• Published on May 28, 2019
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Comments • 650

    KILLING MACHINE 10 days ago

    funny but the car is not mustang

  • khergamer jack
    khergamer jack Month ago

    Elgin talk like Tagalog but his mobile legends he speak English😂😂😂

  • Shipuden Master
    Shipuden Master Month ago

    マスターゲーマー Pilipino po ako ml youtuber din po

  • cold xquiteer
    cold xquiteer 2 months ago +1

    He looks like shin

  • Ronie Bitong
    Ronie Bitong 3 months ago

    OK Lang po naintindihan kopo language nyo filipino rin po ako hehehe

  • Gus Millitar
    Gus Millitar 3 months ago

    Filipino ka on pala wow amazing

  • ayesa mae
    ayesa mae 3 months ago

    skylark plsss

  • ayesa mae
    ayesa mae 3 months ago

    kuya pa give away skin

  • ayesa mae
    ayesa mae 3 months ago

    tigasaan ka lo

  • just Playz
    just Playz 4 months ago

    EY Elgin drawing tutor

  • just Playz
    just Playz 4 months ago

    So that's how the sexy drawings from the video

  • Jerich Familaran
    Jerich Familaran 4 months ago

    Kuya Elgin ilan taon kna po?

  • 11Wolf Boy
    11Wolf Boy 4 months ago +2

    Kuya Eyok HAHAHAHA

    • 11Wolf Boy
      11Wolf Boy 4 months ago

      Ngiii upload ka na den kasi blag!

    • Eyok
      Eyok 4 months ago

      naMiss ka din daw ng comment ko XD

    • 11Wolf Boy
      11Wolf Boy 4 months ago +1

      Hala namiss ko yung pag comment mo HAHAHAHAHA

    • Eyok
      Eyok 4 months ago

      Oist! XD

  • 11Wolf Boy
    11Wolf Boy 4 months ago +1

    Hala late HAHAHAHA

  • Sniper Gaming
    Sniper Gaming 4 months ago


  • Kawaii Potato Gamer
    Kawaii Potato Gamer 4 months ago

    Ako lang ba pilipino sa comments di ko alam like kung kyo

  • Joana Reyes
    Joana Reyes 4 months ago

    Kuya elgin pahinge po ng mecha dragong
    Neme ‘Reyes steve’

  • Mark_29 gaming and reaction videos

    pilipino ka san ka sa manila

  • Chou B
    Chou B 4 months ago

    Booosssss elgin! Fan here hehe

  • Existence.
    Existence. 4 months ago

    Feels good ❤️

  • Babe Baseball
    Babe Baseball 4 months ago

    Alm kong pilipino ka nung narinig ko mga bosses ng nasa elgin news

  • wasaki ML player
    wasaki ML player 4 months ago

    Tip lang po, lagyan po ng music yung timelapses para po mas gumanda pa🙃

  • I’ll_Always_Chus_U
    I’ll_Always_Chus_U 4 months ago

    5:53 was that cherry?

  • Hermindarti Soelistyo
    Hermindarti Soelistyo 4 months ago

    woy mana part 2rains of pirats

  • Yo mama fat
    Yo mama fat 4 months ago

    Nako anlapit Lang pala ni kuya Elgin saamin

  • JonSon2K2O
    JonSon2K2O 4 months ago +1

    What If:
    ML Animator -> Hectorius Alkaline
    ML Commentator -> Akosi Dogie
    ML Veteran Player -> Doofneshmirtz

  • Solitary Reaper
    Solitary Reaper 4 months ago

    Rip free time 😁

    DARK SIDE GAMER 4 months ago

    Magkano sahod?

  • Alexander Fvkerson
    Alexander Fvkerson 4 months ago

    Make Magic vs Tech. animations with baroque and Harley's family 😅

  • Lancelot Arthuria
    Lancelot Arthuria 4 months ago

    Whaaat hahaha
    Di pala nila kailangan ng isang mesa HAHAHAHA

  • Lancelot Arthuria
    Lancelot Arthuria 4 months ago

    "Mysterious Effect"
    Pasecret secret haha

  • Bambang Tri
    Bambang Tri 4 months ago +1

    why don't you hold events again, when your subscribers are few, you often give them in the form of skins, when you succeed you forget it all,

  • Helcurt Shadow Bringer
    Helcurt Shadow Bringer 4 months ago

    8:12 *Pansamatagal*

  • Helcurt Shadow Bringer
    Helcurt Shadow Bringer 4 months ago

    6:31 ano name ng Baby, Ang cute eh

    DUSTIN AVENH DE JESUS 4 months ago

    Legit Yung pambukas ni boss Elgin

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro 4 months ago

    Sir more video paaaaaaa

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro 4 months ago

    Taga saan po kayo sir dito sa Pilipinas

  • manusia goblok
    manusia goblok 4 months ago

    bentar gue mau tanya lo orang indokah?

  • Kak Lyn
    Kak Lyn 4 months ago +1

    tagasaan post kayo

    • Kak Lyn
      Kak Lyn 4 months ago

      malapit kami sa SM NOVA

  • Kak Lyn
    Kak Lyn 4 months ago

    kuya henge skin

  • T̶a̶m̶a̶g̶o̶ S̶l̶i̶c̶e̶

    i like peanut butter

  • adrian gaming
    adrian gaming 4 months ago

    I like peanut butter hahhahahah lupet mo kuya elgin

  • Mr.Hitxp
    Mr.Hitxp 4 months ago

    Yes u need new animator...bcs your previous animations r shîtty.

  • RendomYuser
    RendomYuser 4 months ago

    am i the only one who thinks elgin is such a daddy

  • Chingling Khnglee
    Chingling Khnglee 4 months ago +2

    Congratulations to us for your new animator 😂😂.By the way i really love your animations.

  • Matt Santos
    Matt Santos 4 months ago

    Im so excited

  • PiyangChu M
    PiyangChu M 4 months ago

    Bro Use English while ur vlogging

  • Jerome Marquez
    Jerome Marquez 4 months ago +1

    did you play with me lastnight cause someone named "ElginMl" played with me last night and it was really you,
    is it really you?

  • Zryanx M.L
    Zryanx M.L 4 months ago

  • Lee Van Allen Bala
    Lee Van Allen Bala 4 months ago

    Kuya elgin yung part 2 ng raid of the pirates

  • Mike Jhon Marquez
    Mike Jhon Marquez 4 months ago


  • mike ender
    mike ender 4 months ago

    Hey is oppo f5 good for mobile legends?

  • Rhetz Yoshioka
    Rhetz Yoshioka 4 months ago

    Elgin you really are talented with animation ... I didn't expect na malapit ka lang sa min I'm around Sm Nova lang din ahaha

    JUST RANDOM :P 4 months ago

    Next time
    Blur your Plate Number or what so it cannot scam you or what
    (Sa susunod palabuin o wag mong ipakita ang Plate number mo para hindi ma scam or walang masamang mang yare )
    Btw , Diggie: Elgin is my idol

  • Ki Ti to
    Ki Ti to 4 months ago

    More excitement

  • U don need to know my name m8

    Ay Kamvas pala gamit nio sir

  • Its _Matt5
    Its _Matt5 4 months ago

    Congratulations Elgin you have 1M Subscribers

  • sam mlbb
    sam mlbb 4 months ago

    I'm feeling great this is my favorite channel nice just getting bigger 😁

  • Prince Buenavista
    Prince Buenavista 4 months ago

    di tatay elgin ampogi shacks ingit ako hehehehe

  • Frederick Tubera
    Frederick Tubera 4 months ago +1

    Taga saan po kayu? (Elgin)