Nerd³ Bludgeons a Guy - Blade and Sorcery

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Video Games do not cause chair shots.
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Comments • 315

  • Late Night Cereal
    Late Night Cereal 21 day ago

    Ashens is nerd cubed, nerd cubed is ashens

  • Kirk_Kirksman
    Kirk_Kirksman Month ago

    1:08 damn!! he slit his throat!

  • master gamer
    master gamer Month ago

    dan: i don't want to fight you i want to literally watch you eyes turn black as you die

    Me: should we be scared?

  • dot
    dot 3 months ago

    5:10 he went full joker on her

  • JamesMalpas2.0
    JamesMalpas2.0 5 months ago

    Video games cause violence? Naaaaaahhh......

  • NicoBellic
    NicoBellic 5 months ago

    Funniest shit i watched in a while 😂 the walls of jericho

  • You Slumber, Cucumber
    You Slumber, Cucumber 7 months ago

    In which Colonel Volgin from MGS3 has a good day.

  • Anthony 101
    Anthony 101 7 months ago +1


  • GenericBritishGamer
    GenericBritishGamer 7 months ago

    Nerd3 giving a guy head 8:01

  • Emulator games
    Emulator games 8 months ago

    At least the only decent content I can find here rather than projared

  • Jay Rambo
    Jay Rambo 8 months ago

    The only thing to stop a bad guy with a chair

    Is a good guy with a chair

  • jon b
    jon b 8 months ago

    imagine this as Skyrim then wish it was

    DEVILISH DARKSIDE 8 months ago +1

    My brain is telling me I am smelling corpses. My brain is wrong and stupid

  • _Zealos_
    _Zealos_ 8 months ago

    Beat a Knucklehead with another Knucklehead!

  • SuperHaryboy
    SuperHaryboy 8 months ago

    Why does this look so HD compared to other videos I see on TheXvid?

  • ThatGuyYouKnow
    ThatGuyYouKnow 8 months ago

    Nerd^3 nukes a third world country- blade and sorcery

  • Sir. Blues
    Sir. Blues 8 months ago

    The great thing about forgetting a youtuber for months is that when you comeback you have months of content to watch... Time to go waste my life away

  • SpooncerDaPotato
    SpooncerDaPotato 8 months ago

    2:39 is bloody vicious just falling a meter stood on a chair onto someones spine yeesh

  • JJC Lopes
    JJC Lopes 8 months ago +1

    I miss the Overgrowth days!

    • Sir. Blues
      Sir. Blues 8 months ago

      Overgrowth days!! Shiiit we talkin the re_visit to Overgrowth vid or the original where the thumbnail was a rabbit falling on a red platform in the sandbox?

  • Carter4240
    Carter4240 9 months ago

    Why do I get so much enjoyment in watching Dan bludgeon people to death with a decapitated head

  • Amberlewis Gaming
    Amberlewis Gaming 9 months ago

    Someone needs to tell Dan something really IMPORTANT....I AM SERIOUS....And I really hope he makes a series when that game comes out, even if it is on Twitch...


  • pip excell
    pip excell 9 months ago

    This is brexit Britain ladies and gentlemen

  • Erik Nelson
    Erik Nelson 9 months ago


  • I_Kemp_Bush
    I_Kemp_Bush 9 months ago

    You should check out Sonic Utopia and see whats changed.

  • LeeJ2512
    LeeJ2512 9 months ago

    I worry about Dan after watching these.

