• Published on Oct 21, 2019
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Comments • 124

  • justin Gonzalez
    justin Gonzalez Month ago

    Why he look like Harry magurie

  • _.reubs. shears._
    _.reubs. shears._ Month ago

    Hey can u make a vid on how to know when a walkout is

  • Harvey Boi07
    Harvey Boi07 Month ago +1

    You can open my elite squad battle rewards this week on share play.

  • James Kendrick
    James Kendrick Month ago

    Vvd in a 2 rare players pack

  • Derbyboy 09
    Derbyboy 09 Month ago

    I packed fabinho in a pre order pack

  • Bloodhound Toxic
    Bloodhound Toxic Month ago +1

    I got triggered at the end when here was another pack inside of the pack

  • Oliver McAleer
    Oliver McAleer Month ago

    I got mbappe out of the hybrid leagues sbc

  • hazardousedens
    hazardousedens Month ago

    Best pack pull was Ronaldo and Robertson in the Hybrid Leagues 50k pack

  • Austin Mcbean
    Austin Mcbean Month ago

    Formations and tactic that are legit & can help me reach division 4 rivals

  • Austin Mcbean
    Austin Mcbean Month ago

    Make a video bout how you know what packs

  • Fortnite clutch Clips

    I packed fabinho

  • Mick Valbjørn
    Mick Valbjørn Month ago

    Just packed scream ibra from the cl SBC.
    Great vid keep Up the good work

  • Endkiller3000 B
    Endkiller3000 B Month ago

    So a who is the insane player he packed

  • Freya Kavanagh
    Freya Kavanagh Month ago

    yo i got inform wijnaldum on saturday in just a nations sbc. Then packed bernard scream card which is lowest scream card but 230k, that was on sunday. Good pulls

  • Marczilla Goosebumps

    88 Navas inform in gold pack

    DANNY STACEY Month ago

    Feel free to contact me to open my rewards anytime. I also get elite 1 too in squad battles. Hopefully I won’t have an awful connection this week and do good in gut champs too

  • Zach Cascarino
    Zach Cascarino Month ago

    I got totw Harry Kane

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    Anyone recommend Nesta, his card doesn't look the greatest but I need and icon defender for cem.

    • Ollie 18
      Ollie 18 Month ago

      Either him or guardiola are probably the best for easier fut swaps

  • Mathias Ask-Mathiassen

    Scream Otamendi and Bernard

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green Month ago

    Hi if u really look at every comment then like this comment by the I’m a fan

  • jordan pickering
    jordan pickering Month ago

    Pulled varane and dybala same pack on national pride sbc england section

  • James The greatest
    James The greatest Month ago

    I’m packed VVD

  • Luk Hambrecht
    Luk Hambrecht Month ago +1

    My best pull was scream Rapheäl I've been using him lately hes mental

    • Yulqz
      Yulqz Month ago

      I got him in a two player pack hes insane

  • Isaac Hanson
    Isaac Hanson Month ago +1

    You said to look at how shiny the pack is to know if it’s a walkout, but I still don’t see it.. where should I be looking?

  • Panther
    Panther Month ago

    I packed a untradable Mbappé out of a free pack

  • FcLiverpool 1308
    FcLiverpool 1308 Month ago

    Are you the real harry maguire ??😅

  • Petrus Matikainen
    Petrus Matikainen Month ago

    Got Sancho elite 3

  • Hrjyfftjbb
    Hrjyfftjbb Month ago +1

    Wasn’t really insane

  • Michael Down
    Michael Down Month ago

    What sire do you use to check the prices of players

  • Krisu 22
    Krisu 22 Month ago +2

    Hey bro do you want to open my gold 1 champs rewards

  • Alexander Lied
    Alexander Lied Month ago

    I have 1.2m anyone have a good team to use??

  • Jordon challenge 2.0

    Comment to this to to prove that you read every comment but you are a really Good youtuber

  • Abd17skillz
    Abd17skillz Month ago +1

    Would you want to open my elite 1 squad battles next week?

  • Mutib alMutib
    Mutib alMutib Month ago

    what's a chill environment?

