola Kola 2 days ago +1

    Diaz Brothers

  • T-mo Cruz
    T-mo Cruz 3 days ago

    Love these podcast u don't know how far they really go joe

  • John wayne
    John wayne 4 days ago

    Joe doing the Bisping for sure

  • David Driggs
    David Driggs 5 days ago

    This kid got crazy leg choked out in belator, . Should chill out, after being put to sleep so many times

  • subba waldhof
    subba waldhof 5 days ago

    Can we have T-City on the Podcast?

  • Chris R
    Chris R 7 days ago

    Yall should check out Miami hustle starring masvidal and others. .. Your Welcome

  • AD Hacking Productions.

    Masvidal really looks like Deacon from Days gone even the voice matches alot.

  • Isaac Monson
    Isaac Monson 8 days ago

    "can he impose his will? can he get ahold of u?"
    *brief silence*

  • cort reynolds-bolan
    cort reynolds-bolan 8 days ago

    get pk subban on

  • Cody Kern
    Cody Kern 9 days ago


  • TheKxngCk
    TheKxngCk 9 days ago

    Real gangster GAMEBREAD

  • SleepIsOverrated
    SleepIsOverrated 9 days ago

    Well Jorge has a career in stand-up if he so chooses after he retires.

  • Babba16
    Babba16 9 days ago

    Best Podcast in years, Masvidal is an epic human

  • Houndz
    Houndz 10 days ago

    37:30 Rogan just called Masvidal's training partner stupid in front of him.

  • Ionn Blignault
    Ionn Blignault 10 days ago

    Why is Joe always riding Ben's nuts. Ugh can't stand that dude and I don't think he has a lot of fans in the UFC. He looked like a gym teacher fighting Robbie Lawler, barely threw one punch and got KO'd twice by the Ruthless one before that terrible stoppage

  • RodneyJames138
    RodneyJames138 11 days ago

    Ya know ..ya know ...ya know ...ya know... ya know?

  • Strange
    Strange 13 days ago

    Take up FPV as a hobby. Flying quadcopters is where it’s at

  • Mario Villa
    Mario Villa 13 days ago

    Jorge Masvidal definitely sounds and reminds me of Jon Bernthal.

  • copper urmenita
    copper urmenita 14 days ago +6

    i watch this episode thrice already and every time i watch it, i fall in love with masvidal more.

  • ADZ
    ADZ 14 days ago


  • Parth Mistry
    Parth Mistry 14 days ago +1

    MMA is so much different than boxing. To adopt the scoring system just because it already existed for boxing - that's like adopting the rules of tennis for ping pong.

    Why don't we adopt the boxing weight classes?

  • Brandon Alexanian
    Brandon Alexanian 15 days ago

    Would love to see him fight a Diaz bro

  • Jonathan Luna
    Jonathan Luna 15 days ago +14

    We gotta get yoel romero, jorge masvidal, and joey diaz!!!!

    • NT Luca
      NT Luca 12 days ago

      Jonathan Luna That would be quite the Cuban sandwich. We need that.

  • Gage Rosicky
    Gage Rosicky 16 days ago

    Ben is already living rent free in masvidals head watch askren wreck him in the fight mark my words

  • Ross Prey
    Ross Prey 17 days ago

    He's gonna get a hold of these fucking nuts man

  • Globalizmas - Keiksmažodis

    47:36 so macho

  • john doe
    john doe 18 days ago

    The last live show :(

  • SneekySmurf
    SneekySmurf 18 days ago

    Great podcast brothers, truly enjoyed it

  • Renzo Conti
    Renzo Conti 18 days ago

    Jorge "drilled out" Masvidal

  • Sergio Del Valle
    Sergio Del Valle 18 days ago

    Jorge masvidal went over there and terrorized all the Hooligans

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 19 days ago +1

    In the words of Joey Diaz ...these gentlemen are true ...functioning savages...

  • TruckcityTV
    TruckcityTV 19 days ago

    Top notch

  • ieuan mackenzie
    ieuan mackenzie 20 days ago +4

    Joe Rogan: He's Thicc

  • gabriel2791
    gabriel2791 20 days ago +3

    Masvidal should be here on this podcast on the regular. He is quite entertaining!!!

