Cardi B on Her Pregnancy, Invasion of Privacy, Baby Names & A Lot More!

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
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Comments • 520

  • Desiree Swearingen Rainey

    Mr. Big Boy you are awesome. Great job Cardi B great interview ❤

  • Booker Wiggins
    Booker Wiggins 26 days ago

    There is a dead dog at Big Boi's! I mean he is a dead dick dog.

  • Amber Luckes
    Amber Luckes Month ago +1

    On my fist on yo ugly ass face nobody asked u bitch stay in yo place

  • E Abuhasbu
    E Abuhasbu Month ago

    The fuck is wrong with her hair?

  • Morra Gz
    Morra Gz 2 months ago

    Love that they genuinely wanted to know about HER & not just just the Fame side to everything💪🏼

  • Carolina Kates
    Carolina Kates 3 months ago

    Cardi, said a good thing. We had to fight for our love. It takes work, if 2 people truly love. Yes, are you prepared to know. We give up too quick.

  • jigsawpuzzler
    jigsawpuzzler 4 months ago

    please do more songs like be careful with me!

  • Andreq Dominguez
    Andreq Dominguez 4 months ago

    U know makes her number one is her personality! She's funny and cute! She's cool people

  • Miss Jewells
    Miss Jewells 6 months ago

    I love how her energy changes when presented with something she isn’t real comfortable with, or when someone tries to throw shade or cheapen her or what she thinks is important to her. She was so happy with the interview, clothes, and books, and then the can D sponge and big condom just threw her off. They ruined a good time by doing that. Awkward shady shit.

  • Miss Jewells
    Miss Jewells 6 months ago

    I love that Cardi can speak her mind without arrogance. She is raw, but humble. I’ve become a fan.

  • Ixchel Gil
    Ixchel Gil 6 months ago

    She's just so real💖🙌🏽

  • Jay MGTOW
    Jay MGTOW 7 months ago

    I'm still trying figure out how she get famous

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 7 months ago

    They gave her the best gifts out of all the radio stations she went to.

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 7 months ago

    "She can beat up her own girlfriend." 😂😂😂😂😂

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. 7 months ago

    Whole album is a banger but the best 3 songs on Invasion of Privacy are:
    -Best Life
    -Be Careful
    -I Like It


    Card B is gorgeous pregnant woman is GORGEOUS

  • Veronica Cooper
    Veronica Cooper 9 months ago

    Love her so much!! HER come up was amazing to watch

  • J
    J 9 months ago

    This interview is hilarious towards the end. I love the whole interview!! 👏

  • Qjunita Cook
    Qjunita Cook 9 months ago

    I Love 💕 Cardi B ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘💜💜💜

  • Hristina Nicole
    Hristina Nicole 10 months ago

    I really liked the interview & the interviewer and of course Cardi! Great job Good luck 💚

  • Jojo NuYorican
    Jojo NuYorican 10 months ago

    Hennessey needs to learn from Cardi B Hennessey attitude Sucks 😩

  • Sweetlove Leah'marie
    Sweetlove Leah'marie 10 months ago +1

    She haveing a girl

  • Betty Moore
    Betty Moore 10 months ago +1

    They every where u go

  • Betty Moore
    Betty Moore 10 months ago +1

    Do u cardi get that money abd fuck the haters tgey every where

  • just saying
    just saying 10 months ago

    I love get up ten😘😘😘

  • Hbbhv Bgff
    Hbbhv Bgff 10 months ago

    She is real asf

  • aly is chilling
    aly is chilling 10 months ago

    big boy's an amazing interviewer!! loved this

  • Dia Boyi
    Dia Boyi 11 months ago

    This reminds me of why I love Cardi

  • Joy Lesile
    Joy Lesile 11 months ago


  • christian ostagne
    christian ostagne 11 months ago

    I'm so happy Cardi put Get Up 10 on the album

  • Von Yates
    Von Yates 11 months ago

    What's the difference between Cardi B and Milli Vanilli

  • cj wins
    cj wins 11 months ago

    She's so real. I love it.