  • Joshua Miranda
    Joshua Miranda 9 months ago

    Dan I have a question what ever happened to frank is he still in the pit did he escape is he Matt

  • WhiskeyBrewer
    WhiskeyBrewer 9 months ago

    All those chair shots needed some JR Commentary

  • raspymorten
    raspymorten 9 months ago

    This game needs to get support for those vr leg thingies

  • blue phenix
    blue phenix 9 months ago

    I spent most of my life watching these video. I was in elementary school when i started and now I'm a freshman. Today is also a day i may die, if so i wish it be known that this man was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It used to be my wish that one day id see him in person. Well enough of my sadness and Daniel if you ever read this thank you

  • Its Wrath
    Its Wrath 9 months ago

    King:We don't have enough soliders to fight what will we do?
    Dan:don't worry *pulls out chair* im too powerful

  • Lachy Wallace
    Lachy Wallace 9 months ago

    Why don't you do the videos with your Dad anymore

  • k_._.den
    k_._.den 9 months ago

    "CHOKESLAM.... broke her neck, broke her neck run away!" The hero the city deserves

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 9 months ago

    100k subs in 2 years.

  • generalMean
    generalMean 9 months ago

    Lol - "Chair!? What is this sorcery??"

  • Doge Gaming
    Doge Gaming 9 months ago

    I think we saw him release some demons this video

  • ryttyr
    ryttyr 9 months ago

    I love these Dan!

  • Jurgen Ronaaz
    Jurgen Ronaaz 9 months ago

    She tore his head off and beat him to death with it!
    What? That doesn't seem physically possible!
    I know, that's what he was saying!

  • allenmadigan
    allenmadigan 9 months ago

    Ok dan you have a problem your getting to good at this what are you doing in your free time lol

  • F Lee
    F Lee 9 months ago

    Just found your Jurassic Word Evolution videos. Pleeeease play more! I found it extremely entertaining.

  • Jagger's TV
    Jagger's TV 9 months ago

    He should play Beware again

  • NaHCO3
    NaHCO3 9 months ago

    This game really brings out the loveliest side of Dan's personailty. It's magnificent.

  • Fluffy Squirrel
    Fluffy Squirrel 9 months ago

    Soooo, I just saw SovietWomble also has been playing this and.. well. Dan, I think you need to step up your game

  • Foxtrot369
    Foxtrot369 9 months ago +1

    Ooh! Challenge: Kill people *_exclusively_* by dropping them into the well.

  • [Insert cringe name here]

    When you started grabbing their legs and flipping them then stabbing them in the face I thought of Halo assassinations

  • Big Pharma
    Big Pharma 9 months ago

    nice pun at the start lol

  • Plague Hunter
    Plague Hunter 9 months ago

    Can we get an album of *MAN WITH A CHAIR*?

  • nickclone
    nickclone 9 months ago

    This was awesome!

  • Mr Pazzta
    Mr Pazzta 9 months ago

    3:58 Baldrick, kindly run into my fist as fast as you can

  • Collin Burkhart
    Collin Burkhart 9 months ago +1

    7:07 Why was this not called NerdCubed Castrates a guy? Because I'm pretty sure that is what went down just then.

  • Javier S
    Javier S 9 months ago

    Dan should do endless mode with just his bare hands and whatever wrestling moves he knows

  • James Paterson
    James Paterson 9 months ago

    You should beat them with the small silver shield

  • Drew Delmore
    Drew Delmore 9 months ago

    3:30 He was supposed to say "Yes, I can see you are well acquainted with it"

  • MinderPig
    MinderPig 9 months ago

    3 years I've been watching and he still hasn't got a better mic

  • XXavierSin
    XXavierSin 9 months ago

    Hold the fuck on, when did I unsub? I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD WTF

  • Bug_in_the_System
    Bug_in_the_System 9 months ago

    You should check out Gorn again.

  • RoseLaflesh
    RoseLaflesh 9 months ago

    A missed opportunity: saying, "Boom, headshot."

  • Dude Awesome 2.0
    Dude Awesome 2.0 9 months ago

    There’s an actual mod for this where you can break their neck

  • Cancer
    Cancer 9 months ago

    Am I in the best coma ever?


  • ALF
    ALF 9 months ago

    never do anything else but this

  • Arkalius80
    Arkalius80 9 months ago

    You should have quite while you're "a head"
    *slow clap*