The Twelfth Doctor Regenerates | Peter Capaldi to Jodie Whittaker | Doctor Who

  • Published on Dec 25, 2017
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    Taken from Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2017 "Twice Upon A Time"
    The Thirteenth Doctor:
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Comments • 30 052

  • Trollking The1st
    Trollking The1st Hour ago

    She is a bad actor

  • House Max
    House Max 12 hours ago

    Tutte belle le rigenerazioni a parte quella da Smith a Capaldi che fa pena, sono rimasto deluso, un secondo di rigenerazione.

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor 5 hours ago

      @House Max ah, ok; questo accade solo nel reboot; nella serie classica si rigenerava dove capitava.

    • House Max
      House Max 6 hours ago

      @The Twelfth Doctor Siccome sono abituato a vederlo rigenerarsi nel tardis con le scie di luce che gli escono dalla testa e dalle braccia, questa volta non ci è stata.

    • The Twelfth Doctor
      The Twelfth Doctor 7 hours ago

      in realtà la rigenerazione è iniziata quando ha distrutto la flotta Dalek; come dice lui stesso, stava agendo all'interno mentre parlava con Clara nel Tardis.

  • Michael Richardson
    Michael Richardson 17 hours ago

    Rip dr. Who 1963-2017

  • Charles Schwartz
    Charles Schwartz 18 hours ago

    Not impressed not at all.

  • Dan Meyers
    Dan Meyers 22 hours ago

    And the Dr becomes total crap in his 13th or whatever regeneration!

  • Zack Allen
    Zack Allen Day ago

    Why did he become a woman only to speak feminism........ when he was a guy..................

  • A.G.O.M LegoProductions

    3:29 what is that song i hear? Could it? Yes i think it is.

  • Venus
    Venus 2 days ago

    "- O, no i jest... Stary wszechświat. I'm więcej go ratuję, tym więcej potrzebuje ratunku... Tak, wiem że beze mnie sobie nie poradzą. Ale zgaduję, że jeszcze jedno życie nikogo nie zabije. Oprócz mnie. Wygrałeś moment Doktorze, więc zróbmy to właściwie. Mam parę rzeczy, które chcę ci powiedzieć. Nigdy nie bądź okrutny, nie bądź tchórzliwy i nigdy, przenigdy nie jedz gruszek! Nienawiść jest błędna, a miłość mądra. Zawsze próbuj być miłym, ale zawsze bądź życzliwy.

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird 2 days ago +3

    "I suppose one more lifetime won't kill anyone..."
    *Tell that to audiences after Whittaker's first season.*

  • yeraul chacon007
    yeraul chacon007 2 days ago

    aggggggg la o el peor dr who simplemente hicieron mierda el personaje

  • artb1969
    artb1969 2 days ago +1

    Wholly TOAST!!! After all these years -- a CLUE!!! .
    "...Sometimes, If their hearts are in the right place, and the stars are too, children can hear your name...".
    River Song was conceived in the TARDIS so her 'stars' were aligned ... Every TARDIS automatically translates every language (including non-verbal), so River was born with almost genetic level of 'knowing' some information - Just as she "always knew" that Amy and Rory were her parents as she grew up with them - when she met the Smith Doctor and saved his life by transferring (some, all, most??) of her regenerations to him - she may have gained his name and faces as part of the regeneration process since at that point, her heart was also 'in the right place" ...

  • Adam McLaughlin
    Adam McLaughlin 2 days ago

    So passes a genuine role model for young men, an icon for 60 years. Regardless of what you think about his replacement, a modern agenda has hijacked the longest-running scifi.

  • Cobeoe
    Cobeoe 2 days ago

    Wow do all of his regenerations hate pears

  • Zoe-Jane Sutherland
    Zoe-Jane Sutherland 3 days ago +1

    Quite simply the best regeneration of the Doctor, perfect action, words and music make up this fantastic scene. My favourite part is quite simply how he's moved on from not wanting to regenerate to regenerating on HIS terms and holding out the regeneration until HE was ready, not when his body did. Say what you like about the Twelfth Doctor's character, but Peter Capaldi gave no less than 100% commitment to a multi-faceted character who was both dark and light and strived to find balance.

  • Shriyans Rai
    Shriyans Rai 3 days ago +1

    This is the only instance where the line "Never eat pears", made me cry.

  • Liouss
    Liouss 3 days ago +5

    Imagine his hands became bigger and the ring cuts his finger

    • Liouss
      Liouss Hour ago

      @Nutcracker’s Crack still would be weird

    • Nutcracker’s Crack
      Nutcracker’s Crack 11 hours ago

      Liouss, well, the tenth lost an arm during post-regeneration process, so I think, a finger wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Sérgio Domingues
    Sérgio Domingues 3 days ago +1

    Even more painful because he is alone.

