Name Brand vs. Generic Cereal Taste Test

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • Can we tell the difference between generic brands and name brands? Is the name brand worth it? These are the hard hitting question's we're answering today. GMM #1440
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Comments • 5 911

  • unicornforever 17
    unicornforever 17 5 hours ago

    Am I the only person kinda moved by links speech

  • xmypantsx
    xmypantsx 2 days ago

    Best cereal is Honey Graham Oh's

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171 3 days ago

    The Miny spooners are very close in taste and texture. Also Malt O Meal has been around over 100 years .. so.. name wise. No reason to change it
    They did merge with Post and another brand fairly recently.

  • Verlynth Ver
    Verlynth Ver 3 days ago

    Rhett is definitely not ready for the mounting cereal war that Link is undertaking.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou 3 days ago

    Umm... no CHEERIOS?

  • Filip Rehburg
    Filip Rehburg 5 days ago

    Opening monologue was amazing

  • zane wahlman
    zane wahlman 7 days ago

    9:24 "quit touching the cereal" what my girlfriend told me before leaving me

  • Noir Rose
    Noir Rose 10 days ago

    00:00 to 1:17 omg link

  • Shannon Gibson
    Shannon Gibson 10 days ago


  • Shannon Gibson
    Shannon Gibson 10 days ago

    Guess what Rhett, boxed cereal is in a bag!

  • Mustang and Motorcycle
    Mustang and Motorcycle 11 days ago +1

    What’s with the damn transformers sounding speech? Lol

  • Lani Barr
    Lani Barr 12 days ago

    This was fun to watch, and interesting. My mum was similar to Rhett’s mum but we were allowed to have Coco Pops occasionally, she said not to Fruit Loops tho because they’re all sugar

  • Oshawott 19
    Oshawott 19 12 days ago

    Cocoa Puffs or cocoa bluffs

  • Mitch Harvey
    Mitch Harvey 12 days ago

    The og asmr channel

  • Abe status
    Abe status 15 days ago

    Me: eating cereal while watching this...

  • Litigious Society
    Litigious Society 15 days ago +3

    Walmart has a raisin bran with extra raisins that is better than Kellogg's or Post.

  • Tsvetelina Mihaylova
    Tsvetelina Mihaylova 15 days ago

    Oh my god the table has cereal on it!

  • Breazy
    Breazy 16 days ago

    I think I’ve watched more gmm episodes this month than anyone ever has

  • GroenFan
    GroenFan 19 days ago

    Ahoyhoy There, Fellow TheXvidrinos! My favourite childhood cereal was Timon and Pumbaa's " Mud N' Bugs" .

  • GroenFan
    GroenFan 19 days ago

    Ahoyhoy There, Fellow TheXvidrino! Ever tried the Simpsons " Eat my Shorts" Cereal? It was cereal shaped like Bartholomew JoJo Simpson's shorts.

  • Shane Dixon
    Shane Dixon 19 days ago

    Liking mini wheats is almost at bad as liking raisin bran, you just don't do it.

  • No_Notes
    No_Notes 19 days ago

    11:47 - love how they zoomed onto those spoons 😂😂😂

    • No_Notes
      No_Notes 19 days ago

      11:47 - love how they zoomed onto those spoons 😂😂😂

  • Legit Savage Vlogs
    Legit Savage Vlogs 20 days ago


    FINLEY EPISODES 20 days ago

    I eat marshmallow mateys although I ask my mum to get lucky charms

  • Breanna Barnes
    Breanna Barnes 20 days ago

    I want cereal now

  • loverboy snipz
    loverboy snipz 21 day ago

    Lol 9:25 he jumped in fear😂😂😂

  • Good Sir
    Good Sir 24 days ago

    I like cereal as a dessert

  • MT_ rosso
    MT_ rosso 25 days ago

    I feel very connected to link, sons name is Lando my name is Landon but my nickname is Lando and i also call my Grandma and Grandpa Nana and Paw-Paw

  • Jetman80
    Jetman80 27 days ago

    Malt o Meal is probably the best generic cereals

  • Sylvie
    Sylvie 27 days ago

    Ive always found that mini spooners have more frosting and Im all about that frosting.

