Zinc nutrition as we enter endemic phase

  • Published on Sep 10, 2021
  • Zinc and immune function: the biological basis of altered resistance to infection
    Zinc is known to play a central role in the immune system
    and zinc-deficient persons experience increased susceptibility to a variety of pathogens
    It is clear that zinc affects multiple aspects of the immune system
    Zinc is crucial for normal development and function of cells mediating nonspecific immunity such as neutrophils and natural killer cells
    Zinc deficiency also affects development of acquired immunity, activation of T lymphocytes and B lymphocyte help
    B lymphocyte development and antibody production, particularly immunoglobulin G, is compromised
    The macrophage, is adversely affected by zinc deficiency
    Zinc is needed by these key immunologic mediators
    Basic cellular functions such as DNA replication
    RNA transcription, cell division, and cell activation
    Zinc deficiency results in altered numbers and dysfunction of all immune cells
    Suboptimal zinc states have an increased risk for infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, and cancer
    Risk groups for zinc deficiency
    Elderly and patients with various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
    Mild zinc deficiency is largely sub-clinical,
    it is unnoticed in most people
    World Health Organization
    Assumes that at least one third of the world population is affected by zinc deficiency
    Zinc deficiency is responsible for 16% of all deep respiratory infections world-wide
    Supplementation, for which minimal to no side effects are known.
    Europe 10 to 20% zinc deficiency
    translate.google.com/translat... //www.phmk.es/i-d/suplementar-con-zinc-podria-reducir-la-mortalidad-en-el-paciente-de-covid-19&prev=search&pto=aue
    Zinc Protects the Human Body From Entering of the Virus
    Essential for tissue barriers equipped with cilia and mucus, anti-microbial peptides like lysozymes and interferons
    The expression of tight junction proteins was found to be zinc-dependent
    Mucociliar clearance of viruses is affected by zinc
    Physiological concentrations of zinc increase ciliary beat frequency
    Zinc-dependent alterations in gene expression by pneumocytes
    Associations with interferons
    Zinc Directly Inhibits Viral Replication
    Direct antiviral effects of zinc have been demonstrated
    E.g. coronaviridae, picornavirus, papilloma virus, metapneumovirus, rhinovirus, herpes simplex virus, varicella-zoster virus, respiratory syncytial virus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and the hepatitis C virus
    It was suggested that zinc can prevent fusion with the host membrane
    Decreases the viral polymerase function
    Blocks viral particle release
    Destabilizes the viral envelope
    Zinc Balances the Immune Response During Infectious Diseases
    Hyper-inflammation, immune products including pro-inflammatory cytokines
    Movement and over activation of immune cells to the lungs
    Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
    Need of zinc for lymphocyte development and function and that zinc supplementation can reverse lymphopenia
    Zinc is indispensable in the signal cascade of the T cell receptor and as a second messenger
    Zinc is required for B cell maturation and function
    Zinc Supplementation in Respiratory Infections
    A row of successful supplementation studies focusing on respiratory tract infection
    In most cases, prophylactic zinc supplementation was more effective than therapeutic proceedings
    Studies showed reduced symptom severity, reduced frequency, and duration of the common cold after zinc administration
    Zinc supplementation of children in developing countries
    Reduced pneumonia-specific morality by 15%
    and 19% of pneumonia morbidity by 19%
    Risk Groups and Symptoms of COVID-19 and Zinc Deficiency Reveal a Large Overlap
    Low serum zinc levels are regularly observed in:
    COPD, bronchial asthma, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, kidney diseases, dialysis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, liver cirrhosis, immunosuppression, and known liver damage
    57.5% elderly and nursing home residents in the U.S., showed significantly decreased zinc intake
    Zinc supplementation was able to reconstitute immune function in elderly and zinc deficient individuals
    (Journal of infectious diseases)
    The study data clearly show that a significant number of COVID-19 patients were zinc deficient. These zinc deficient patients developed more complications, and the deficiency was associated with a prolonged hospital stay and increased mortality.
    Foods containing zinc
    Whole gains
    Dark chocolate
    Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)
    Boys and men age 14 and older, 11 mg/day
    Women 19 and older, 8 mg/day
    Pregnant women 11 to 18 mg / day
    Lactating women 12 to 14 Mg/day

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  • Dave Mills
    Dave Mills 8 months ago +1923

    The fact that health authorities aren’t giving us this type of information on the likes of zinc & vit D is frankly shameful

    • Ullimately
      Ullimately 3 months ago

      Shameful is that people like you fall for that. Zinc only if there is a deficiency. Sufficient zinc should come with the food. That's different for Vitamin D.

    • Groovy-Momma
      Groovy-Momma 3 months ago

      @SB LB Yeah! 👍🏼

    • Groovy-Momma
      Groovy-Momma 3 months ago

      @Alison Price Well said!

    • Groovy-Momma
      Groovy-Momma 3 months ago

      @Alison Price also what we eat makes a huge difference.

    • Groovy-Momma
      Groovy-Momma 3 months ago

      @Doug Morley And have our insurance cover at least part of it. My dr put me on 3 supplements for migraines back in 2012 and I had migraines all of my life and they went away using these 3 supplements. And they aren't cheap by any means and so should be covered as drugs are.

  • Steve B
    Steve B 8 months ago +553

    The positive side of this pandemic is being more aware of my own health and having an interest in videos like this

    • Katsem
      Katsem 2 months ago

      I agree. And sadly none of this type of very important information that might have helped people maximize their chances of avoiding, or not falling ill with the most lethal aspects of Covid were NEVER promoted by Dr. Fauci, or anyone in the CDC.

    • Groovy-Momma
      Groovy-Momma 3 months ago

      @Just Want Truth Good going on the weight loss! I wish more would take better care of themselves. It makes ALL the difference in our overall health. I lost 160 pounds total and have kept it off for a year now. And that was before covid so I am so glad I made the changes when I did.

    • Groovy-Momma
      Groovy-Momma 3 months ago +1

      I agree. I had already started to make major changes a year before covid hit and I've lost 160 pounds and am no longer obese. I was morbidly obese and so unhealthy.
      At that time I added well-needed vit D3-k, zink, vit. C, etc. My numbers went up to normal with D finally. I believe that all together has made a difference in me not getting covid, but I do believe we will all get omicron at some degree but I also believe I have a better chance of being healthy now. I am very glad I finally made the changes when I did! I was around many with c19 and did not get it. I have not even had a sniffle for over 3 years now and that says a lot!
      This should be a wake-up call to everyone who eats junk (carbs, sugar) and obese people. Eat healthy and be healthy.