  • Gryffin Richards
    Gryffin Richards 3 days ago

    Unfortunately she didn't land on Chibnal and save us from a season of bad writing... A female Doctor could have worked with better writing. What has happened to the good DW writers? Capaldi could have been one of the best Doctors ever, with better scripts. Jodie didn't even get a good start.

  • Tom R.
    Tom R. 4 days ago +1

    weird how they’re reusing music, anyone know why?

    • Kstomak
      Kstomak Day ago

      This was Murray Gold's last time composing music for Doctor Who after 10 seasons. He decided to reference several previous scores for his last episode.

  • Mae Mitchum
    Mae Mitchum 4 days ago

    2:05 That shot looks really cool though with the fog in front of his face

    • Mae Mitchum
      Mae Mitchum 4 days ago

      And the light hitting it just perfectly

  • Mae Mitchum
    Mae Mitchum 4 days ago +1

    1:20 I love this quote he says right here. Hate is always foolish and love is always wise

  • I’m A doggo
    I’m A doggo 4 days ago

    Peter Capaldi: lets get it right
    Jodi Whittaker: I don’t think I will

  • Варвара Постриган

    DOCTOR: Oh, there it is. Silly old universe. The more I save it the more it needs saving. It’s a treadmill.
    Tardis noise
    Yes, yes I know they’ll get it all wrong without me.
    Tardis noise
    Well, I suppose….one more lifetime won’t kill anyone. Well, except me.
    Stirring music/Tardis noises
    You wait a moment, Doctor. Let’s get it right. I’ve got a few things to say to you. Basic stuff first.
    Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears! Remember - hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise.
    Always try, to be nice and never fail to be kind. Oh, and….and you mustn’t tell anyone your name. No-one would understand it anyway. Except….
    He gasps, falls to the floor
    Except….children. Children can hear it. Sometimes - if their hearts are in the right place, and the stars are too. Children can hear your name.
    Gasps, grunts more
    But nobody else. Nobody else. Ever.
    Pulls himself off the floor
    Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.
    Stirring music.
    Doctor - I let you go.

  • Cooler Callum
    Cooler Callum 6 days ago

    Still be better if lewis capaldi was doctor

  • MrPuppyFan YT
    MrPuppyFan YT 6 days ago +2

    3:04 it was at this moment he knew, the fandom was ruined
    Edit: because the 13th Doctor was a mess

  • Tyler Mugs
    Tyler Mugs 6 days ago +1

    ngl I cried my eyes out when I watched this.. 12 will always be my doctor

  • Peter Merten
    Peter Merten 6 days ago

    And she's always talking about family. One wonders why?

  • Huabin Wei
    Huabin Wei 6 days ago

    hate is foolish love is wise. bertrand russel

  • Denny
    Denny 6 days ago

    The worst doctor ever

  • Mscape 7777
    Mscape 7777 7 days ago

    Didn't like him as the doctor. I was so glad when Jodie took over!

  • Gemima
    Gemima 8 days ago +1

    Comments here are surprisingly civil for a new female doctor. Keep it up, guys.

  • Stardust Legacy Fighter

    Literally the worst moment in Dr Who history. This is where the Dr Who show that I knew and loved, died.

    • History of Video Games
      History of Video Games 7 days ago +1

      Good thing the show Dr Who doesn't exist 🤣
      Doctor Who, on the other hand, does exist :)

  • Artemsoko
    Artemsoko 8 days ago

    doctor falls to her death the end

  • Music and Games
    Music and Games 9 days ago +2

    I just don't get why all the doctors regenerate in the TARDIS and end up destroying it like the 10 th doctor to the 11 th

    • History of Video Games
      History of Video Games 7 days ago

      The Tardis is the only place that can contain their regenerative energy that's expelled upon regenerating. Several Doctors regenerated outside of the TARDIS (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th).
      The reason why 10's was so explosive was due to how long he prolonged it in order to say goodbye to his companions. 11 was granted a whole new regeneration cycle and due to how old he was required a huge amount of regenerative energy to regenerate. His actual regeneration was really quick and relatively tame.
      As for 12, he held off regenerating because he was tired of changing forms but came to terms after his adventure with the First Doctor. That and his monologue to his future self added to the explosiveness.

  • Music and Games
    Music and Games 9 days ago +2

    3:00 is the real regeneration

  • Imane T
    Imane T 10 days ago

    And this is where it ended for me. Thank u doctor who

  • matt housley
    matt housley 10 days ago +6

    "One more lifetime won't kill anyone, except me" instantly makes me think of 10s speech to Wilfred about "some new man goes sauntering away, and I'm dead"

  • MagicKirin1
    MagicKirin1 10 days ago

    Despite all the problems with Dr Poppins, Peter Calpaldi is the worst doctor in the history of the show and the man makes Mathew Waterhouse look Lawrence Olivier as an actor

    • History of Video Games
      History of Video Games 7 days ago +1

      I'm sorry what? He was a terrific Doctor and I say that as a huge fan of David Tennant's Doctor.

