Dum Dum's Guide To Driving

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • This Dum Dum's Guide To Driving is for all you speeders and texters and honkers and for myself to stop animating videos while driving. Just kidding. Drive safe ya dummies.
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Comments • 2 500

  • Wilson Matsuo
    Wilson Matsuo 2 years ago +1283

    Wow if only I had this video a few months ago when I was in drivers ed... NOW I AM DA BEST DRIVER EVER! Thanks alex!

  • Amazing Games
    Amazing Games 28 days ago

    one thing about the bike thing is that if you are biking on a public road, then you are legally classified as a vehicle, so bikers on the road have to stop at red lights.

  • Collin Carroll
    Collin Carroll Month ago


  • Brian & Gail Hoss
    Brian & Gail Hoss 2 months ago

    Totally agree with this video. Can't stop laughing LOL!!!!😅🤣😂

  • Brian & Gail Hoss
    Brian & Gail Hoss 2 months ago

    Totally agree with you about people on their phones while driving,but I ain't no dummy. Love this video,so funny.

  • Katie Dover
    Katie Dover 3 months ago

    Hi alex im a 10 year old boy.i watch your vids to make me happy i subscribed i love your videos thank you for making videos

  • Rebekah Larsen
    Rebekah Larsen 4 months ago

    I was actually biking on the road once and this car behind that I didn't know was there honked at me and it scared me. I was going downhill as fast as my bike could go. It was just mean and rude, I could of crashed because it scared me and I'm sensitive to loud noises too.

  • LigmaJerk
    LigmaJerk 7 months ago

    Women are turning into good drivers, so next time you see a woman driver, hahahah, get out of their way.

  • Leigh Barry
    Leigh Barry 7 months ago

    MAGA 2020 TRUMP 🇺🇸

  • Rosa Scarlet
    Rosa Scarlet 7 months ago

    I’m 13 and my dad allows me to drive his car in a parking lot

  • principal d0g
    principal d0g 8 months ago

    The Queen of England is above the law

  • RGYT / RandomGuyYT
    RGYT / RandomGuyYT 8 months ago

    “We’re both good people”
    Lol he doesn’t know I blew up my friends house on Minecraft... WITH HIS WOLF IN IT

  • Random bros
    Random bros 10 months ago

    Odd1sout wear your seatbelt

  • Random bros
    Random bros 10 months ago

    Boulder does not have that

  • Gear7-97 Charles
    Gear7-97 Charles 10 months ago

    You should know how to drive, just dont pull a spongebob

  • Kyle Hahn
    Kyle Hahn 11 months ago

    *I am BATMAN*

  • LoganDuckThomas#1 Best
    LoganDuckThomas#1 Best 11 months ago

    I’m a boss at driving... at Mario Kart

  • Lexy
    Lexy 11 months ago

    i have my first driving lesson on monday :3

  • cutetimesinfinity

    Dude, how about a Dum Dum's Guide To Being President? Trump clearly needs one.

  • Vinh Nguyen Hien
    Vinh Nguyen Hien Year ago

    I’m theodd1sout:”Wear your seatbelt”

  • Brandon Simmons
    Brandon Simmons Year ago

    But a am naked Batman

  • Aditya Saini
    Aditya Saini Year ago


  • lorraine uy
    lorraine uy Year ago

    I don't drive i take public transportation

  • Danzel Miano
    Danzel Miano Year ago

    I'm 9 tho....

  • pikachu Paul gaming

    That’s cool how you made A oddsonesout animacom

  • pikachu Paul gaming

    That’s cool how you made A oddsonesout animacom

  • pikachu Paul gaming

    That’s cool how you made A oddsonesout animacom

  • pikachu Paul gaming

    That’s cool how you made A oddsonesout animacom

  • chaotixninja5
    chaotixninja5 Year ago

    Alex: "Rule #3: No one is above the law."
    Me: *glares at the AAA gaming industry.*

  • Dariel Diaz
    Dariel Diaz Year ago

    Alex:oh wear your seatbelt
    Odd1sout wants to sue you

  • Krista Vibbert
    Krista Vibbert Year ago

    Your like my dad

  • Asiyah Ali
    Asiyah Ali Year ago

    this was the best

  • Miku93
    Miku93 Year ago

    There have been a few times when Ive been on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle that we had to wave to get someones attention to tell them to hang up. They weren't paying attention and almost hit us and sorry to say we have way less protection than them.

  • jaxhon zzimmz
    jaxhon zzimmz Year ago

    Look at wilson fisk from daredevil

  • jaxhon zzimmz
    jaxhon zzimmz Year ago

    Rich people are above the law. They can buy their way out of jail.

  • Naomi
    Naomi Year ago

    why does he sound like barry from the bee movie?

  • Jorge Moccabee
    Jorge Moccabee Year ago


  • Lieutenant Pete
    Lieutenant Pete Year ago


  • Stargirl 1371
    Stargirl 1371 Year ago

    Like the theodd1sout reference 'wear your seatbelt'

  • Dylan Donahue
    Dylan Donahue Year ago

    Im a speed angel

  • Dylan Donahue
    Dylan Donahue Year ago

    So frickin funny

  • Wolfie Gacha Heart


  • Niko The Robloxian Good Boy

    *Just watch Idiots On Wheels*

  • eric broughton
    eric broughton Year ago

    i has watched all your dum dums guides

  • nachoman 123
    nachoman 123 Year ago

    but bikes have the rite of way

  • hindenburg2006
    hindenburg2006 Year ago

    Ummmmmm, I played Rad Racer 2 all the time as a kid and I ALWAYS beat the red car, soooo...I'm kind of a pro driver.

  • Bricen Duff
    Bricen Duff Year ago

    ‘Crash Course’😂👍

  • FirstName LastName

    "And wear your seatbelt" -Theodd1sout

  • robo elephants
    robo elephants Year ago

    What about the car that can raise its expansion Its a freaking Jeep technology Has gone so far

  • Mr. Bearzzz l
    Mr. Bearzzz l Year ago +1

    I'm just sayin'...no one has ever seen me and batman in a roon together

  • Emma Pope
    Emma Pope Year ago

    I am a fabulous driver. The one time I drove on the open road, my friend said that I was a better driver than anyone she had ever been in a car with before.

  • Triniti,wolfie,kitty Gachalove

    Um I’m 11 and I don’t know how to drive or I am TO YOUNG TO DRIVE

  • Kalhil The Genius

    I love you

  • SnAcK pAcK
    SnAcK pAcK Year ago +1

    “Demonic speed Demond” lol

  • SnAcK pAcK
    SnAcK pAcK Year ago


  • Endlessocean8
    Endlessocean8 Year ago

    OMG I call speeders "speed demons" too! XD

  • jur Van eijndhoven

    Aren't there bike paths in la?

  • puppy love
    puppy love Year ago

    In England bikers are part of traffic that can not cut a red light

  • Ja Boi
    Ja Boi Year ago

    I’m not above the law.....

    I’m just faster than it😎

  • Lord Iggy 88
    Lord Iggy 88 Year ago

    479 can’t drive