  • anime&stf
    anime&stf 28 days ago

    The best generic raisin brand is from aldis

  • Ross Brian
    Ross Brian 28 days ago

    You refuse to eat cereal out of a bag? So you don't eat any cereal because they are ALL in bags lol

  • MGCharlie
    MGCharlie 29 days ago

    Love the Independents Day speech!

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 29 days ago

    Malt o meal makes great knockoff cereal

  • ali mourtada
    ali mourtada Month ago

    What is the song playing while link is giving his little cereal speech? Anyone know?

  • Gold butter
    Gold butter Month ago

    Some cereals have bags when you open the box I dunno why

    Read more

  • Soniccoolgamer
    Soniccoolgamer Month ago

    u should have tried using Aldi cereals, they're almost like the real thing

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien Month ago

    Frusted Munnny Wuts

  • Willem DaFuckedUp
    Willem DaFuckedUp Month ago

    This really should've been a blind test. Often times, sight gives it away

  • Addisyn Skeens
    Addisyn Skeens Month ago

    im mad that they didn’t say cherri-fauxs

  • UrielManX7
    UrielManX7 Month ago

    News flash for Rhett, ALL cereal comes in bags, but some bags are inside boxes.

  • UrielManX7
    UrielManX7 Month ago

    Would it kill you to give the guys 2 samples of each thing they're tasting, so they aren't trading spit every time?
    Eating gross food is one thing, eating from the same bowl is another.

  • Jacob Fritz
    Jacob Fritz Month ago

    Should have tried cocoa pebbles, walmart brand is 2000x better

  • Grace Zentmeyer
    Grace Zentmeyer Month ago

    the song during link's intro monologue was that from assassins creed?

  • Jason Caldwell
    Jason Caldwell Month ago

    Where can I get that fox shirt Link has on?

  • Unknown Caller
    Unknown Caller Month ago

    What’s the music at links speech

  • Jenna Lahey
    Jenna Lahey Month ago

    I love how Rhett says he refuses to eat cereal out of a bag lmao. Even boxed cereal comes with the actual cereal sealed in a bag inside the box. I laughed so hard when he said that lol

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 Month ago

    "I'm doin it dry"

  • Relaxing With Fire And Nature

    Generic cinnamon toast crunch tastes just like the name brand stuff

  • S0larSystemWolf
    S0larSystemWolf Month ago

    From 1:10 to 1:17 Link sounded a lot like Rhett

  • ThunderMonkey 62
    ThunderMonkey 62 Month ago +8

    “I’m doin’ it dry, you can learn a lot that way.”

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child Month ago

    Since when did fruit loops have blue ones?

  • Hbbb GgvH
    Hbbb GgvH Month ago

    I never even knew there was thing as generic and the real thing until a few years ago... I grew up broke

  • Camila Barboza Camila Barboza

    rhett: tHe mAchInE iS dIfFerEnt

  • Liam Caughey
    Liam Caughey Month ago

    Rhett " i refuse the eat cereal out of a bag" yet evry cereal is in a bag. Hmmmmm!??

  • that_radio_control_guy

    That speech was epic

  • SBBM
    SBBM Month ago

    1:32 god damn why did Rhett have to come out of the intro like that lol

  • MastermobileFortniteplayer


  • Marin Hrabrić
    Marin Hrabrić Month ago

    Link's american phrasing always amazes me. Choloatey chocolateness

  • BarbaricAvatar
    BarbaricAvatar Month ago

    I've never really understood why in America it's Frosted Flakes and in Europe it's Frosties. Surely Frosties is the more recognisable brand name, or is there a law that dictates American brands must describe exactly what the product is even though there's a picture of it on the packaging?

  • not a spy
    not a spy Month ago

    Isn't raisin bran from Post not Kellogg's

  • MrAreix
    MrAreix Month ago

    That cereal sniff was uncalled for and disgusting

  • Kate Florian
    Kate Florian Month ago

    Whhoooaaaaa! Rhett is older than my dad!!😂😃

  • jjaapp18
    jjaapp18 Month ago

    I guess Rhett doesn't know cereal is in a bag... insides a box...