    • boudecia22
      boudecia22 4 months ago +1

      Yes its an education. I knew a healthy diet and nutrients are important but didn't quite understand why. Very grateful for John.

    • Kauai Fishing
      Kauai Fishing 4 months ago

      Overlooked by who? Blind sheep? Eat a balanced diet. Spend your life outdoors… end of story

  • Charlie Black
    Charlie Black 8 months ago +65

    Dr John, I am amazed at your dedication to helping so many people. All I can say , Sir is thank you so very much , and God bless you.

    • PJO
      PJO 2 months ago

      no offence frnd, bls u

  • ErinPerrySings
    ErinPerrySings 8 months ago +346

    5 years ago, my GP in Germany suggested I take 20 mg of zinc, 3,000 of vit D in the winter (1,000 in summer) and 200 mcg Selenium... all to build my immune system. Many GPs in Germany "prescribe" vit D because of the lack of sun we can experience. Be well all!

    • Taiwo Omotosho
      Taiwo Omotosho 3 months ago

      @Nina M 80NG/ML, when multiplied by 2.5, equals 200 nmol/litre. What happened to your bones etc when you had high levels?

    • Nina M
      Nina M 3 months ago

      @Taiwo Omotosho ng/ml

    • Nina M
      Nina M 3 months ago

      @Taiwo Omotosho ng/ml

    • Taiwo Omotosho
      Taiwo Omotosho 3 months ago

      @Albert Palombo Chelated zinc must be taken with chelated copper.

    • Taiwo Omotosho
      Taiwo Omotosho 3 months ago

      @Nina M Is this ng/ml or nmol/litre?

  • Ellen Osuna
    Ellen Osuna 8 months ago +276

    Thank you. It's possible to advocate for vaccination and also give info on how to be in better health. The fact that you've talked about Vit D, and hosted conversations about treatment, helps me believe you care about our health, the future of this world, and are coming from integrity. The single focus on vaccination only without even basic Vitamin D info, and the vilifying of treatment going on out there is giving the message to many people that those in power do not care about health.

    • Michael Pond
      Michael Pond 3 months ago

      Both nutrition and vaccines work great together. They savedourlives.

    • Linda Horner
      Linda Horner 5 months ago +1

      I agree!

    • Rita Mc
      Rita Mc 5 months ago +3

      Totally agree.

    • Hector Nadal
      Hector Nadal 6 months ago +2


  • David Crang
    David Crang 8 months ago +115

    I went through a string of colds and chest infections about 10 years ago, and became allergic to penicillin as a result . On advice of Doctor started taking a multivitamin and mineral tablet per day (I chose the Boots one in the UK). Since then barely had a cold and no chest infections. So taking RDA of a range of vits/muns worked for me.(I have taken extra vit D during the pandemic)

    • David Crang
      David Crang 4 months ago

      The Boots a-z 50+ container says 10mg, 100% of nrv

    • Liz Eggar
      Liz Eggar 4 months ago +3

      The Boots multivitamins contain a lot more than the RDA. Most are 200 percent to 300 per cent.

    • peter bramstrup
      peter bramstrup 8 months ago +9

      yup....me too.....but keep away from the gen therapy, it will not end well!!! :-)

  • Task Aydeetwo
    Task Aydeetwo 8 months ago +50

    Love hearing about how to improve immune health Dr John. Would also love to see more content on immune health and anti-inflammation.

  • Rohit D R
    Rohit D R 8 months ago +136

    While taking zinc for longer duration we need to balance Copper as well. Need to keep Zinc :Copper ratio around 20:1 for every 20 mg of zinc we need 1 mg of copper intake.

    • Vinny Bologna
      Vinny Bologna 9 days ago

      @Denise's Orchid Paradise well there's the copper content of the food and then there's your efficacy of digestion as well as other minerals competing for absorption. Just like plants, our uptake and utilisation of minerals appears to be governed by our parathyroid and boron sufficiency. Low boron, low mineral uptake. Boron supplementation of only a few milligrams has also shown to reduce calcium excretion in post menopausal women...

    • Denise's Orchid Paradise
      Denise's Orchid Paradise 9 days ago

      @Rachael Edwards wow! you just lost me!

    • Denise's Orchid Paradise
      Denise's Orchid Paradise 9 days ago

      @Vinny Bologna I wonder how much Cashews, dark chocolate, oysters or organ meat you have to eat for 10mg of Copper

    • Taiwo Omotosho
      Taiwo Omotosho 3 months ago

      @Albert Palombo Do you mean BPA-Free plastics like Sistema etc used as microwavable bowls etc?

    • Taiwo Omotosho
      Taiwo Omotosho 3 months ago

      @Tomas Osang Muir green leafy vegetables, meat including liver, herb-fed eggs, kinds of seafood, and sea kelp will supply all the nutrients the body needs.

  • pepperco100
    pepperco100 7 months ago +83

    A rare doctor that doesn't just parrot what his professors said in medical school. My salutes!

    • wOkeKing
      wOkeKing 4 months ago +2

      @Miles O'Brien Medical doctors only got the name 'doctor' from the PhD they acquired during their training. I don't get why everyone seems so intent on pointing out the fact he's not a M.D when he never recommends people do something without the guidance of their own physician.

    • Miles O'Brien
      Miles O'Brien 5 months ago

      @pepperco100 Oh, not trying to make any less of Campbell. I subscribe and think he is the best. I just think that John is playing a bit of a game by calling himself "Dr." Etiquette is that you don't call *yourself* Dr. for a Phd. It's deceptive, especially when you're talking about medical topics.

    • pepperco100
      pepperco100 5 months ago +7

      @Miles O'Brien I didn't notice that he put "Dr." before his name, rather than "M.D." after his name. So, thank you for correcting my error. Alas, here in the USA, it is all too common for medical doctors to continue their education only from the information provided them by drug salesmen. I stand by my praise of Dr. John Campbell.

    • Miles O'Brien
      Miles O'Brien 5 months ago +3

      Not a medical doctor. Please be careful with effusive praise.

  • josh denton
    josh denton 8 months ago +359

    good to know. i'll probably get my zinc on before the fall wave. i love these videos Doc. as an american, it feels like we aren't getting all of the info we need here in the states. it makes me feel better when i watch videos that aren't polarized by american politics. i'm extremely greatful that doctors like you are giving us informed news. Keep up the good work! 👏😎

    • J
      J 5 months ago +1

      @Dr. J just remember he,a not a medical doctor. Sorry to disillusion you. Neither is he a nutritionist. But you can always check his headlines with other specialists to further examine his conclusions. Tough for us in Uk as we would not be able to get those blood assays done.

