FIFA 19 FUT Champions Cup November Grand Final JoksanRedona vs F2Tekkz

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
  • The first FIFA 19 Global Series event of the year, the EA FUT Champions Cup November in Bucharest.
    The first of six FUT Champions Cups* is set to kick off in Bucharest, Romania on November 30 to December 2, marking the first FIFA 19 Global Series major event of the year.
    FUT Champions players competed in an online qualifier tournament on October 20th and 21st to determine who earned their place at the EA FUT Champions Cup. A total of 64 competitors (32 each from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) will battle for three days for a chance to become the first EA FUT Champions Cup winner of the season, to earn up to 1,500 Global Series Points and the $50,000 USD top cash prize. #FIFAeWorldCup
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  • xboxmedien
    xboxmedien  11 months ago +58

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    • packerd00
      packerd00 Month ago

      Should be a limit on how many star players you can use. Everyone uses the same players.

    • Cylus Ddembe Ssegawa
      Cylus Ddembe Ssegawa 8 months ago

      Guys i need to inquire something from you guys. I need your email Address. Thank you

    • Aswin Aswin
      Aswin Aswin 8 months ago

      Online tournament ?will we get money if we win ?

    • Alonzo Bee
      Alonzo Bee 9 months ago

      Macabresundew38 is my name tag Xbox one console please get me in this matches I promise a better football then these two none football players I am a video gamer since FIFA 94 early sport for Sega Genesis give me a shot

  • deniz batu
    deniz batu 7 days ago

    these speakers talk about everything but the fucking match

  • Ansis Gaming
    Ansis Gaming 7 days ago

    good player..very fast..i dont know how do you do that..

  • Rylan Enis
    Rylan Enis 8 days ago

    Fuck F2teksz

  • Marco Gonzalez
    Marco Gonzalez 11 days ago


  • Nick
    Nick 13 days ago

    So cringey listening to the commentator who thinks it's real

  • Caner Topçu
    Caner Topçu 15 days ago

    They play well. But not that well to enroll in a tournament ffs. I consider myself an average player and they play nearly with same tactics as me. The kids at playstation cafes would beat these guys so easily ffs. Is this a tournament where you can pay to enroll or what? This is no talent

  • Michael Castellano
    Michael Castellano 17 days ago

    When is the FUT champions Cup going to start for FIFA 20??? I need more!

    • Michael Castellano
      Michael Castellano 10 days ago

      @Luis Capocci Nice, I can't wait! I like the style of F2Tekzz even if he's losing he always makes comeback.

    • Luis Capocci
      Luis Capocci 12 days ago +1

      Michael Castellano i think it’s soon because I got an email to join it

  • Ahmed Stars
    Ahmed Stars 19 days ago

    is messi that bad that they don't have it in there teams

  • YoutubSUCKZ
    YoutubSUCKZ 21 day ago

    joksan sucks

  • Taulant Neziri
    Taulant Neziri 24 days ago

    i can beat f2

  • Diego weed
    Diego weed Month ago

    Tmr q mal juegan xd

  • NotoriouZ_Clan
    NotoriouZ_Clan Month ago

    f2 is so fucking ugly...

  • Duna99
    Duna99 Month ago

    Do you like play fifa? then you will be interesed to enter here!

  • Archana Singh Das
    Archana Singh Das Month ago

    I m better

  • killabean_21 VEVO
    killabean_21 VEVO Month ago

    Please guys check my TheXvid out

  • Harry Bush
    Harry Bush Month ago

    tekkz you're a pro kiddo.. You are world best champion. You are unbeatable. love from Dubai 😍

  • Maximillian Ford
    Maximillian Ford Month ago

    Tekks lad looks like the hunchback from Young Frankenstein

  • stephen bradbury
    stephen bradbury Month ago

    This game is so shit it's unreal

  • stephen bradbury
    stephen bradbury Month ago

    Do ea know about off side rule I think not well as the software company who have won the most complained about software company 3 years in a row well speaks volumes doesn't id

  • Jesse Mulliniks
    Jesse Mulliniks Month ago

    F2Tekkz looks like he’s about to go shoot up a school

  • oscar
    oscar Month ago +1

    richard can shut up

  • Santiago Pereira
    Santiago Pereira Month ago

    How many minutes they play the matches?

  • Damien Kingston
    Damien Kingston 2 months ago

    12:54 "sex play on the playstation"

  • Sebbi the Boy
    Sebbi the Boy 2 months ago

    Everyone check out Fts montage om yt! They make FIFA 20 vids! Sub now !

