Dani Cohn- Somebody Like You (Official Music Video) ft. Mikey Tua

  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Stream MY song here: open.spotify.com/track/5Ri0EJVTxqZUEMk3vdhQGZ?si=sDTwzGrASJaBAe0-3c0Kkw

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    Song Produced by: Hustle Division

    Video Produced by: Joe Bland

    Make-up Artist: Vanessa
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Comments • 22 678

  • Emmaleigh Ashtyn
    Emmaleigh Ashtyn 10 minutes ago

    Who else thinks Dani is really cute but the way she acts and lies about her age makes you hate her🥴

  • Allisa H
    Allisa H 11 minutes ago

    Honey how long have you been searching? You’re only 13🤔

  • Lindsay Natalia
    Lindsay Natalia 11 minutes ago

    I know some people like this butt this is so fake and they used some much auto tuned I’m here to support you but everyone knows

  • Jacqueline Bernal
    Jacqueline Bernal 34 minutes ago

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww your trash

  • Charlotte Echeandia
    Charlotte Echeandia 53 minutes ago

    has anyone noticed that the singing or audio is not in sync at all with the vid 😂😂

  • Charlotte Echeandia
    Charlotte Echeandia 54 minutes ago

    bitch...Dani is horrible “aye aye”

  • It’s just me
    It’s just me Hour ago

    U kidding right?😂😂

  • kimora smith22
    kimora smith22 Hour ago

    I'm 11 and I know how to act my age and you think your 15 your 13 and getting married

  • Farai Shimeih Gwapedza

    Is there a Danielle Cohn music video with more likes than dislikes?

  • 5000 subs without any videos

    Who else is here because of benji

  • Jordynn Martinez
    Jordynn Martinez 2 hours ago


  • Gemma Anderson
    Gemma Anderson 2 hours ago

    This is so stupid this isn’t a way to show someone how much you adore them by making a fake wedding

  • Erin Gasca
    Erin Gasca 2 hours ago

    Mikey deserves way better than her

  • Xxxnightlight X
    Xxxnightlight X 3 hours ago

    That was the worst voice crack ever oh and you can not dance

  • cat family
    cat family 3 hours ago

    Seller~ "what size ring would you like"
    Mikey~ "small"
    Seller- showes ring-
    Mikey' 😕😳' ( ring, O )
    Danis finger~ o
    Mikey~ actually an extra X4 small
    Seller~ we only have extra small
    Mikey~ ..... ok that will do..

    Notice how the ring doesnt fit😂🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️😳 2:50

  • Charlotte Hellmer
    Charlotte Hellmer 3 hours ago

    Did you guys break up

  • Natalie Ahumada
    Natalie Ahumada 3 hours ago

    a bop

  • Haidyn Erickson
    Haidyn Erickson 3 hours ago

    There’s 5 levels of cringe (5 is worst)
    1. Dead memes
    2. Fan fiction
    3. Weird side of kids TheXvid
    4. People who still say yeet and dab
    5. *danielle Cohns underaged music videos*

  • Aesthetic Blueberry
    Aesthetic Blueberry 3 hours ago

    Mikey deserves better.

  • Lindsay McCrary
    Lindsay McCrary 4 hours ago +1

    This song is gaaaaaaaaaay

  • Mary Jasmine
    Mary Jasmine 4 hours ago

    What the fuck did I just watch??

  • slime_squishys
    slime_squishys 5 hours ago

    Tbh I give her props for doing this. Don’t come at me it’s good. I bet half y’all bitches can’t do better you just judge her for trying to get out there.

  • sleepyhead soli
    sleepyhead soli 5 hours ago

    danielle cohn at thirteen : getting married , faking pregnancy
    me at thirteen : guys you wanna hop on my roblox server ?

  • Alexander Andrews
    Alexander Andrews 5 hours ago

    Memuless please avenge me from this frog like mushroom pedo and the flat cant sing girl

  • Winston Peldon
    Winston Peldon 5 hours ago

    Both of them are exceptionally ugly. And also, this song makes me want to cut off my ears and throw them into the trash like a used condom.