    • Bradley Henderson
      Bradley Henderson 6 months ago +1

      @J Almost no doctors know anything about nutrition.

  • Joan Hyde
    Joan Hyde 8 months ago +54

    Wow, this was a video “jam-packed” with useful information! Thanks for the references full of data. Giving us a list of foods containing zinc was a gift as we can immediately modify our diets if necessary. You gave us another banner day of helpful information yet again.

  • Mary D D
    Mary D D 8 months ago +23

    Hubby and I have been taking zinc for years along with other supplements. We both got covid recently, and I am uncertain whether it helped or not, we ended up getting monoclonal antibodies IV, and THAT made a difference. If zinc helped, then I shudder to think how we would have felt without it.

    • Mary D D
      Mary D D 3 months ago

      @brenda nnokam Our Doctor Who also has a degree in nutrition prescribed the amount we needed to take. It's always a challenge to me to know how much of anything to take.

    • brenda nnokam
      brenda nnokam 3 months ago +1

      To little or too much of Zinc is counter productive. For Zinc to be effective it has to be a balanced intake.

  • John Armstrong
    John Armstrong 7 months ago +12

    Thank you for clarifying this for me. I've recently started watching your videos and zinc has been high on my priorities for: lets say, understanding. I suffer from COPD and Lupus, I recovered from heart disease and the medications prescribed to me gave me many adverse effects. I stopped taking them all and chose to look for alternatives. These included changing my diet and vitamin/mineral supplements. When my medications were prescribed there was no discussions about any deficiencies and I was told I must take these medications for the rest of my life. I must say that I and I alone understand my body's reaction to medications and since I have been using zinc suppliments, I rarely get a cold or flu and when I do, it lasts for only a couple of days. Please continue this good work, I know you have a lot to read and consider, and: as you are doing; give us the unbiased facts that we all deserve. Cheers.

    • Taiwo Omotosho
      Taiwo Omotosho 3 months ago

      What alternatives have worked for your conditions including the C-Vaccine?

  • Slartybartfarst
    Slartybartfarst 8 months ago +50

    Wow Zinc explained in 20 minutes thank you John was looking forward to this since digesting your information on vitamin D subsequently getting more sun and now taking vitamin D, prevention better than cure, your work so important to many in this pandemic, thankyou.

    • Tina Clark’s ghost
      Tina Clark’s ghost 5 months ago

      @Michael Przewrocki You can slow the playback. Touch the three little dots in the upper right corner of the video. Playback speed slower than normal may help. I often use faster speeds for those who speak slowly. 😉

    • Michael Przewrocki
      Michael Przewrocki 7 months ago

      he is speaking too quickly. 30min better

  • Anna Banna
    Anna Banna 8 months ago +329

    More like this please, thoroughly enjoyed listening to all this information that can actually help the health and wellbeing of people.

  • Jacques Leonard
    Jacques Leonard 5 months ago +2

    We are so lucky to have such a caring and smart man like John Campbell who gives us a ton of great informations to help us to those difficult times,a great thank you from the heart 🙏

  • Freedom
    Freedom 8 months ago +18

    Finally doctor! Some healthy tools to build our immune system outside of the vaccine and case counts. This is really valuable, thank you!

    • Paula Wagstaff
      Paula Wagstaff 8 months ago

      Finally to caught up to Dr Campbell. Congratulations

  • jonathan parry
    jonathan parry 8 months ago +17

    Thank you Doc for a clear & concise information about important medical information. I had a major disagreement with my doc about vitamin d, rising my intake from 2,000iu to 3,000iu after been diagnosed with CLL (Chronic lymphocytic leukemia). Your info on zinc is important & doctors should advise immune deficient & other patients to take the minimum amount. Thank you Doc for your laymen explanation on Corvid-19 & other related subject.
    I wish all doctors could be like you, thank you for providing a much needed service.

  • Empty Cup Drinks
    Empty Cup Drinks 8 months ago +242

    If keeping people healthy were of any importance to the "experts", this would be part of their message. It is not in their message, it is not their goal.

    • mooga 1981
      mooga 1981 4 months ago

      @Hikari 8 Farmed fish especially salmon is toxic too.

    • Dome stique
      Dome stique 5 months ago +1

      Exactly! 👌🦠🧪💉🤬

    • L Jo
      L Jo 6 months ago

      @Zwicker ''Why ''lol''?''

    • Vicki @ Massage, Nutrition, Skincare, Wellbeing
      Vicki @ Massage, Nutrition, Skincare, Wellbeing  6 months ago

      @Zwicker oh really that's not completely my experience in the UK or many other people's from what I hear. And I am still bringing it to people's awareness now, each and every day. Because I feel it's the right thing to do. And I also work as a Complementary Therapist, so can try to do this just with the few new clients I treat each week. Xx

    • Zwicker
      Zwicker 6 months ago +1

      @Empty Cup Drinks I’ve never met a single person that didn’t know about the positive results of having good health or taking vitamins. Maybe they don’t know every intricate detail but to say they never heard of vitamin D is insane… it literally comes from the sun

  • K&D H
    K&D H 8 months ago +292

    Thanks - recently, we started taking Zinc, Vit D, Quercetin, Vit C. My wife's asthma significantly improved, which was a great and unexpected side benefit.

    • astromob1
      astromob1 4 months ago

      What is natural vitamin c?

    • lili shyta
      lili shyta 4 months ago

      @a frickin american where you find LDN? Please can u tell me.

    • David Heckman
      David Heckman 5 months ago +1

      Yes we also use quercetin with zinc at our house because hydroxycloroquine, another zine ionosphere, isn't available in the US OTC and the FDA doesnt recomend it for covid and doctors won't prescribe it since bad orange man recommended it. I'm glad he was specific and didn't recommend any or all ionospheres or they'd likely all be impossible to get.

  • Janet A
    Janet A 5 months ago +13

    Awesome Dr C! We 'alternative' nutritionally focused folks have been shouting this all along! Thank you for bringing this info to your audience.

  • Last Light
    Last Light 8 months ago +95

    Dr. Campbell. I did not hear you caution against taking "too much" supplemental zinc. In the U.S., we have many people who think that if a little bit is good, more is better. It is important not to take "extra" zinc, because it can be toxic at high doses, starting at levels approximately 10 x the recommended dose. None of the other essential elements have such a small difference between the needed amount and an amount that risks toxicity.

