Amy Poehler on The Last Leg with Adam Hills

  • Published on Aug 15, 2015
  • The Last Leg with Adam Hills with guest Amy Poehler (promoting Inside Out), July 2015
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  • Michael Foley
    Michael Foley Month ago

    Almost exactly four years later this entire show holds up remarkably well.
    It helps that we haven't actually solved any of the problems except El Chapo.
    I don't think Amy is going to be getting conjugal visitation.

  • SheliakDragon
    SheliakDragon 3 months ago

    They really know how to end a show.

  • Lee Readman
    Lee Readman 5 months ago

    l found the movie very distrurbing anbd sad

  • ashley sterling
    ashley sterling 8 months ago +6

    amy deflecting those questions like a comedic boss 😂 "again,I was told there would be meats and cheeses" lmaoooo

  • iftlatlw
    iftlatlw 9 months ago +1

    she's funny and gets along with them

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa 9 months ago

    24:35, No, that's right, that interviewer is very annoying. He is the same with Ann Coulter. I notice when people come from one place to another the decorum on time allotment for speech becomes limited.

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa 9 months ago

    12:55, Yes, ban bag pipes, I am not sure how they became Canadian but they are not. I remind myself, they are not evil they are just Scottish.

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa 9 months ago

    4:18, Oh that's why Democrats night want people coming in illegally, more organ market.

  • aquablushgirl
    aquablushgirl 11 months ago +6

    She's smart, funny and hot.

  • Iain Murray
    Iain Murray Year ago +6

    Amy is superb.

  • dan taylor
    dan taylor Year ago


  • Jamie Finn
    Jamie Finn Year ago

    Although the Jeremy getting heated is bs. He should answer for some awful comments. He was asked about a specific quote and didn't answer that question.

  • Jamie Finn
    Jamie Finn Year ago +2

    Amy is a beast

  • 890mikes
    890mikes Year ago +1

    Some white people should not rapp. Seriously. Don't ever do it again. People will get hurt.

  • Lesleigh Hart
    Lesleigh Hart Year ago +1

    I love Inside Out!

  • R 85
    R 85 Year ago +79

    Can't understand comments about Amy - she's funny, she's getting involved, she's doing her job of promoting, but isn't dominating the discussion. Literally don't know what your problem is, she's great on the show.

  • Amanda Mayoli Alayon

    Rooky mistake. I did this to not pay excess baggage. note to anyone that wants to do this you put your heaviest items on and have a fabric hold all that can be folded down to nothing. I bought one that looked like one of these huge army bags it went on one shoulder and I fitted everything in it. After checking in you go to the bathroom and put it all in that.
    this bag went from this
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  • Thomas Haney
    Thomas Haney Year ago +1

    Back when Trump talked with CNN, cringeworthy!

  • Mister Itchy
    Mister Itchy Year ago

    This was awesome!

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Year ago +1

    Amy is beautiful!!

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Year ago +12

    What's the point in fox hunting? It's not like they eat them

    • Jennifer McGoldrick
      Jennifer McGoldrick 3 months ago +1

      I sadly grew up in a house with fox coats and jackets. In New York City, not like with parents who did anything outdoors. I’m a vegetarian now, but I own a mortuary of fur coats - fox, mink, sable, one is supposedly bear but I hope that’s not true - since my mom and grandmother have died.

    • Anna o'Grady
      Anna o'Grady 11 months ago +4

      That’s the point they’re hunting for sport not survival. That’s what’s wrong with it.

    • Bethany Hunt
      Bethany Hunt Year ago +5

      The point is sadism.

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Year ago

    Hawaiian pizza is lovely I don't know why people are always bashing it! I bet a gay guy invented it!

  • James Butler
    James Butler Year ago +1

    Fuxhunting, Lol!!!! Those Aussie vowels.

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    When did "dick" become a perjorative? Surely it ought to be a compliment. Dicks are cool.

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Jeff Sessions banned bump stocks this morning

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Oh she nailed that speech. Brilliant

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Alan Carr is a smelly twat

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Inside an eleven year old girl eh. Hmmmm. Stefanopoulos really didn't think about that question before he asked it, did he?

