• Published on Aug 22, 2020
  • The proposal of my dreams.. I can't believe I get to marry the love of my life. Thank you angels for all of your support & love and for following us through the journey of our lives, we appreciate it more than we can ever say xx
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  • Abi Congreve
    Abi Congreve Year ago +6757

    I have never been happier for two people ive never met in my entire life

    • Marie c
      Marie c 19 days ago


    • Ace Golden Gloves
      Ace Golden Gloves 4 months ago +2

      This comment hasn’t aged too well 🤣
      It’s good to be happy for people but I think we all may have misjudged this particular couple ☹️

    • Mat2
      Mat2 Year ago

      Catch a grip hahaha

    • Gareth H
      Gareth H Year ago

      Time to get ur own life's I think

  • Natacha Océane
    Natacha Océane Year ago +288

    I cry easily but I was sobbing here 😭😭😭 Congratulations!! It's so amazing seeing such a genuinely happy couple - I wish you nothing but years and years of happy memories ♥️♥️♥️

  • Britney Smith
    Britney Smith Year ago +175

    The gust of wind was definitely your mum letting you both know she’s there with use and I’m sure she will be there on your special day so happy for you guys❤️❤️

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt Year ago +347

    Can’t help but think the gust of wind when you kiss is your mum sending her blessing ❤️

  • J M
    J M Year ago +241

    Never watched either of them before but my god when she was in the car like “if he does propose, well done Ellie” 😭😭😭 congrats to you both, you’re both absolutely beautiful ❤️
    Also who are all these weirdos disliking this video 🤮🤮

    • Maria Forza
      Maria Forza Year ago +1

      That's the first bit that got me too 😂😭

    • Shawnah Heard
      Shawnah Heard Year ago +5

      I cried like a FOOL when she said that 😩❤️❤️

  • Gemma Louise Miles
    Gemma Louise Miles Year ago +157

    Elle, I can’t even put into words how happy I am. I’m half way through and crying 😩😂 what an amazing video. So so happy for you both, love you so so much

    • Mel Nason
      Mel Nason Year ago +2

      Your turn next gemma xx

  • Claire Rushton
    Claire Rushton Year ago +44

    It’s taken me a week to watch this as I couldn’t handle the emotion. Honestly Connor you couldn’t have made this more special for Elle. Congratulations both of you. How sweet that Herbie was there for the photos too 💛 I have serious wedding blues (I got married last September) and we’ve never got to have our honeymoon thanks to Thomas cook & then Covid 🙈 I would do every second of my wedding again if we could. Enjoy the planning it’s amazing xx

  • Frances Sumner
    Frances Sumner Year ago +61

    I cried, laughed & had the biggest smile, Elle you mum was with you, the way you described the warm wind to make the perfect image, was definitely your mum giving you both her blessing, I know she is as happy for you as all the angels are, she is the biggest angel of all, love you guys & well done Connor, you are an amazing young man with a heart of gold that knows exactly what his partner loves (including him) such a cute couple & I'm excited for their next chapter, congratulations to you both x

  • Everything Alana
    Everything Alana Year ago +49

    I’ve never even watch Elle’s channel and I’m sat here sobbing my heart out omg 🥺🥺 i can only dream of a love like this 😍🥺 so happy for them both

  • Inesa Bulionyte
    Inesa Bulionyte Year ago

    Congratulations 🎉🎉
    May God bless you two 🙏❣️
    Literally cried all through the video 💞

  • Laci G
    Laci G Year ago

    So happy for you both! 🥰 This is so beautiful! Congratulations guys! 💕

  • Savannah Inkster
    Savannah Inkster Year ago

    Can’t even explain how much love I have for this video and you two! 💗💗💗

  • Zena
    Zena Year ago

    I cried so much! So happy for you both!🥰 You guys deserve the best!❤️

  • Bella Rocha
    Bella Rocha Year ago

    Congratulations to you both, I wish you all the happiness in the world. I can't wait to follow your wedding journey!!!