  • Meño
    Meño 20 days ago +1

    Ok you guys chill with the Diaz jokes I’ve seen them everywhere consecutively. “He’s the smart Diaz brother.” “He is the long lost Diaz brother that’s smarter.” STOP

    • kingdom fungi
      kingdom fungi 18 days ago

      Meño doesn’t this guy remind you of a smarter Diaz brother

  • Donald Wilson
    Donald Wilson 20 days ago

    this guy is tough enough to get into the salty spittoon

  • Julian Velasco
    Julian Velasco 21 day ago

    Only aliens are illegal ones maga n fuck off

  • Paloma Ortiz
    Paloma Ortiz 21 day ago

    My favorite Cuban in the ufc ♥️

  • chris pesanon
    chris pesanon 22 days ago

    Probably one of the best pod cast guest on the show.

  • Natalie Ramon
    Natalie Ramon 22 days ago +1

    That is one cool, sexy doood....

  • Battle Toad
    Battle Toad 22 days ago +18

    Charmander-----> Charmeleon-----> Charizard
    Nate Diaz-----> Nick Diaz-----> Jorge Masvidal

  • mario sandino
    mario sandino 22 days ago +6

    This guy has the most legendary street fight of all time

  • Blackbeltwhitehat
    Blackbeltwhitehat 22 days ago +1

    @5:50 - Donald loves the Russians

  • Michelle Kusmic
    Michelle Kusmic 22 days ago

    Gamebread is the best damn nick name in MMA

  • Mark D
    Mark D 22 days ago +1

    Man, this man's principles in life makes it hard to hate on him. Badass dude!!!

  • mxdmxd111
    mxdmxd111 22 days ago

    That's one dope ass shirt!

  • Danny Mahoney
    Danny Mahoney 22 days ago


  • jim lotus
    jim lotus 22 days ago +1


  • FROGO Creature
    FROGO Creature 23 days ago

    could be sick

  • Inspectah deck
    Inspectah deck 23 days ago

    49:30 Their wasnt just one assailant lol their was a crew of hooligans lmaooo famous words " I was scared for myself lmao

  • lowlowseesee
    lowlowseesee 23 days ago

    all the things he hates about Ben, Colby does ahahaha.

  • JLAShazam
    JLAShazam 23 days ago

    I want one of those shirts

  • Blackwings Prophet
    Blackwings Prophet 23 days ago

    49:13 I'm was scared for my life against him and his group of hoodlums, jorge is hilarious he know what to say from experience 😂

  • frankenclouds !!
    frankenclouds !! 24 days ago

    Ufc didn't wanna mess with too many titles. Yeah but what about all the interims?

  • CatchCanista
    CatchCanista 24 days ago

    Good to see Che Guevara coming back from the dead to do a podcast!

  • Sean L
    Sean L 24 days ago

    So what's up with the left side of Joe's nose above the nostril? Lighting problem?

  • cristina franco
    cristina franco 24 days ago

    This guy has a very nice voice.

  • Yougotthatfunk
    Yougotthatfunk 24 days ago +45

    Joe Rogan definitely jacks off in his flotation tank.

  • Justins Entertainment
    Justins Entertainment 25 days ago +1

    Oh yeah this gonna be a good one

  • Panda
    Panda 25 days ago

    ?????????????????????? why didnt i get a notification for this
    a whole fucking week later i see it in my recommended.... k

  • Antarus
    Antarus 25 days ago +1

    Im a big fan of Masvidal! Thanks Joe and Jorge!

  • Alexander Garcia
    Alexander Garcia 25 days ago

    29:03 I was a staggering 2....sssseexy 😂

  • Jack Pennington
    Jack Pennington 25 days ago

    Jorge is the goat at acting stupid Nate is just stupid 🤔

  • Jack Pennington
    Jack Pennington 25 days ago

    Jorge v Nate is the fight to make 🙄 come on Dana you want big money 🙏

  • PvG Gameplay
    PvG Gameplay 25 days ago

    "I don't wanna make him famous" Ben was in the JRE a long time ago

  • PvG Gameplay
    PvG Gameplay 25 days ago

    Hahaha Jorge is a Mutthead

  • winslow wong
    winslow wong 26 days ago

    Joe defending his boy askren

  • Tony Bonds
    Tony Bonds 26 days ago

    i don't like this guy

  • thupermat1992
    thupermat1992 26 days ago

    How are people still arguing the fact the Yoel deserves another shot at Whittaker ? He lost the first fight , was given another shot and then did not make weight AND lost on decision that yes may have been questionable but he was given the Opportunity and couldn’t even make the weight to seize this opportunity he was gifted. A third match just doesn’t make sense for Whittaker at this stage and nor does he owe it to Yoel. ( Yoel is a fantastic fighter and I am a fan FYI )