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Inside out is a freaking work of art. And it's still not as good as Up! which is heart thumpingly beautiful. Why it never got an Oscar is a disgrace. Pixar is a the greatest movie studio around right now.

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    It's not an innuendo dummy. It's a euphemism.

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Leonard Cohen lost it all and had to come back to Australia twice inside 18 months. The last time he toured here was FORTY YEARS AGO.

  • Skellyrox17
    Skellyrox17 Year ago +14

    Omg Amy was great!

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Year ago +2

    Amy Poehler obviously isn’t prepared to do a panel show.

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Year ago +1

    God Amy Poehler is attractive as fuck, I would marry her in a second!!

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Year ago +1

    Amy Poehler is funny as fuck and hot as fuck, and as for Americans not being funny on panel shows, have you never seen Rich Hall or Henry Winkler (on 8 out of 10 cats) or Kristen Schall or Chelsea something from Brooklyn 911???

  • Cecorra
    Cecorra Year ago +6

    I have such a crush on Alex. That giggle...

  • Snowman_Fred
    Snowman_Fred Year ago +2

    Oooooh. This is before the Trump punk'd presidential episode.

  • Pardon me,
    Pardon me, Year ago +74

    People complaining about Amy, but we don't have panel shows in America. We know nothing about world news or British culture, which all the jokes are about. We don't even know anything about American politics. She would be great on 8 out of 10 cats, WILTY, and Alan Carr though, or Graham Norton.

    • ivana guardado
      ivana guardado 3 months ago

      We have Bill Maher on HBO thoe?

    • Noah Parkes
      Noah Parkes 9 months ago

      As a brit who watches many of those panel shows, she was pretty bad. She was very "talk show" about her approach to many of the discussions

    • max
      max Year ago +2

      I thought she was hilarious tbh, I definitely agree she would be good on other panel shows as well😉

    • IHeartCryptoverse
      IHeartCryptoverse Year ago +1

      By now I think Pardon me has learned about xenophobia

    • Grunthos The Flatulent
      Grunthos The Flatulent Year ago +2

      I've got one word for you. Trump

  • richard chung
    richard chung Year ago

    Does anyone notice that when Amy fires back at Adam about the emotions of sadness etc... he shuts down. I did, LOL. Perhaps Im wrong about this conscientious route but it was something to be noticed to all you fucken Brits and Aussies out there, Dont fuck with Americans,. We are nice and forgiving up til a certain point. Cross it and well, you'll see.

    • Anu Kal
      Anu Kal Year ago

      I'm not British. But you have admit that what you wrote was such a ridiculous over reaction. In my culture, someone who responds with such violent intentions to a simple joke has serious insecurity issues. And what line did Adam cross? Americans can't take a joke. And you expect differential treatment. Do you have enough honesty to admit America has bullied much of the world?

    • Anu Kal
      Anu Kal Year ago

      what line did Adam cross again? Yes, I think the world has seen the wars you wage. The mindless killing. You must be really proud.

    • richard chung
      richard chung Year ago

      If the Brits ever came on to an American show and got berated like this, all they would do is bitch, moan, and complain. Then they would take a flight to England, go on the Graham or Ross show And bitch and moan even more.

  • Sonja Dawn
    Sonja Dawn Year ago +13

    Amy Pohler scooted past me on the street once, she is so tiny.

  • Sailor Venus
    Sailor Venus 2 years ago +9

    That 50 cent parody was pure cringe

  • George Weasley
    George Weasley 2 years ago +58

    Amy's one of the few American people I've seen hold her own on a UK panel show

  • ROY FR
    ROY FR 2 years ago

    so bad

  • FHD فَهِد
    FHD فَهِد 2 years ago

    Let's be honest though, Guru-Murthy is a dick.

  • Yoda Man
    Yoda Man 2 years ago

    if nobody else wants to i volunteer to lick that honey off adams chest.

