Solskjaer explains Manchester United tactics vs Liverpool | Match of the Day 2

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer joins Match of the Day 2 pundits Danny Murphy and Darren Fletcher to analyse his team’s performance in their 1-1 draw against Liverpool.
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    Solskjaer talks Man Utd tactics vs Liverpool | BBC Sport
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Comments • 192

  • A Marinosson
    A Marinosson 11 days ago

    Molde, Cardiff, Molde.... Manchester Utd???? What are they smoking in the boardroom at Manchester??

  • CL Racing UK ludurkris

    Well Done Ole

  • sixers2020
    sixers2020 18 days ago

    Ole out!!! Simple as that.

    • sixers2020
      sixers2020 14 days ago

      @Daniel Alexander You mean a 2nd string Chelsea?

    • Daniel Alexander
      Daniel Alexander 15 days ago +1

      just beat an inform chelsea

    • Renatus
      Renatus 16 days ago

      @sixers2020 no I'm just saying calm down. Firing managers ever 8 months will get you nowhere. Give it some time

    • sixers2020
      sixers2020 16 days ago

      @Renatus 3-1 win over Norwich and you are convinced Ole is still the man? Lol

    • Renatus
      Renatus 17 days ago


  • vikram dharma
    vikram dharma 19 days ago +1

    Hope so we can finish top 6 this year and win the Europa league to get into champions league next season.

  • Kelvan Ince
    Kelvan Ince 20 days ago +1

    They aren't his tactics. Alex Ferguson was at Man Utd training prior to the match. He told them exactly how to play Liverpool.
    Ole is taking credit for Sir Alex' tactics.

  • biggy3rd
    biggy3rd 20 days ago +3

    Can this fool stop saying Rashy. You are not mates!

  • Tory Adam
    Tory Adam 20 days ago

    He is talking nonsense. He needs to go ASAP.

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny 20 days ago

    OGS:Fans were chanting ole ole ole.
    Journalist:Don't you mean ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ

  • Diarmuid Bourke
    Diarmuid Bourke 20 days ago

    I agree with all the comments here players do not matter its all about formations

  • Jamie Heard
    Jamie Heard 20 days ago

    The pundits are holding their tongues. Ole tactics are showing, he's being found out

    • Diarmuid Bourke
      Diarmuid Bourke 19 days ago

      @Jamie Heard you send them you're fifa settings too - that's all Young Matic and Jones need the right tactics

    • Jamie Heard
      Jamie Heard 19 days ago

      @Diarmuid Bourke exactly! His style of football is worse than Mourinho and LVGs and nothing is being said. Against Partizan we only registered 1 shot on target and that was the penalty. If he lasts past Christmas I will be surprised

    • Diarmuid Bourke
      Diarmuid Bourke 20 days ago +1

      I know right i mean that's all this squad needs the right tactics they're world class-do me a favour tweet your fifa settings to man utds twitter so they can improve

  • malto
    malto 22 days ago +2

    Ole's tactics against liverpool was simple. Park the bus and play on the counter

    • Hậu Võ
      Hậu Võ 16 days ago

      Let's be real here, there's no way Manchester United can play offensive against Liverpool and not get eaten alive. Liverpool is just too good right now. The way they move the balls and have different approach to create chances are just unreal.

    • mat jepih5929
      mat jepih5929 20 days ago +1

      nop. the way i see it..the defence was well organised systematically...park the bus was something else.

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 21 day ago +1

      Then why were Liverpool the worse team?

  • Marvin Saro
    Marvin Saro 22 days ago +3

    It's as if we're celebrating a draw. Knock it off please this is humiliating.

    • Jay Ess
      Jay Ess 20 days ago +2

      Against a much better team.

  • whiteweewee
    whiteweewee 22 days ago

    flat back 8

  • corto maltes
    corto maltes 22 days ago +7

    When he said he is VERY SATISFIED I gave up 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Saunders Gaming
      Saunders Gaming 12 days ago

      @corto maltes clearly no tactical knowledge yes they had possesion but it wasnt park the bus the game plan was to push liverpool back without the ball majority of the game was them struggling to get past the half way line there 4 clear opportunities came from defensive mistakes not oles tactics on attack we countered when getting the ball in the midfield and we attacked well with andreas creating runs and space for the split strikers

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 19 days ago

      Learn to speak English then question my understanding of football.

