[SHINee - Good Evening] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 180531 EP.572

  • Published on May 31, 2018
  • - KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.572
    - SHINee - Good Evening
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    [Kor Ver.]
    영원히 빛나리 '#샤이니'
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  • we got that power! EXO

    Everything about this stage is spectacular. It's like riding on a car with the windows open and the wind brushing against your face and looking up at the sky full of stars feeling, it is unexplanable but awesome! 💙💙💙

  • GItta46
    GItta46 7 hours ago


  • Balinha Shawol
    Balinha Shawol 15 hours ago

    Os melhores ❤

  • Yovita Pratiwi
    Yovita Pratiwi 21 hour ago

    DOES ANYONE NOTICE THAT MINHO IS ALWAYS WEAR JONGHYUN’s EAR PIECE UNTIL NOW EVERY PERFORMANCE THEY MADE ???? They want to always bring Jjong whatever they do and whenever they go 😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️

  • Everywhere Visuals

    They're such high quality performers, singers, dancers and mainly artists!!!

  • e.x.o. kiara mercedes e.x.o L

    Ahh los amo tanto 💗💗💗 que lloro 😭😭😭 nosé si me entienden 🌸🌸🌸 sus últimas canciones son artes y hay que hacer que lleguen a los 50M 💕💕💕💙💙💙💙
    Let's go
    Canciones de SHINee
    Good evening #50M
    I want You #50M
    (Las dos últimas )
    Hay que darles amor

  • Shatrughan Kumar

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  • Thu Hương Đặng

    5 chair...

  • joy ch
    joy ch Day ago

    Wearing a plastic also looks good . I don't know how to describe shinee .. shinee forever 😍

  • Jayzel Jem
    Jayzel Jem 2 days ago

    Taemin high notes.. I miss jonghyun. :(

  • Kim Hwang
    Kim Hwang 2 days ago

    Beautiful 😭❤

  • Gemüsefreund26
    Gemüsefreund26 2 days ago

    I fall in Love.

  • K
    K 3 days ago


  • whining chen
    whining chen 3 days ago


  • Hiba Khan
    Hiba Khan 3 days ago

    I wonder what's the secret behind shinee rocking in these outfit
    We will look like idiots in those

  • krysuna
    krysuna 3 days ago

    0:54 *PAUSE*
    The backup dancer looks like Haebak from The Water God

  • rinnie belaine
    rinnie belaine 3 days ago

    who’s the one with blue pants? im new to shinee

    • Frankie Nguyen
      Frankie Nguyen 2 days ago +1

      Welcome and thanks for stopping by! That’s TAEMIN, the youngest member and main dancer :)

    • Latte Knowsbest
      Latte Knowsbest 3 days ago +1

      lee taemin :)

  • Li'l Bunny Kook
    Li'l Bunny Kook 3 days ago

    Wah this sounds so good😍

  • Elli Mac
    Elli Mac 3 days ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caca G
    Caca G 3 days ago


  • Caca G
    Caca G 3 days ago

    Im not crying okay

  • Galletita On ice
    Galletita On ice 4 days ago

    They look so sad...

  • _ DAIGO
    _ DAIGO 4 days ago +1

    SHINee, 다양한 힘들었다 ... 나에게 SHINee의 어려움 이라든지 모르겠지만, 팬으로서 지금 이렇게 TV에 나올 수있는 것은 정말 기쁜 일이라고 생각한다. 사랑해 ~‼︎‼︎

  • J2 Kay
    J2 Kay 4 days ago


  • irene is queen
    irene is queen 5 days ago +1

    This the type of song you could listen to as you are walking through a city while wearing an oversized hoodie...such a mood

  • trisha louise
    trisha louise 5 days ago

    they’re so talented why didn’t i stan earlier

  • trisha louise
    trisha louise 5 days ago

    i really really love this comeback it’s so different and unique ah hejshshsh

  • Killer Yato
    Killer Yato 5 days ago

    Sad at the fact that our fanbase is small that we can't even give them a single music show Victory

    • Killer Yato
      Killer Yato 2 days ago

      Frankie Nguyen glad that they get their win

    • Frankie Nguyen
      Frankie Nguyen 2 days ago

      Killer Yato The shawol fandom is FAR from small LOL we’re just not as unitedly active as before because the majority are at the age of college, working, or maintaining families. Despite that, we still try and are forever present. They got 1 win for Good Evening and great sales which many artists only dream of having either and now we just got a win for I Want You :) quality > quantity

