World’s Sharpest Knife!

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
  • Chris and I react to the greatest item hacks in the world!


    Experimental Fun

    Louis Weisz


    Giaco Whatever




    SlivkiShow EN

    Mr. Hacker

    The S

    Almost Perfect Restoration

    Bobby Duke Arts

    Western Champlin



    Mark Rober


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Comments • 12 484

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Month ago +12973

    The editors go crazy on these videos, respect to them

  • SINANZ HERE Shorts
    SINANZ HERE Shorts Month ago +431

    THE Editter is A temporary LEGEND😂

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom Month ago +75

    i was here when yall did life hacks, i loved seeing yall react to the cool things done with matches, or the match fire slingshot made from a coke bottle.

  • bacon lettuce potato
    bacon lettuce potato 4 days ago +17

    "why recreate squid game when you can microwave a microwave"
    that brings back memories dude

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre Month ago +15

    The editors go crazy on these videos respect to them 🙂

  • Connor Pugs
    Connor Pugs Month ago +2068

    Jimmy probably has the most entertaining reaction channel on TheXvid!

  • Kathy-Anna
    Kathy-Anna Month ago +9

    mad respect for the editors of jimmy's videos

  • Renee Lorenz
    Renee Lorenz 12 days ago +13

    mad respect for the editors of jimmy's videos

  • Kiwiilockspace
    Kiwiilockspace 25 days ago +1

    yeah the chainmail was to stop the cuts, then you'd need some form of padding, so well. layers and layers of material to stop the blunt damage.

  • Drty Dox
    Drty Dox 11 days ago

    the editors are legends give then respect 💪👌

  • Epic water moment
    Epic water moment 10 days ago +2

    Chris: What is aluminum foil made out of?

    Me: sulfur obiously

  • DolphinBoi
    DolphinBoi 5 days ago

    Damn the amount of editing on your videos are impressive

  • Christy H
    Christy H Month ago +2

    "Imagine if that was your PP" 😛😂😂😂 Jimmy being iconic

  • Tophatarmy137
    Tophatarmy137 Month ago

    I miss when y’all still did the life hacks

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way Month ago +512

    Huge respect for the editors of this video. They definitely deserve a raise

    • mk
      mk Month ago +8

      people say people deserve a raise without knowing their salary

    • Don’t Look My Playlist!
      Don’t Look My Playlist! Month ago

      wwow, youdon't read my name

    • Big_ Bacon
      Big_ Bacon Month ago +14

      they get paid alot lol

  • Monica Riley
    Monica Riley 12 days ago +2

    "Aluminum these nuts." - Jimmy

  • Abib Ndiaye
    Abib Ndiaye Month ago +1

    the editors of jimmy are so funny

  • KaitoZaras
    KaitoZaras Month ago

    Shout out to bobby duke arts for the tiny knife, Love that man.

  • Cₒₘₑ ₛₑₑ ₛₒₘₑₜₕᵢₙg ₙₑw

    *_"Why recreate Squid Game when you can microwave a microwave?"
    Quote of the year, guys._*

  • Blunt Brothers Productions

    I was watching back then, I miss when Tariq would come on. I guess I’m an OG now…… cool

  • Angela Stout
    Angela Stout 23 days ago

    The fan thing was hilarious 😂

  • Lauren Lugo
    Lauren Lugo Month ago

    Mission passed, Respect + to the editor

  • PaddySwan
    PaddySwan Month ago +1

    Chain Mail's main purpose is to prevent cuts. You can absolutely break bones and such.

  • Harry McManus
    Harry McManus 15 days ago

    I remember life hacks… they were great videos

  • FliteTest
    FliteTest Month ago +1977

    Thanks for REACT guys! Box fan was nutz and a great memory! 🤙 cheers!

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson 16 days ago

    Keep these type of videos coming

  • Blushyy264
    Blushyy264 29 days ago +2

    Wow, I’m suprised that knifes can get so SHARP! 😳😳😳

  • Nat :P
    Nat :P 29 days ago

    I'm glad to see that bobby duke got featured on on of these (He made the tiny knife) good youtuber

  • Cosmikk
    Cosmikk Month ago

    5:30 laughed so hard

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +2234

    Really appreciate the editors of Jimmy's videos

  • Audie Alonzo
    Audie Alonzo Month ago

    I love watching you guys so much!!!!!

