2 MORE DINOSAURS REVEALED? VIDEO ANALYSED | Jurassic World: Evolution Species Analysis


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  • TYT - Neztflame
    TYT - Neztflame 3 days ago

    It’s a aptasourses

  • Duki Kuki
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  • Duki Kuki
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  • Frederick Baez
    Frederick Baez 27 days ago

    I think it will be the Diplodocus

  • Michael DeOcampo
    Michael DeOcampo Month ago

    Gastonia possibly?

  • Ethan Rizza
    Ethan Rizza Month ago

    I reckon that the armoured dino is gastonia

  • B Rex
    B Rex Month ago

    What if the misterious ankylosaurid/nodosaurid is a Polacanthus?

  • Heavy Weapons guy
    Heavy Weapons guy Month ago



    I have a feeling the new Ankylosauridae is Polacanthidae or possible Gastonia

  • Gustavo Guedes
    Gustavo Guedes Month ago

    Gastonia !!!!

  • walwave1
    walwave1 Month ago

    could have sworn borealopelta had a spike

  • Curtoise 95
    Curtoise 95 Month ago

    Mamenchi but the sauropod don't matter as much as they are both pretty long dinosaurs anyway and nodosaurus because the Peay Sandstone Formation in America is known as the Frontier Formation and only 3 has been discovered here and Nodosaurus is 1 of those dinosaurs. So considering it is Frontier who made the game only makes sense right?

  • Don't call me Nathan!

    Its just the apatosaurus

  • OrangeFrost36
    OrangeFrost36 Month ago

    What are the 5 dinosaurs in the deluxe edition? And is the indominous rex and raptor gonna be in this?

  • SharkyStarStudios
    SharkyStarStudios Month ago

    The second one could be a hybrid

  • TDH
    TDH Month ago

    BEST IN SLOT IGN uploaded a video about sandbox explaining what you can do!

  • Rowan Reniewick
    Rowan Reniewick Month ago

    There is a new video by IGN about sandbox mode for Isla Nublar!

  • Ninoii Dampiganon
    Ninoii Dampiganon Month ago +1

    Lil' Dippy the Diplodocus might just be comin to Evolution boys.

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    Hey man are you still planning on coming to Manchester for fallen kingdom? Really wanna watch it with you! :) I bagzzie the seat next to you lol

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    500k SKyAT! I'm calling for a 12 hour JPOG special

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    I pre ordered the Deluxe Edition for PS4 and it still says it's coming out December 31st 2018. Does anyone know why? Also great video as always.

  • mechanicobra
    mechanicobra Month ago

    I really feel like the mystery sauropod is an apatosaurus. But that mystery ankylosaur I'm hoping is Sauropelta.

  • PaulKingIII
    PaulKingIII Month ago

    I️ think diplodocus would have a longer neck maybe

  • HypnoGaming
    HypnoGaming Month ago

    First one is Mamenchisaurus, definitely. We know it'll be in the game since every dinosaur from the JP/JW movies will almost certainly be in the game except for Compsogathus.I'm not sure about the nodosaurid. Personally I think it's a Nodosaurus. I hope it isn't a Sauropelta because it would look bad since the spike isn't even in the right place.

  • Cade Troëne
    Cade Troëne Month ago

    www.cbc.ca/kidscbc2/content/the_feed//nodosaur_header.jpg i think the nodosaur is this species.
    EDIT: nevermind i forgot about the digsite location... my bad.

  • Sean0fenton
    Sean0fenton Month ago

    Could be a Scelidosaurus, a bit of a wild guess. The tail looks a little on the long side, however the CollectA Scelidosaurus toy, has a pair of large should scutes, despite the real scelido lacking them. Then again, the Deinonychus has a Guanlong head crest.

  • Joshua Andrews
    Joshua Andrews Month ago

    Based purely on the spikes the Nodosaurid could be Struthiosaurus, a genus found in Austria, France and Hungary. Animantarx is another possibility.