  • Jada Fowler
    Jada Fowler 11 months ago

    I love how down to earth she is I love her lol keep it up babbbby!!!!!!!

  • Warren London
    Warren London 11 months ago

    She gave the present back! 😂😂😂😂😂 Man, I actually LOVE how down to earth Cardi is! 💯❤ She's a real one for sure!

  • Jay Ramroop
    Jay Ramroop 11 months ago

    facts, I use to have ah Patriotic General in My Angle, He Supports You hoes to be Embarrassed and never ever Support da Fabric of da US, but He got Temporary imprisonment cuz, He wasn't Supporting da Boss Best Intetests, I Replaced Him, well God replaced Him, with ah Boss Buisness Man

  • Brianca Tanama
    Brianca Tanama 11 months ago +1

    “Colored people we don’t do therapy” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Emoni Ann Wise
    Emoni Ann Wise 11 months ago

    I love get up 10!!!!

  • daddy walker
    daddy walker 11 months ago

    Probably the only interview I've ever seen cardi be super serious and professional thru the whole interview lol I love her crazy side but this was good

  • Carmen Dee
    Carmen Dee 11 months ago

    I love the whole album but my favorite is Thru your phone.

  • Itzz Moy_YT
    Itzz Moy_YT 11 months ago

    Ooooo pretty lips omygoddam

  • Extra Ish
    Extra Ish Year ago

    I love Get Up Ten it’s real and raw I love it ❤️😇

  • Cindy Valencia
    Cindy Valencia Year ago

    She’s still ugly but Hollywood made her so pretty for being ugly

    • Miss Jewells
      Miss Jewells 6 months ago

      Cindy Valencia wow, who hurt you?!

  • Warren London
    Warren London Year ago +1

    💯We Love You Cardi ✨❤

  • BlueGirlyGamerGirl
    BlueGirlyGamerGirl Year ago +3

    cardi: "my dad got 8 kids and 7 baby mamas u tell me"

  • Vuyolwethu Mtyapa


  • JustSnakke
    JustSnakke Year ago +1


    KD SWAGGER Year ago

    CARDI B is super entertaining!

  • chingo putos
    chingo putos Year ago

    God dame coke head 💊💳

  • Jerry Correa
    Jerry Correa Year ago

    Idk but if shes smart take offsets money & migos after pregnancy then become queen of DR then make queens run DR

  • Briton Darius
    Briton Darius Year ago

    We don't need this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • WSR WeeklyPicks
    WSR WeeklyPicks Year ago

    perfect 10 crazy talent

  • VenomZ
    VenomZ Year ago

    who is this bitch and why is she famous all of the sudden

  • Rachelle Hodge
    Rachelle Hodge Year ago

    Am I the only one who thought it was disrespectful at the end with the cheesy funny gifts? I mean I know she says and raps nasty things or what have you but this interview was business and a look at cardi b without the music. Plus it was suppose to be baby shower gifts, like dude, that was unnecessary.

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B Year ago

    Ain't no way in hell im gonna let my bd name our first child this nigga already had 3 kids he had 3 free chances let her name her first baby lol

  • Sajid Hussain
    Sajid Hussain Year ago

    Her nose stretches across the whole length of her lips

    • Miss Jewells
      Miss Jewells 6 months ago

      Sajid Hussain so what!!!! What do you look like?!

  • Priti Shikotra
    Priti Shikotra Year ago +3

    Gotta love her cos she’s so genuine and authentic

  • reggie
    reggie Year ago +1

    so this the nigga from radio los santos lmao its been like 5 years and i didnt know

  • cybil66
    cybil66 Year ago +2

    I wish laptop girl would shut up.. nobody wants to hear about you

  • *
    * Year ago

    "Colored people, we don't do therapy" lol and that's the problem.

  • Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee Year ago +1

    my songs off the album are Bickenhead, She bad, I do, and Ring.