  • iitzStormzy
    iitzStormzy 29 days ago

    I was subbed when u where doing life hacks and I watch them now cuz they so good

  • KLanky Burd
    KLanky Burd 20 days ago +1

    I love how there was a stink bug and they were freaking out

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller Month ago

    LOVE IT keep making videos

  • ShadowWarrior
    ShadowWarrior Month ago +263

    Fun fact: the soda tab, is in higher quality metal than rest of the can, and you can collect them and deliver to people who makes prosthetoc leg etc.

  • josephat mugo
    josephat mugo Day ago

    This edits are hilarious the behind them is a legend

  • Fraz Gaming
    Fraz Gaming Month ago +1

    That knife is 'Razor' sharp!

  • Kassukka lol
    Kassukka lol Month ago +2

    5:00 my favourite scene

  • MoonSavager
    MoonSavager Month ago +20

    The thing with the bullseye dart board is that tripe twenty is the highest score, so wouldn’t you want to make a board that hits the highest score?

  • Viral Ak Editz
    Viral Ak Editz Month ago +105

    This knife is very dangerous for Hasband 😂😂

  • CokDok Studio
    CokDok Studio Month ago

    the editor should become a legend

  • Rogue_YT
    Rogue_YT Month ago

    I love your vids❤️‍🔥

  • Sri Avyayansh. K
    Sri Avyayansh. K Month ago

    It can actually go from rusty to shiny tho...

  • Donkey
    Donkey 16 days ago

    Mr beast always makes my day

  • _sezza
    _sezza Month ago +605

    "Why recreate Squid Game when you can microwave a microwave?"
    Quote of the year, guys.

  • waeve22
    waeve22 Month ago

    jimmy you make me happy🤣

  • gayathri nair
    gayathri nair Month ago

    6:40 chris looks so funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😂😂😂😂

  • JoeScoRo Let's Go!
    JoeScoRo Let's Go! 11 days ago

    My little bro Jude love’s when you do funny affects

  • Renee Lorenz
    Renee Lorenz 12 days ago +2

    mad respect for the editors of jimmy's videos

  • Agent Jones
    Agent Jones Month ago +271

    0:55 Chris's laugh is priceless 😂😂

  • Michael Davignon
    Michael Davignon Month ago

    Love your videos me and my family love watching you

  • Susan Dube
    Susan Dube Month ago


  • Sarah.
    Sarah. 14 days ago

    The editors deserve more credit

  • Goibi_13
    Goibi_13 28 days ago

    chris is the sweetest guy ever

  • Jarrett Wellman
    Jarrett Wellman Month ago +786

    “This is a normal knife, and this is the world’s sharpest knife!”

    “This is an ordinary skateboard, and-“
    Me: This is the world’s sharpest skateboard!

  • Prince Of Putt
    Prince Of Putt 2 days ago

    Mr. Beast: this is the world’s sharpest knife . Chris: I will be the judge of that

  • Jake Lewis
    Jake Lewis Month ago

    Jimmy:“A minigun?” Me “Did you forget you are American?”

  • Jaq PlaysPiano
    Jaq PlaysPiano 9 days ago

    look at that knife, it is exrtremely sharp

  • Andrea Galbraith
    Andrea Galbraith Month ago

    Love it how u make the orto so short lol

  • Tim4summer Morgan
    Tim4summer Morgan Month ago +59

    Jimmy never disappoints 😊

  • Mr Dinosaur 24
    Mr Dinosaur 24 Month ago

    Jimmy this is how you make a tin can robot one second later Jimmy what is he doing with this can???? 🤔

  • KLanky Burd
    KLanky Burd 20 days ago

    I was here when you did the life hacks, those videos were 👌

  • odd & irrelevant
    odd & irrelevant 11 days ago +1

    That, my friend, is a stink bug.
    Come to Wisconsin, they're everywhere.

  • DerJägerhalt
    DerJägerhalt Month ago

    The Monitor glasses thing also works on iPhones etc

  • 200k before February?
    200k before February? Month ago +21

    The fact that the editors working on the video are foing all out,mad respect to them

  • James
    James Month ago

    Why jimmy always look stoned😂

  • Ninjraw
    Ninjraw Month ago

    Damn I miss beast hacks

  • sir nothing
    sir nothing Month ago

    the editors need a raise if they get money

  • 0/50
    0/50 12 days ago

    Your animations are funny🤣

  • @jdejilla
    @jdejilla Month ago +121

    It's a lot more interesting when you guys host beastreacts. Spontaneous! 💪

  • G Earl
    G Earl Month ago

    You should wach the worlds first retractable light saber.