  • Emily Canham
    Emily Canham Year ago +37

    So so happy for you both!! 🥺 also made me smile like crazy when I spotted my mum in the clip😂

  • hannah beck
    hannah beck Year ago

    So happy for you!! Deserve everything and more angel 💫

  • Madeleine Elizabeth

    So so happy for you both! Congratulations 💕 I wish you all the happiness in the world xxx

  • Shannon Lloyd
    Shannon Lloyd Year ago

    Congrats!!!! You both deserve all the best forever, true love ❤️

  • ellie wells
    ellie wells Year ago

    So so happy for you both! Cried all the way through ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Charlotte 12345
    Charlotte 12345 Year ago +221

    Don’t mind me sat here crying, congrats you two. What a perfect couple what a perfect proposal

  • Nadya
    Nadya Year ago

    Congratulations to you both!!! Absolutely beautiful 💖. Cried with happy tears throughout the whole thing 😭. Just so special. Couldn’t be happier for you both! 🍾❤️💍 and the ring!!! Omg amazing 😍

  • Lana Brown
    Lana Brown Year ago +35

    The fact you had the feeling the exact time and you knew makes my heart melt 🥺

  • Merve Kaplan
    Merve Kaplan Year ago

    I sobbed watching this! How special! I can't believe it so happy for you both 🥺❤️

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin Year ago +16

    I didn’t even know what Connor was reading but I was crying right along with ya Ellie! 😭💜
    From the bottom of my heart I am so thrilled for the both of you. I hope this was everything you’ve dreamed of sweet girl. 💜💜💜

  • Rebecca Dowling
    Rebecca Dowling Year ago +582

    The wind blowing was definitely Elle's mum there to share this moment. Just spent 15 minutes sobbing, congratulations to you both ❤️

    • Don’t use
      Don’t use Year ago +3

      I’m not crying you are 😫

    • Nikola Berghof
      Nikola Berghof Year ago +2

      yes I cried so much I knew her mum would show her in some way she was there!!

    • Shelley Aundrews
      Shelley Aundrews Year ago +2

      I actually thought the same thought!! Xxx

    • itsme
      itsme Year ago

      comon get real

  • Aimee Louise
    Aimee Louise Year ago

    This was the best thing to see in my subscription box. I am so happy for both of you, you deserve each other and so much happiness to come ❤️

  • Xox
    Xox Year ago

    Congratulations to you both. Such a genuine lovely couple. Enjoy watching always 💗

  • Just_geoooo
    Just_geoooo Year ago

    Congratulations! Never been so happy for two people! You deserve all the happiness in the world xxx

  • Laura New
    Laura New Year ago

    So so sooo happy for guys! congrats to the loveliest couple EVER! xx

  • Katie Lunnxox
    Katie Lunnxox Year ago +393

    I don’t think I’ve EVER cried at anything more than this TheXvid video, 3 hours later and I still can’t stop crying and watching the proposal OVER AND OVER😭😭😭 after everything Elle has been through and following her journey right from the start to now it makes me so emotional watching this special moment. I feel like I want to give you both a huge cuddle! Love you soo much🥺🥺🥺

  • Emily Beatrice
    Emily Beatrice Year ago

    I’ve waited so longggg congratulations I’m so happy for you two ♥️♥️♥️

  • Emme
    Emme Year ago

    Congratulations you two!! Couldn't be happier for you both. 💗💗

  • Iona Finlayson
    Iona Finlayson Year ago

    Most beautiful engagement and journey 💕 Congratulations to a beautiful couple xx

  • Shannon johnson
    Shannon johnson Year ago

    Love this so much. Been watching you both for years❤️

  • Amelia Goldsmith
    Amelia Goldsmith Year ago +181

    I’M SOBBING!!! Everyone deserves to be in love with someone like you two are! Absolutely over the moon for you both!

  • Malin Gisela Rheindorf

    So so happy for you guys! Cried my way through that. Congratulations!

  • Lucy Kennedy
    Lucy Kennedy Year ago

    Beautiful! Congratulations so happy for you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Holly Williams
    Holly Williams Year ago

    All your videos are making me cry recently!! You two are a joy to watch. I’m excited to see the next chapter of your life. You deserve it more than anyone❤️

  • Laura Breakell
    Laura Breakell Year ago

    Congratulations 🥰 you deserve every bit off happiness Elle 💛

  • Leannan shaw
    Leannan shaw Year ago +294

    The second Con sat down on that bed at the start I started balling my eyes out 😭 So happy for you both, wishing you a lifetime of happiness 💍💕 can’t wait for all the wedding prep videos!!!