  • Imrich 768
    Imrich 768 26 days ago

    Joe scoring system sucks Rogan

  • Imrich 768
    Imrich 768 26 days ago

    Joe search in archives rogan

  • alex nunez
    alex nunez 26 days ago +5

    That show masvidal talking about is called exalton

  • mark kevorkian
    mark kevorkian 27 days ago

    Jorge is the man. Seeing him in those back yard kimbo fights and now being near the top of the ufc is amazing

  • lowlowseesee
    lowlowseesee 27 days ago +3

    I love Joe but he cleaned up his florida shit talk real well for a floridian guest ahahaha

    • lowlowseesee
      lowlowseesee 23 days ago

      +Adrhodes442 agreed ahahaha

    • Adrhodes442
      Adrhodes442 26 days ago +1

      Lol I can't imagine Jorge would disagree with anything he's ever said about it...

  • Dejan Srdić
    Dejan Srdić 27 days ago +145

    Jorge is a version of Nick Diaz that has all the chromosomes.

    • Charger FTW
      Charger FTW 2 days ago +1

      Copy comments much, come up with ur own shit

    • Stefan Wolf
      Stefan Wolf 22 days ago +3

      Or all the brain cells

  • Lilak Monoke
    Lilak Monoke 27 days ago

    jorge fucking "doin a little jailtime for crimes he didnt commit" masvidal!

  • sychophantt
    sychophantt 27 days ago

    lookin like mini El Gigante

  • johny ubankta
    johny ubankta 27 days ago

    Jorge makes a very valid point about Edwards actually 2 valid points...

  • matthew whittaker
    matthew whittaker 27 days ago

    joe, the lighting on your nose and sometimes eye looks like some wierd blemish. just a heads up brother

  • James Willson
    James Willson 27 days ago

    I'm watching this 3 hours after spinal fusion surgery fuck it hurts to laugh. Jorge is one of the real ones bruh, true humble and ready whenever to go HIYA!

    REDISCOVERING ME 27 days ago

    I thought DC was an Olympic gold medalist too?

  • Squidboy Luis
    Squidboy Luis 28 days ago

    Jorge finna win bruh on me he is

  • Fernando Carvajal
    Fernando Carvajal 28 days ago

    The mushroom story was classic

  • HeelHook YourMomma
    HeelHook YourMomma 28 days ago

    this s.a. will kill you, your'e nobody till masvidal darren till you

  • Wild Bill HipHop
    Wild Bill HipHop 28 days ago +1

    Did this podcast seem short or fast? I get frustrated when Joe asks a good question, and the reply gets off track and they forget to answer the damn question. Young Jaime needs to speak up more and keep stoner Joe on point!!

  • Mundo Lopez
    Mundo Lopez 28 days ago

    Jorge would really hit it off with Theo Von lol

  • Dave C.
    Dave C. 28 days ago +4

    Jorge should pull out of the fight with Askren late notice pretend he's got some kind of injury, then have LAWLER as a replacement. BOOM problem solved people. Askren is obliged to fight cause the show must go on

    • ZoomeR
      ZoomeR 5 days ago

      One of the best comments I've read bravo sir

    • ahmed ali
      ahmed ali 25 days ago


  • Andrew Luna
    Andrew Luna 28 days ago

    Joe please get George Papadopoulos on the podcast!

  • Vic Rattlehead
    Vic Rattlehead 28 days ago

    Joe sounds gay as fuck at 58:59

  • michael roberts
    michael roberts 28 days ago


  • Sandoz Lab
    Sandoz Lab 28 days ago +1

    Me no spik englitch🤣
    Jorge Savage Genius masvidal

  • 19noel89
    19noel89 28 days ago

    Nate Diaz vs Masvidal would be nice to watch