  • HeresToUsTX
    HeresToUsTX Month ago

    I feel like this episode got me.back into raisin bran

  • Game of Tanks
    Game of Tanks Month ago

    Tbh I prefer off brand cereals. Maybe because they are cheaper and I grew up with them, but the off brand fruity flakes are ten times better the name brand. Not even a competition

  • Smaakakor
    Smaakakor 2 months ago

    Do thing. Male maney for the ones tjat don't have nonem like a "help the worl" as beast6000 does. Not like you åqying campickongcan cans of tje strert. Do.good

  • Smaakakor
    Smaakakor 2 months ago

    And also. You know that swdiah ytub dude. Hes been in yout imqninary room... hees good att benefic stuff. And tje parentspp doktnmänneed to get killer fior tje wotf. aomeone toñ to be saver

  • Smaakakor
    Smaakakor 2 months ago

    I write on all yalls vids n8w. But i think i eould ne good.
    You gotmlile 15miö peeås. You real life persoms kag go shop. You can eat. .like "ninjas" $did like almort 200k in 4h

  • Exozolter
    Exozolter 2 months ago

    I have frosted mini spooners

  • intecrisis
    intecrisis 2 months ago

    I think they should determine which generic cereal version of each cereal type is the best, and if it outclasses the original

  • Mojo C
    Mojo C 2 months ago

    We only ever eat generic cereal’s

  • error plays
    error plays 2 months ago +1

    5:25 rhett hailing the führer!

  • Kathy Fan
    Kathy Fan 2 months ago

    I love name brands idk why

  • Sup Dawgy
    Sup Dawgy 2 months ago

    Marshmellow Mateys and Malt O Meals Mini wheats are the only imitation cereals that taste identical to the name brand to me

  • Carter Currie
    Carter Currie 2 months ago

    Anyone else like malt o meal offbrand cinommon toast crunch more than the on brand

  • Matt PlaysPUBG
    Matt PlaysPUBG 2 months ago

    Unfortunately I am lactose intolerant

  • Lindsey Roth
    Lindsey Roth 2 months ago +26

    "quit touching the cearl"
    Link- *jumps and gets scarred "no I have too"😂😂

  • Alex Romero
    Alex Romero 2 months ago

    All cereal comes in a bag.

  • gwen keto
    gwen keto 2 months ago

    Roof mouth abrasions...🥴🥴🥴

  • sicksock
    sicksock 2 months ago +2

    i love how confused rhett is during link's monologue

  • A Lonely Youtuber
    A Lonely Youtuber 2 months ago +3

    You guy eat your cereal with or without the seal?

  • Eri Berries
    Eri Berries 2 months ago

    Who’s eating Cereal rn I am

  • Batman Blood
    Batman Blood 2 months ago

    Almost ALL cereal comes in a bag technically.....lmao

  • Snek_child 101
    Snek_child 101 2 months ago

    Rhett have u looked in the ceral box, cause it has a bag in it.
    (Also the bag is see thourgh so he might not have seen it)

  • sydney alegria
    sydney alegria 2 months ago +1

    Malt O’ Meal Fruity Pebbles are better than the name brand Fruity Pebbles. That’s just how I feel though.

  • Brisbane Rivera
    Brisbane Rivera 2 months ago

    With the Frosted Flakes I could tell by looking

  • ROFLMAO111111
    ROFLMAO111111 2 months ago +3

    Rhett, all cereals come in bags dude

  • fukunaga
    fukunaga 2 months ago

    i was waiting for fruity pebbles

  • Juvia Seagray
    Juvia Seagray 2 months ago +5

    I love how Rhett looked increasingly confused during the whole intro

  • Becky Norton
    Becky Norton 2 months ago

    That speech was deep hitting.

  • Fredo FB6
    Fredo FB6 2 months ago

    raisin bran >>>

  • Emili Gravel
    Emili Gravel 2 months ago

    I was actually moved by Link's speech lol

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurus 2 months ago

    mini spooners are so good!

  • tyranomegosaurus
    tyranomegosaurus 2 months ago

    I honestly think my parents let us eat any kind of cereal that we wanted, which was not good.

  • D S
    D S 2 months ago

    What was that music during links speech

  • Stacie Stuber
    Stacie Stuber 2 months ago

    In my part of the world Kellogs Frosted Flakes are Frosties

  • Emily Hazlewood
    Emily Hazlewood 2 months ago

    That's right, you deserve to be sprinkled on the ground!

  • Emily Hazlewood
    Emily Hazlewood 2 months ago

    Rhett your face the whole time Link was giving his speech!!! LOL!!!