I Bought The First 5 Things Facebook Recommended To Me

  • Published on Apr 21, 2017
  • I bought the first 5 things Facebook recommended to me! I've never clicked any of my Facebook suggested posts, so I decided to click some and buy some to see if I liked them and if they were any good! And then I did a massive Facebook haul... apparently Facebook thinks I like bras? And taking quizzes?
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    Stitch Fix prices were as follows!
    Carsonn Off The Shoulder Knit Top $34.00
    Reagan Skinny Pant $88.00
    Tammy Pre-Layered Choker Set $28.00
    Jamey Textured Knit Cold Shoulder Dress $68.00
    Leander Cutout Back Swing Knit Top $54.00
    EDIT: Also, apparently you can get a sample of the waft perfume for $19, so I might have to try it out for another video! :)
    Mind The Gap
    Hot Gelato
    Jerk Stuff
    Park And Ride
    Throwback Jack
    Bird Song
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  • Gry Kristensen
    Gry Kristensen Day ago

    She seemed a little sad in this video 😱😔

  • Amanda Mitrani
    Amanda Mitrani 2 days ago

    Facebook targets ads based on your info, including ads you engage with. That's why your feed blew up about bras once you clicked that thirdlove ad haha those bars looked tasty though

  • Emma J
    Emma J 3 days ago

    "I do like it as is"
    BuzzFeed: left the chat (to go copyright that)

  • Aleigha Barth
    Aleigha Barth 3 days ago

    Condoms, chocolate, and lingerie. Facebook is throwing everything out there

  • Lafalot54
    Lafalot54 4 days ago

    I actually love thirdlove because they have my hard to find size of 30F, and their bras are super soft and well made. Can do you a video of trying and comparing different online bras like true and co, lively, adore me, etc???

  • Semp Baka
    Semp Baka 4 days ago

    “Language: Shakespearean English”

  • Zoe Schemmel
    Zoe Schemmel 4 days ago

    You should try making your own makeup!!

  • Elisa Fuentez
    Elisa Fuentez 5 days ago

    How did the condoms work out 😂🤣

  • Elisa Fuentez
    Elisa Fuentez 5 days ago

    Business HR are now stalking applicants because they say it is a open social media they place for themselves. Heard of someone finding application s with drug usage they happily posted

  • viesymanchita
    viesymanchita 5 days ago +1

    "I'm not gonna try these on... or.. ask anyone else to try these on..." HAHA

  • Ami Khan
    Ami Khan 10 days ago +1

    Haha thanks for the shoutout Saf

  • lara lara
    lara lara 11 days ago +2

    I like the way safiya say “okay” and “alright” 🤩

  • Mari bear
    Mari bear 11 days ago

    ....! This is the first time I’ve seen saf in a different color then black

  • Caboose
    Caboose 12 days ago

    you seem so awkward in this video idky

  • KimmyXOXO
    KimmyXOXO 12 days ago

    this was posted on my birthday last year

  • Starlight glimmer
    Starlight glimmer 15 days ago +1

    *WARNING* - This video is not suitable for kiddies sooooooooooo if you're oneeeeee .
    I dunno do whatever ya want ;)

  • G E R O M E
    G E R O M E 18 days ago

    i wonder what safiya did to the condom after this video ,🤔🤔

  • Bri and Juli Vlogz
    Bri and Juli Vlogz 20 days ago

    Your home town is Chicago IL?!?!?? I LIVE THERE!

  • Paulo Granados
    Paulo Granados 22 days ago

    2 years only and so much has changed ! From video style/edit, safs look and personality

  • Amanda Palme
    Amanda Palme 23 days ago

    Saf we’re the same height and bra size hell yeah

  • what am I doing with my life

    Lol "what do I like to flaunt.. I don't have cleavage to flaunt.. That's not an option" .. I feel you 😂😂

  • Weirdo’s Oversea
    Weirdo’s Oversea 24 days ago

    The world is changing, Safiya is wearing COLORS?!?!

