Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Review "The Bells" SHAME OF THRONES!

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Join me and Overlord DVD for another installment of let's watch things we love die. Will tonight's yet unnamed episode of Game of Thrones bring back the fandom that has been slipping away? Whatever may come we will be here for you. Live stream starts 15 minutes after the episode airs on HBO.
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  • debra jenkins
    debra jenkins 4 days ago

    Yes, a few skilled writers could have done the same ending but with more explanation within the story arcs intact.

  • thomas esturan
    thomas esturan 7 days ago

    Hard to believe the writing had such logic flaws...I am still in shock.

  • Juwon
    Juwon 11 days ago

    this guy is just too negative eh

  • Vult Libertas
    Vult Libertas 26 days ago

    I love how the Golden company was like, 30 people... more like the golden platoon.

  • demofya
    demofya 27 days ago

    I just going to say, this season was the WORST written season of a television show since Happy Days when Fonzy "Jumped the Shark"

  • mka mix
    mka mix 29 days ago

    Season 8 got worse and worse as it went on in every possible way.

  • Malachi Dunn
    Malachi Dunn 29 days ago

    Deadliest warrior had a freaking elephant in their Hannibal vs genghis khan episode how does game of thrones not have freaking elephants?

  • Airbeast Acm
    Airbeast Acm Month ago

    daenarys went from being Eva Peron to Truman on Hiroshima

  • Sabyn Endley
    Sabyn Endley Month ago

    You can’t expect goody fucking tow shoes

  • Sabyn Endley
    Sabyn Endley Month ago

    Y’all are just pissed it’s over so shut the fuck up and man up I’m sad it’s over to but you guys don’t have to say u hate it because of something that was supposed to happen

  • Alex Kirk
    Alex Kirk Month ago +1

    I can't phathom how Miguel supochnik spent 55 days to film the long night and both ep 3 and 5 are trash

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 Month ago +1

    This feminist BS has completely ruined entertainment. Separate rules for women, always. Men make a bad decision they get instantly slaughtered and destroyed. Women make the same decision and the writers spend seasons on end trying to validate it, and nothing happens to the woman. Just shit writing, and it'll only get worse going forward. Some of these feminists are just insanely rampant sexists, and can't see past their own noses on anything.
    One woman got raped on GoT, something that does occasionally happen and the two people in question were in fact legally married here, and femitards start boycotting the show. Two male characters on the same show get sexually mutilated, far, far worse than rape, and they don't say a word. Truth is they are too stupid to want equality. They want their own delusions of superiority confirmed and men treated like less than dogs. And so it is now. Men second class citizens for a long time. That won't change either.

  • mr mr
    mr mr Month ago

    Whys he so mad? Disgrace? It ends with the starks getting the titles they deserve. Either way she had 2 die. It's a win the starks are the rightful heirs

  • Blackball
    Blackball Month ago

    1:20..." disgrace "

  • Tara Thralls
    Tara Thralls Month ago

    The VERY FIRST SCENE with Tyrion waking up had me screaming at the TV. It could have been accomplished in half the time!

  • Tara Thralls
    Tara Thralls Month ago

    Patriot is really good. Quirky is the word. Dark, too. But funny.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy Month ago

    Too much bitching about a GREAT season.

  • Lily Val
    Lily Val Month ago

    I feel like both of you !!!!!!!!!

  • jef golem
    jef golem Month ago

    these episodes feel like a trap first
    your date been all nice and sweet then later on a quick fuck session been rude and leaves out the dore.
    i say fock u for that

  • SSPspaz
    SSPspaz Month ago

    @2:30:56 - This would've been SOOO much better than the actual ending. Damn.

  • Jedi Brooks
    Jedi Brooks Month ago


  • Brandon Drumm
    Brandon Drumm Month ago

    Biggest idiots on TheXvid? Probably.

  • Tracy Jackman
    Tracy Jackman Month ago

    🤔Stark Ship Enterprise 🤔

  • C M D
    C M D Month ago


  • bongo gibbans
    bongo gibbans Month ago

    Honestly funny 😁,but star trek,star wars ,game of thrones,all became boring,
    John wick 3 is where the action is!