  • Ruth Bailey
    Ruth Bailey Year ago

    huge congratulations you deserve it so much both such kind lovely people

  • Mazy Play
    Mazy Play Year ago

    this made me tear up, congratulations you guys. ❤️🥂

  • Jordan Gallacher
    Jordan Gallacher Year ago

    Wow I’m so so happy for you both! Made me cry 💜💜💜

  • Sophie French
    Sophie French Year ago

    Omg!! How beautiful was that, it was all amazing so happy for you both congratulations 💞💙xx

  • Night time city lights
    Night time city lights Year ago +174

    The fact elles dad knew why he was there and didn’t think twice about saying of course is the sweetest. She is so so lucky to have you con as you’re so so lucky to have an incredible women like her 💖

  • Nicola Lever
    Nicola Lever Year ago

    OMG I cried though most of this video with joy you two are a wonderful couple and deserve the best. I look forward to seeing you grow together. All the very best. Xx

  • Kate
    Kate Year ago +1

    So so beautiful💖Congratulations to the both of you, so happy for you guys!💖💖

  • Michaela Martin - Peters

    I’m so happy for you both. Congratulations 🤍

  • Jodie Spooner
    Jodie Spooner Year ago

    I am so so so happy for you both. Sending all the love to you! Xxx

  • Carly L
    Carly L Year ago +137

    I've never seen a couple that is so deserving of their dream life together. The sincerity and love you two bring to this world is so so rare. So excited for you both!!!!

  • Mike Gold
    Mike Gold Year ago

    This is the greatest moment of the year so far congratulations to you both your both deserve it. After the last few months you've had you both are both amazing people.

  • Catriona MacPhee
    Catriona MacPhee Year ago

    Congratulations to you both!! This is such lovely news 🥰xx

  • 3SOU1
    3SOU1 Year ago

    you deserve each other, so happy for you both, enjoy the rest of ur lives💞

  • Reena K
    Reena K Year ago

    So happy for you both, you deserve this so much

  • Sophie Lamph
    Sophie Lamph Year ago +140

    As soon as Connor was sat there thinking I started balling and didn’t stop until the end!!! Complete ugly cry! So Happy for you both ❤️❤️

  • Rebecca Perry
    Rebecca Perry Year ago

    congratulations you two are perfect for one another in every way :)

  • MimiChinela
    MimiChinela Year ago

    I’m so so happy omg 🥰 congratulations!!!!!! I love you guys 😭

  • MaryJayneXx
    MaryJayneXx Year ago

    Watched this video so many times now & I still cry every time!! 💖💖💖 honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen & I couldn’t be happier for 2 people I’ve never even met before but you were just made for each other & it’s so special!! 💖💖💖

  • Anna Mcwilliams
    Anna Mcwilliams Year ago

    Wow can’t stop crying!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This video is amazing and so well done. Well done Connor. Love you guys so much xxxxxxxxx

  • Daisy Vanes
    Daisy Vanes Year ago +256

    so happy Elle is getting the most perfect engagement after the year she’s had 🥺 you both deserve the world ❤️

  • Anna Gouws
    Anna Gouws Year ago

    Could not stop smiling!!! Even the hubby in the back was watching and happy! Congratulations to Elle and Con!💜

  • Jade Young
    Jade Young Year ago

    Cried from start to finish! So so happy for you two!!

  • Georgina Munro
    Georgina Munro Year ago

    Such a beautiful video, wishing you all the luck and love for your future together! Congratulations xxx

  • Sylwia Pogorzelska

    I am so so so happy for you both guys!!!! 🥂🍾❤️

  • Emily Harrison
    Emily Harrison Year ago +206

    “You did it” those words hit so hard. I am so proud of you and how far you’ve come. When the wind blew, it just looked incredible. The whole set up was beautiful. Well done Connor. Congratulations❤️

  • Kerry Denyer
    Kerry Denyer Year ago

    This was so beautiful congratulations to you both x

  • Louisa May Choreography

    The most adorable video ever 🥺 I am so happy for you both you are so deserving of this ❤️

  • Ellie Marie Dent
    Ellie Marie Dent Year ago

    I’m crying! 💙 So so happy for you guys! Congratulations 💓 your mum is looking down on you & walking by your side always! Xx

  • Sophie Purnell
    Sophie Purnell Year ago

    You got engaged on my birthday, CONGRATULATIONS GUYS

  • jordan linthwaite
    jordan linthwaite Year ago +132

    It’s how she knows has got me balling, you can see it in Ellie’s demeanour... a woman’s intuition! I’m so happy for you both, Con your a true gent I wish you both all the happiness in your future! 💕

  • Tia Brooks
    Tia Brooks Year ago

    Safe to say I cried my eyes out, I want what you guys have and you are so lucky I’m so happy for the both of you ❤️

  • Safiyyah jamroz
    Safiyyah jamroz Year ago

    Congratulations I’m so happy for you I have watched you guys for so long love you guys

