Cardi B on Her Pregnancy, Invasion of Privacy, Baby Names & A Lot More!


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  • Lucy B
    Lucy B 14 hours ago

    Ain't no way in hell im gonna let my bd name our first child this nigga already had 3 kids he had 3 free chances let her name her first baby lol

  • Sajid Hussain
    Sajid Hussain Day ago

    Her nose stretches across the whole length of her lips

  • Priti Shikotra
    Priti Shikotra 2 days ago +1

    Gotta love her cos she’s so genuine and authentic

  • reggie
    reggie 2 days ago +1

    so this the nigga from radio los santos lmao its been like 5 years and i didnt know

  • cybil66
    cybil66 2 days ago

    I wish laptop girl would shut up.. nobody wants to hear about you

  • *
    * 3 days ago

    "Colored people, we don't do therapy" lol and that's the problem.

  • Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee 3 days ago

    my songs off the album are Bickenhead, She bad, I do, and Ring.

  • Karyn Jennings420
    Karyn Jennings420 3 days ago

    Much 💖 to Cardi B 💯✌

  • Cardi B World
    Cardi B World 4 days ago

    Get up 10 is a bop

  • Kato Ent
    Kato Ent 4 days ago

    @CardiBGet Up 10
    Is deff…. 1 of my favorite songs on this album
    It really reminds me of the Meek Mill record Intro “Dreams & Nightmares”
    Super Dopeeeeee Record I’m so glad you put this out

  • Zayer
    Zayer 4 days ago

    The ending tho...
    Cardi got hella confused or sumthin.

  • Dani Malik
    Dani Malik 4 days ago

    theres something strange about that thing....

  • Neeraj
    Neeraj 4 days ago

    Her voice is so cute

  • Mike Ehrmantraut
    Mike Ehrmantraut 4 days ago

    retarded whore

  • Lady D
    Lady D 5 days ago

    The other hosts sound so corny and annoying repeating everything big says

  • lesly Mejia
    lesly Mejia 5 days ago

    Through your phone 💕🔂

  • Junior Alvarez
    Junior Alvarez 5 days ago

    Lmaoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big boY always intro something I swear!! That was a good one. Cardi B knew something was about to come but she kept it alived lolzzz!! Great interview. Nothing but love and support. Amen. I enjoyed this interview from the beginning to end. Keep doing your thing. Cardi B. Afro Punta in the making as well.

  • miscellaneous michelle

    Love her ❤️

  • Ghozt* Mythos
    Ghozt* Mythos 5 days ago

    She sounds Hispanic but i know she ain't

  • jae queen
    jae queen 5 days ago

    Cardi is teal as fuck more than any other!!

  • Kizaru Borsalino
    Kizaru Borsalino 5 days ago

    This bitch is everywhere.

  • Valerie Elphick
    Valerie Elphick 5 days ago

    I've criticised Cardi in the past bcos I didn't know her as much but she keeps it real and has got talent and now am a fan. 💓💓

  • Mesha Turner
    Mesha Turner 5 days ago

    I lovvvveddddd what she said about offset! how he come to her with the word!!! say what you want that is something to be proud of!!!!

  • Evolution Of
    Evolution Of 5 days ago

    She’s so cute😩😍

  • The Negan Guy
    The Negan Guy 5 days ago

    Who the fuck is Cardi B some wannabe Lil Pump trash

  • neutrallynude
    neutrallynude 5 days ago

    cardi will be the coolest mum

  • Cazy Cracker
    Cazy Cracker 5 days ago

    I bet shes a fire cracker in the sack

  • Nalyza Mariano
    Nalyza Mariano 6 days ago

    Great interview. Best interview I have seen of Cardi, big boy you did great!

  • Pradip Hrangkhal
    Pradip Hrangkhal 6 days ago

    hey guys my name is Moses and I love England girl very much my age is 16 and I am from Switzerland but I want visit England to meet England girl

  • Kay G
    Kay G 6 days ago

    we want the videos Cardi🧐

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward 6 days ago

    Shit music and acts weird

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage 6 days ago

    Why is this whore always trending? Talk about advertising the trending list

  • Nova*
    Nova* 6 days ago

    I hope her nails break

  • sh3t
    sh3t 6 days ago

    She’s really annoying, but I cannot help seem to want to love her.

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J 6 days ago

    wavy ep.

  • haydn.
    haydn. 6 days ago

    Thru Your Phone is my favourite!!!

  • brian wanzalla
    brian wanzalla 6 days ago


  • What have I become my sweetest friend?