  • Thomas Prettyman
    Thomas Prettyman Month ago

    "A creative will always take the easy way out" so what do you call yourself then if you look down upon actual creators? Just a guy who gets angry and yells about media you like? Jesus christ what a shitty take.

  • Jesse Fleming
    Jesse Fleming Month ago

    true but your smokin crack if you think this is going to drop book sales. no book readers have any respect fro D&D well before this season and now any show viewers that read the books are probably even more excited to see the real ending to save them from this garbage

  • Cheryl Royal
    Cheryl Royal Month ago

    Season 7: mediocre; Season 8: pure, steaming, unbelievable SHYTE! Dan and Dave: opportunistic shyte. Fans and fanfiction proven to be more talented and creative than Dan and Dave and George I can't finish the books RR Martin.

  • JediMastrCOD
    JediMastrCOD Month ago

    kick all the white people out of san francisco? you virtue signaling Soy Boy

  • Fragminion
    Fragminion Month ago

    I think my Stupid Question got skipped...OH the Wasted Money and Hilarity... Oh well

  • DR sOsO
    DR sOsO Month ago

    This series has become a shell of its former self. It’s sad and the fans who spend MILLIONS on this series deserve better. Also I want to add that they have ruined more characters than Dany but I got so upset when I watched Dany in this episode especially. That is not who Dany is

  • Ninja Wizard
    Ninja Wizard Month ago

    but you do exagerate to much on your critics... 1.0/5.0 ? you know this is not fair

  • Ninja Wizard
    Ninja Wizard Month ago

    the last episode was kinda lamme... to many things were left aside in the end.. and i agree about star trek, they ruined it, and it was my favorite show EVER

  • Jim Mzik
    Jim Mzik Month ago

    The one thing people missed is how ONE Dragon generates that much fire???? There seemed to be an endless supply, does he just breathe air in and fire out? It must consume some sort of energy from his body that needs to be replenished. Oh, well, that’s a minor complaint next to the abandonment of every plot line since season 1.

  • hoplite669
    hoplite669 Month ago

    Yes! And finally somebody said it: the only good scene in Episode 5 was the one between Thyrion and Jaime. That was a great scene and almost had me crying. But all the rest was complete crap!!!

  • hoplite669
    hoplite669 Month ago

    @nerdrotic: i am so glad that someone is as angry as me at those incompetent fools who fucked up this originally wonderful series! I only hope GRRM gets to finish his books and finds a good ending there!

  • Ken Tonn
    Ken Tonn Month ago +1

    Can’t believe they took 18 months in between seasons and it turned out like this. Glad I followed all the fan theories and blogs they turned out to be better than the show.

  • Sassy Saddles
    Sassy Saddles Month ago

    Kings landing is shitehole! BURN THAT SHIT!

  • ethnicAlbert
    ethnicAlbert Month ago +1

    repect to your man cave

  • milky milk
    milky milk Month ago

    overlord dragged that funny “haha sjw wamen” joke out long enough to make me lose what little respect i had for him

  • G Ang
    G Ang Month ago

    Ending ... Sean Bean Finally LIVES ...

  • Ninja Wizard
    Ninja Wizard Month ago

    wtf is wrong with you? season 8 is great man, what you would expect?

  • Pamela Bezerra
    Pamela Bezerra Month ago

    This saved my life! Thank you so much!

  • pkmrpotassium
    pkmrpotassium Month ago

    People pay these people to rant?

  • ununhexium
    ununhexium Month ago +1

    why bring politics and making fun of feminists into it? makes it pointlessly unwatchable for a large percentage of your intended audience.

  • Sᴜɪᴛ Yᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ

    If GOT wants sales for their BluRay complete boxsets, they better re-do S8.

  • A Shn
    A Shn Month ago

    You're 80% right but there are parts where you're absolutely nitpicking

  • Dennis Lundgaard
    Dennis Lundgaard Month ago

    Most of all it feels like there is no point of view any longer. It feels like they replaced all the characters with robots that look, sound and in basic terms act like them, but something is just wrong. There is no soul anymore. We are always at a distance this season. We never get anywhere near getting under the skin of the characters anymore - probably the result of the very bad writing.