  • Amber Chrimes
    Amber Chrimes 24 days ago

    Re-watching these videos and the ad before the video was for bras....

  • Audrey Grace Hendershot

    3rd love is amazing

  • Unknown - Girl
    Unknown - Girl 25 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that realized that the audio in this video is dudu compared to the way the audio sounds now?

  • Carmen St Germain
    Carmen St Germain 25 days ago +3

    Was looking forward to the condom review :(

  • Ingvild Kvakestad
    Ingvild Kvakestad 25 days ago

    I Get adds for schools mostly

  • Jess Chrz
    Jess Chrz 27 days ago

    I love that floral stitch fix dress omg

  • Fari Wu
    Fari Wu 28 days ago +2

    “There was a lot of Facebook stalking, which is I think something that doesn’t happen very much these days.”
    Me: * starts sweating *

  • Monica Mason
    Monica Mason 28 days ago

    Why are the ads on facebook for me cars (I don't drive), video games (facebook games only) or to lose weight (I'm 100 lbs wet)? Did I break facebook? TheXvid gets me right about 90% and aliexpress gets me about 80%. The mom and kids stuff do not apply.

  • Cinthia Phillips
    Cinthia Phillips 28 days ago +1

    If Facebook says," try a style box". Are they saying Saf has no style?

  • Becca Brewster
    Becca Brewster 28 days ago

    I didn’t look at the date when this was posted so I thought it was a recent post, and was wondering why the sound quality wasn’t its usual best, then I saw it was posted 2 years ago lol

  • Taryne Gisele
    Taryne Gisele 29 days ago

    the last time I bought clothes from facebook, will be my last. Thanks retrostage.

  • Ella Farmer
    Ella Farmer 29 days ago

    1:18 I am literally watching Full House now

  • Kim Harrington
    Kim Harrington Month ago

    Yep. Recommended a no wire bra that was $16. Bought it and wore it for the first time today. Actually surprisingly love it.

  • Maya
    Maya Month ago

    I'm not gonna lie, I went back to see which size of condoms she actually ordered. Now we know lol ;)

  • Kendra Phillips
    Kendra Phillips Month ago

    Her condoms have now expired

  • S O M E O N E I S H E R E

    “iNsTrUmEnTs To AsSiSt ThAt QuEst” 😂

  • Christina’s SQUAD

    Ahhh back when Safiya actually cared how much she spent😂😂

  • Emilia Sawicz-Łuńska

    This is my life now (*binge watching Safiya) I love you guys. You're awesome

  • Its Winnie
    Its Winnie Month ago

    Third love 😍😍😍 Alisha and Remi fans where you at?

  • porcelainsuckers
    porcelainsuckers Month ago +1

    "-bigger than my usual thong's string-" implying that she already owns and regularly wears other thongs. Jeez Ty you sure know how to pick em

  • Angeline JoVan
    Angeline JoVan Month ago

    Yes I’m binge-watching!❤️👏🏽❤️

  • Sarena Hayslip
    Sarena Hayslip Month ago

    Can u do a Amazon clothing haul

  • Brandi Smith
    Brandi Smith Month ago

    Please be careful when purchasing things off of Facebook. I work for a bank in credit card billing disputes and a lot of the disputes that I have seen people calling about are related to buying things from Facebook and they are usually instances of paying for a product and never receiving the item at all and the company has just up and disappeared with no contact information.

  • Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones Month ago

    "Oh, one of my good friends likes this.."

    :) saf pls be my friend

  • Fahmina Zaman
    Fahmina Zaman Month ago

    Sustain also has good tampons, I'm sure she could have tried!

  • Christine Edwards
    Christine Edwards Month ago

    SAFFFF can you please do another one of these videos?! Facebook knows me well now I guess and all the ads have products I wanna try 😞

  • Madeline George
    Madeline George Month ago

    is that... a color?

  • Tiffany Pinner
    Tiffany Pinner Month ago

    I just found your channel and my loooord your content is binge worthy! :D I looooove your sense of humor. Keep it up!

