I Bought The First 5 Things Facebook Recommended To Me

  • Published on Apr 21, 2017
  • I bought the first 5 things Facebook recommended to me! I've never clicked any of my Facebook suggested posts, so I decided to click some and buy some to see if I liked them and if they were any good! And then I did a massive Facebook haul... apparently Facebook thinks I like bras? And taking quizzes?
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    Stitch Fix prices were as follows!
    Carsonn Off The Shoulder Knit Top $34.00
    Reagan Skinny Pant $88.00
    Tammy Pre-Layered Choker Set $28.00
    Jamey Textured Knit Cold Shoulder Dress $68.00
    Leander Cutout Back Swing Knit Top $54.00
    EDIT: Also, apparently you can get a sample of the waft perfume for $19, so I might have to try it out for another video! :)
    Mind The Gap
    Hot Gelato
    Jerk Stuff
    Park And Ride
    Throwback Jack
    Bird Song
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  • Crystal Tranquilino
    Crystal Tranquilino 3 days ago

    oooh dang i wanted to see you try waft

  • Xiofo XOX
    Xiofo XOX 4 days ago

    Before reveals I'm wondering how she'll show off some of these

  • Alyssa Collier
    Alyssa Collier 6 days ago

    Anyone else on a safiya marathon

  • Tammy Collins
    Tammy Collins 7 days ago +1

    That one dress you hated looked amaaaaazing on you js

  • maxxinq
    maxxinq 7 days ago

    Hopefully she looks into Waft in another video!

  • love gardening
    love gardening 8 days ago

    I love your video sis

  • Katarina cameron
    Katarina cameron 9 days ago

    Where do you live...

  • Edahel
    Edahel 9 days ago

    I think she shouldn't have bought the condoms and the thong, because she couldn't show us anything about them, all she could do was to describe with the thong, and nothing at all with the condoms. It's sad that two (out of 5!) of the items ended up being impossible to show or anything.

  • Ann Reed
    Ann Reed 12 days ago +4

    Safiya 2017: "It's a hundred bucks? No way. Nu uh"
    Safiya 2019: Lets casually fly to Japan to try vending machine foods

  • Fahmina Zaman
    Fahmina Zaman 15 days ago

    Girl...Facebook stalking is definitely still a thing! Haha :)

  • Vera Zadorozhnaya
    Vera Zadorozhnaya 16 days ago +1

    Does anyone ever think that she looks like supereadizzle and Moriah Elizabeth?

  • Ash Hale
    Ash Hale 16 days ago +1

    She’s been on facebook 3 months longer than I’ve been alive

  • sfmacgirl
    sfmacgirl 17 days ago

    I love Third Love bras. They fit my body type perfect and I so for me, the perfect bra and therefore worth the money.

  • MGgaming14
    MGgaming14 18 days ago +2

    11:23 are you SURE it’s random 😏😏

  • Kristina Astalosova
    Kristina Astalosova 18 days ago

    10:59 safiya: *cOnDomS* i felt that ahhahha
    The sensitive way 11:00 condoms

  • ECShines
    ECShines 19 days ago

    Saf and Tyler shmashed after filming

  • Shmelly04
    Shmelly04 20 days ago

    Anyone else notice the condom size she bought.... Tyler must not be to shabby in the bedroom

  • lucinator_2006
    lucinator_2006 20 days ago

    3:11 and this video has been demonetize

  • A S
    A S 21 day ago +1

    Safiya isn't well in coherence in her earlier videos..also her connection with Tyler isnt that great tho

  • Eleonora Branchesi
    Eleonora Branchesi 22 days ago

    What I could have bought for a maximum of 30€:
    - ACUVUE Contact lenses (that I already use)
    - Durex Natural lube (there must be some campaign going on with these...)
    - Items from a certain "Festival" collection by MAC Cosmetics (I visited their website just yesterday so that makes sense)
    - Tickets from an actual local music festival I want to go to
    ... ... and a LOT of scrolling for the next sponsored post ... ...
    - a tacky, plus-sized ceremony gown (for which the only explanation is that I just watched Saf's Wish Wedding Gown video)

  • Bubbs Art
    Bubbs Art 23 days ago

    I’ve gotten some weird ads on both fb and insta.
    On insta I got:
    1. Hair conditioner
    2. Vans shoes
    3. Rimmel London lipstick
    4. Pride month tees
    5. A moosh moosh plushie

  • Feubrune
    Feubrune 25 days ago

    Oh no
    I just realized that the Sustain website says "Have you ever thought about what you put in your vagina? We have" and I am mildly alarmed lmao
    (Also hi, anyone else on a Safyia marathon?)

  • j y
    j y Month ago

    is it just me or saf looks bit annoyed in this video🙁😢

  • Tim Zimmer
    Tim Zimmer Month ago

    For waft, she should've gotten the 15ml...

  • Amelia Amaze
    Amelia Amaze Month ago

    Facebook:we show you what you like!
    Facebook feed:condoms,bras,food and cleavage
    Me:SAFIYA!!! Naughty girl!

  • saxy bandgeek
    saxy bandgeek Month ago

    When she bought the you know thing I was wondering how is she gonna test that?🤨

  • cliquearmy7
    cliquearmy7 Month ago

    Wth im the exact same bra size as Saf and I'm 12

  • IAmFree bgm
    IAmFree bgm Month ago

    Fb stalkings does still happen. Im stalker Daily by a hag from Home PA named Terri McKay. FYI that one is shit ass bad news

  • Autumn-Jade McMahon

    I felt so bad because she seemed so awkward talking about the condoms. 😂❤️

  • SimTwins
    SimTwins Month ago

    One year later and saf is spending 500 dollars on an amazon box.