  • arrghgarry
    arrghgarry 2 years ago +2

    This guy is not a leader

  • HollyBlueAgitated
    HollyBlueAgitated 2 years ago +5

    Alex is just such a cool guy, the kind of guy you'd love to hang out with

  • domydishes
    domydishes 2 years ago +1

    yes lets be more sensitive about rapists

  • Carson Miller
    Carson Miller 2 years ago +2

    Oh God, the Donald Trump segment...

  • Nick G
    Nick G 2 years ago +15

    mentions England selling arms. *gasping and silence* wow

  • Baraa Quisay
    Baraa Quisay 3 years ago +5

    does she only think about sex?!

  • Miles Birkby
    Miles Birkby 3 years ago

    Slighty ironic having an american doing an impression of an english person and implying she is stupid..

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope 2 years ago +4

      And that is precisely where the joke is. It's not a joke against Mhairi Black, it's a joke about comedians.

    • Ladi Smith
      Ladi Smith 2 years ago +19

      I may have misread your comment, but she was doing an impression of a scottish mp, not an englishwoman

  • Chrissi
    Chrissi 3 years ago +187

    Amy was on fire I dont know what you people are talking about. Besides she contributed most of the comedy of this episode

    • Chrissi
      Chrissi 2 years ago +1

      Oh yeah Chelsea Peretti is pretty funny and quick witted as well. Gotta check that out

    • tdolph
      tdolph 2 years ago +10

      She killed it, especially when you compare her to most other American comedians who appear on a show that's as different to traditional American talk shows as this one. Parks and Rec is fairly well-known as a primarily improv show, at least here in the states, so that would explain why she was so quick on her feet compared to your scripted comedians. We need more people like her or Chelsea Peretti when she was on The Big Fat Quiz of Everything in panel shows! As an American, I generally find out about the majority of the people in these shows by watching them, not by seeing their other work (although I often check it out afterwards), so seeing legitimately funny Americans that I know about and like do really well interacting with the brilliant British comedians that I''ve grown to love is one of my favorite things. It just reminds me that although my country doesn't want to accept anything with a panel show format besides @midnight, we can still hold our own in spontaneity with the people who have been engrossed in it for their entire lives.

    • Pirate Man
      Pirate Man 2 years ago +1

      +Alan Hope Cartman? Is that you?

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope 2 years ago +27

      She seemed to be well-briefed on all the British stuff. She got the Pret joke for example. She's also very smart, as you can see if you look at her career. So fuck anyone who thinks women can't be funny. Be as funny as that, I'd say.

    • Cliff Lake Bear
      Cliff Lake Bear 2 years ago +2

      I wish she was this funny in all the other things I've seen.

  • Oscar Sandeman
    Oscar Sandeman 3 years ago +9

    Sisters was literally the shitest film.

    • Felix Felicius
      Felix Felicius Year ago

      Oscar Sandeman You must not have seen Vanilla Sky.

  • Lindeman08
    Lindeman08 3 years ago +5

    This show is trying to be Graham Norton but instead it's shit

    • probably daydreaming
      probably daydreaming Year ago

      Lindeman08 dude how is it trying to be graham norton, they’re trying to talk about politics and disability not celebrities lives.

    • WileyCoyote69
      WileyCoyote69 Year ago +2

      Lindeman08 Err. This show is nothing like Graham Norton. Nor is it trying to be.

    • Licchavvi Licchavvi
      Licchavvi Licchavvi 2 years ago +14

      Lindeman08 Just because they invite guest on, doesn't mean they wanna be like the Norton show mate 😑

    • duchesswannabe
      duchesswannabe 3 years ago +17

      +Lindeman08 apples and oranges mate...

    • Steven Park
      Steven Park 3 years ago +35

      +Lindeman08 how is this anything like Graham Norton...?
      Graham is a celebrity talk show
      This is three guys who talk about weekly events and invite a guest on

  • Michelle Davies
    Michelle Davies 3 years ago +53

    omg amy's impression was eye-wateringly hilarious hahahaha!