  • mark bundes
    mark bundes 2 months ago

    Please does anyone know the control these pros use when controlling their players ? I have tried everything i know but cant seem to control like them its so frustrating

  • Redstreak93
    Redstreak93 2 months ago

    Boring.....somethings not right.....

  • Ali TheBT
    Ali TheBT 2 months ago

    My first fifa game

  • Ahmad Al Armanazi
    Ahmad Al Armanazi 2 months ago

    The thing that i can't get is that why hey are putting headsets on? There is no call outs. No sound effects. Even no commentary

  • Mahdi2435_
    Mahdi2435_ 2 months ago

    tekkz looks like the type of guy to let u live when he shoots up the school just because u lent him a pencil

  • Kollo Krichena
    Kollo Krichena 2 months ago

    Fucking boring... No crossing fuck off

  • Willy Wanker
    Willy Wanker 2 months ago +1

    tekkz looks like he didnt had his daily dose of heroin

  • Barston
    Barston 3 months ago

    Why are Americans so good at fifa because they because there shit in real life

  • Judson Garbens
    Judson Garbens 3 months ago

    How can I participate

  • Cold_ Gaming
    Cold_ Gaming 3 months ago

    When is the next tournament like this?

    CRICKET TV 3 months ago +1

    Where is the tournament of Xbox 360

  • Mateo Leoz
    Mateo Leoz 3 months ago +2

    4:39 when you play on playstation

    • Wallace Sousuke
      Wallace Sousuke 5 days ago

      @Ozymandias Sony fanboy

    • Ozymandias
      Ozymandias 24 days ago

      It has nothing to do with PlayStation you dummy, its EA server

  • Ricardo Barrera
    Ricardo Barrera 3 months ago

    Do they play on PS4 or xbox?

  • Aitor Tilla
    Aitor Tilla 3 months ago

    You realized we live in a stupid world when someone is paid for playing video games.

  • Nembenge Gabriel
    Nembenge Gabriel 3 months ago

    Calling out F2 From 🇳🇦

  • Gerard Pique
    Gerard Pique 3 months ago

    Bug goals

  • KID yat-kun
    KID yat-kun 3 months ago

    todo dia um 7x1 diferente

  • Matteo Baldissin
    Matteo Baldissin 3 months ago

    I'm watching this after I watched the Pes final.. and I'm thinking.. wtf I'm watching?! This game is a shame compared to pes.. just look the gameplay..

    • Ozymandias
      Ozymandias 24 days ago

      What's wrong with the gameplay? And its 2019, who tf still playing PES lol dead game

  • Terrance Campin
    Terrance Campin 3 months ago

    What’s up! Really nice content.

  • F.J
    F.J 3 months ago

    A velocidade do video ta aumentada?

  • youtube player
    youtube player 4 months ago +1

    Dude drank some water at halftime like he actually got tired. Jesus.

    • Stephenthememe
      Stephenthememe 2 months ago

      It's a way to calm your body down especially at such an event worth so much money

  • Javier Rosales
    Javier Rosales 4 months ago


  • James Cook
    James Cook 4 months ago

    They play like shot in first 30min...

  • J R7
    J R7 4 months ago +1

    Joksan looks like the bully that would act like an angel in front of adults lol

    • Dmsv
      Dmsv 4 months ago

      Loll he is a Nice Guy bro

  • LestAnyManBoast
    LestAnyManBoast 4 months ago

    Hala Madrid lol

  • Karen Vardanyan
    Karen Vardanyan 4 months ago

    Guys, do you know how EA games FIFA do his offline promotion/marketing?

  • M. Lukman
    M. Lukman 4 months ago

    Malaysian so fucking noob

  • haytem nacer
    haytem nacer 4 months ago

    Wtf i could win against any of them , they have a reallly stupid plays wtf

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami 4 months ago

    What game is this shit?
    So many fucking unrealistic move
    Pes more better than this

  • Rocio Ruiz Roca
    Rocio Ruiz Roca 4 months ago

    Porque no hablas y comentas el partido

  • Rocio Ruiz Roca
    Rocio Ruiz Roca 4 months ago

    Como te llamas en la vida real .

  • Rocio Ruiz Roca
    Rocio Ruiz Roca 4 months ago

    Que gran final .

  • Fahad Kadir
    Fahad Kadir 4 months ago

    Joksan is a joke...everytime he is taking shot straight to the goal keeper😑..and joksan's goalkeeper coutious is also a joke😒😒

  • Frederick Ravensdale
    Frederick Ravensdale 4 months ago

    F2Tekkz looks like an autism.

  • Moses Kamau
    Moses Kamau 4 months ago

    that first goal was just impossible