Dance Moms: NO SPECIAL PART FOR KENDALL AT NATIONALS (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
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    Jill argues with Christi over Christi not receiving a solo for Nationals in this clip from Season 7, Episode 27, "The Best Is Yet to Come". #DanceMoms #KendallVertes #ChloeLukasiak
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    "Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
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Comments • 825

  • Lifetime
    Lifetime  Month ago +143

    Can't wait to catch up on your favorite Lifetime shows and movies? Stay up to date on upcoming premieres at

    • Jayden Gacha
      Jayden Gacha 29 days ago

      Texting Stories no these aren’t new there from 2017

    • Abbie Adamson Beattie
      Abbie Adamson Beattie Month ago

      Hey Lifetime, just wondering is this what's happening now in 2019, or are these mini-films from a few years ago? 😀❤️

  • Alanah Gatt
    Alanah Gatt 19 hours ago +1

    Jill: What about my little Kendal

  • jay lovesfriedchicken


  • Nourhan Hana
    Nourhan Hana Day ago

    Jill only thinks about Kendall

  • jordan Jarred
    jordan Jarred Day ago

    Kendall isn't an OG either 😂

  • Izzy Rabl
    Izzy Rabl 2 days ago

    Shut up Jill

  • Jenna Herman
    Jenna Herman 2 days ago

    I hate the teacher she is worst then Abby

  • S S
    S S 2 days ago

    Jill is so selfish and when she was saying why Kendall should get a solo Kendall must have been thinking
    Shut up 🤐

  • Kierstin Allen
    Kierstin Allen 3 days ago

    But Kendall isn’t an OG member. I get Kalani isn’t, but it’s not anyone’s decision what Cheryl does with the team. The only OG’s are Nia and I guess Chloe. Even though Chloe left, she was there at the very beginning.

  • Fedelia Abedi
    Fedelia Abedi 3 days ago

    Lemme break this down for jill

    If your not in season 1 your not an OG, now Kalani is bc she was on abbys show before season 1 started.... So kill ur little kendal ain't fitting in today😁💯👏🏾

  • Bunny Funny lemon eliza

    WHAT? ”My kid Will be the only one without a solo” NOOOOOOO JILL, WHAT ABOUT CAMERON????????

  • malani boldon
    malani boldon 5 days ago

    Jill looks jealous

  • e x t h x n x s i a
    e x t h x n x s i a 5 days ago

    Nia is a complete original and Chloe,kalani and Kendall have missed years so..

  • Jaime Predictions
    Jaime Predictions 5 days ago

    Jill: "Kalani isn't a OG. Kendall is." Me be like: *Cracking up at 2:44 am because Kendall not a OG*

  • Teresa Perez
    Teresa Perez 6 days ago

    I don't like kendall

  • ana sofia
    ana sofia 6 days ago

    Is that Cheryl from dwts (dancing with the stars)???

  • Mariah Bauly
    Mariah Bauly 6 days ago

    Jill Said to everyone “Thank your for everything” but she is the one who left ALDC and jumped to Candy Apples 🍎. No hate to Jill cause she is one of my favourite Dance Moms!! Just sharing my opinion!!💕💕

  • Salma Awwad
    Salma Awwad 6 days ago

    I know I’m late but “blood sweat&tears” is a BTS song

  • Tiffy Mcke
    Tiffy Mcke 6 days ago

    The only thing I thought was off was Cheryl's attitude. She doesn't have to be nice but at least be respectful.

  • Graziella Flores
    Graziella Flores 6 days ago

    The dance teacher is soo relatable 😂😂

  • Paola Gutierrez
    Paola Gutierrez 7 days ago

    did anyone else notice that brat face kendall made 1:17 - 1:20

  • Larae johnson
    Larae johnson 7 days ago

    Why is jill's (.)(.) So wrinkly

  • Annabelle Graham
    Annabelle Graham 8 days ago

    Jill just can’t accept that Kendall had more solos in the first few seasons

  • Paola Gutierrez
    Paola Gutierrez 8 days ago

    jill when only kendall gets a solo: yes! i knew she was going to get a solo she really deserves it more than anyone!
    jill when kendall doesn't get a solo: this is not fair! i think everyone should have an opportunity to do a solo!