    • Sahil
      Sahil 20 days ago +1

      @Prabhu You should stop watching football kid . You have no clue how football works . Now you better shut up after the world class performance against partizan as this was the performance that ole wants to build on . Ole is a prat and so you

    • biggy3rd
      biggy3rd 20 days ago

      @Will McKenzie yeah we had them exactly where we wanted them. Pinned back in our box hanging on for our dear life...

    • BulatBulatCafe
      BulatBulatCafe 20 days ago

      What should he say on national TV then? He'll be saying something else to the players I'm sure. It's part of man management, no?

  • Helena Tenachi
    Helena Tenachi 22 days ago +12

    toughest job in the world with 650Mill. managers and coaches, nearly all have their own version of what is best for club. :)

  • Zack Hallam
    Zack Hallam 23 days ago

    MAN UTD championship 2020 2021

  • Zack Hallam
    Zack Hallam 23 days ago +2

    This guy no legend he was a sub who scored a fluke against bayern

    • J Morris
      J Morris 20 days ago +1

      he scored loads of goals, you're clearly not a United fan

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 21 day ago

      Still acheived more than you ever will.

    • Zain Khan
      Zain Khan 22 days ago +3

      Zack Hallam mate get out of here rn

  • damodongo
    damodongo 23 days ago +2

    Ole looks so proud. Does he know he drew at home?🤔

    • damodongo
      damodongo 20 days ago

      Jimmy Jemal what should the score have been last night?

    • damodongo
      damodongo 21 day ago

      Jimmy Jemal but you didn’t because Liverpool played shit

    • Jimmy Jemal
      Jimmy Jemal 21 day ago

      Should have lost 3/4 0 with a squad like that.

    • damodongo
      damodongo 21 day ago

      Prabhu no. Who is we? Where are you even from?

    • damodongo
      damodongo 21 day ago

      Jimmy Jemal should be proud with a draw at home? Ok mate

  • FOR53RN
    FOR53RN 23 days ago +1

    Ole Ole Ole

  • Farida Karodiya
    Farida Karodiya 23 days ago +5

    Lolllll acting like he won
    Draw against opposition is achievement at their own home.
    Talk about low standard

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 21 day ago

      He did win in terms of performance and tactics but you're an idiot that only looks at the result so. Oh, also you know nothing about football. The guys next to Ole do and they just praised him.

  • Cashieff Haye
    Cashieff Haye 23 days ago +16

    I'm just seeing kiss ass throughout this interview. No real questions, no real points of concern, no real intent in having him state his vision. No question about players coming back, transfer intent and what's his style of play rather than just saying they played good when it was a Liverpool team that didn't show up and we were the better but couldn't act on that advantage.

    • Busby Legend
      Busby Legend 20 days ago +2

      You realise it's a post match conference based on the Liverpool game not a pre season debrief....
      As a United fan I'm not happy with how we are playing and equally I'm not happy with our own fans,it's like we won't give this team and inch

    • Ouskeh Ouskeh
      Ouskeh Ouskeh 21 day ago +2

      United make them not to show up whether you like that or not but is the fact

  • Monkey D. Blaze
    Monkey D. Blaze 24 days ago +76

    We wanted a lot of the deadwood out. We got quite of few them out of the team. Now, he needs to slowly buy his players to instil how he wants them to play. He obviously wants them to play attacking football like we did when he 1st came. However, the fitness of this team is not there yet. If they play like how we did when he started now, the team will get really tired near the end of the season. So fitness levels need to improve and he needs his own personnel upfront and in midfield not to mention at LB. People really need to start being patient and stick to a manager for once.

    • Viktor Jovanov
      Viktor Jovanov 15 days ago


    • Jonas Nicholson
      Jonas Nicholson 19 days ago +1

      The reality is that he's not a top manager. He's not the right man for the job but if he can make some positive changes until they find the right guy then that's a good thing.

  • Mark Doherty
    Mark Doherty 24 days ago +8

    Sorry lads, but I think you're blowing too much smoke up Utd's backside! I've seen teams play much better against Liverpool this season and get nowhere near the credit Utd are getting. Liverpool were awful yesterday and Utd still couldn't beat them and don't get me started on Mr Atkinson!!!

    • Kopite4life12
      Kopite4life12 18 days ago +1

      @Antonio Anyone who thought we would win 6 nil is deluded! Results like that simply don't happen, albeit very rarely! I always knew the United game would be tough, especially given our (Liverpool) form isn't great at the moment. A draw away at United is a decent result whatever the circumstances.

