This bottle flip was legendary 😂 |

  • Published on Aug 3, 2021
  • This bottle flip was legendary 😂 (via @nikkidepaul on IG)
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Comments • 9 501

  • Flurar Inuyi

    I love how excited she gets about this and immediately goes "i got that on camera!" She's boutta show that to EVERYBODY.

  • Leishla Rodriguez

    These silly things like this are the best memories you make on your teenage years lol

  • AnAntZit

    “No you didn't" that got me rolling 😂

  • Chezzy Guy

    Her expression was more legendary than her bottle flip

  • Chillax Clips


  • Ayisha Naveed

    The girl behind her was like : “WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK!”

  • Automated Comment

    And that was her greatest achievement of her life. She later went on to write a book about the experience and her grand kids have to listen to the story every night at bedtime

  • Maryam khan

    When she got excited and stood up look at the people behind her they didn't knew what happened and were like 👁️👄👁️✋🏻😂😂🤣

  • That one cable that you don't know what it's for.

    It's so wholesome to see how she gets happy for something like that.. I mean it still is like an accomplishment....😊

  • Devon Bryant

    Reaction was better than the flip

  • MrM3M01
    MrM3M01  +10

    Group in the back: “God damn Becky chill!”

  • Dhwani Soni

    Her reaction is more interesting 😂

  • D. A. B.

    I miss the days when someone so simple would bring me joy like her.

  • Michelle

    Now I know what my students are silently screaming about.

  • np
    np  +106

    Aww she seems like an energetic kid - i was the opposite of her when I was in school 😂😂

  • Ten1432
    Ten1432  +6

    I'm starting to get really wholesome shorts today. THIS IS GREATTTTTT

  • Talha
    Talha  +1

    "no you didn't"

  • P Dig
    P Dig  +2

    The look on her face is priceless 😍

  • Mike Payne

    Total accident gets her so hyped up. This is why we love auto racing.

  • washed wasabi

    "If it wasnt caught on camera nobody wouldve believed it"