  • Alex Laux
    Alex Laux Month ago

    Love how she says people don’t stalk anymore even though they do

  • Hakudoushi Numbernine

    Butt string....

  • Sarah Boyd
    Sarah Boyd Month ago

    How were the prices on Stitch Fix?

  • Autumn Phillips
    Autumn Phillips Month ago

    I hate being "That person"
    But thats actually a really good price for rubbers.
    A box of 20 trogans is like 30$ with tax soooo

  • Melany Ferreyra
    Melany Ferreyra Month ago

    Why don't you like that is short? I mean I love these I search for them

  • sarahtherandom
    sarahtherandom Month ago

    At 5:44 My phone thought I was trying to summon my voice activated okay Google thing! Lol I replayed it again and it was definitely the video doing it! (Extra weird cause it's suppose yo only do it by my specific voice, my ex was always trying to activate it to annoy me and it never worked)

  • Hannah Jeffrey
    Hannah Jeffrey Month ago

    I was inspired by this video, ordered something I saw in an ad and ended up being scammed😐

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong Month ago +1

    Hahaha the condoms are a real surprise in saf's feed and she actually got them for the video....i wonder if Tyler was intrigue when helping her film 😅

  • Meme Queen
    Meme Queen Month ago

    I think that you just bought stuff for date night...😂😂😂

  • Emma the FANGIRL
    Emma the FANGIRL Month ago +1

    I’m watching this after watching a video where she recently buys thigh-high uggs for over $1000...
    😂 There has been a great change in the last two years

  • adorkableBTS
    adorkableBTS Month ago

    Watching this agaiin 💜

  • Itszz Brenda
    Itszz Brenda Month ago

    Hey Safiyaa!!!🤩😁❤

  • Taylor McNutt
    Taylor McNutt Month ago

    New subscriber, you are hilarious!!! 😂😂

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith Month ago

    Well we all know what size wiener tyler has now cause she had to select the fit hehehe 😜

  • Amanda W
    Amanda W Month ago

    Saf, the condoms expire in a week

  • Aoibhin Keenan
    Aoibhin Keenan Month ago +5

    Saf then: 100 dollars! No way
    Sad now: let spend that cash baybay!

  • Brooke Saleski
    Brooke Saleski Month ago

    Since I was a little suspicious of the bra company and it’s quiz, I went there myself and did the quiz and I got the same bra as you did. I then went in and did the quiz with completely random answers and I got that same bra again. I then went and kept changing my answers in attempt to get a different bra but I got the same bra every. Single. Time. I now think that the company just uses the quiz to pull you in by convincing you that this normal bra is the perfect bra for you, no questions asked.

  • I’m random
    I’m random Month ago +4

    What! Women’s pants with really pockets!
    I didn’t know they made those anymore

  • Emily Amaro
    Emily Amaro Month ago

    I think certain companies like ThirdLove just pay a lot to have their ads pushed to every female on Facebook.

  • Laceykat66
    Laceykat66 Month ago

    What is your search history and posting that condoms come up in your algorithm?
    "Wow, she obviously is a gal on the make, she needs protection." LOL
    Maybe it is linked to the bra selection.

  • Fernanda Ramos
    Fernanda Ramos 2 months ago

    Soooo we know that Tyler is a pretty good size now 👀

  • Ellis Pedersen
    Ellis Pedersen 2 months ago

    I absolutely love how relatable and charming you are. Its nuts

  • Brooklyn T
    Brooklyn T 2 months ago +503

    "I don't wanna go over about $25"
    *Evolves to $400 jacuzzi*

    • dian vanity
      dian vanity Month ago

      +this llama loves you i also pointing out that she is not using anyone's money. And my panties is not in bunch anyway i wear them. 🙄

    • dian vanity
      dian vanity Month ago

      Is not like using ur money.