    • Mark Doherty
      Mark Doherty 22 days ago +1

      @Antonio once a bitter blue always a bitter blue!!! Just you concentrate on Neverton lad!

    • Antonio
      Antonio 22 days ago +1

      Shut it Kopite.. Man Utd deserve massive credit..14th in the league got beat by Newcastle Kopites claiming they'd win 6-0 but Utd enforced their will upon was delicious... Manchester United getting credit kills you inside 🤣🤣 MASSIVE CREDIT TO UNITED

    • 123tommyyy
      123tommyyy 23 days ago

      Mark Doherty our squad and bench depth is no way near the same as everyone else

  • Mr. Fly yo!!!
    Mr. Fly yo!!! 24 days ago +7

    So nothings changed, mourinho use the same tactics too
    Thought Ole was suppose to be an upgrade

    • Mr. Fly yo!!!
      Mr. Fly yo!!! 21 day ago

      @Prabhu 🤔🤔??

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 21 day ago +1

      @Mr. Fly yo!!! Mourinho had a fight with Pogba like a 5 year old.

    • Will McKenzie
      Will McKenzie 21 day ago

      Mr. Fly yo!!! I’m telling you what has changed.

    • Mr. Fly yo!!!
      Mr. Fly yo!!! 21 day ago

      @Will McKenzie so, am talking about tactics here and you come up with man management, hmmmm!!! You are one of those guys if asked about, hey, how are you? and you answer am going there.

    • Will McKenzie
      Will McKenzie 21 day ago +2

      Mr. Fly yo!!! Players are not pissed off at him for not playing them his man management is way better than Mourinho

  • Kian Groves
    Kian Groves 24 days ago +2

    Pogba and dea should be in the formation

    • neovisual
      neovisual 15 days ago

      @FootieSam sorry my bad

    • FootieSam
      FootieSam 18 days ago +1

      @neovisual de gea was in the lineup!

    • neovisual
      neovisual 22 days ago

      they were out due to injuries

  • Ballyboy 88
    Ballyboy 88 24 days ago

    Wtf is this ole prick on about he said rashy again ffs get him out

  • James Cheney
    James Cheney 24 days ago +1

    So they money bribed the ref

  • Nundlall Gungadin
    Nundlall Gungadin 24 days ago +9

    MU are still in the 13 th position and Ole is satisfied. What contradiction?

    • Yomie Ssi
      Yomie Ssi 14 days ago


    • Alain Niko
      Alain Niko 19 days ago

      Prabhu You re right.

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 20 days ago +2

      @Ash B Why would I support him if he did the same things as Jose? Jose parked the bus even against smaller teams. Under Ole, we pressed high up the pitch even against Liverpool. We don't park the bus anymore. Which is probably why we're getting worse results with these players but I'd rather lose while trying to play the right way than win by parking the bus.

    • Ash B
      Ash B 20 days ago

      Prabhu he is doing everything we hated about mourinho why do you support him so blindly?

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 21 day ago +3

      He said he was satisfied with the performance. But you're a loser that sits on your couch and takes things out of context and understands absolutely nothing about football so....

  • My Ears Got Youth System
    My Ears Got Youth System 24 days ago +1

    I don't see the difference between Newcastle and United, cause both know how to park their buses and counter attack. And looks like both can't do well without their best talisman, Pogba and Salah.

    • Dan Kid
      Dan Kid 24 days ago +4

      Newcastle has salah?

  • Me
    Me 24 days ago +3

    Jesus Christ, they barley scraped a draw. The tactics were, Liverpool didn’t bother to turn up until the last 10 minutes were United were genuinely lucky to get away with a point. The fact that Liverpool were the better team stat wise as well further shows the tactics were “lets hope all Liverpool’s players are jet lagged from international”.. not really a tactic is it?

    • Me
      Me 15 days ago

      Antonio, did you watch it? I watched it in the pub with our kid because he’s a kopite. I might be a blue but I’m not a bitter and I can, well, I didn’t even give Liverpool credit actually, I berated Man U. So I’m not entirely sure why you’re crying? I get the rats because I said Liverpool were shit and still should have won but why are you losing kip?

    • Me
      Me 15 days ago

      F1MvBoTECH Virk. I support Everton, you cloth.