    • Jenni Dall
      Jenni Dall 4 months ago

      Yes@a frickin american - I learnt the hard way to always take 1:15 copper with my zinc! This is an aside from the topic under discussion here, but can you tell me please why you said "iron-free"? I am currently trying to figure out what to make of my doc wanting me to take massive iron supplements bcz they reckon I need to bring my Ferritin levels up. As I am a carrier for Haemachromatosis I have if anything had high iron levels in the past, and have always avoided supplemental iron. So far I have opinions both ways, but not much actual data. You got any?

    • a frickin american
      a frickin american 7 months ago

      * not by a dock. By a doc.

    • PatLou SMi
      PatLou SMi 8 months ago +1

      @Dana M. beef Liver has the highest amounts of copper with the right ratio of zinc to copper.

      WELLNESS FUN 8 months ago

      @a frickin american under medical supervision I am sure you are safe: my guide of 35mg daily was for OTC purchases, considering some may get enough zinc in their natural food diet if it is healthy and varied. Glad you have a savvy Medic x

    • a frickin american
      a frickin american 8 months ago +2

      @WELLNESS FUN I was prescribed 50mg by a doc. It all depends on your needs. He gave me the swish test, had me swish zinc in my mouth. He started me on, I don't know, 25, but kept upping the dose until I could no longer taste the metallic taste when doing the swish.

  • M. Bader
    M. Bader 8 months ago +13

    That's a really informative update. I'm urging my family to take zinc 3 times a week and I will too. The trouble for me with taking zinc is that it interferes with calcium absorption and iron absorption and all three need to be well spaced out as I am on calcium already and soon to be on iron. It does get complicated when taking more than one mineral supplement so people need to be aware of the interactions. They affect each others absorption. GPs don't seem to routinely check zinc levels but I did have mine recently checked privately because of hair issues and was glad to see I am not deficient but I plan to take supplements anyway to be sure it stays that way if I can work out a timing with my other minerals as you need 3 hour gaps.

    • J
      J 8 months ago

      Supplementation when not deficient may be deleterious. Read up on Patrick Holford on optimal nutrition. Find me the paper that shows that single nutrient supplementation is beneficial unless seriously deficient. Many studies show that supplements have ss many down side as benefits. The jury is still out except in very specific circumstances ( such as right at the start of a cold…. ) And not known in Covid yet.

  • Topshelf Junior
    Topshelf Junior 3 months ago +3

    From January 1, 2020...I have been taking Zinc, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Vitamin C... every other day, no misses. Haven't been sick in years, haven't had Covid, haven't had a variant, haven't had the flu, rarely sneeze, rarely cough. I am SURE this regimen (combo) is the reason !

  • V Esc
    V Esc 8 months ago +27

    Transport of zinc is greatly aided by Quercetin and EGCG (from green tea). Both are known zinc ionophores, which assist zinc's entry across cell membranes. I believe quercetin is a first choice and green tea (or EGCG) is a good backup.

    • Bloke About Town
      Bloke About Town 7 months ago +1

      @carole patterson There is a company called Do Not Age (silly name I know) but they do sell good quality supplements, I buy my quercetin, berberine and NMN from them. They are based in the UK and ship world wide using DHL. I live in Australia and it takes around 3 to 4 days for my supplements to arrive all the way from the UK which I think is pretty good, especially given that Australia Post can take two weeks just to deliver a parcel 12km from one suburb of Sydney to another.

    • John Burton
      John Burton 8 months ago

      @carole patterson Amazon sell it, at least here in the UK.

    • Sherri Lindsey
      Sherri Lindsey 8 months ago

      @carole patterson try Amazon

    • Juliukas101
      Juliukas101 8 months ago +1

      @carole patterson I am pretty sure it comes from oranges, however in the UK we can buy it in health food shops like Holland & Barrett.

    • carole patterson
      carole patterson 8 months ago

      I tried to get quercetin over the counter abd it was not possible???

  • APCP7
    APCP7 8 months ago +20

    I agree. Zinc has been a lifesaver for me, as quite a few times, I’ve had horrible asthma attacks and my inhaler did nothing. Then I took Zinc, and after no more than 5 minutes am I all better.

    • ZeX
      ZeX 8 months ago +3

      Zinc needs at least a week to stabilize into your body and take actions. So your comment is just laughable.

  • Christine Tite
    Christine Tite 8 months ago +16

    Thank you John for your care and concern, and the many hours you have volunteered.
    I have been taking Zinc daily for some time but just realized that the daily dose in capsule form is 25 mg. per capsule. Not sure if the companies that produce Zinc actually provide smaller amts in order for folks to work out just how much is the correct dose and act on it.
    Clerks in stores that sell the Zinc capsules know nothing of various doses for men/women ect.

  • Dave Shepard
    Dave Shepard 8 months ago +12

    Thank you so much for the clarity and the rational, reasonable, measurable approach you take to make your point on these alternatives, supplements. Appreciate it very much.

  • Practical Pip
    Practical Pip 8 months ago +19

    This is great... I started taking 15 mg supplements to add to what I will get from my diet. It has actually helped my mild allergies immediately and I can breathe better though my nose, which is a major bonus too!

  • Adele Napper
    Adele Napper 8 months ago +7

    A fantastic description of the beauty and complexity of our bodies, fearfully and wonderfully created. Thank you for explaining the detail. Yes! It IS a pity that our governments/health ministers aren't telling us about the importance of zinc and other essential minerals and vitamins but not a surprise as there are no big profits for big pharma to make from supplements and no profit at all for encouraging people to eat and live well. And also why most unbiased research studies into this are independently funded. P.S. I love dark chocolate!

  • Marco van Bergen
    Marco van Bergen 8 months ago +14

    Thanks as always Doc. Been following you since the beginning of this pandemic. Hope besides Vitamine D and zink you take your rest too. You seem to be in a rush state lately, it makes me a bit nervous. Take care!

  • Barbara Warren
    Barbara Warren 5 months ago +4

    Dr. Campbell, this is an awesome video - you are saving many lives by explaining these concepts so clearly! I'm in the US and disgusted with the supression of all nutritional information. It has become almost criminal for anyone - especially physicians - to talk about nutrition, required for optimal human performance and immunity. The focus is on only newly-patented Rx drugs and all government agencies are fully "captured"

  • Linda Barker
    Linda Barker 8 months ago +22

    Excellent - great to know that dark chocolate is helpful - my favourite! Been taking zinc tablets now for months since saw your earlier podcast on this subject. Thank you.

