What is the Gold Play Button REALLY made of?!?

  • Published on Dec 3, 2016
  • The TheXvid Gold Play Button is one of the most coveted awards a TheXvidr can get. Is it really made of gold? Is the Silver Play button really made out of silver? There is only one way to find out. Watch as we take the Gold and Silver play buttons from the TheXvid channel WhatsInside, and stick them deep inside a $750,000 Electron Microscope that will give us the exact elemental make up of the Gold Play button.
    This is the SAME play button that was cut in half by the Whatsinside TheXvid channel: thexvid.com/video/TfL5ivT_NW0/video.html
    And HERE on Casey Neistats Vlog: thexvid.com/video/SIT8EhUkPxI/video.html
    The Gold Play Button is given to TheXvidrs who reach 1 Million subscribers.
    The Silver Play Button is given to TheXvidrs who reach 100k subscribers.
    There is another award for the few TheXvidrs who reach 10 Million subscribers... Let me know if you have one, and we can asses the elemental make up ;-)
    The Video talks about several different scenarios, but the main point is that the Gold Play button DOES contain REAL GOLD! Which is amazing.
    This video was shot entirely with a Galaxy S7 Edge, and an iPhone 7 Plus. (The computer screen shots were the one filmed with an iPhone. It handled the monitor flicker better, but the audio on iPhone is crap.)
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    JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.
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  • Mick Gorter
    Mick Gorter 10 hours ago +1

    Im from the NETHERLANDS helle how are you is in NL hallo hoe gaat het

  • The Best Gaming
    The Best Gaming 15 hours ago

    Jerry does not care about working a lot, and when there were screws on the board, he said “Well, we got a screwdriver” and went right to work.


    Where we buy this machine

  • AHaloPlayer
    AHaloPlayer Day ago +1

    100,000 subscriber nickel play button

  • carmen ramgarib
    carmen ramgarib Day ago

    If its glass tho it scratches at level 6 with deep grooves at level 7 but if its sapphire it scratches at level 8 or 9

  • Thanish Chinnappa
    Thanish Chinnappa 2 days ago

    This is just reminding me of chemistry!

  • Thanish Chinnappa
    Thanish Chinnappa 2 days ago

    1:00 just want to know why was Australia upside down?

  • Flows GT
    Flows GT 2 days ago

    sapnu puas

  • N0ZA
    N0ZA 2 days ago

    Its probbably just apples gold..

  • DewMount 190
    DewMount 190 3 days ago

    "Glass is glass, and glass breaks" *But this playbutton scratches at the level 6 with deeper grooves at the level 7*

  • Sarim Ali Nawaz
    Sarim Ali Nawaz 3 days ago

    Guess TheXvid lies a little more than we think.......

  • PeW TeCh
    PeW TeCh 3 days ago +1

    FIRST of all
    Why is this recommend for me now after 2 years even with Jerry having a gold play button
    And next of I'd like to say you that if you wanna know weather it's true gold or not
    Just ask TheXvid members itself , why should you cut it...
    Suggestions: I'd suggest Jerry to change his channel name from JRE to What's inside.. Coz he's that kinda guy...

  • Валентин Громов

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  • Angela Yan
    Angela Yan 4 days ago

    I think that, the king of random can help you.

  • Dixiemaizter gogo
    Dixiemaizter gogo 4 days ago

    Im suprised there was any gold in it

  • Ants Victoria
    Ants Victoria 5 days ago

    Oh I’m from Australia and we do NOT see things upside down.... wait why is your eyes on your chin?

  • Dev Sharma
    Dev Sharma 8 days ago

    TheXvid is n×t a real job

    LOVETEAMs 8 days ago

    What is the highest button? And how many buttons over all

  • akash mugate
    akash mugate 9 days ago


  • Bishnu Sharma
    Bishnu Sharma 10 days ago

    Let's expose the Diamond botton now

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  • gikrey
    gikrey 12 days ago

    No bend test?

  • Joseph Jughashvili Stalin

    TheXvid pulled some clickbate shit on their play buttons

  • sunny kumar
    sunny kumar 13 days ago +1

    15% to 30% is awesome more than my expectations

  • Frost
    Frost 13 days ago

    what a bad audio

    UPS WINDOWS 14 days ago +2

    Why dont you get the community guideline strike?
    You guys exposed YT on YT

  • Miles Fanboy113
    Miles Fanboy113 15 days ago

    You wrote Australia upside down

  • TheNinjaNorris
    TheNinjaNorris 16 days ago

    Did nobody have a fucking hammer?