  • Thomas Carlin
    Thomas Carlin Month ago +1

    @BestInSlot- i wanna do a degree that will lead on to paleotology but my parents keep telling me that its a waste of time and money because there are no jobs due to unis cutting down on paleontology courses so u wont be able to teach it and also museums are closing down let right and center, any tips

  • Alexander Ramirez
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  • Irrelevant Person
    Irrelevant Person Month ago

    I was thinking of Diplodocus for the sauropod. It's the only one I know of that has that distinct 'shoom' look...
    As for the other dino, I have no idea what it could be. I don't know those kinds of dinos very well.

  • The Gaming Alliance 120

    Hey bes is the big baby in the game?

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    Congratulations to 500 k subs

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      BTW shooom

  • Aldrane7
    Aldrane7 Month ago

    It’s pronounced Key rather than Chi

  • Jahblo
    Jahblo Month ago

    I have a feeling that the we will still have a therizinosaurus in the game.

  • Ken Cleveland
    Ken Cleveland Month ago

    I just want them to include the borealopelta

  • Mark Cobuzzi
    Mark Cobuzzi Month ago

    I was partially hoping that the unidentified Nodosaur was a Gastonia, since I always found it cool how Gastonia has those tail "scissors" that could cut into predators like a hedge clipper.

  • Blinkysaurus Rex
    Blinkysaurus Rex Month ago

    Not, di-plod-icus

  • subhan afsar
    subhan afsar Month ago

    It’s a polocanthus

  • MenschAffen
    MenschAffen Month ago

    They should also include in evolution a hebivore who is a hybrid....
    Not only carnivors.

  • anthony gambacorta
    anthony gambacorta Month ago

    It could be an Argentinosaurs, my reasons is that the dig-site of where the Dino comes from is there in south America and its one of the most prominent dinosaurs discovered in that place, Will see excited for what ever it is.

  • Dggedsteven12
    Dggedsteven12 Month ago

    I just like to point out that we had a T Rex with an altered physique, would it be too much of a stretch to say that perhaps that long neck dinosaur, in the beginning, is sick?

  • Bedwyr Bowen
    Bedwyr Bowen Month ago +2

    It’s definitely a Diplodocus and the way to tell is by also looking at the tail. It has a very thin tail compared to others and very long. But the way you can tell the image is a diplodocus it’s very close to the spine where the tail starts.

  • Bryar Duncan
    Bryar Duncan Month ago

    Could be diplodocus.

  • Gucci Peng
    Gucci Peng Month ago

    It’s a giraffe and a tortoise.

  • StoneTitan
    StoneTitan Month ago

    i think your guesses are pretty good. Personal thoughts was probably Diploducus and maybe Egmontonia, but after seeing your images i think your guess for the other is more likely.

  • H20 Alpha Xeno
    H20 Alpha Xeno Month ago

    Nodosaurus in Jurassic world alive has spikes

  • Ditidos
    Ditidos Month ago

    I don't think we will get three diplodocid in the game. I mean, five sauropods seem logical but a macronarian, a camarasaurid and three diplodocids seems like a bad rooster to me, I don't know but why not a dwarf sauropod or a titanosaur, even better a prosauropod. I don't think Diplodocus will even be in the game just because Mamenchisaurus will be in and both, Mamenchisaurus and Apatosaurus are diplodocids and having three diplodocids seems like a bad idea.

  • Ditidos
    Ditidos Month ago

    The nodosaur is a Gastonia. It does resemble more a Gastonia rather than a Sauropelta has it only have one spike, like Gastonia and unlike Sauropelta. The Hell Creek Edmontonia also fits better than Sauropelta, although not as well as Gastonia.

  • Nicklas mocander
    Nicklas mocander Month ago

    Congratulations on 500k subscribers!!!

  • FaedeurOnarcius
    FaedeurOnarcius Month ago

    The word you were looking for is "Thagomizer".