    • Yanet Mev
      Yanet Mev 5 days ago


  • The Boyz !!
    The Boyz !! 5 days ago


  • julia
    julia 5 days ago

    K I N G S O F E V E R Y T H I N G

  • Jess Tran
    Jess Tran 5 days ago

    This performance is one of a kind. You can really see them individually pour their hearts out into this song and stage. I noticed that they really avoided direct eye contacts with the camera which is really touching because it seems like they're in their own world and we, the public, are just observing them. SHINee truly are a work of art.

  • dazzling michael
    dazzling michael 6 days ago

    shinee didnt attend dr peak of success bcoz sm didnt gave dm any bop songs after lucifer despite dy are know among d second generation to have stable vocal, good in live, and known to have d most difficult choreo in kpop... glad that dz new edm songs are great

  • 5ift-D
    5ift-D 6 days ago

    I'm not a Shawol, but SHINee just slays me.

  • Sole Mi
    Sole Mi 6 days ago

    SHINEE is the best!!! The song is so wonderful and unique.

  • Denise Ann Vibar
    Denise Ann Vibar 6 days ago

    Legends 💖👌

  • Pamela González
    Pamela González 6 days ago +1

    Todo perfecto 😍👌🏻

  • AlwaysPozitive
    AlwaysPozitive 6 days ago

    Love SHİNee😍❤

  • angiee julieth buesaquillo

    Que lindos los amoooo 😍😍😘😘

  • Harriet Joy Grava
    Harriet Joy Grava 6 days ago

    Mygosh! I'm really hooked with this song!~~~ wooooaaah their voices killin' it~~~

  • Inés Nakamoto
    Inés Nakamoto 6 days ago

    I am a proud Shawol

  • Randy X
    Randy X 6 days ago

    I​ love this performance one of the best ones this year

  • 3nbra Exo-L&Army
    3nbra Exo-L&Army 6 days ago

    They areeeeeeeeee speciallllllllll

  • R Wandahun Wartdei
    R Wandahun Wartdei 6 days ago


  • Exo Kokobop
    Exo Kokobop 6 days ago +1

    Good song ❤️❤️🔥

  • Afra 123
    Afra 123 6 days ago

    omg this song rocks i just cant stoop listing to it fighting shinee (smiling)

  • Levi
    Levi 6 days ago

    I just realized they did not ONCE looked at the camera after hearing Koharu's interview. Instead they look upward, downward, at each other, or toward the audience which are Shawols.

  • hawa adam
    hawa adam 6 days ago

    I'm in love but still in heartbreak....

  • Nikita Booysen
    Nikita Booysen 7 days ago

    Argh I can't ever watch them perform without Jonghyun again, it feels weird. Their singing is on point tho wow CDnee so good!!!

  • Sk88p
    Sk88p 7 days ago

    this song and choreo is everything!

  • Fire-Eye
    Fire-Eye 7 days ago

    I'm relatively new to Kpop, ARMY for a year and a half and only just starting to rlly explore other bands. I knew Minho from his acting in To The Beautiful You and Hwarang and I knew Onew from Descendants of the Sun but I had NO IDEA THEY WERE IN A KPOP BAND LMAO! I heard Ring Ding Dong in a kpop playlist and was super amazed! Of course I heard about Jonghyun but I had no idea.... these guys are EPIC and i'm sure Jonghyun is smiling proudly at them wherever he is.... I hope he's happy wherever he is

  • Noona nwn
    Noona nwn 7 days ago

    No se ven muy felices 😭😭
    No es lo mismo sin JhonHyun💔😭

  • I just want some milk

    I just adore this dance😍😍

  • Alex Carino
    Alex Carino 7 days ago

    I Love You SHinee

  • alya df
    alya df 7 days ago

    When i watch this. Its like watching drama musical. Their expression,move💓 IM SO IN LOVE

  • Annie Lattimore
    Annie Lattimore 7 days ago

    Those movements 🤯

  • soft stan
    soft stan 7 days ago


  • Trying to juggle this multifandom life

    Honestly never thought I could love a song so much but I mean come on it's Shinee like of course 💙

  • T.F. K.H
    T.F. K.H 7 days ago

    Shinee is always unique and awesome😍❤

  • Handi Cui
    Handi Cui 7 days ago

    I don't understand Korean, yet this feels like it was written and performed for Jonghyun ;(

  • Glazer Vlogs
    Glazer Vlogs 7 days ago

    Finally minho have an actual line

  • oh_chanbaek _ot12
    oh_chanbaek _ot12 7 days ago


  • Ysa Averia
    Ysa Averia 8 days ago

    This is art!!!