  • RetroF8
    RetroF8 5 days ago

    Jimmy is just as cute as that soda can robot :)))

  • Daily Gamer
    Daily Gamer 28 days ago

    4:57 best moment

  • hen ko
    hen ko Month ago

    I can finally use those glasses to watch anime when my parents are watching yay.

  • kiley.vibezzz
    kiley.vibezzz Month ago +499

    jimmy: "what's that silver surfer dudes name?"
    Chris: "umm sliver surfer?"
    jimmy: "oh..."

  • Demonmaster_3
    Demonmaster_3 26 days ago

    This man is planning homemade stuff-

  • Hiroshi YitamA
    Hiroshi YitamA 28 days ago +5

    Here’s a tip:
    If you ACTUALLY want to make the worlds sharpest knife, use something that isn’t just 3 razor blades stuck on a kitchen knife, OR, use obsidian or diamond, 2 of the sharpest minerals on the planet :)

  • John
    John 14 days ago

    I remember the life hacks lol

  • RachaelAmber 22
    RachaelAmber 22 Month ago

    He watched Bobby dukes art.. Tiny knife. That dudes amazing

  • Mud Playz
    Mud Playz Month ago +15

    How much does the worlds sharpest knife cost?

  • XternityBomb
    XternityBomb Month ago

    You should watch videos about what amazing things blind people can do

  • Dr Physics
    Dr Physics 26 days ago

    Dude that knife is the definition of adding bleed to any weapon in dying light

  • MozVi
    MozVi Month ago

    Love the ending

  • ♡ blaze ♡
    ♡ blaze ♡ 21 day ago

    Chris: its aluminum foil but what is aluminum made of?

  • Frank G
    Frank G Month ago +191

    I love the fact that when Jimmy gets to 8 minutes, he’s like, alright we’re done lets get out of here

      I AM THE WALRUS Month ago

      @Josh the Joshey Boii DUDE😬

      TEJ SATWIK Month ago

      @FataFingLing 0

    • B34r117
      B34r117 Month ago

      @FataFingLing none

    • Tyson KO
      Tyson KO Month ago

    • Drew Urrutia
      Drew Urrutia Month ago +4

      So accurate

  • Christa Bool
    Christa Bool 23 days ago

    When Chris said this is the type of stuff I watch at 1am it was littirely 1am for me

  • d r e w
    d r e w Month ago

    Hold that microwaving a microwave idea🤔

  • Edz Valencia
    Edz Valencia Month ago

    I think the sharpest knife is made in Japan.

  • Arfa Khan
    Arfa Khan Month ago

    o my god track jimmy's face🤣🤣

  • The Random Channel
    The Random Channel Month ago +16

    The editors go crazy on these videos, respect to them

  • BiofishGaming
    BiofishGaming Day ago

    I remember when you guys roasted life hacks.

  • Blaise R.
    Blaise R. 14 days ago

    That guy with the scate board actually climbed a building with the power of suction

  • Wolfie_Emperor
    Wolfie_Emperor 14 days ago +1

    Intro: this is a knife this is a cool or knife. This is a skateboard this is a dangerous skateboard but it’s cool!

  • epic pug bikes
    epic pug bikes 7 hours ago

    I remember when my friend interduced me to you guys many years back in the og days

  • W4ARK
    W4ARK Month ago +44

    To be honest, I was laughing through out this video this whole time because this is too funny 😂😂😂

  • Silva Leo
    Silva Leo Month ago

    I love Chris saying I be the judge of that

  • HackerView895
    HackerView895 Month ago +1

    5:03 never seen someone with a western accent trying to impersonate a western accent

  • Anime verse
    Anime verse Month ago

    Chris- why do you want to recreate squid game when you can just microwave a microwave
    me- that actually sounds more interesting
    my sister- wth

  • Stephanos
    Stephanos Month ago

    Me actually watching them react to a forging vids at 1:38

  • Blg_Dog
    Blg_Dog Month ago +651

    I love how mr beast literally does whatever he wants like he wants to play black ops video over 😂