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 22 days ago +1

      Mr A U don’t blame the fans ever! There is no fan that is the problem they want to win they share the truth. We have to give ole time because we know the owners aren’t any help. We had soo many shots but happened two were on target we just need a creator to rise that total like fernandes but we played well in that first half. if ur saying fans like us are the problem go talk to mark goldbridge. Ur saying we are the problem what have we done wrong? So stop blaming fans cus u can’t face the truth

    • Antonio
      Antonio 22 days ago +1

      "Liverpool didn't bother turning up" 🤣🤣 LFC were completely shook..and overpowered to the point of cowardice until about 75 minutes when Utd let you have the football.

    • Bill Baggio
      Bill Baggio 24 days ago +1

      Stats lie most of the time.

  • OutGunnd
    OutGunnd 24 days ago +6

    Man U should always play this formation

    • malto
      malto 22 days ago +1

      You gonna play 5 at the back against the likes of brighton and sheffield? Is that the utd way now... 🤣🤣🤣

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 24 days ago +3

      No they shouldn’t they should only play this formation against higher teams and against lower teams play really attacking formations

    • My Ears Got Youth System
      My Ears Got Youth System 24 days ago

      It was a failure of Liverpool to play football in between the lines, any other side playing between the lines would beat that formation easily.

  • Jhardwork Pays off
    Jhardwork Pays off 24 days ago +3

    His a politician tactically clueless and we was defensively good because we played 5 at back but I'm gunna be patient and see what ole does with serious investment 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 21 day ago

      @malto Do you realize that you lot forgot how to play football against us during the match? You couldn't handle our press. Pressing is the exact opposite of parking the bus.

    • malto
      malto 22 days ago

      Parking the bus is bold?? 🤣🤣🤣
      Even in our shittiest of times, and there were many trust me, we never ever park the bus against you lot at anfield. It will be too embarassing. But its the utd way now 🤣🤣🤣

    • Gaijin Hakase
      Gaijin Hakase 22 days ago +1

      Sneezy Lasagne do not only do you understand nothing about football, you’re also biased af against Ole. Just gtfo

    • Jhardwork Pays off
      Jhardwork Pays off 24 days ago

      @Sneezy Lasagne let's be honest the players played well because it was liverpool game not because of oles man management

  • LiveWireRed B.
    LiveWireRed B. 25 days ago +22

    I'd be interesting to see what he does against Norwich. I would play a 433. Have Matic or Garner holding and Fred/Pogba and Mctominay ahead. Rashford and James on the wings and Martial as a no.9.

    • Diarmuid Bourke
      Diarmuid Bourke 18 days ago

      @hambakhaya Ya it's all about formations nothing to do with players back

    • hambakhaya
      hambakhaya 18 days ago

      Turns out you were right bar the matic and pogba prediction👏👏👏

    • hambakhaya
      hambakhaya 18 days ago

      @Diarmuid Bourke turns out you were so wrong😂😂😂😂

    • Diarmuid Bourke
      Diarmuid Bourke 20 days ago

      Oh did that work for you in fifa? Cool that's all ashely you g needs the right system

    • Jimmy Jemal
      Jimmy Jemal 20 days ago

      Matic is a liability. He cost us a goal every time he plays because he don't track. He's legs have gone I'm affraid. He will be gone in the summer together with Jones, Mata and maybe Young. Once replaced you will see us rise. Ole know d what needs to be done and he's doing it. Deadwood out. Good signings in. And youngsters given a chance and slowly developed.

  • jimmy o neill
    jimmy o neill 25 days ago +4

    Should have won all the same 👌

    • My Ears Got Youth System
      My Ears Got Youth System 24 days ago +1

      There are some games which you can literally see that they can be won, but not this one cause neither deserved to win.

  • Divock Origi
    Divock Origi 25 days ago +56

    Can someone tell me whats the 'Man United way of playing' since he keeps saying that the team is doing that. All am seeing is park the bus counter attacking football.

    • Saunders Gaming
      Saunders Gaming 12 days ago

      jose and ole have similar but different styles (ole using it against the big 6 is good but dont know why we use it to worse teams) jose played counter attack but relied on mistakes from the other team winning the ball back then playing sideways in defence until a midfielder on the opposition lost his man or one of our players seeing a pass out wide with space then from this mistake we would the speed up play but this would lead to low amount of attacking opportunities but with high success rate. Ole on the other hand plays the counter but instead of starting the attack of a mistake its started the second the ball is one back with pace it would work much better if we had a good number 10 to play the link up role similar to firminio as liverpool in the false 9 however since we dont we rely on direct play from james and rashford which leads to alot and alot of penalties

    • Armenak Balasanov
      Armenak Balasanov 18 days ago

      Android 17 nothing left to say i believe🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Sudharshan v e
      Sudharshan v e 19 days ago

      @biggy3rd Because he won a title with a proper team when managed United youth ranks. There is a Manager in him...