  • Maura Tyson
    Maura Tyson 2 months ago +1

    We now know that Tyler has a medium sized dick

  • Keri McCall
    Keri McCall 2 months ago

    Who is watching this in 2019?

  • Bubbs Art
    Bubbs Art 2 months ago

    Seriously? Why is Facebook recommending you a new bra? You could just walk into a store like Kohl’s and find your size easily, while I have to order mine online as my size isn’t that common, and my size is balancing between 34DD/34DDD

  • Bhargavi Munshi
    Bhargavi Munshi 2 months ago +1

    at 7:56 , omg Tyler watches The Game Theorists

  • Evie Beiler
    Evie Beiler 2 months ago

    I would love to see Safiya try this again, but with a bigger or unlimited budget😂😂

  • Claire Shorland
    Claire Shorland 2 months ago

    Saf, I love you and I love watching you, but you really gotta learn how Facebook targeting works. 😅🙈

  • Lacey E
    Lacey E 2 months ago

    I tried Third Love and their customer service was really great, but I had a HARD time finding one that fit right. It IS a comfy bra (the t-shirt one), and they have a great range of sizes. But I’m sticking with sports bras since I just work in a warehouse and sleep lol. But if I need a new bra and could figure out my damn size, I’d try them again.
    I almost got sustain tampons and liners, but after comparison shopping, they’re kinda expensive so I went with Kali and I like them. Idk about their condoms 😂

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 2 months ago

    I was born in October 2006 🤪

  • Lauren Simard
    Lauren Simard 2 months ago

    After watching this video I keep getting ads by ThirdLove...

  • Gisela Wehage
    Gisela Wehage 2 months ago

    I liked the color of the dress on you. It looked very good

  • Chiknkein nugeget
    Chiknkein nugeget 2 months ago +2

    Chiknkein nugeget

    -Chiknkein nugeget-

    -Chiknkein nugeget-

    -Chiknkein nugeget-

    -Chiknkein nugeget-

    -Chiknkein nugeget-

    -Chiknkein nugeget-

  • Trinity Mullins
    Trinity Mullins 2 months ago

    I always love your clothes. I wish you had links or info where you got them haha

  • Grace Empson
    Grace Empson 2 months ago

    Did Tyler just reference game theory?

  • Dol Momphotez
    Dol Momphotez 2 months ago +1

    Missing the usual fun of the vídeos

  • B C
    B C 2 months ago

    6:05 aint that a one direction song lmao

  • beth furniss
    beth furniss 2 months ago

    Is there something different with your audio you sound different. Like are YE AN INPOSTER?!

  • Bodidiva Tulku
    Bodidiva Tulku 2 months ago

    I got the red pants in Stitch Fix, the fit me a little better so I did keep them, they are very comfy. I considered Thirdlove bras but I really prefer bras without underwires and they only have sport bras as no underwire options.

  • Hannah Joy
    Hannah Joy 2 months ago

    But that's just a theory... A CHOCOLATE theory!

  • Day6 Hailee
    Day6 Hailee 2 months ago

    6:15 OMG

  • XperiencedNinja
    XperiencedNinja 2 months ago

    I usually have to pay 70 ish bucks for a bra because of my breast size... So I don’t think that prize is steep at all

  • vira fairuz Salsabilla
    vira fairuz Salsabilla 3 months ago

    Whos amy?

  • Eren Tart
    Eren Tart 3 months ago


  • marie watson
    marie watson 3 months ago

    "Way-ft" not "wah-ft".

  • LJ_ EJ
    LJ_ EJ 3 months ago

    Omg the add that was before this video was “understanding Facebook adds” 😱😱

  • Emma Sadinsky
    Emma Sadinsky 3 months ago +1

    ahahaha I tried stitch-fix and they sent me the exact same dress

  • Dragon Dude Collecting
    Dragon Dude Collecting 3 months ago

    So Tyler likes GameTheory?

  • Sorcha Melvin
    Sorcha Melvin 3 months ago +55

    2019 anyone? ( I nearly said 2018😂)