  • Lemon Drops
    Lemon Drops 5 hours ago +1

    How a 13 year old finna get married? tf?! 😂

  • SpillThe TeaSis
    SpillThe TeaSis 6 hours ago

    wtf did i just watchhh

  • SpillThe TeaSis
    SpillThe TeaSis 6 hours ago

    dude... the makeup is just too much

  • official sarai
    official sarai 6 hours ago

    🎶 I’ve been searching for someone older then meeeee and hide in a hotel 🎶

  • Emma the Awesome
    Emma the Awesome 6 hours ago

    no one is going to talk about 1:20

    YUNG RICHEST WAY 6 hours ago

    I like how she got more dislikes then likes...smh this is worse than WoahVicky

  • ellen border
    ellen border 6 hours ago

    Gosh these young girls are really missing out on their childhood years , they're gonna regret it as they get older. Like come on y'all hv all the time ahead. Y rush things? Take it slo

  • Pandore
    Pandore 6 hours ago

    Gosh this is so funny I can’t even

  • jocelyn ellison ʘ‿ʘ
    jocelyn ellison ʘ‿ʘ 6 hours ago +1

    Selling soap for your ears
    Each is one like
    Also selling voice crack moments
    One like each

  • Eva White Griggs
    Eva White Griggs 7 hours ago

    Is she is going to delete this cuz like Mikey and her are over?

  • Dempop xxx
    Dempop xxx 7 hours ago

    I am sorry but, I can't understand a word she is saying with all the auto tune

  • xHqlo
    xHqlo 7 hours ago +2

    Dani at 13: Bikinis, thongs, belly piercings, drama, and age faking
    Me at 13: Wait no I just died in lava.

  • isla winley
    isla winley 7 hours ago

    It'ss time like this that I'm glad we're destroying our planet and all going to die soon

  • Alfie Rumbolt
    Alfie Rumbolt 8 hours ago +1

    Danielle: come to mine in a white shirt and tie or bow tie
    Guy: umm ok what for
    Danielle: we getting married

  • mj 01
    mj 01 8 hours ago

    one word...
    *c r i n g e y y y y y y*

  • Abrielle Alyse
    Abrielle Alyse 8 hours ago +1


  • Alfie Rumbolt
    Alfie Rumbolt 8 hours ago

    Why does she have a new boy every 4 seconds like I don’t understand

  • Jurgen Metten
    Jurgen Metten 8 hours ago

    Watching this stupid 13y old kid in this video could be pedophile material in some country's hahahahaha #Danielle Cohn Please stop sining and learn spanish you TWAT my ears are hurt i should sue you for that!!!!

  • iiCxpcake
    iiCxpcake 8 hours ago

    Auto-tune has entered the chat.

  • Lily Gray
    Lily Gray 8 hours ago

    0:22 did she really just run all the way over there and come out that door? Bish how?

  • Jasmine loves wdw
    Jasmine loves wdw 8 hours ago +1

    1:46 - 1:47 literally broke my eardrums when i heard danielle say *sOmEBoDy*

  • Jazzy Carlos
    Jazzy Carlos 8 hours ago

    y'all were my favorite couple

  • Alyssa Morales
    Alyssa Morales 8 hours ago

    You can tell they were trying to mouth the words, you can tell they auto tuned this

  • Elämä on vain illuusio

    boy this shit trash

  • Fluid CryptîxYT
    Fluid CryptîxYT 8 hours ago

    Im surprise that the comments aren’t disabled on this shit

  • cottonqueen 14
    cottonqueen 14 8 hours ago

    Her voice is so low

  • Michael Volpe
    Michael Volpe 8 hours ago

    Can someone tell me y Mikey’s a waaaat better singer than Danielle he’s not half bad her on the other hand....

