Batman: Hush - Official Graphic Novel Trailer

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • Considered one of Batman's best tales, Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb's Batman: Hush finds the Dark Knight dealing with a strange new adversary while unraveling a mystery that will set him at odds with some of his greatest villains. Available wherever books and comics are sold.
    To read Batman: Hush digitally:
    Watch the trailer for the new Batman: Hush animated movie, available on Blu-ray, Digital HD and streaming on August 13, 2019:
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Comments • 92

  • RayfieldA
    RayfieldA 2 months ago +1

    Why hasn't Hush been made into a digital comic with cool limited animation? Jim Lee's artwork deserves it! It would be Beautiful!

  • Sarp Koçak
    Sarp Koçak 2 months ago

    finally ! give us the new dc essential edition batman hush! ı have been waiting for months!

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales 2 months ago

    Why does a comic book that came out 16 years ago need a trailer?

  • Geran Ball
    Geran Ball 2 months ago

    One of the most overrated batman stories out there, which is weird considering the same author who wrote this, wrote the much better The Long Halloween and Dark Victory.

  • Douglas Snyder
    Douglas Snyder 3 months ago

    I already own the graphic novel, even though I haven't read it completely because of too many distractions. But now I'm hearing that they are releasing a new edition and I'm not sure if I should get it. I am looking forward to seeing the animated movie though.

  • Severus Jay
    Severus Jay 3 months ago

    Geil *. *

  • Gregory G
    Gregory G 3 months ago

    I want to know why The Unknown Soldier is now a Batman Villain.

  • Damian Rozpędek
    Damian Rozpędek 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that in bw it looks way better than in colour?

  • Sinan Ates
    Sinan Ates 3 months ago +1

    The genius of Jim Lee comic book art

  • Souradeep Sinha
    Souradeep Sinha 3 months ago

    Man they are really promoting hush.. I loved this novel..

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 3 months ago +1

    It’s a great detective story. Jim Lee is amazing. That’s why my favorite Batman book is All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy-Wonder. Jim Lee’s art, Frank Miller’s words...

  • max powers
    max powers 3 months ago

    Can we get a Dark knights metal batman animated 3 part film or what!

  • max powers
    max powers 3 months ago

    God I hate hush..... hate the charicter and the story. Never could get behind it

  • heaven roots
    heaven roots 3 months ago

    Read it; its really good but gonna miss the croc scene in hush movie

  • Leonard R.
    Leonard R. 3 months ago

    Yet they used a horrible art style for thr movie and they put a great story into the new trash 52 universe.

  • NPC# 0117
    NPC# 0117 3 months ago

    So is this a promo for a new collected edition or simply just to make people aware of the graphic novel to pad sales ahead of the movie's release?

  • Rick Sanchez del universo c 137

    Such a bait for a shitty comic.

  • Kunal Chawla
    Kunal Chawla 3 months ago +1

    Just finished this last week, and now I’m onto Dark Knight series by Frank Miller. Both these legends have such mind blowing artwork, it’s hard not to be inspired to go out there and draw something myself !

  • Davon Hall
    Davon Hall 3 months ago

    I own it already. Great read.

  • Back Gambit
    Back Gambit 3 months ago

    I would not mind you doing Batman versus the real Ghostbusters or justice league dark versus the real Ghostbusters in a full links animated movie

  • Braden Hogan
    Braden Hogan 3 months ago

    Book is worth it to see Jim Lee draw the whole Bat-Family, Gotham City, and villains alone. And the story, while not Loeb’s best work, certainly has its moments as well. And if you ship Batman and Catwoman, you won’t be disappointed. This was Jim Lee perhaps in the prime of his career

  • Pat .K
    Pat .K 3 months ago

    Best story!!!! > jothepf leob!!!》best artst!!!!>Jim Lee!!!!》best Batman ever !!! Absolutly masterpiece! !! BATMAN HUSH》excelsior !

  • Nick M
    Nick M 3 months ago

    Over 15 years later and that art still looks amazing

  • Sherrow
    Sherrow 3 months ago

    Release the new Batman game

    SERGIUS 3 months ago

    This is really good batman story .
    That's have fantastic plot . Jeem Lee - Thanks !

    SERGIUS 3 months ago

    I have this comic's

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite13 3 months ago

    A real masterpiece to read.

  • Mara Jade
    Mara Jade 3 months ago

    Hush is great, but the animated adapation looks terrible.

  • salu bhai
    salu bhai 3 months ago +1

    Dc cant make best movies compared to marvel dc is the worst

    • No name
      No name 3 months ago

      *Your grammar isn't good either.*

  • MrNoIdentification1
    MrNoIdentification1 3 months ago

    One of the best Batman stories. NOT watching the new animated movie :)

  • Moses Bharshankar
    Moses Bharshankar 3 months ago +2

    Its good but you guys need to update the animation style.

  • Nick Zamora
    Nick Zamora 3 months ago

    Favorite Batman story ever

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 3 months ago +4

    Hush is pretty cliche and overrated but the art is probably the best of any Batman comic ever

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman 2 months ago

      Timothy Willox agreed, a bunch of fan service, a competent if cliche plot and gorgeous art. It’s probably the best starting point for a new Batman reader

    • Timothy Willox
      Timothy Willox 3 months ago

      Patrick Bateman It’s a pretty solid “entry level” Batman story.