  • Allbuch [DE]
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  • the hasty gamer
    the hasty gamer Month ago

    I have the book the nodosaurus picture used was in

  • Gaming - Raptor
    Gaming - Raptor Month ago

    the second one looks a lot like dimetrodon. You know the sail kind of thing

  • Garrett Duggan
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  • Somespartan
    Somespartan Month ago

    I think the sauropod is Apatosaurus and the Nodosaur is Sauropelta.

  • Factasaurus Rex
    Factasaurus Rex Month ago

    Its either apato or it is memenchia

  • Harley Brown
    Harley Brown Month ago

    The first one is an edmontosaurus. If you look closely at the tail the bottom part is dark but actually part of the dino. The tail is fatter than it appears. It also has the blue head.

  • Kyle Gower
    Kyle Gower Month ago

    What are your thoughts on them possibly adding genetically modified dinosaurs in the future, like indominous rex & the indoraptor? Possibly others? Also prehistoric mammals, flying dinosaurs, more raptor type dinosaurs, aquatic dinosaurs & the like. Just anything new they could add to make the game more interesting in the long run

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    Congratulation on 500k subs bestinslot......!!!!

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    Congrats on 500k subscribers!

  • The Wolf of Comedy
    The Wolf of Comedy Month ago

    Mamenchisaurus had the longest neck of any dinosaur and was actually larger than a Brachiosaurus.

  • Gaming With Jay
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  • Acro1954
    Acro1954 Month ago

    You see the shoom? Shoom is great

  • liekeze enitsugua
    liekeze enitsugua Month ago +1

    Google Jurassic World Apatosaurus. The first image is nearly identical to the sauropod outline seen in the video.

  • Charlie Yang
    Charlie Yang Month ago

    My guesses.
    The Sauropod: Diplodocus
    The Nodosauridae: Stegopelta, Aletopelta, Antarctopelta, Sauropelta, Acanthopholis, Animantarx, or maybe Zhejiangosaurus.

  • B I Z Z L E
    B I Z Z L E Month ago

    Uuu imagine that backround setting in JWE 😍

  • Walter Szukalski
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    Happy 500,000!!!!!!

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  • ryanator_109
    ryanator_109 Month ago

    are you studying paleontology or something like that cos dayum you know your shit and also cos u said u did a paper on the borealopelta.

  • hiplobonoxa
    hiplobonoxa Month ago

    is it possible that the tail is facing off to the left and the neck is facing off to the right? the tail could be raised while the neck is lowered to graze on the grass - and, that way, it looks quite a bit like it could be mamenchisaurus.

  • that fucking hip check

    Why is the background of this video a bunch of dilophosaurs

  • Jason Hudry
    Jason Hudry Month ago

    Who wants Eulosphecalus and Tojiangosaurus

  • DracoTitan DovahKii

    For your first one, could be mamenchisaurus as you got the angle where you're looking up so it's going to look taller.
    Second one, your guess is as good as mine.

    TheGAGAFULL Month ago

    Those 2 are the first thing I noticed😄

  • Fallacy Nar
    Fallacy Nar Month ago

    Yo brethren, should I get the normal version or the deluxe version on steam?

  • Huntzilla 1999
    Huntzilla 1999 Month ago

    I think it is an edmontonia

  • EpicKairu
    EpicKairu Month ago

    Comp-suh-nay-thus. I've watched alot of your videos. But please man. you gotta stop saying "comp-sag-na-thus"

  • Life of Arby
    Life of Arby Month ago

    I mean..The tail is pretty long :/

  • Tuxedo Toad
    Tuxedo Toad Month ago

    I don't think that sauropod is a mamenchiasaurus, because though it isn't the largest sauropod the animal itself has the longest neck length out of any living animal. The sauropod featured has such a small neck compared to the mamenchiasurus.

  • themccman
    themccman Month ago

    You sure that's not a edmontonia?

  • Buckethead Films
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  • Junone King
    Junone King Month ago

    First one is just an Apatosaurus turning its neck.