  • Antony D'Andrea
    Antony D'Andrea 11 days ago +1

    I like to think Jodie was standing just off set and he was telling her

  • King Maximus
    King Maximus 11 days ago

    Jodie whitener sucks.stopped watching don't like being lectured to . don't need to pay TV license anymore! The was the art thing I watched.plots are cra and too pc/!!!!!! Uttter rubish!!!

  • MonkeyGirl Burns
    MonkeyGirl Burns 11 days ago +7

    Children can hear his name, so his real name is Raggedy Man.

  • Zsolt Raduska
    Zsolt Raduska 11 days ago

    The Best moment of Capaldi's Doctor

  • Mr McLovin
    Mr McLovin 12 days ago

    women can't drive

  • Joseph Supreme
    Joseph Supreme 12 days ago +2

    Missy was better at being the 13th Doctor.

  • thoughtfox lives
    thoughtfox lives 12 days ago

    i cant remeber what caused peter capaldi to regenerate in the first place, what was it

    • History of Video Games
      History of Video Games 7 days ago

      Blasted in the back by Cybermen and ate an explosion.

    • Mr Critical
      Mr Critical 8 days ago

      He was attacked by a Cybermen and caught in an explosion

  • Xav Man
    Xav Man 12 days ago +9

    *Capaldi regenerates*
    Matt and David: Hey its the new guy!

    • Mr Critical
      Mr Critical 8 days ago +4

      I like to think somewhere in The Doctor’s mind all of the previous incarnations are hiding out and watching 13 do her thing

  • Aled Davies
    Aled Davies 12 days ago

    I have never even seen a single episode of peter nor the new doctor

  • Tehreem S
    Tehreem S 13 days ago

    I'm so grateful that they used the soundtrack from Heaven Sent. That track is my absolute favorite.

  • Nathan Nunez
    Nathan Nunez 13 days ago

    Its about time you damn sexists got a female doctor

  • Mega The Extremist
    Mega The Extremist 13 days ago +2

    Jodie is a total disaster. Terrible actor. No concept of the character she's supposed to be playing.

    • History of Video Games
      History of Video Games 5 days ago

      [CITATION NEEDED] also are you somehow saying that Jodie Foster *wasn't* cast as The Doctor? Did the BBC team just decide to pay her money? LOL screw off, fuckboy.

    • Mega The Extremist
      Mega The Extremist 5 days ago

      @History of Video Games, no, chuckles, I'm afraid not. The character she's badly playing bears no resemblance to the character of the Doctor. None whatsoever.

    • History of Video Games
      History of Video Games 5 days ago

      She is playing The Doctor.

    • Mega The Extremist
      Mega The Extremist 5 days ago

      @History of Video Games, no she's really not. She's playing a completely different character.

    • History of Video Games
      History of Video Games 7 days ago

      She's suited for the role 😂

  • rat race
    rat race 14 days ago

    "....never fail to be kind!"

  • 이승원
    이승원 14 days ago

    안녕, 닥터

  • Context Sensitive
    Context Sensitive 15 days ago

    Still can’t believe he’s gone

  • misstary13
    misstary13 15 days ago

    i see it but i still don't completely get how it happend

    • History of Video Games
      History of Video Games 7 days ago

      Time Lords can choose their gender when regenerating.

    • Mr Critical
      Mr Critical 8 days ago

      Time lords can change gender but it’s more frequent in some more than others for example 11 mentioned he knew a time lord who switched back and forth between genders when regenerating but it took The Master till his/her third regeneration cycle to become Missy and it took The Doctor till his/her second cycle to change gender

  • Evan Mcclellan
    Evan Mcclellan 15 days ago

    This was the last good scene ever in doctor who everything after this is death to doctor who

  • Music and Games
    Music and Games 16 days ago

    Real regeneration at 3:03

  • Burnbaby Gaming
    Burnbaby Gaming 16 days ago

    4:43 people were saying this was an animation/editing error but really, i think its a reference to robocop when dude falls out the building

  • Nathan Nunez
    Nathan Nunez 16 days ago +3

    It felt like it wasnt the twelfth doctor talking to himself but it was capaldi talking to whittaker

  • Bananendrache 15
    Bananendrache 15 16 days ago

    The Titel is worng it must be Der zwölfte Doctor regeneriert

  • Keira Roberts
    Keira Roberts 16 days ago

    I just LOVE the first shot of Jodie’s face as The Doctor. The joy in her eyes as she says her first line reminds me of the 10th Doctor so much. 😊

    • Mr Critical
      Mr Critical 8 days ago

      The Doctor is just thrilled to be a woman and I love it