  • Goober Mcgilicuty
    Goober Mcgilicuty Month ago

    Anyone else notice how overly simplistic these cherry picking anti Game of Thrones vids are??


    aww dee dums did not play out the way you wanted .guess you threw the teddy out of your cot.

  • anny05
    anny05 Month ago

    That rant about Lost felt like therapy.

  • Joshua Garrard
    Joshua Garrard Month ago

    They better have a damn good ending for Game of Thrones

  • Toby Tombs
    Toby Tombs Month ago

    If I had known the books were never going to be finished I would've never spent money on any in the first place. When people like me giving you money (under the assumption that the product would get an end) has made you rich, then yeah you are kinda obligated to finish them...

  • Nakraal
    Nakraal Month ago +1

    "20 years worth of memes is the only good thing from that"
    well...also 20 years worth of rant videos from people who didn't give a shit for the show during its good years
    A second good thing for some pockets

  • Steffen Schuchardt
    Steffen Schuchardt Month ago

    I mistrust two kind of people. Those who only criticize and only praise a show.

  • Edwidge Whatsosons
    Edwidge Whatsosons Month ago

    Just let Danny win. It's what Westeros deserve. They are all low people.

  • Cherry_ Boy
    Cherry_ Boy Month ago

    I read a theory after rewatching the bells, Tyrion tells Jamie: "If it(his escape) works, give the order to ring all the bells in King's Landing and open the gates. That will be our signal that the city has surrendered." We never see Cersei surrender or signal for the bells to ring. The bells ringing/surrender was supposed to give Jamie time to get to Cersei and allow them both time to escape. So it was really a trick. Dany realizes the betrayal and that Cersei may be trying to escape. She starts burning the city at the gates so Cersei wont have a way out without having to go through the flames. She then starts burning the Red Keep to kill Cersei. Innocents be damned, she wasn't going to allow Cersei to escape.
    Wish it was done lyk tht...

  • UnDead Polo
    UnDead Polo Month ago

    Seeing how rushed the last 3 episodes are the first 2 episodes seem like such a waste.

  • UnDead Polo
    UnDead Polo Month ago +1

    I'm broken from television. I'll go back to anime and videogames. 😵

  • shubham kadam
    shubham kadam Month ago

    Shame of thrones

  • Douglas Sirk
    Douglas Sirk Month ago

    Varys was my favorite character, but he disappeared from seasons 7 and 8 until they were ready to kill him. Total BS. They ruined Varys, Tyrion, Jamie, ...

  • chapter11247
    chapter11247 Month ago

    Gary,you and Doomcock have gotta hookup more often. There I was sitting on the crapper doubled over with cramps and you 2 crazy bastards had me laughing my fucking head off. The world needs more Nerdrotic/Doomcock laughfests. 👍😂BTW,your Brie Larson voice is killer !😂

  • Ginger Bread
    Ginger Bread Month ago

    All the incestuous relations in the targaryan bloodline had an effect on their sanity.

  • lonelysith66
    lonelysith66 Month ago

    I love how in the thumbnail, Cersei looks beklemped.
    LOL XD

  • linda parsons
    linda parsons Month ago

    feminists do my head in . good video x

  • Vineshen Mooiappa
    Vineshen Mooiappa Month ago

    Very disappointing episode, they have destroyed this series... 8yrs of our lives wasted. The MAIN character that we have followed all these yearsand rooting for goes insane commits genocide, now she is the bad guy.... Wtf? What was the point of this whole fucking series then?

  • Dmc 123
    Dmc 123 Month ago

    I am so out of touch with the times. People are actually paying up to 20 dollars for some random youtuber to read up their chat messages?

  • Priscila Voadora
    Priscila Voadora Month ago

    Happy ending: King Brandon establishes a Teocracy in Westeros after eliminating about half the population. A true Iluminatti ending. and they call that bittersweet?

  • Richard Wells
    Richard Wells Month ago

    VJol. Love it

  • YAMI1300
    YAMI1300 Month ago

    Robert was right all along.