    Get this ugly ass untalented thot the fuck away from the limelight.

  • Ashley Mitrou
    Ashley Mitrou 6 days ago

    Amazing interview.

  • nash7117
    nash7117 6 days ago

    God bless her she is ugly

    • nash7117
      nash7117 6 days ago

      MZhris indeed

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      nash7117 I guess you've never seen anything less than beautiful then. She's average at worst.

  • John Williams
    John Williams 6 days ago

    Big boy and Jack the Ripper are just goofy

  • SongwriterJT
    SongwriterJT 6 days ago

    Not the canned good 💀

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      SongwriterJT beannnnsss

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones 6 days ago

    Real recognize real

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      Kenyata Jones is that gangsta

  • Mirko Kanhye
    Mirko Kanhye 6 days ago

    Most disgusting girl

  • Kaiden Artura
    Kaiden Artura 6 days ago

    Who is she???? Another 10-a-penny rapper? Someone is pregnant? Who cares? Pfffft.

  • Khalil Shams - خليل شمس


  • Girlyy Gurl
    Girlyy Gurl 6 days ago


  • paul pugh
    paul pugh 6 days ago

    which one is big boy

  • Ben
    Ben 6 days ago

    Fuck off you complete rejects.

  • m9nroe Mossley
    m9nroe Mossley 6 days ago

    Judging by the comments below you would think it was the second coming of christ!

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      m9nroe Mossley uhhh, she is...

  • ThatSmallzGuy
    ThatSmallzGuy 6 days ago

    Does Cardi B stand for Cardiovascular Bronchitis

  • K Dip18
    K Dip18 7 days ago

    Her album is so weak and sounds like a proper shit mixtape. There's noway shes gna be able to carry on for 5years. The best track on her album is the first track called "Get up 10" the rest is lame.

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      K Dip18 Nicky manaj still sounds shit, but she has managed it. This girls music is considered excellent quality on the rap scale.

  • Homer H
    Homer H 7 days ago

    4 SHO

  • Homer H
    Homer H 7 days ago


    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      Homer H for what

  • ritamix33
    ritamix33 7 days ago

    this is a BORING ASS interview. i'm bored.

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      ritamix33 whatcha watching now

  • Mohammad Fx4
    Mohammad Fx4 7 days ago

    Mohammad abdi

  • Bebe Trump X
    Bebe Trump X 7 days ago

    lol @ my friend's r so gangsta

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      Bebe Trump X respect my gangsta

  • joquetta jones
    joquetta jones 7 days ago

    I loved this interview

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      joquetta jones I like a lady who's easily entertained 😘

  • AdesGymZone
    AdesGymZone 7 days ago

    Big Boy always shows the industry how it’s supposed to be done. 🙌🏿

  • Harrison Quinn
    Harrison Quinn 7 days ago

    she must be on the spectrum, slightly autistic or something

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      Harrison Quinn yeah spastic/ghetto, all the same thing

    • Harrison Quinn
      Harrison Quinn 6 days ago

      i think spastic is more acurate

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      Harrison Quinn it's called ghetto

  • Morgan Taylor
    Morgan Taylor 7 days ago

    I died and came back to life when they pulled that condom out🤣🤣😂😂

  • gay. white boi
    gay. white boi 7 days ago

    Heres some 2 names cardi a, cardi c

  • Jamie Thomson
    Jamie Thomson 7 days ago

    Is this girl a Nicki Minaj tribute act?!?

    • MZhris
      MZhris 6 days ago

      Jamie Thomson rap is rap

  • Marsh Katherine
    Marsh Katherine 7 days ago

    She's so goddamn likeable...

  • Shay Songstress
    Shay Songstress 7 days ago

    The reaction lol

  • kelis amerea
    kelis amerea 7 days ago

    The interviewed exposed her baby gender. He said it as daughter, girl she's having a girlllll c;;

  • Amir Lamar
    Amir Lamar 7 days ago

    Get up 10 would’ve went #1 GUARANTEED

  • Undisclosed
    Undisclosed 7 days ago

    So the rumours were true... oh wait who tf cares.

  • loneal05
    loneal05 7 days ago

    WOWWWWWWWWS, what a nice interview. I love Cardi B, and I'm so proud of her and all she will accomplish. That's my cousin in my mind as Wendy Williams would say!! Such a cute, genuine, thoughtful, inspiring interview.