  • Matilda Lucia
    Matilda Lucia Year ago

    sooo beautiful

  • Karen Kirk
    Karen Kirk Year ago

    So happy for you both! Tears watching this 🥰 x

  • Ellen Ansley
    Ellen Ansley Year ago +107

    Absolutely balling my eyes out at this. I couldn’t think of someone who deserves happiness more than you Elle! Well done con 👏🏽

  • Kymberleigh Etherington

    oh my goodness i couldn't actually believe my eyes when i saw this,you guys are incredible & im so bloody happy for you guys!!! i cant wait to see your journey❤️

  • Shauna Gibbon Fitness

    Literally so happy for you both!!!!!💓

  • Chloe WardXo
    Chloe WardXo Year ago

    So happy for you guys! Congratulations ❤

  • Alexandra Pellett

    Ugly crying so hard, I’m so so happy for you both congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emma
    Emma Year ago +675

    The fact that Elle had a feeling Con was gonna propose😩😩 THESE TWO ARE SOULMATES!!

    • itsme
      itsme Year ago

      she should of proposed

  • Gaynor Richards
    Gaynor Richards Year ago

    I don't know you guys, but I'm honestly in tears 😭😭 most gorgeous video & my heart is bursting for you both. The biggest congratulations to you both ♥️💕💕

  • Paige Buttery
    Paige Buttery Year ago

    everything about this is gorgeous.. congratulations!! xx

  • Stacey’s World
    Stacey’s World Year ago

    Wow this was so emotional!! Congratulations to both of you! So happy!!

  • Helen Maynard
    Helen Maynard Year ago

    Congratulations to you both such a beautiful couple all the best for the future 💕💕💕

  • Pickles
    Pickles Year ago +179

    The fact elle could sense it coming shows how in tune they are with each other. I really have never seen two people more meant for each other than you two 😭 I want a love like yours ❤

  • Jessica May
    Jessica May Year ago

    Extremley happy for you both!!!

  • Erica Calder
    Erica Calder Year ago

    Congratulations! So happy for you both💕

  • Emma Barclay
    Emma Barclay Year ago

    Such a beautiful video! Thank-you for sharing such a special day with us! Can't wait for the next chapter! Lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • NicoleW
    NicoleW Year ago

    Hi Elle - I’m here from your sisters channel and I just wanted to say that this was the most beautiful proposal. Congratulations and all the best!! 💕

  • Ciara Liston
    Ciara Liston Year ago +72

    I’m in tears. This is the best thing to ever exist. No one is more deserving than you and Connor, Elle. My heart is so full, WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! Ugh I love you both 🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • rebecca Ann
    rebecca Ann Year ago

    New subscriber here and I was in tears watching! Congratulations to you both 🥰❤️

  • MareeB
    MareeB Year ago

    Congratulations to you both, you look both smitten with each other 💞

  • Iliyana Petrova
    Iliyana Petrova Year ago

    Congratulations to you both.Wishing you a lots of happiness. I'm sure your mum is so proud of you two. God bless you xx

  • Brittany Craddock

    Congratulations!!!❤️ so happy for you both😁❤️

  • Sarah Elliott
    Sarah Elliott Year ago +54

    You’ve just brought every single little girls dream into reality, this was truly beautiful I couldn’t be more excited for the both of yous, here’s to the future mr&mrs swift! ❤️ congratulations

  • Lynne Tilley
    Lynne Tilley Year ago

    Congratulations Guys I Am So Happy For You Both. ❤️🌹 I Am A New Watcher And You Guys Are On Fire 🔥
    I Can’t Wait To See More Of You 😊💥

  • Kiwisymp
    Kiwisymp Year ago

    I wish you both all the love and happiness In the word ❤️

  • Amelia Day
    Amelia Day Year ago

    Literally crying 🥺 so happy for you both 💕

  • rjameslive
    rjameslive Year ago

    I am beyond happy for you! Can’t stop crying rn❤️❤️

  • Johnnel Adderley
    Johnnel Adderley Year ago +62

    I was literally bawling my eyes out from beginning to end.
    Connor when you said that you like to take your time to plan things, now I see why, you did good my boy, you did good..I truly believe you two were meant to be together and she deserves all the happiness in the universe ❤️.
    I love you two so very much, congratulations and I pray that God will bless your union with all the love, peace and joy.
    Thank you so much for sharing this incredible moment with us. Take care, keep safe and enjoy the rest of your lives together 🎉🎉🎉🎉💕🌈🤗.