Jared Harris, Emily Watson, Paul Ritter and Jessie Buckley Talk ‘Chernobyl’

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • We are joined by Paul Ritter, Jessie Buckley, Jared Harris and Emily Watson who talk to us about the new Sky Atlantic series based on the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine. We learn how challenging for the cast it was to portray such a recent and tragic event, and how they went about ensuring they told the story authentically and with integrity.
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Comments • 70

  • Rauf Mubashir
    Rauf Mubashir 4 days ago

    RIP Paul Ritter.

  • Jonathan McD
    Jonathan McD 5 days ago

    Terrible interview, rotten questions, amazing series and an amazing cast.

  • Charkieee
    Charkieee 6 days ago


  • martinad1979
    martinad1979 6 days ago

    Worst interviewer of all time

  • Глеб Юдин
    Глеб Юдин 7 days ago +1

    Пол риттер земля тебе пухом

  • coreyzorz
    coreyzorz 7 days ago +4

    Currently consuming as much Paul Ritter as possible. Recently finished a rewatch of Chernobyl and the entire Friday Night Dinner series and I am heartbroken at his passing. 54 is no age at all. Rest in peace, Paul. You will be missed. Thoughts with his wife and sons.

  • bl. jackkk
    bl. jackkk 7 days ago +3

    This video hits different without Paul Ritter here

  • Rayhan - SFS
    Rayhan - SFS 7 days ago +3

    me from 2021 say sadly the paul ritter passed away on age of 54

  • c o r n f l a k e s
    c o r n f l a k e s 8 days ago +6

    rest in peace paul ritter 💕 an amazing actor and a national treasure, we’ll miss you bambino

  • Hamit Batuhan Aydın
    Hamit Batuhan Aydın 8 days ago +7

    R.I.P Paul Ritter

  • scorfion 5555
    scorfion 5555 8 days ago +6

    RIP Paul Ritter 😭

  • LiamE69
    LiamE69 8 days ago +4

    RIP Simon, AKA Paul

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 10 days ago +2

    Jessie Buckley is gorgeous. Thought I'd say something nice since all the other comments got the interviewer covered lol

  • samcad2013
    samcad2013 Month ago +3

    Paul Ritter was AMAZING. So was Jared, so was Emily so was Jessie.

  • Sophie Grieve
    Sophie Grieve Month ago +3

    Its scary seeing Martin being normal

  • Kotryna Slavinskaite
    Kotryna Slavinskaite 2 months ago +2

    the best thing is that chernobyl was filmed in the country where i live in Ignaline, Lithuania ;)

  • B OB
    B OB 2 months ago +2

    Emily Watson trying not to laugh at the first (CGI) question to Paul Ritter.

  • Phil K
    Phil K 2 months ago

    On this side of the pond we call that interviewer a TOOL.

  • Juan Salazar
    Juan Salazar 2 months ago

    One question I would have liked answered is "When you studied the effects of radiation to a human being, did that add an extra layer to your character and if so how much?"

  • Juan Salazar
    Juan Salazar 2 months ago

    I recommend that you guys look up the experience of the wife of Anatoly Sitnikov, she basically went through what Vasilys wife did in the show, but her story is bittersweet and real

  • cybersecurity guy
    cybersecurity guy 2 months ago

    I liked the Jared Harris character so much...

  • Martin
    Martin 3 months ago

    The host's outfit is the clothes they would have in the lost and found if someone stole his clothes out of his locker at the gym.

  • Burt Turgidson
    Burt Turgidson 3 months ago

    i must admit that bruno* is really bad at interviewing, and the music is unnecessary bad. its awful. mr ritter is almost cracking up in the beginning.

    (* - bruno by sacha baron cohen of course)

  • Adam Borseti
    Adam Borseti 3 months ago

    I just realized how awkward it sounds when you hear a host say "Chernobyl everybody!" and then a round of studio applause lol

  • Grand Slamwich
    Grand Slamwich 3 months ago

    Jessie is beautiful, Jesus.

  • Crazy Bitch
    Crazy Bitch 3 months ago

    2020 anyone?

  • tinblue
    tinblue 4 months ago +2

    This guy is a shit interviewer. He is making the whole atmosphere awkward.

  • bigbaba1111
    bigbaba1111 4 months ago

    I hated the guy Paul was playing. So that means he did a great job.

  • Heather Wheeler
    Heather Wheeler 5 months ago

    the next shift were also using a manual that was censored by the higher ups in the plant to hide the errors of having graphite coating the prong things. I apologize I don't know what they are called.

  • Heather Wheeler
    Heather Wheeler 5 months ago

    so the real blame can be out in the managers of the plant. However it is correct to assume that the shift chef had some accountability for what happend, the ones actually doing the test cannot be blamed.

  • James Unsworth
    James Unsworth 6 months ago

    Jessie Buckley, Is a versatile, beautiful, truly, driven actress, who is professionally, honing her craft, she is so believable accent wise. This lovely woman who was recognised by none other than Andrew Lloyd Webber, as a Lass of prodigious talent, 13 years ago ( I think) .