  • Roger Hoffman
    Roger Hoffman 5 months ago +3

    Doctor Cambell I greatly appreciate your efforts at keeping us informed as the world deals with this pandemic.
    When discussing the appropriate dosage of zinc you suggest 15 mg/day 3 or 4 days per week. The zinc I have is 50mg of zinc per tablet, but this is zinc as "Zinc Gluconate", so the actual zinc per mg is significantly less than 50mg. My question is whether mg of zinc is as zinc only or is it standard to express zinc as zinc gluconate?

    • alan.erickson
      alan.erickson 4 months ago +1

      I'd look at the label and see what the RDA percentage is.

  • Anne Kester
    Anne Kester 8 months ago +2

    Thank you for another informative video. As a vegan, and I have asthma, I take a supplement which on checking has 15mg of zinc in. So I’m happy to know I’m covered 😊

  • Donna Keeley
    Donna Keeley 6 months ago +2

    I am lierally eating 90% dark chocolate as I watch this video and as I look at the rest of the bar, all guilt has vanished!! Thanks Dr John I have learnerd alot over the last few months of watching your videos

  • Raish Allan
    Raish Allan 8 months ago +144

    I currently have covid (double vaccd) and been taking decent vols of vitamin D, Quercetin and Zinc. I am starting to feel better. Hitting the 10day mark!

    • Free Spirit With Nature
      Free Spirit With Nature 3 months ago +1

      @Taiwo Omotosho Right now I’m horrified at hearing the amounts of plastics in our meat ,tap water ,vegetables. This poor planet is suffering with litter ,our oceans are a mess ,and now the fish 🐟,are really toxic,in Norway/ Sweden ppl in France are paying a fortune for fish that are actually poison. I actually just heard of Tudca a couple of days ago. Thank you so much!🙏❤️

  • Thomas Bond
    Thomas Bond 6 months ago +3

    Thank you for this great information. I found you on TheXvid and have learned an incredible amount. I knew I needed all of these things but explaining how it works and why you need it explains why last year when I started taking all the vitamins you have mentioned the normal winter cough I get went away.

  • violetgypsie
    violetgypsie 5 months ago +3

    I’ve been taking zinc, vit d, vit c, methylated b complex, selenium and iodine for years. Most people are deficient in all of these nutrients because of either malnutrition (lack of food) or fast food and junk food diets (abundance of “filler” foods). Thanks Doc for showing us these published papers/studies. This information should be widely known.

  • Cindy Richards
    Cindy Richards 8 months ago +20

    The FLCCC recommends 30 - 40mg of zinc daily in their prevention protocol. Any ideas as to the differences in amounts?

    • Victoria Norman
      Victoria Norman 7 months ago +2

      @Johnny Fedora Quite the opposite, the critical care doctors have stood for prednisolone in the ICU treating very ill patients with covid, they have stood for vaccines and early treatment with multiple drugs and vitamins. You must be confused with another group. These are highly esteemed ICU doctors who have developed protocols for early treatment, hospitalized treatment and long haul.

    • Johnny Fedora
      Johnny Fedora 7 months ago

      The arrogance of self-imagined internet "expert" is beyond reason. We seem to be living in a time beyond reason in the U.S.

  • Whole World Traveller
    Whole World Traveller 4 months ago +1

    My most favorite Dr John video so far. So subtle about his views of some officials but we get it. This channel is becoming my compulsory watch every morning. I am now taking Zinc and Vitamin D supplements. Thanks Doc.

  • Dr. J
    Dr. J 8 months ago +5

    Thank you Dr. Campbell for the great, critical, and potentially life-saving information! I was waiting for your comments about the importance of Zinc absorption, role and examples of Zinc Ionophores, how to recognize bio-available Zinc supplements, etc. For example, I know that Zinc has to be properly absorbed in order to obtain the benefits. And I do not know if Zinc is better absorbed from certain foods, and less so from others, and I suspect the same might be true depending on the type of supplements that are used. I appreciate all your expertise, and learn a lot from your excellent videos.

    • Dr. J
      Dr. J 5 months ago +2

      @Tomas Osang Muir Thank you very much Tomas. Do you know if all natural sources of zinc are more or less absorbable? I also learned from DR Zelenco that Quercetin + Vit. C is a powerful Zn Ionophore, maybe more powerful than EGCG found in green tea, but both are good. I wish you all good health my friend.

    • Tomas Osang Muir
      Tomas Osang Muir 5 months ago +2

      Zinc citrate and gylcinate seem to be good forms. Zinc from meat is very bioavailable.

  • Iryna Minakova
    Iryna Minakova 4 months ago

    Thank you, Sir, for taking your time of the day for educating us. I always listen to your videos with great interest!

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    Saw this months ago, and now have renewed the importance of it. Thank you once again for stressing prevention in simple steps anyone can do.

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    Thank you so much for your daily advices! They really make my day!! I wish your thoughts would be world known because uou have the gift not only of knowledge but of accessibility to those who are not well versed in such matters!
    I agree that doctors should be aware of zinc levels and make sure we all have the necessary ones! Thank you, again, Dr. Campbell!

  • sylvie bigger
    sylvie bigger 8 months ago +2

    Well thats what we truly need natural remedies to help strenghten our immune system. Please keep this content up. Im so glad youve chose this topic. This is absolutely necessary to hear. Thankyou and keep us informed on natural ways , maybe even look at produce instead of product too.

  • Karen Campbell
    Karen Campbell 5 months ago +1

    Thanks so much for this informative video John. I have watched your videos since the pandemic from NZ. I have come to really appreciate how you make the information accessible even when it is a bit technical. You will go down in history for many people globally as the voice of reason and factual information based on evidence. If I need the latest information that I trust I have always gone to your clips as your predictions often come before the government’s new decisions. Unfortunately, governments don’t always get it absolutely right as they are often influenced by the political agenda at the time. Thanks again.

  • Talisman Australia
    Talisman Australia 8 months ago +19

    Finally we have some progress , Add quercetin to the mix and you have good immune support , pity that it’s taken this long to get here. Prevention and treatment be great to see ivemectine or the equivalent to treat the disease also . Not just endless boosters of vaccine

    • Doug Hill
      Doug Hill 8 months ago +1

      It was here in his video of 15 October 2020

    • Talisman Australia
      Talisman Australia 8 months ago +1

      @jr it is all about the cash . I concur

  • Greg ######
    Greg ###### 8 months ago +146

    There will come a time when people who had their 10th booster shot will blame the people with 9th booster shot for the rise in cases

    • candie express
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    • John Flynn
      John Flynn 6 months ago +6

      Greg, a small measure of cynicism, but that seems prophetic!!! Esp. if the boosters have to be taken every month instead of every 6 months. Six months between doses will become 3 months, will become every month.................