  • FunTimes !!!
    FunTimes !!! 7 days ago +1


  • DJ Kamron
    DJ Kamron 7 days ago

    Cardi album 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ica 0
    Ica 0 7 days ago +1

    She’s always a breath of fresh air to watch. 💗

  • Ocean City
    Ocean City 7 days ago

    I take it like Mayo shorty keep throwing jabs at Cardi

  • Lindsey Mackenzie
    Lindsey Mackenzie 7 days ago +1

    Woo nobody gives a shit

  • Toya Pierre
    Toya Pierre 7 days ago

    Get up 10 is my morning anthem... Thx for putting it on the album

  • Maurice H R N Z JR
    Maurice H R N Z JR 7 days ago +13

    I told my girl friend before bodak yellow hit a million , “ this is going to blow up “
    You can’t deny when the universe lines up.
    Cardi B much love and respect , The boogie down that’s fam. all my fam from BX

  • Jeffrey williams
    Jeffrey williams 7 days ago

    Big boy always has the best interviews 🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯💯 big shouts from chicago Illinois. These was cardi b best interview really happy having fun being her self no pressure

  • Jaz zo
    Jaz zo 7 days ago

    who produced that funny outro beat

  • Bear
    Bear 7 days ago +1

    IQ levels are sooo high

  • Tracy KaPoni
    Tracy KaPoni 7 days ago

    But anybody can do what Cardi is doing. I don't understand why she getting praises as if she created her own album. It's literally known that she copies flows and don't write none of her own songs😐 (SHE EVEN SAID SHE GONNA STEAL YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER FLOWS AND BODY IT) 😧😲 Sooo, what are these interviews about again? Is it just to market and brand her personality? Not hating cuz she's successful..congrats🎉 AMEN😇 Buuuuut besides Love & HipHop...what has she done on her owwwwn in HIPHOP/MUSIC! Her album is sowed up with features, she didn't write shit...what is she getting props for? She is likeable..yes. She is gorgeous..yes. She is funny..yes. She say some shit I can relate to at times...yes. She has money...yes. BUT WHAT'S SO UNIQUE AND CREATIVE ABOUT HER....?..... MUSICALLY SPEAKING😐

  • Maya Tinoco
    Maya Tinoco 7 days ago

    Big boy always has the best interviews

  • Maya Tinoco
    Maya Tinoco 7 days ago +1

    I really respect her as an artist even more now 😊👌🏽

  • Darius Brule
    Darius Brule 7 days ago

    Com on the last 2 presents? hmmmm..

  • Amilyah Hollis
    Amilyah Hollis 7 days ago

    I absolutely life for the album. I do, she bad, bickenhead, and I like it are my favorites.

  • Patricia Dureja
    Patricia Dureja 7 days ago

    Best baby gifts I've seen so far.. .they put a lot of thought into them.

  • Khia Wilson
    Khia Wilson 7 days ago

    CARDIII 😍😍😍

  • ragii
    ragii 7 days ago +1

    Big Boy The GOAT.

  • A Dan
    A Dan 7 days ago

    Money Bag and I Like It should most definitely be singles.

  • Rubber Ear
    Rubber Ear 7 days ago

    Anybody else notice she is nicer?

  • LizBiz Ldn
    LizBiz Ldn 7 days ago +13

    this is 9 on trending in the uk

  • Maurice Huff
    Maurice Huff 7 days ago

    So proud of her and looking forward to her continued success.

  • HUSEonline
    HUSEonline 7 days ago

    Awww she reminds me of Olivia from Cosby show at times. I know it's weird

  • Page1Videoz
    Page1Videoz 7 days ago

    she did not like those gifts lol she totally didnt get Big's humor lol

  • Don Kuger
    Don Kuger 7 days ago +5

    Cardi B is so captivating and Alluring God Damn😍😍...


    I love this interview and she was so relaxed and refreshing

  • Quentin Tarantino
    Quentin Tarantino 7 days ago

    While your bastard children are watching cartoons, the children in Syria are dying from your bombs. Fuck you English.

  • Shaun 2.0
    Shaun 2.0 7 days ago +1

    Great Interview! And NO QUESTIONS asked about Nicki Minaj lol.

  • Elsa Haley
    Elsa Haley 7 days ago

    Get up 10. I can picture this song part of a big movie as a hype soundtrack. She spit some mad barz with this one. It's so real and raw. Mad love Cardi.

  • Papi Tequila
    Papi Tequila 7 days ago +2

    Cardi doing the damn thang! So much hate from those who never been in your shoes only bring you them bags! Keep shinning mama!

  • Patricia Peart
    Patricia Peart 7 days ago

    I love thAt big boy asked the question why do we love u cause u just can't help it I really love her