  • Udemy 'Free' Courses
    Udemy 'Free' Courses 16 days ago

    Is this button is real made of gold

  • oh yeah yeah oh yeah
    oh yeah yeah oh yeah 17 days ago

    Jerry what is a gold play button made of
    Me duh gold

  • Thaihick
    Thaihick 17 days ago

    IsThis an iphone factory ?

  • Kuruma Reddy
    Kuruma Reddy 17 days ago

    Will you give me one phone any one working phone smart phone

  • Miroslav Michlicek
    Miroslav Michlicek 18 days ago

    I find the gold conclusion somewhat misleading. EDX has information depth typically more than a micron. To coat something to look just like gold you need just a fraction of it (about hundred nm is already non transparent). Lets say you have some nickel interlayer (for electroplating ?, no idea) and gold on top of that - i guess you wold get the results you got.

  • Faizan Khan
    Faizan Khan 20 days ago +1

    He is like a human with a default skin

    FUN & INFORMATIVE 21 day ago

    Im class 5 student.. I also make videos in TheXvid.. 🤣🤣😂😂.. Working hard to improve my channel..

  • AmKam Omega
    AmKam Omega 21 day ago


  • TheRealBoringShyGuy1100

    5:44 hmmmm...

  • Aphro Jack
    Aphro Jack 22 days ago +1

    Do bent test dude.......

  • Garbage
    Garbage 23 days ago

    Silly Dustin Australia doesn’t exist

  • Alex Fletcher
    Alex Fletcher 24 days ago +3

    Suprised TheXvid did not demonitize this video...because they are getting exposed

  • Stefan Ranđelović
    Stefan Ranđelović 24 days ago

    Junk, not even polished 😂

  • qwe
    qwe 24 days ago

    What about pewdiepie's ruby play button

  • Theman2oo Bob
    Theman2oo Bob 24 days ago +2

    2019 anyone??

    im thirsty for likes

  • Kushen Lahiru
    Kushen Lahiru 25 days ago

    Try scratch test😂

  • Anonymous Creativity
    Anonymous Creativity 25 days ago

    Are you rich

  • aAlexree
    aAlexree 25 days ago

    Madlad's using an s7 edge to record

  • Kxng Alex
    Kxng Alex 25 days ago

    We need to get him to 10mil

  • Desh Bangla
    Desh Bangla 26 days ago

    Nice bro

  • Krebz Stovakovic
    Krebz Stovakovic 27 days ago

    I don't think most people got that nuance when you wrote Australia upside down.

  • Rob9000
    Rob9000 28 days ago +1


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  • your mom gey lol
    your mom gey lol Month ago +3

    Cant wait for him to get the diamond play button

  • Prabhu Manandhar
    Prabhu Manandhar Month ago


  • Nathan Craus
    Nathan Craus Month ago

    Really Australia upside-down

  • TTV Litt1e Dragon05

    Exposing TheXvid on TheXvid

  • Richard Lounsbury
    Richard Lounsbury Month ago

    The copper and nickel are because it’s been electroplated.... think chroming. The gold one they use is zinc for the weight. The gold leaf is super thin... it’s made cheap obviously

  • Alfredo Meza
    Alfredo Meza Month ago

    Che pelon

  • Dumbicus Maximus
    Dumbicus Maximus Month ago

    ew left ear sound

    CDNUSER Month ago

    You could have just used a handheld XRF analyzer to tell you if it contained gold

  • Abhishtha unknown
    Abhishtha unknown Month ago

    He tests every stuffs durability did he even thought to test durability of his 💀 skull?

  • Bender UK
    Bender UK Month ago +129

    So the Gold TheXvid button is just like Apple's Sapphire glass 😂😂😂

    • Валентин Громов
      Валентин Громов 3 days ago

      I am from Russia America English good Я русский

    • mr D techs
      mr D techs 13 days ago +1

      Electroplated plate button

    • Sha Bala
      Sha Bala Month ago

      Sapphire glass! 😆😆 Pssshhhh Apple be putting out hella lies nowadays

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Noot box machine

  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy Month ago

    Plz give rel gold. K.thx.ytub.