  • No Body
    No Body 7 months ago

    Interviewed by a robot pretending to be bio and clearly spent too much time on Marsha

  • Emil Cathalin
    Emil Cathalin 7 months ago +1

    Is it just me or does Paul Ritter strikingly resemble Louis de Funes, the french comedian? Anyway, he is now Anatoli Dyatlov for the rest of his life....

  • CdrChaos
    CdrChaos 8 months ago +2

    I think there’s graphite on the floor of the studio.

  • Elias Barbosa
    Elias Barbosa 8 months ago +2

    1:42 I truly hate the fact that they skip playing the trailer for the TheXvid viewer. This Copyright poop makes no sense to me. It is just a trailer!!

  • Enigma
    Enigma 9 months ago

    The host is cringy as fuck

  • Lily Ansell
    Lily Ansell 9 months ago +2

    5:12 why are they all leaning to the side lol

  • Lily Ansell
    Lily Ansell 9 months ago

    I just love Paul Ritter so much

  • Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves 10 months ago +1

    The interviewer seems more like he's conducting a quiz.

  • OneMinuteFixed
    OneMinuteFixed 10 months ago +1

    Emily Watson has the most beautiful eyes

  • Charlotte Horlock
    Charlotte Horlock 10 months ago +5

    Paul Ritter is one of my favourite actors. So versatile.

    • DT Films
      DT Films 8 days ago +1

      I agree 100%.
      So sad he passed away. Gone too soon... RIP

  • Pufflefuzz Kerman
    Pufflefuzz Kerman 11 months ago

    Didn’t Watson’s character bust Jessie’s character for being pregnant.

  • Chloe Fairburn
    Chloe Fairburn 11 months ago +2

    I feel bad for paul Ritter because hes a nice person in real life and he had to play dyatlov which was probably annoying for him

  • Barney Paws
    Barney Paws 11 months ago

    How much of it was CGI???

  • Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers
    Daniel Peppa-Pig Powers 11 months ago +2

    I have the IQ of a potato because I didn't realize Jared Harris was Richard Harris's son until I saw a side by side picture

  • B A N A N A T I G E R
    B A N A N A T I G E R 11 months ago +2

    I haven't had the chance to experience much of Paul Ritter's work so you can say I saw him in Chernobyl for the first time. And after the role, although he's a cool guy, I seem to fear him kind of. He played it so gracefully that it embedded him as that character in my mind. Amazing actor!

  • Luna Cobalt
    Luna Cobalt 11 months ago

    Have you guys even seen irl characters if so who is your favourite

  • Czerwony Baron
    Czerwony Baron Year ago

    I think the host don't even know what is Chernobyl...

  • Spooky Sparky
    Spooky Sparky Year ago +5

    This host has an IQ of 3.6

  • James Ko
    James Ko Year ago +1

    Horrible interview.

  • Trax
    Trax Year ago

    atleast he is a bit smarter in this than friday night dinner lol

  • Sarah Foster
    Sarah Foster Year ago

    Martin must be boiling...

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid Year ago +1

    The host's dazzling white teeth must have been emitting some kind of radiation that's for sure

  • Fawaz Ali
    Fawaz Ali Year ago

    Unless you have a butter and caviar sandwich on you, you can get the fuck out of my room!

  • system1912
    system1912 Year ago

    The interviewer is quite cute lol.

  • Depressi Spaghetti
    Depressi Spaghetti Year ago +6

    Yeah Chernobyl was bad but the real disaster here is that host's haircut good God

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid Year ago +1

    I remember the day of the explosion one Brit TV announcer said with a grin- "Now it's time to go over to the weather forecast as I'm sure we'd like to know which way the winds blowing"..:)

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid Year ago

    The series was spoilt to some extent by most actors continually lighting up for a smoke (filthy habit), but perhaps it was the producers subtle way of reminding us that smoking kills far more people than the Chernobyl disaster ever did..;)....PS- Emily Watson is a dish, she can light my fire anytime..:)

  • D Hertsens
    D Hertsens Year ago +1

    The host is weird. Completely normal phenomenon even with minimal radiation.

  • stuart smith
    stuart smith Year ago +1

    Paul Ritter, what an actor.

  • Sū shān
    Sū shān Year ago +3

    Paul Ritter is the best 👌

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    Does anoyone have other interviews with those actors from that press tour? This is a shame, i wish they had done the american version with Rick. This show deserved better.

  • Jacobwst
    Jacobwst Year ago

    Shalom jackie

  • Mato F
    Mato F Year ago +2

    When the actors started explaining the circumstances of the security test, I had the impression that they were still somehow playing their Chernobyl characters.Especially Jared.

  • Lewis
    Lewis Year ago


  • Darren Simpson
    Darren Simpson Year ago


  • Carl Blaskowitz
    Carl Blaskowitz Year ago +1

    If you can sum up this movie in just one word...

  • Wilde Minogue
    Wilde Minogue Year ago

    The host is too stupid to insult...

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure Year ago

    I cant take Paul Ritter serious. Great actor but for me he will always be Martin Goodman All I see is Martin and the Chernobyl disaster makes so much sense, why it happened.

  • Juan Lettieri
    Juan Lettieri Year ago

    Paul Ritter you fucking genius. Wonderful performance.