  • Batman Fan
    Batman Fan 3 months ago +1

    Imagine releasing a trailer for a comic that came out 16 years ago

    • Timothy Willox
      Timothy Willox 3 months ago

      Surprised they didn’t advertise the deluxe edition that they released with the “Rebirth” DC logo on it

  • BTW
    BTW 3 months ago

    My first comic, thank you JL

  • Crush Gandra
    Crush Gandra 3 months ago +1

    You know I heard that Hush was gonna appear in The Batman TV series (2004-2008) but got didn't for some reason and got replaced by Rumor who's not even similar to him, why is that?

    • Batman Fan
      Batman Fan 3 months ago +1

      I love that series and yeah it was going to happen but I'm not sure why, maybe he was too violent

  • Crush Gandra
    Crush Gandra 3 months ago +1

    Question: Do any of you guys know about the eleventh episode of the 4th season of The Batman TV series 2004-2008 called Rumors? And, what do you guys think about that episode and the vigilante who appeared in it named Rumor aka Mario?

    • Quadira Holden
      Quadira Holden 3 months ago

      I know what you're talking about. From my understanding, it was supposed to feature Hush but DC didn't like the idea for some reason so Rumor was created in his place.

  • Jacob Duran
    Jacob Duran 3 months ago

    One of my favorite graphic novels of all time!

  • Philly man
    Philly man 3 months ago +1

    When does the *animated movie* come out?

    • Timothy Willox
      Timothy Willox 3 months ago

      Philly man Mid-late August. Not sure when it’s on the DCU app though

  • Angelica Machado
    Angelica Machado 3 months ago +2

    Hush Batman Hush

  • Todoroki Is A Beast!
    Todoroki Is A Beast! 3 months ago +27

    One of the best stories from DC comics and I am excited for the animated movie but I just wish they put more money into the animation for the movie since Jim Lee art in the comic was amazing.

  • Daryl Spencer
    Daryl Spencer 3 months ago

    🎥TNA wrestler Michael Elgin would be sensational as LEX LUTHOR, giving Clark Kent Superman the fight of his life.Jessie Godderz please DC!😀💽

  • ComiXProvider FTW_02
    ComiXProvider FTW_02 3 months ago +17

    The first Batman comic I had when I was a kid.

    • pako speed Denver
      pako speed Denver 2 months ago

      @Bailey dont be joking now lol

    • Bailey
      Bailey 2 months ago +1

      pako speed Denver Oh definitely, I imagine it would get split into 2 parts but it leaked that it’s in development already.

    • pako speed Denver
      pako speed Denver 3 months ago

      Yeah its great my first was knightfall pt1 hopefully DC makes an animated adaption

  • Mostafa Farweez
    Mostafa Farweez 3 months ago

    Beautiful, and Can't Wait for the Animated Movie. I hope it will be faithful to the comic :)

  • Y2JFan94
    Y2JFan94 3 months ago +1

    Needs more Huntress

  • lord chaos
    lord chaos 3 months ago +3

    You know what wouldve been perfect next to the batman hush animated film?? That hush omnibus you cancelled........

  • Anthony Burrows
    Anthony Burrows 3 months ago +3

    The storyline that got me back into comics!

  • C Shipman
    C Shipman 3 months ago

    The story that got me into Batman. Love it

  • Anthony Watson
    Anthony Watson 3 months ago

    Amazing so hyped for the movie adaption ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  • Jeffzzzz
    Jeffzzzz 3 months ago +8

    Amazing story!
    Hoping The Batman movie is like this

  • Haljordan4life
    Haljordan4life 3 months ago +6

    One of the all time best batman stories.

  • Harley Queens
    Harley Queens 3 months ago +1

    I love all the work yall have done on the comics I want to meet you one day
    how are you guys doing 😍😍

  • Sayan Singha
    Sayan Singha 3 months ago +1

    One of my favourite stories!

  • C-Core
    C-Core 3 months ago +24

    One of my favorite DC graphic novels! Can’t wait for the animated movie!

    ARYAN WAYNE 3 months ago +5

    Ending of the story was trash

    • Jack Saat
      Jack Saat 3 months ago +5

      True and like I always say the story can only be as good as its ending, if the ending sucks everything else falls apart, but this is a big issue with comics series in general, like they don't want change the character or its world too much.

  • Ch Ka
    Ch Ka 3 months ago +125

    One of the best Batman stories. I’m excited for the animated adaption even if I am slightly disappointed by the character designs.

    • DC Is Iconic
      DC Is Iconic 3 months ago +1

      agree they made it too generic

    • thedredmanable
      thedredmanable 3 months ago +2

      It's cause they're trying to fit it in with their Animated Movie Universe that used to be really good but has essentially hit rock bottom with Death of Superman.

    • Elliepopcorn
      Elliepopcorn 3 months ago

      @Ch Ka Whats wrong with them? they look awesome, maybe Joker not so much but the rest looks pretty much like always.

    • Ch Ka
      Ch Ka 3 months ago +2

      Timothy Willox
      I was talking about the character designs specifically

  • 0o0o0ThisIsMe0o0o0
    0o0o0ThisIsMe0o0o0 3 months ago +1

    Such a Must Read.

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson 3 months ago +1


  • Matthew Hopkins
    Matthew Hopkins 3 months ago +1


  • Jv
    Jv 3 months ago +1

    30 version