    • biggy3rd
      biggy3rd 20 days ago

      @Sudharshan v e and you ignore his time at Cardiff and March till now. Like I said, you have tricked your brain into a false reality...

    • Sudharshan v e
      Sudharshan v e 20 days ago

      @killer miller Nobody is shielding Woodward. He is already exposed. He can't sack Ole. Have you ever seen Ed coming out in public and explaining his actions like he has been for last couple of weeks. His cover is totally blown apart. He has nowhere to hide. That's why Ole is relaxed and taking his time and patient.

  • T Dot
    T Dot 25 days ago +31

    2 shots on target uno🤣🤣🤣

    • Sudharshan v e
      Sudharshan v e 12 days ago

      @slippin62 United missed at least 6 players. Martial, Shaw and Pogba. Else Liverpool would have been raped.

    • slippin62
      slippin62 13 days ago

      Liverpool was missing Salah and United parked the bus.

    • Sudharshan v e
      Sudharshan v e 22 days ago +5

      And Liverpool with full strength having just 3. Uno!!

    • My Ears Got Youth System
      My Ears Got Youth System 24 days ago +7

      It was a win for them and an outstanding performance, so there over the moon.

  • Zepher Gaming
    Zepher Gaming 25 days ago +4

    I said before the Newcastle game 3-5-2 is the best formation to play with considering the players we have, Shaw for young when he’s fit, pogba. For Fred, and martial for dan James.

    • Gaijin Hakase
      Gaijin Hakase 22 days ago

      I wouldn’t replace James with Martial, but maybe rotate the three so one always has a week off

    • My Ears Got Youth System
      My Ears Got Youth System 24 days ago

      @Sneezy Lasagne you right, but though Liverpool couldn't play between the lines to open you up.

  • Ilir United
    Ilir United 25 days ago +14

    oleeeee innn.

    • Barry Pokiton
      Barry Pokiton 20 days ago +1

      I see improvement and I see the desire to WIN. only time will tell.

  • King Carribon
    King Carribon 25 days ago +63

    I see improvement

    • You're Not That Guy
      You're Not That Guy 11 days ago

      King Carribon 1-0 Bournemouth

    • damodongo
      damodongo 12 days ago

      xx Ezza xx and lost against Bournemouth with zero goals👍

    • xx Ezza xx
      xx Ezza xx 15 days ago

      We won against NORIWICH
      WITH 3 GOALS!!!!!!!!!

    • ভাইসাব Bros
      ভাইসাব Bros 19 days ago

      🤣🤣🤣with till ole relegate United

    • biggy3rd
      biggy3rd 20 days ago +1

      @My Ears Got Youth System how many goals so far? We've had more game with 1 or zero shots on goal.

  • 배윤서
    배윤서 25 days ago

    응 린델로프 파울이야~ 맹구딱

  • paul202011
    paul202011 25 days ago +9

    I saw Solskjaer and tactics in the same sentence, I had to see this.

    • Prabhu
      Prabhu 21 day ago +3

      Well Solskjaer proved your dumb, unaccomplished arse wrong so keep sitting on your couch and typing away loser.

    • Pål Abrahamsen
      Pål Abrahamsen 24 days ago +1

      paul202011 😂

  • rizwanzulfiqar2
    rizwanzulfiqar2 25 days ago +10

    Ole out

    • Jay Ess
      Jay Ess 20 days ago

      Until the Glazers sell, there's little point continuing to play musical chairs with new managers.

  • Mr A
    Mr A 25 days ago +5

    He talks so much rubbish. Get him out! Only one way of playing and that’s counter-attack. When we have to play against teams like Norwich and actually have to attack, we’re going to get found out. His subs were rubbish too! Bring Martial on earlier.

    • F1MvBoTECH Virk
      F1MvBoTECH Virk 24 days ago +1

      What good does sacking do the board system is the same have u seen the quality gulf between the teams that’s to do with the board not with ole

    • Bobby Shmurda
      Bobby Shmurda 25 days ago +4

      Mr A He’s 100% not the answer but what good would sacking him do for you tbh

    • Mr A
      Mr A 25 days ago +1

      Zepher Gaming I am sure he had 20 mins in him at least. 10 mins is nothing

    • Zepher Gaming
      Zepher Gaming 25 days ago +1

      Mr A Martial isn’t fit enough