    • Michael Brown
      Michael Brown 6 months ago +3

      Brilliant summation

  • AJM
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    Finally some useful information for people on how to take care of themselves and optimize there own immune systems. The government doesn't seem to care to much about giving people this potentially life saving information. Much more to come I hope

    • Dario Ebhard
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      Tin foils had this info for months. LOL

    • peaceful journey
      peaceful journey 8 months ago +1

      "You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It's not about food, it's about keeping those ants in line."

    • peaceful journey
      peaceful journey 8 months ago +1

      @Rab J well neither am I, neither is Dr Kory, but I believe him in other matters because of his integrity. We humans aren't perfect. I remember my ex-husbands step mother from the old country, once said a thing to me about a black Miss America wasn't right, but she was so kind and so honourable in every other way I can think of...it taught me we're not perfect, she brought to the present, things that were common a hundred years ago, but don't stand the test of time. Who knows what beliefs we have now that won't last another 100 years. By then exercise, optimal weight, mental health may be a given :)

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    This was fantastic information Dr John. I’m going to send the video to people. Many thanks for taking the time to do these videos.

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    Thank you Dr. Campbell. You are providing a highly valuable public service with excellent information and a great format.

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    "Optimising" the immune system. Such a subtle yet important distinction between "boost".

    • Chris John
      Chris John 8 months ago

      The lady doth protest too much!

    • Mr. Bat Towel
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      Certainly wouldn't want to boost your immune system right when you're at risk of a cytokine storm.

    • EelingStudios
      EelingStudios 8 months ago +2

      For 'boost' do you mean permanently disable or amend it [twice] with, well, you know what... much better to massage than massacre our immune system.

  • Susanna D
    Susanna D 8 months ago +13

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge 💜 I just got my elderly parents started on zinc

  • Northern Thai Garden Guy
    Northern Thai Garden Guy 5 months ago +10

    The fact that this was recorded before Omicron showed up and Dr. Campbell already knew we were headed to the Endemic phase of the Pandemic is pretty amazing to me.

    • wOkeKing
      wOkeKing 4 months ago

      @Miles O'Brien Actually every doctor, even MDs, on TheXvid, say that because if you took their advice and you had a bad reaction they would be liable. They're also regulated by the medical board and John's approach for reviewing the NHS guidelines is all General practitioners do in the UK.
      He's also practiced medicine in a hospital as an a and e nurse and he did his PhD in education, which means he's doubly qualified to review and assess medical studies and to relay the information in a digestible way.
      Honestly, just stop.

    • Miles O'Brien
      Miles O'Brien 4 months ago

      @wOkeKing Yes, a "stupid" question that you did not answer because you saw the words and then interpreted them in a stupid way. A J.D. is NOT a PhD. A PhD in nursing is not an MD. John Campbell PhD is not a physician or a surgeon. That is why he is forced to say "I cannot prescribe a medical treatment and you should seek the advice of a licensed physician." Playing on the confusion between a purely intellectual construct such as a PhD and an actual medical degree is disingenuous and misleading. Just as your whole specious "argument happens to be.

    • wOkeKing
      wOkeKing 4 months ago

      @Miles O'Brien That's a stupid question lmao, yes you can get phds in medicine and not have to interact with patients, it's literally how science works 😂

    • Miles O'Brien
      Miles O'Brien 4 months ago

      @wOkeKing The only question I have for you is this: Can a PhD in every discipline *legally practice medicine* ? Can a Juris Doctorate? A PhD holder in Mathematics? John Campbell PhD? A PhD is awarded by an educational institution not the professional licensing board.

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    Fabulous information. Thank you for bringing us important data on this most complicated issue.

  • Ann Carr
    Ann Carr 8 months ago +2

    We are termed elderly - have been taking zinc, vit C, vit D, & and natural anti-oxidants, doing well! No shots! No co-morbidity but high blood pressure (husband), all ok! Thanks Doctor fir great information!

  • Lauren Baker
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    Thank you. I didn't know my daily needs for zinc, which I have been taking for months. The immune system was very well explained..... Well done!

  • Chris Brisson
    Chris Brisson 8 months ago +5

    I've been taking zinc ever since the late 1980s when I attended a seminar conducted by Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. He strongly recommended taking zinc and vitamin C as a synergistic pair, especially at the earliest inkling of symptoms of a cold or flu.

    • Ken Jackson
      Ken Jackson 8 months ago +2

      Four times since I had covid a year and a half ago, I developed a gravely "scratchy" throat that indicated a sore throat coming on. All four times, I dissolved a rapidmelt *Zicam* (contains zinc) in my mouth before bed. When I woke up I had _no_ sore throat. I may have had ordinary colds coming on, but they also may have been covid reinfections. No one is talking about Zicam's antiviral power, but I'm a believer.

  • ljmmuk
    ljmmuk 7 months ago +3

    Have been taking zinc supplement for 20 years & rarely get a cold, when I do, it is usually mild. This man isn't selling anything so I trust his advice.

  • Jill Pontiere
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    Yes, this is what needs to be blasted across the news from WHO and the CDC. Thanks so much for sharing this very important information. You Rock, Doc!

    • Denise's Orchid Paradise
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      @Cecil Price Moderna is making billions and they have stock so....

    • Cecil Price
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      No profit in zinc, hence. No push from WHO and CDC.

  • Harry Paloglou
    Harry Paloglou 7 months ago +2

    Dr. Campbell, could you please clarify the best type of Vitamin D and Zinc in supplement form (not from food), as there are several forms, which would best be absorbed and potentially provide greatest results/ protection. Much appreciated and thank you for all you do.

  • kerry lattimore
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    Yes. It would be great if our famous doctors would tell people how to keep their immune systems strong.

    • JE AN
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      @Rab J exactly.

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      @Critical Thinking That's your life not mine.

  • honneypotske
    honneypotske 5 months ago

    I follow your talks every day and have learned a lot from which I will benefit. Could you maybe include the importance of nose breathing and humming in relation to the forming of nitric oxide which might be also included in the first line of defense in killing the virus?

  • Fadia Cotter
    Fadia Cotter 8 months ago

    I find your objective, science based commentaries refreshing and informative. Thank you so much for your extensive research and careful interpretations.

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    Thanks so much for posting this video which has been a real eye-opener for me. Really valuable information, Dr. Campbell. Thank you!

  • Nanna Jay's adventures
    Nanna Jay's adventures 8 months ago +1

    Been saying this for a while now... Vit C, Vit D and Zinc.... crucial to immunity and helping us during this pandemic. Those who are passing have lower levels in the 40s of Zinc than those who are getting through it.