  • Tang Wai Yee
    Tang Wai Yee Month ago

    Memanchisaurus and edmontonia

  • 101Raptor
    101Raptor Month ago

    Hey BIS, whatever you are doing with your keyboard or hitting your desk..? It is shaking your mic. The weird noise in the video is the mic shaking the stand it is in. Try tightening the mic into the stand to fix it.

  • lsa28th
    lsa28th Month ago

    I think it's a Apatosaurus... Mamenchisaurus were famous for its long necks, like 11 meters long out of its 25 meters total length, and that one seems to have a rather short one. SHOOOM

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  • Braden Hoefert
    Braden Hoefert Month ago

    Nodosaurids are not actually ankylosaurids btw. Nodosauridae and Ankylosauridae are two different families within Ankylosauria. That being said, it's a Sauropelta, which was mentioned in the Kentrosaurus species profile.

  • LorisMasta17
    LorisMasta17 Month ago

    The Nodosaurid looks look it could not be Sauropelta, not exactly as spiky. It could be Edmontonia.

  • Mark Olsen
    Mark Olsen Month ago

    It looks like just a blurred-out Apatosaurus. The body looks too small. Mamenchiasaurus has a longer body, neck and tail. Still, Mamenchiasaurus would be a nice inclusion, as would Diplodocus. The second dinosaur makes me think of Desmatosuchus, just because of its shoulder spike.

  • Sam Dow
    Sam Dow Month ago

    Um Edmontonia?

  • Rob Martin
    Rob Martin Month ago

    This reminds me, may need help remembering it:
    documentary, involved a Diplodocus, and Allosaurus (I think it was the same model as the Big Al doc, leading me to believe that this was BBC), however I don't recall if this was among the Walking with Dinosaurs series ( and thus not in monsters/beasts)
    I remember little sauropod hatchlings running away from some carnivores down a little stream/ gully that was very overgrown with ferns and the like
    Anyone else know what I'm on about?

    TYRANNICAL-gg Month ago

    The neck is too short to be a mamenchisaurus

  • Supreme Leader Nugget

    The sauropod looks, at least to me, like a Diplodocid. Not saying it is Diplodocus itself, but it is certainly related to it, which makes me think it may be an Apatosaurus. However, it could also be Mamenchisaurus, although the neck for Mamenchisaurus looks different to the one in the image.
    Personally i think the sauropod is just an Apatosaurus. If it was a Diplodocus the neck wouldn’t go up that high, and the tail would be thicker at the base and longer. It might be though. I’ll edit this comment for my thoughts on the second dinosaur.
    Ok, second dinosaur. Hmm, as you said, definitely a Nodosaurid. Could be Polacanthus, Sauropelta seems like the most likely bet. Nodosaurus doesn’t have the features for it. If you ask me, the spike on the shoulder blade there looks like it goes beneath the d...
    Oh there’s a video
    Oh that’s a spike alright
    But there were several Nodosaurids with spikes on their shoulders, but in the case of simplicity and more well-known dinosaurs i’d say it’s Sauropelta, or at least Polacanthus.

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    Am I the only one excited for the return of Pangea Today???
    Also, congrats on your half a million, BiS! 🎉

  • Rex90Pawprint
    Rex90Pawprint Month ago

    Could the nodosaurid be an antarctopelta?

  • Alonso Aravena
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  • Lord Twaddle
    Lord Twaddle Month ago

    The Nodo could be several things, Sauropelta, Polacanthus, Minmi, Edmontonia etc. So I'm gonna be bold, using my knowladge to make an educated guess: Edmontonia.

  • Braedyn Arbuckle
    Braedyn Arbuckle Month ago

    Diplodocus was 'confirmed' through a Reddit post on the JWE subreddit from someone who attended the 25th JP anniversary at universal. They also confirmed Nodosaurus and Torosaurus.

  • Samuel Leis
    Samuel Leis Month ago

    There is a nodosaurid with a single spike on its shoulder that was obscure as hell i read a paper on a few months back but for the life of me I cannot remember what it is called or the paper for that matter... so helpful right!?!