  • peppermintt
    peppermintt Month ago

    You should try curology for a video

  • Catherine Johnson
    Catherine Johnson Month ago

    Her look is so cute in this video

  • Shiloh Elkins
    Shiloh Elkins Month ago

    She's wearing the choker she bought at Primark/Pennies

  • Madeleine F
    Madeleine F Month ago

    are you whering you perfect foundation it looks perfect

  • Ellen O Connor
    Ellen O Connor Month ago +4

    Her in 2017: £25 to £30 her item
    Her in 2019:£100 max

  • Emily Dawson
    Emily Dawson Month ago +1

    Her credit card company probably thought she was having a midlife crisis or something 😂

  • Skippi0093
    Skippi0093 Month ago +1

    _Hello people looking at old videos_

  • Catherine
    Catherine Month ago


  • Hanne. J
    Hanne. J Month ago

    Are You Norwegian

    • Amani J.
      Amani J. Month ago +1

      her father is Danish, her mother is Indian

  • BunnieofWrath
    BunnieofWrath 2 months ago

    True&Co is damn good

  • Shawna Coon
    Shawna Coon 2 months ago

    That's weird because it recommended the exact same bra and I'm fat with a size D. Also I thought the materials were cheap and uncomfortable.

  • 123
    123 2 months ago +4

    You look super pretty in that floral dress❤️

  • Ollie H
    Ollie H 2 months ago

    Ya look skinny

  • Riona Eskew Drawing and art

    How did she test the condoms TYLEr

  • Lil Miss Chyler
    Lil Miss Chyler 2 months ago

    Binge watching Safs video's again 😎

  • Peggy
    Peggy 2 months ago

    Facebook thinks I need orthotics. Yup, I’m old.

  • NerdyMeowCat1
    NerdyMeowCat1 2 months ago +4

    Being *under 18* none of this is currently useful but i am taking mental notes of "Oh so this is how to adult. Cool." I love ur sense of humor too! Thank you for existing!

  • Victoria Howe
    Victoria Howe 2 months ago +286

    *Safiya back then* “100 bucks?! Hell no.”
    *Safiya now* “So I bought these $500 10ft long extendo jeans”

  • Jillian Fnaf
    Jillian Fnaf 2 months ago +7

    She bought sex things... WHAT DID YOU DO WITH TYLER?!

  • ruby
    ruby 3 months ago

    either i’m tripping or your intro was slower back then!

  • Gry Kristensen
    Gry Kristensen 3 months ago +2

    She seemed a little sad in this video 😱😔

  • Amanda Mitrani
    Amanda Mitrani 3 months ago

    Facebook targets ads based on your info, including ads you engage with. That's why your feed blew up about bras once you clicked that thirdlove ad haha those bars looked tasty though

  • Emma J
    Emma J 3 months ago

    "I do like it as is"
    BuzzFeed: left the chat (to go copyright that)

  • Aleigha Barth
    Aleigha Barth 3 months ago

    Condoms, chocolate, and lingerie. Facebook is throwing everything out there

  • Lafalot54
    Lafalot54 3 months ago

    I actually love thirdlove because they have my hard to find size of 30F, and their bras are super soft and well made. Can do you a video of trying and comparing different online bras like true and co, lively, adore me, etc???

  • Semp Baka
    Semp Baka 3 months ago

    “Language: Shakespearean English”

  • -Strangrr Thingzz-
    -Strangrr Thingzz- 3 months ago

    You should try making your own makeup!!

  • Elisa Fuentez
    Elisa Fuentez 3 months ago

    How did the condoms work out 😂🤣

  • Elisa Fuentez
    Elisa Fuentez 3 months ago

    Business HR are now stalking applicants because they say it is a open social media they place for themselves. Heard of someone finding application s with drug usage they happily posted

  • viesymanchita
    viesymanchita 3 months ago +1

    "I'm not gonna try these on... or.. ask anyone else to try these on..." HAHA

  • Ami Khan
    Ami Khan 3 months ago +1

    Haha thanks for the shoutout Saf

  • lara lara
    lara lara 3 months ago +5

    I like the way safiya say “okay” and “alright” 🤩

  • Honey bear
    Honey bear 3 months ago

    ....! This is the first time I’ve seen saf in a different color then black

  • Caboose
    Caboose 3 months ago

    you seem so awkward in this video idky

  • KimiXOXO
    KimiXOXO 3 months ago

    this was posted on my birthday last year

  • Gerome AC
    Gerome AC 3 months ago

    i wonder what safiya did to the condom after this video ,🤔🤔

  • User not Found
    User not Found 3 months ago

    Your home town is Chicago IL?!?!?? I LIVE THERE!

  • Paulo Granados
    Paulo Granados 3 months ago

    2 years only and so much has changed ! From video style/edit, safs look and personality

  • Amanda Palme
    Amanda Palme 3 months ago

    Saf we’re the same height and bra size hell yeah

  • what am I doing with my life

    Lol "what do I like to flaunt.. I don't have cleavage to flaunt.. That's not an option" .. I feel you 😂😂