  • Hermela Belay
    Hermela Belay 8 days ago

    We all now that Jonghyun is looking down on them and smiling happily

  • Mia Suryanti
    Mia Suryanti 8 days ago

    so the concept is they avoid eye contact with cameras

  • Rachma Devi Fatimatuzzahra

    Saranghaeyooooo 😍😍😍😍

  • sky flowers
    sky flowers 8 days ago

    The choreography is so cool 👏

  • sky flowers
    sky flowers 8 days ago


  • 쫑나잇
    쫑나잇 8 days ago


  • maya
    maya 8 days ago

    Minho can literally wear anything and still look good out here wearing TWO BELTS I see you boi

  • Mei Tayama
    Mei Tayama 8 days ago

    Still shining brighter than all the stars in the firmament. Forever love. ♡

  • Sarah Miracle
    Sarah Miracle 8 days ago

    This performance is lit

  • Farah Nabihah Suhaimi

    Im waiting for their win on music shows cause *THEY TRULY DESERVE IT*

  • タルトピーチ
    タルトピーチ 8 days ago

    Omg... I loooove this song

  • Laras Hapriani
    Laras Hapriani 9 days ago

    Shawol must be sooo proud of these amazing guys :"") SHINee fighting!!

  • AHhHHh HhhH
    AHhHHh HhhH 9 days ago


  • jeongyeon
    jeongyeon 9 days ago

    when they looked up..
    all i could imagine was jonghyun

    YU QIAN LI 9 days ago

    SHINee - always art.

  • Ny Pimeankarona
    Ny Pimeankarona 9 days ago

    shinee all best 💙💙💙💙

  • No jams No pams
    No jams No pams 9 days ago


  • 은수임
    은수임 9 days ago +1

    Key oppa, the weather is so Nice, why wearing a raincoat ? ?😂

  • Nohely Cs
    Nohely Cs 9 days ago


  • Franzelle Camunias
    Franzelle Camunias 9 days ago +1

    1:46 tho Minho and Kay moment people!!😂😂💖💖💗💗💞💞😊😅

  • M Lois
    M Lois 9 days ago

    Love.. love..love...It! Excellent dance and sing performance. Love this song sooo much, even since I first heard it.

  • Cxxgdbb YG
    Cxxgdbb YG 9 days ago

    I miss you. Kim jonghyun😭💗

  • nonono aオタ&6面
    nonono aオタ&6面 10 days ago +1


  • Park TaeRa
    Park TaeRa 10 days ago


  • Ratih Cantika
    Ratih Cantika 10 days ago

    i love this song🔥🔥🔥

  • Aya Tarek
    Aya Tarek 10 days ago

    Guys don't forget to stream both Good evening and I want you ❤❤

  • Annie Ho
    Annie Ho 10 days ago +2


  • ミッキーマウス
    ミッキーマウス 10 days ago


    MAGAGARO 11 days ago

    Shinee are one of the main representative groups in Kpop, they help to expand the gender worlwide with groups like SNSD, DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang

  • Minhee Park
    Minhee Park 11 days ago

    But why I see Jonghyun oppa moved and the way he sing to Taemin moved? :/

  • Minhee Park
    Minhee Park 11 days ago

    I can't carry watching them performing without Jonghyun oppa... yes i'm crying now...

  • cyj babybird
    cyj babybird 11 days ago

    I can't watch it without having a lump on my throart😢

  • Nouna Nadia
    Nouna Nadia 11 days ago


  • Puddie Su
    Puddie Su 11 days ago

    I can’t stop looking at key’s outfit

  • Meiyin Chiang
    Meiyin Chiang 11 days ago


  • Ross P.
    Ross P. 11 days ago

    The best !!!!! 💖

  • Julianna Arango
    Julianna Arango 11 days ago


  • Santy Liesdayanty
    Santy Liesdayanty 12 days ago

    OMG! They are look like a model