  • Angelo U
    Angelo U 3 years ago +33

    Okay but her fox bit got on the floor in tears clutching at my stomach
    so funny

  • Lily Reign
    Lily Reign 3 years ago +5

    what are the name of the 2 guys sitting next to amy poehler?

  • IInventedIrony
    IInventedIrony 4 years ago +30

    For an "influential" comedienne, Amy REALLY didn't have anything intuitive to contribute to the show. As mentioned, all she seemed to do was just plug the movie and use basic "American" humour, which didn't add anything to her persona, which is kind of a shame.

    • wwaxwork
      wwaxwork 4 years ago +68

      +IInventedIrony Allow for the fact she's on a promo tour, jet lagged, forced to do hundreds of these things in many different countries in a few week period, probably has no idea who any of the people she is with are & has to be topical on subjects she knows nothing about because 2 days ago she was in another country doing the same thing she's doing now, with other people she didn't know. It's easier to be funny, when you know the people you are being funny with & met them more than half an hour before they started filming.

  • singingsisters888
    singingsisters888 4 years ago +129

    american comedians struggle with uk panel shows ive noticed

    • HollyBlueAgitated
      HollyBlueAgitated Year ago

      Doug Stanhope was on Frankie Boyle's show not too long ago and was a fucking legend

    • Pardon me,
      Pardon me, Year ago

      singingsisters888 Yeah, because they dont know anything about world politics or British culture. Also the format is different. It's not one on one and the jokes are so specific. Yeah, we don't have panel shows.

    • richard chung
      richard chung Year ago

      What the fuck are you talking about? You people in England are so lucky that we, Americans, are so ignorant lol. Btit fut, back to the reality of truth, if Americans weren't and found out how Brits were talking shit about us behind our backs, Oh jesus Do I pray for you Brits. We would fucken demolish you people in a tit for tat run off. Believe me, you wouldn't want Americans to turn their anger on you.
      Thats it.
      rry. I wanted to execute three more lines but my fingers is a bit pretentious.

    • tetrulz jam
      tetrulz jam 2 years ago

      singingsisters888 yeah ive noticed that.

    • RuudJH
      RuudJH 2 years ago +2

      These are usually American comedian actors, not comedy writers or stand-ups. Comedy actors are not really funny themselves.
      Also, satire is not very popular in America.

  • Daniel Benson
    Daniel Benson 4 years ago +24

    amy just looks like she wants it over and done with. she just looks like she wants to plug her movie and leave.

    • Something Seems Off
      Something Seems Off Year ago +4

      what?? i did not get that impression at all. She actually seemed to enjoy it more and more.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope Year ago +1

      Also most British panel shows involve a level of banter that's a mystery to most foreigners. Biggest exception I can think of is Henning Wehn,who seems to have picked it up perfectly, sometimes coming across as more British than the Brits, using phrases like "not on your nelly".

    • KomamuraSajin
      KomamuraSajin Year ago +1

      To be fair I see that with some UK stars on U.S. talk shows. I mean, if you're out of your element anyone would be uncomfortable. National -isms are often not cross-culturally compatible. As a U.S. citizen I am usually entertained by U.K. comedy, but I don't always get all the references, for obvious reasons.

    • Grunthos The Flatulent
      Grunthos The Flatulent Year ago +1

      I want to plug her. And leave

  • Raghnaid Anna NicGaraidh

    Can I just say (and I know someone already has, since I've seen the next episode) IT'S PRONOUNCE MAAH-REE! The I is just in there to let you know the R is slender... I know it's an unintuitive pronunciation for English-speakers, but he just said it too many times.....Then again, he got "garage" right, so...

    • maldita_chinita
      maldita_chinita Year ago

      Sarah L Oh my god, yes. He just did! LMAO!

    • Sarah L
      Sarah L Year ago +4

      Are you really telling someone called "Raghnaid Anna NicGaraidh" that their Gaelic isn't right?! OK.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope 2 years ago +3

      In fact, in the Gaelic from which it comes, it's pronounced "Varry". The h affects the pronunciation of the letter to which it's attached, which is why Siobhan is pronounced "Shevonne".