  • Tobias Skarpnes
    Tobias Skarpnes Month ago

    Can you have a stream where you play vs fans

  • Yanz
    Yanz Month ago

    My guy enjoy every vid u put out keep doing bits bro 💙🙏

  • Marcio De Sa
    Marcio De Sa Month ago

    Best packs were OTW de Jong from UCL MM
    And Aubameyang from Elite 1 squad battles last week

  • JEFortniteClips
    JEFortniteClips Month ago

    Could you rate my team

  • M Hxncho
    M Hxncho Month ago

    Good video ! Packed scream romagnoli 110k not bad

  • David Rutherford
    David Rutherford Month ago +1

    I don’t understand how there’s people out there playing so many games, I struggle to finish 1 game Lmao... this game is so bad atm

  • Lee Bates
    Lee Bates Month ago

    Mbappe for me last night, sold for 890k 🤣🙈

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor Month ago

    I got CR7 in div 6 rank 3 rivals untradable but still

  • Unknown _Snowz
    Unknown _Snowz Month ago

    I have packed Fabinho

  • Christian Katrib
    Christian Katrib Month ago

    I packed Fabinho from a mega pack in div rival rewards 3 weeks ago and today I packed scream Rodriguez 400 k from a free pack rare gold pack

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago

    Do more messaging futchamp opponents

  • John Duggan
    John Duggan Month ago

    Over 500 games already is crazy haha

  • John Duggan
    John Duggan Month ago

    Can never be arsed with squad battles now with the amount of games needed on a weekend and to stay rank 1 in rivals

  • ellisonfan
    ellisonfan Month ago

    Got sadio mane :)

  • Lewis White
    Lewis White Month ago

    He is amazing

  • Lewis White
    Lewis White Month ago

    Can u try allasane plea if

  • calum c
    calum c Month ago +7

    please make a video on how u tell if it’s a board before the pack, like comparing a non board and a board and showing the difference🙏

  • Vinny Marshall
    Vinny Marshall Month ago

    How many points where needed for elite 1 squad battles?

  • Nikos Kraan
    Nikos Kraan Month ago +1

    How can you tell if it's a board/walkout before the pack opens? Still searching but can't find anything odd

    • Hambone538
      Hambone538 Month ago

      Nikos Kraan The way you can tell if it is a board before the pack opens is that the player on the pack is a bit shinier than usual

    • Nikos Kraan
      Nikos Kraan Month ago

      MrGoonerGaming No you "" Yea I know that, but I mean that he can tell before the pack even opens.. if it opens I know when it's a board or not, but I wanna know it before haha

    • MrGoonerGaming No you
      MrGoonerGaming No you Month ago +1

      Nikos Kraan If it’s a board/walkout, it will start moving down the tunnel slowly. U gotta open A LOT of packs to recognize this

  • Ayd_Spurs
    Ayd_Spurs Month ago

    I got Scream Otamendi and fabinho🥴

    • Ayd_Spurs
      Ayd_Spurs Month ago

      From Elite 1 and Iago Aspas from pre order packs

  • Oliver Forssén
    Oliver Forssén Month ago +5

    how do you see that you got a board or walkout before the pack opens

    • Oliver Forssén
      Oliver Forssén Month ago

      DAT BRAIN yea but haber can see if its a board or walkout before the track lights flashes.

      DAT BRAIN Month ago

      on track lights,if they flash really bright its board or walkout

  • kalunka988
    kalunka988 Month ago

    1 am on monday :P

  • Andy4k/ BOT
    Andy4k/ BOT Month ago

    Where is the insane player

  • Ben Hunter
    Ben Hunter Month ago

    I got messi in a pre order pack

  • EvoXXX Bih
    EvoXXX Bih Month ago

    How u like aubamayang?? He seems like he cant finish?

    • notchrismd 78
      notchrismd 78 Month ago

      Aubameyang is ok but I find he is always drifting offside in my team but he does score good goals for me

  • Jamie Walton
    Jamie Walton Month ago

    Packed Mbappe in a 7500 coin pack now building a team around him!

    • Yulqz
      Yulqz Month ago

      Sell mbappe, get rashford/werner build better team round them using icon swaps