  • David Clode
    David Clode 8 months ago +31

    Thank you Dr. John. A trial at the Austin hospital in Melbourne, in conjunction with the University of Melbourne, found that (in summary) people deficient in zinc had more severe COVID than those with adequate zinc, and they were able to quickly raise zinc levels with intravenous zinc chloride to improve outcomes. Personally I have been taking zinc and the ionophore quercetin since early in the pandemic. Governments should be making these, plus vit D and C , either freely available, or at least subsidised, to the people, but we don't even get this advice from them. Thanks again for your thorough coverage of the topic.

  • Sheila Littlejohns
    Sheila Littlejohns 8 months ago +2

    You are amazing how you are doing this every day for so long ,thank you Dr John

  • Michael E.
    Michael E. 8 months ago

    Yes, I believe I had been asking people to talk about this almost 2 years ago now. Of course with Zinc it is also dangerous in high doses. Also apparently folate and K2 and Iron are playing roles in outcomes when deficient though we're not clear how exactly that's working

  • John Kemp
    John Kemp 3 months ago +1

    Thanks John. Wasn't there some suggestion taking zinc and magnesium together was better than just Zinc?

  • Darcy Brown
    Darcy Brown 8 months ago +4

    Great overview John. It should be a routine for us to get zinc levels checked through GP's (instead of usual challenge to persuade them or being viewed as some fringe request) - also be mindful of the Elemental Zinc requirement rather than the overall zinc levels stated on the supplement bottle label. My understanding is you shouldn't take more than 40mg elemental zinc a day including food derived sources as can lead to undesirable health issues. As mentioned take with an ionophore for best results. John maybe comment on best zinc types, as there are a range and some are better absorbed than others.

    • Rachael Edwards
      Rachael Edwards 7 months ago

      Several members of my family have a genetic condition that leads to low zinc. We saw a gp who specialised in dealing with it for a few years but he was expensive (especially considering there were 5 in the family needing it so 5 appointments) and over an hour away. I know how to manage the condition and supplement it but need a local gp to order a plasma zinc test every 6 months to make sure numbers haven’t moved significantly because too much zinc is worse than not enough. Ha. Good luck finding a gp who will help.

  • Sean Doyle
    Sean Doyle 8 months ago +182

    About time that everyone started to be responsible for their own health

    • Vicky Hill
      Vicky Hill 6 months ago

      @LK I find its very on trend to be like us today. One of my daughters used to sarcastically refer to me as "hippie Joe". Now all of her friends are phoning me and asking how to cook certain foods, she had suddenly decided to join in. Even her little step daughter wants to join in. We picked the redcurrant bushes and made redcurrant jellie etc. My partners niece and nephews also like spending time in the kitchen with me. I like to use herbs and essential oils too and only ever have asthma meds off my doctor. Everyone is fascinated with these things too. Hopefully soon people will back to the old ways. I honestly think that they are the best ways. Perhaps we will set the trend, eh? ✌️😂

    • LK
      LK 6 months ago

      @Vicky Hill It is. So many addictive chemicals in processed foods: refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, excitotoxins, dyes, refined flours, nitrates, harmful fats... A gov that cares would refuse all those harmful things, but no. I’m like you and people around me think I’m nuts; yet I’m the only one not on any prescriptions

    • Carolina Trump
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      Exactly,Wat we pay for !!Convenience!!!😂😂😂

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      @Chris Stevens
      Which one?

  • Chirpy Wiggins
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    I love this channel, another way of gaining confirmation (as if we needed it) that we’re never getting out of this and it will kill many many more people for years to come! Lovely stuff ❤️

  • DJ
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    December 2021. So much for the endemic phase of Covid19.
    Came back to this podcast to refresh my knowledge of zinc and its importance to the immune system.

  • L Jo
    L Jo 6 months ago

    Thank you, Dr C. You didn't mention 'ionophores'. Should these be taken with zinc as a matter of course?

  • Carlos Pagi
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    Plain and simple. Thanks Dr. John!

  • Fred Ross
    Fred Ross 8 months ago +41

    I have watched nearly every one of your youtube videos since I found your site Mar or Apr 2020. Your information, given so accurately and succienctly, has helped not only me and my wife, but our children and many of our friends and their friends as well. I thank you for your necessary and timely information. I think nearly everyone has heard of the benefits of vitamin C, my own doctor stresses the need for vitamin D-3, but I have only heard about the necessity of Zinc with the D-3 from you. Additionally, you present so much more information about the dreaded covid, such as the protection offered by masks, and so much more. I constantly refer people to your site. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I and my family appreciate your information.

    • Sharon Mitchel
      Sharon Mitchel 8 months ago +1

      @Chris Stevens can you provide a link to the study? I haven’t heard about it.

  • Leo Beusan
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    Dear John,
    Thank you for your tremendous support and sensibility in this hard times; and we look forward to your updates everyday.
    When are you getting your workstation back?
    Best regards,
    Leo from Florida

  • Althea B.
    Althea B. 8 months ago +4

    Always great information, Dr. Campbell. Don’t know how we would have gotten through this pandemic without you. My daughter found you in early 2020 and we have watched every broadcast since then….and many of your older ones on various other subjects. Your explanations and diagrams are very helpful. Never a problem understanding even though we are not medical personnel. We value the information and explanations you provide. In America doctors put little, if any, value on supplements. Most shun them and tell us we’re wasting our money. But then, the drug companies subsidize medical schools here and pay kickbacks to physicians for prescribing certain drugs. Profit before people is the way in America. Thank you for all you do. We have tremendous appreciation and respect for you. Blessings to you and yours always.

  • Gerard Biddle
    Gerard Biddle 8 months ago +6

    Thank you Dr John Campbell for the Zn information and it’s function on immunity response and cellular functions on immunity and cell membrane “strength” of virus entry and replication. I have been supplementing my Zn and Vit D3 levels throughout the pandemic.

  • Bill Foster
    Bill Foster 8 months ago +1

    I worked with zinc as a cathodic coating for concrete and steel structures, and was exposed to solid, gaseous and oxide forms for abt 10 yrs. Blood levels were not measured, but I was able to avoid several influenza outbreaks and colds in my family until I had left the industry.

  • Marcus Potter
    Marcus Potter 6 months ago

    Thank you once again! Really appreciate the videos.
    Thanks to this channel. Myself and my senior parents are now taking Vitamin D3 + K2 with Zinc Citrate 30mg.
    Zinc "Citrate" for tissue absorption also linked with credible study with great benefits for mental health benefits.