  • Karyn Jennings420
    Karyn Jennings420 Year ago +1

    Much 💖 to Cardi B 💯✌

  • Lɪᴋᴇ ᴍʏ Cᴏᴍᴍᴇɴᴛ ʙɪsʜ

    Get up 10 is a bop

  • Kato Ent
    Kato Ent Year ago

    @CardiBGet Up 10
    Is deff…. 1 of my favorite songs on this album
    It really reminds me of the Meek Mill record Intro “Dreams & Nightmares”
    Super Dopeeeeee Record I’m so glad you put this out

  • Zayer
    Zayer Year ago

    The ending tho...
    Cardi got hella confused or sumthin.

  • Dani Malik
    Dani Malik Year ago

    theres something strange about that thing....

  • Neeraj
    Neeraj Year ago

    Her voice is so cute

  • Lady D
    Lady D Year ago

    The other hosts sound so corny and annoying repeating everything big says

  • lesly Mejia
    lesly Mejia Year ago +1

    Through your phone 💕🔂

  • Junior Alvarez
    Junior Alvarez Year ago

    Lmaoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big boY always intro something I swear!! That was a good one. Cardi B knew something was about to come but she kept it alived lolzzz!! Great interview. Nothing but love and support. Amen. I enjoyed this interview from the beginning to end. Keep doing your thing. Cardi B. Afro Punta in the making as well.

  • miscellaneous michelle

    Love her ❤️

  • jae queen
    jae queen Year ago

    Cardi is teal as fuck more than any other!!

  • Kizaru Borsalino
    Kizaru Borsalino Year ago

    This bitch is everywhere.

  • Clear minds
    Clear minds Year ago

    I've criticised Cardi in the past bcos I didn't know her as much but she keeps it real and has got talent and now am a fan. 💓💓

  • Mesha Turner
    Mesha Turner Year ago

    I lovvvveddddd what she said about offset! how he come to her with the word!!! say what you want that is something to be proud of!!!!

  • 1D8G 4ZPD
    1D8G 4ZPD Year ago +1

    She’s so cute😩😍

  • Dashie41
    Dashie41 Year ago

    Who the fuck is Cardi B some wannabe Lil Pump trash

  • neutrallynude
    neutrallynude Year ago

    cardi will be the coolest mum

  • Ulster Man
    Ulster Man Year ago

    I bet shes a fire cracker in the sack

  • Nalyza Mariano
    Nalyza Mariano Year ago

    Great interview. Best interview I have seen of Cardi, big boy you did great!

  • Pradip Hrangkhal
    Pradip Hrangkhal Year ago

    hey guys my name is Moses and I love England girl very much my age is 16 and I am from Switzerland but I want visit England to meet England girl

  • Life of Kay G
    Life of Kay G Year ago

    we want the videos Cardi🧐

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward Year ago

    Shit music and acts weird

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage Year ago

    Why is this whore always trending? Talk about advertising the trending list

  • Nova*
    Nova* Year ago

    I hope her nails break

  • sh3t
    sh3t Year ago

    She’s really annoying, but I cannot help seem to want to love her.

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J Year ago

    wavy ep.

    LEYENDA FLACA Year ago

    Thru Your Phone is my favourite!!!

  • brian wanzalla
    brian wanzalla Year ago


  • What have I become my sweetest friend?

    Get this ugly ass untalented thot the fuck away from the limelight.

  • Ashley Rahaman
    Ashley Rahaman Year ago +1

    Amazing interview.

  • J-DubDMG
    J-DubDMG Year ago

    Big boy and Jack the Ripper are just goofy

  • SongwriterJT
    SongwriterJT Year ago

    Not the canned good 💀

    • MZhris
      MZhris Year ago

      SongwriterJT beannnnsss

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones Year ago +1

    Real recognize real

    • MZhris
      MZhris Year ago

      Kenyata Jones is that gangsta

  • Mirkonzo 1
    Mirkonzo 1 Year ago

    Most disgusting girl

  • Kaiden Artura
    Kaiden Artura Year ago

    Who is she???? Another 10-a-penny rapper? Someone is pregnant? Who cares? Pfffft.

  • ushna
    ushna Year ago +1


  • blackhole sun
    blackhole sun Year ago

    which one is big boy

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago

    Fuck off you complete rejects.