  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy Month ago +1

    More gold on the back. Thanks

  • baghetty
    baghetty Month ago

    How are you not at 10 mil yet?

  • RedJoker
    RedJoker Month ago

    One measurement is not representative for the entire surface ;)

  • Unique Guy
    Unique Guy Month ago

    Please come in India and don't forget to meet me i stay in kolkata

  • Luth Akmed
    Luth Akmed Month ago

    Do a diamond play button vid

  • Saurabh Kashyap
    Saurabh Kashyap Month ago +1

    But why Australia was inverted ?

  • Melon! The Gamer
    Melon! The Gamer Month ago

    "I can help you with that"

  • DanCo_Industries
    DanCo_Industries Month ago

    Wow putting Australia upside down

  • Lord Adz
    Lord Adz Month ago

    Nickel playbutton

  • devaj gupta
    devaj gupta Month ago

    Sundar pichai wants to know your location

  • ShadowK
    ShadowK Month ago

    Boa, superou o aruan

  • I’m just a Random person

    I wonder if the diamond play button is real diamond and if the ruby play button real ruby 🤔

  • Conker
    Conker Month ago

    Australia was upside down, anyone else noticed? 1:00

  • ban dararith
    ban dararith Month ago

    You born to destroy everything?

  • jojo gonjalves
    jojo gonjalves Month ago

    You look like hitman
    When is your next assignment agent 47

  • Ryan Dicks
    Ryan Dicks Month ago +1

    Yes, daily vlog Dan

  • alexthebeast024
    alexthebeast024 Month ago

    Zack Is actually buff

  • IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon

    0:16 blink 182? :v

  • Jace A
    Jace A Month ago

    Dan yep let’s zoom in on It with the microscope.... Zach let’s zoom in with the jdhdhendnhsjsjshsnsmjdhdbdbhxhhshsnx

  • M3M3 M4ST3R
    M3M3 M4ST3R Month ago

    Anyone saw australia written upside down?

  • ʍɨɢ
    ʍɨɢ Month ago

    The New Aruan

  • Thomas Bridle
    Thomas Bridle Month ago

    Send it to Cody'sLab, he'll melt it and find out exactly what it is made of :D

  • Sharath Lal
    Sharath Lal Month ago

    Jerry Rig anything even TheXvid...

  • Lulinha
    Lulinha Month ago


  • Alex 250202
    Alex 250202 Month ago

    He asks is a big play button you get, made of gold, suuurrre, it is

  • OwO Gamer
    OwO Gamer Month ago

    My brother didn't the play button so i made him a costume play button that is origami play button and silver play button
    How i make it
    Watch youtube easy ma
    (Silver play button)
    Melt some iron q

  • vikas malhotra
    vikas malhotra Month ago

    5:32 TheXvid rewind 2099

  • DoggoOnTheRadio
    DoggoOnTheRadio Month ago +56

    He sacrificed his hair to recieve the power of destroying phones.

    • Jim Beef
      Jim Beef Month ago +1

      DoggoOnTheRadio true hero

  • Jashanpreet Bains
    Jashanpreet Bains Month ago +294

    I thought he'll do scratch test- "DEEPER GROOVES AT LEVEL 7"

    DARK SIDE Month ago

    hi guys
    I am planning to upload gaming videos
    But I need 1000 subscribers
    So pls help me out

  • Saurav Singh
    Saurav Singh Month ago

    do scratch and burn test on tge play button and electron microscope.

  • Ask Mr Thomas
    Ask Mr Thomas Month ago +3

    1:38 It's not made of wood. It's hard board, possible made of paper.

    • Ask Mr Thomas
      Ask Mr Thomas Month ago +1

      +521 er I I ddn't replied to you loser...lol

    • 521 er I
      521 er I Month ago

      He did not ask you

  • Sureshchandra Tiwadi

    Make video on oppo f11 pro

  • ItZ Emily! The dog lover

    TheXvid is not...is a real job

  • GeJiJa
    GeJiJa Month ago

    Hearing Jerry in an Open room is like playing on an Xbox.

  • • lezahlily •
    • lezahlily • Month ago

    1:00 australia

  • Max Bertell
    Max Bertell Month ago

    Aruan Feliz