  • Nephesh Chayyah Bogus Doc.

    Thank you Dr JC.Always appreciate your teaching-Vit D C and Zinc keep me alive these days....even tho I've been spiked.

  • Catherine Khouri
    Catherine Khouri 4 months ago

    Greetings from Australia. Thank you so very much for all that you do. You are helping many! Easy to understand-brilliant. Please continue Mr Campbell!!!

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    Thank you for never being afraid to give us the FACTS!

  • Nabil Meziane
    Nabil Meziane 8 months ago +28

    Currently have Covid. Symptoms started on Saturday I believe. 24, Male, 170 Lbs, 6’2”, no chronic conditions. Did Regeneron (1 1200 mg infusion) yesterday, feel like I can breathe better now. X-Ray showed possible pneumonia in the lower part of my left lung. Vitamin D since January 2020 (2000 IU’s every day, 4000 for the past 2 months or so, 6000-8000 for the past week), Zinc/Vitamin C and Quercetin occasionally for the past year or so. Only medication currently is Prescription Acid Reflux stuff. Symptoms are/were fatigue, headache, muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea, knee paint, upper arm pain, low grade fever, slight shortness of breathe when moving around, slight sore throat, congestion, occasional sneezing, lowered sense of taste and smell, and the worst of them all: the cough. Hopefully getting better, starting to feel a little better every day. I am vaccinated as well, did Janssen (J&J) on August 9th. Rapid Test at my university showed negative result on Tuesday, felt it was was wrong and later that day did a Flu Test which showed negative, and a PCR test that showed Positive and got those results on Thursday. Dad is one of the head radiologists at the Cleveland Clinic so he’s been helping me along the way. Been following Dr. Campbell and MedCram since January 2020. Dad and I are in contact with the head of Infectious Diseases, head of Radiology, and my personal doctor for this condition is one of the dept heads for the Regeneron Clinic. They said I should be fine. Regeneron nurse said there are loads of breakthrough cases, every type of vaccinated patient, but of course worst patients are the unvaccinated. She said Regeneron had very good results as well. Anyways, that’s me as of today 😅

    • Mackeson3
      Mackeson3 6 months ago

      "but of course worst patients are the unvaccinated". Exactly

    • Nabil Meziane
      Nabil Meziane 8 months ago

      @sho zi thanks!

  • harpguy1
    harpguy1 7 months ago +1

    Thank U so much for your medical studies, I have been learning a lot. This one was a real eye opener for me having COPD & emphesima the importance of zinc is HUGE ,,, I wish some of my engineering professors were as good as U. Not all professors are as gifted as U are & we are ever grateful for those that are because we really have a love of learning,,, best wishes to U.

  • TinyMaths
    TinyMaths 8 months ago +4

    I was thinking that I was going to have to search 'food sources of zinc', but thankfully we got a listing with recommended daily allowances, that's a good starting point. Thank you!

  • Risti666
    Risti666 8 months ago +6

    My daily routine is taking 75mcg of Vitamin D3+ (K2), daily dose of ZMA and 1 gram of Vitamin C just before bed. I know the Vitamin D3 should be taken with food, but its the easiest way for me to remeber it every day 😊
    Havent had a single cold or sore throat since january 2020.

    • Risti666
      Risti666 3 months ago

      @Punky Noodle no I haven't. Taking it with food now.

    • Punky Noodle
      Punky Noodle 3 months ago +1

      Have you had your vitamin D level checked? You really need to take it with fat, such as a fatty meal, etc. You can also purchase vitamin d3 in oil (mct oil, etc), which takes care of that issue.

  • dale younts
    dale younts 7 months ago

    Thanks for adding the list of foods that are high in zinc. When I take zinc supplements it gives me stomach pain and nausea.
    Been taking Vit D for years due to an auto immune disease, but recently diagnosed with COPD also, but have NEVER smoked

  • Julie Rowan-Zoch
    Julie Rowan-Zoch 8 months ago +109

    Grateful to you for providing information on preventing the worst for all of us! Thank you, Dr. John!

    • Chris Stevens
      Chris Stevens 8 months ago +4

      @Bernd Jendrissek Wonder if those who choose possibly lethal jabs, without doing any sort of research before the needle goes in can be seen as low-hanging fruit?

    • Bernd Jendrissek
      Bernd Jendrissek 8 months ago +10

      @Henri de Feraudy Nothing is a panacea, but all low-hanging fruit should be picked before reaching for higher ones.

  • Toni Buzzard
    Toni Buzzard 5 months ago +1

    Such excellent videos, I am getting very good information from you! I take 2 different blood pressure med's and understand that zinc can block the absorption of BP med's. I would like to take zinc but am not sure if I should. I welcome your opinion on this.

    • Snaily
      Snaily 4 months ago

      I’d also like some advice regarding this too , my mums on a lot of medication during the course of a day and due to start BP meds and I worry about interactions with supplements

  • Vicki @ Massage, Nutrition, Skincare, Wellbeing

    Thanks for the reminder :) I think it's worth most people looking into this :) I am now taking 15 mg per day with Vitamin C, it tastes really nice :) Xx looking at the recommendations you have posted I might be taking too much, I am not going to worry about it too much :) I am sure I will be fine :) sometimes I was breaking the supplements in half and taking less :)

  • Anne Turner
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    Once again your information is impressive and exceedingly helpful! Thank you!!

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    Thanks you Sir, timely great info. in strengthening our immune system.

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    Thank you for the info. I will be adding zinc into my diet. I have been vaccinated & still practice social distancing & masking up As I am aware of what you are telling us I held out on getting vaccinated because of both the positive & negative info that is still out there, and then India got hit hard. Ever since I've been paying attention more. I have friends that are aggressively resisting vaccines & the anger from them is disappointing. Thanks a bunch for what your doing from me to you here in the USA.

    • Helen Glover
      Helen Glover 7 months ago

      Sorry you're getting anger from them, there should be no judgement, it is personal choice and your right to chose. I'm getting anger from some who don't agree with my choice to say NO.

  • Elena Polevaya
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    Thank you Doctor. You are a true help.

  • Jenny Eyles
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    Many thanks for this information. I've been taking 10 mg throughout the pandemic, together with vit D and selenium.

  • Mark Knecht
    Mark Knecht 8 months ago

    Great information. As always thanks very much for your must watch videos. I don't miss a single one. I am personally a little concerned reading Wikipedia about people making sure they are actually zinc deficient though as zinc has been shown to cause anosmia when administered though the nose so could too much zinc be involved with anosmia when someone gets COVID? IMO it would be good to be careful and see your doctor first.