  • JJG0210BOY Z
    JJG0210BOY Z 8 days ago

    Kendall is not a OG she came in season 2 and Kendall hasn’t been there for 7 years she’s been there for 6 and also chloe and Nia has been there since they were 2 years old Kendall has been there since she was 8 or 9 and lastly even if chloe quit the competition team in season 4 she has still been apart of the Abby lee dance company longer then any of those kids except Nia

  • Joyce Lazier
    Joyce Lazier 8 days ago

    Jill Cymran did not get a solo either so kendall is not the only one

  • cloudworks
    cloudworks 8 days ago

    “god...go back on vacation-“

  • Nieve Halliday
    Nieve Halliday 8 days ago

    She did say you guys

  • LifeWithTheDailyVegan

    Christy was also there 8 years before Kendall soooo

  • Daviena Ohene
    Daviena Ohene 9 days ago +1

    She said guys not you two

    • Tia Blue
      Tia Blue 6 days ago

      True, but she was only gesturing to Chloe and Nia when she said it; I think she just said “you two” to emphasize to Jill that’s what she meant. But ur right she said “you guys”

  • Marley Wilson
    Marley Wilson 9 days ago

    Kendall is literally not an o.g she came in season 2

  • blue.sunflxwer
    blue.sunflxwer 9 days ago +26

    Jill: *complaining how Kendall didn’t get a solo*
    Cameron’s mom: *isnt complaining and is happy for the other girls*

  • Yara hamed Xoxo
    Yara hamed Xoxo 9 days ago +1

    I can’t believe Chloe is back

  • Ebony Grant
    Ebony Grant 9 days ago


  • Isobel Wallace
    Isobel Wallace 10 days ago

    People think Jill was being over dramatic but the teacher did say u guys are the OG’s

  • Ethan Carreon
    Ethan Carreon 11 days ago

    Kendall isn’t an og

  • yolanda prieto
    yolanda prieto 11 days ago

    Jill -I didn’t quit
    Me has a flashback -Jill quits and goes to candy apples
    Me-wait a min

  • adriana Cuevas
    adriana Cuevas 11 days ago

    christi looks pretty bro

  • Dorian Madera
    Dorian Madera 11 days ago

    0:58 Chloes moms face

  • Kylee Emerick
    Kylee Emerick 11 days ago

    Chloe was ther before Kendal

  • Maddie Smith
    Maddie Smith 11 days ago

    Sorry Christi you didn’t start the team, Abby did.

  • RJ'S DAY
    RJ'S DAY 11 days ago

    Jill shut up and the real girls are Maddie Mackenzie Brooke Paige Nia Chloe andvivi

  • Connie Goodley
    Connie Goodley 11 days ago

    For starters Jill and kendall actually came last chloe and nia were there 7 years before kendall isn't an original weather Jill likes it or not

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett 11 days ago

    everyone but jill: *happy and celebrating*
    jill: bUt KaLaNiS nOt aN OG
    everyone but jill: ...

  • Nightskyliight
    Nightskyliight 11 days ago


  • Lehasha Ali
    Lehasha Ali 11 days ago

    Kendall is not an og sorry Jill 😂😂😂

  • C FF
    C FF 11 days ago

    Imo Kendall deserved a solo over Chloe. Kendall was there longer, and while Chloe was an original member, she left the team.
    I think all the girls deserved a solo, but I think Nia and Kendall were most deserving, followed by Kalani, Chloe, and then Camryn.

  • Sydney RedGem
    Sydney RedGem 12 days ago +1


  • It’s KARINA R
    It’s KARINA R 12 days ago

    But if Kendall got a solo she wouldn’t be mad and she should support everyone and clap because they deserve that and they work so hard and i think those 3 people really did deserve it that’s all I have to put out I just want y’all to know
    Pls subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe to yours

  • secret S gang member
    secret S gang member 12 days ago

    “U guys are OGs”

    “Kalani isn’t a OG Kendall is”

    “I said you two are OGs”

    Really um lets just flash back I swear u said guys not two

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 12 days ago

    The thumbnail hahahah

  • Natalia’s American girl doll Channel

    A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

  • Lovely Maddy
    Lovely Maddy 12 days ago

    lol go back on vacation hahah

  • Arada Srirada
    Arada Srirada 12 days ago

    I agree tho it’s true that Kendall is not a O.G but they all deserve a solo and the same treatment and Jill has been supporting this team for 7 years

  • Jasmine Fung
    Jasmine Fung 12 days ago

    I love how the title is ALL CAPITALISED to emphasise HOW ANGRY JILL IS

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith 12 days ago +1

    I don’t like Jill saying she hasn’t been there for two years because the team they’re on now is not abby’s team so...

  • Random Christina
    Random Christina 12 days ago

    Jill: how did you choose who got the solos?
    The teacher: I chose them by which mothers don’t complain about the children! Unlink you Jill!!!!!!!
    (wasn’t really said just what I imagined happening)

  • Suga_bts_army
    Suga_bts_army 12 days ago

    Jill 🤦

  • Kaitlyn Keefe
    Kaitlyn Keefe 12 days ago +2

    I believe in Kendall but Jill no offense shut your mouth like if u agree

  • Meta vlogs19
    Meta vlogs19 12 days ago

    Kendall is not an O.G