  • Ava Balistreri
    Ava Balistreri 8 hours ago +1

    Is this chic for real? 😂

  • Aubrie Faith
    Aubrie Faith 8 hours ago +2

    ok if this song was just mikey , it would be much better

  • Kamryn Butler
    Kamryn Butler 9 hours ago +2

    she STILL gets more dislikes than likes on her music videos😭😭😭

  • Yessi TheWeirdo?
    Yessi TheWeirdo? 9 hours ago

    *no wayyyyy*

  • KatsukiiRee
    KatsukiiRee 9 hours ago

    F B I
    Open up

  • DavidisGamingHD
    DavidisGamingHD 9 hours ago

    Give up.

  • Stephanie Vega
    Stephanie Vega 9 hours ago

    mikey deserves someone better and his age

    • Isela Ramos
      Isela Ramos 9 hours ago

      Stephanie Vega
      Can’t say shit now bitch go find another place to be with your dumb ass self bye bitch

    • Isela Ramos
      Isela Ramos 9 hours ago

      Stephanie Vega
      I hope you know that she is 15 dumb ass
      You can’t say she is not because why dose Mikey’s mom have a birth certificate about Dani I don’t get it

  • Constance Carmack
    Constance Carmack 9 hours ago +1

    When Mikey started singing I was dead😂😂

  • tyhem Army xd
    tyhem Army xd 9 hours ago

    If I get 10 likes I will do a cover 😂😂😂😂

  • Jenna Thepotato
    Jenna Thepotato 9 hours ago

    I’m so happy this video has more dislikes than likes.

  • FalconGamer58
    FalconGamer58 9 hours ago +1

    Begone brats
    >Menacing laser eyes

  • Why Don’t we fann
    Why Don’t we fann 9 hours ago

    Now she broke up w him

  • luna lol
    luna lol 10 hours ago

    what did i just watch?

  • Molly Bentley
    Molly Bentley 11 hours ago +1

    0:20 ThE ruN

  • BTS kookie's with Suga tae

    Fake acting and loads of auto tune

    • Isela Ramos
      Isela Ramos 9 hours ago

      BTS kookie's with Suga tae if you wanted to sing you would need hella auto tune cause you voice probably should like a fucken cat

  • Macey Rios
    Macey Rios 11 hours ago


  • Nati Trejo
    Nati Trejo 11 hours ago

    Marry I’m scared ....

  • K S0731
    K S0731 12 hours ago +1

    Who told this girl she can sing? 🤦🏻‍♀️ also where is her parents.

  • Asadzaman9
    Asadzaman9 12 hours ago

    Aaah my ears pls help

  • Heaven Sargent
    Heaven Sargent 12 hours ago

    I like the lyrics 💯

  • Mariah Garza
    Mariah Garza 12 hours ago

    Your mom should of swallowed, would of saved us from this.

  • Emogoddess !
    Emogoddess ! 12 hours ago

    bro what happened to our generation ? this girl that’s younger than me literally has a more mature body , getting married, faking pregnancy and age , at the age 13 i’d be playing minecraft and roblox with my little sister lmaoooo, i wish i wasn’t in this generation y’all a disgrace , just be kids😂!

  • Jasmin Weird
    Jasmin Weird 12 hours ago +2

    Danielle: I'm poor
    also Danielle: *wearing a balenciaga hoodie*

  • Jasmin Weird
    Jasmin Weird 12 hours ago

    Except I don't like her...
    the song is really trashy
    but the Rap skills of Mickey hmm ... i't could be worse

  • Surely Arreola
    Surely Arreola 12 hours ago

    When Dani’s friend said “⏳” I didn’t feel that...

  • Maddie Does cosplay
    Maddie Does cosplay 12 hours ago


  • •Sleeping_Bloom•
    •Sleeping_Bloom• 12 hours ago +2

    Dani Cohn getting married at 13
    Me: What else?! I already had to react to my 4th grade friends getting boyfriends

  • Fiona Machado
    Fiona Machado 13 hours ago

    shOuLd i?

  • Spoopy Spoop
    Spoopy Spoop 13 hours ago

    You are 13, stop it. It’s not cute. It’s gross and you are a minor. Absolutely disgusting. Especially how your parents let you carry yourself like this and help you lie about your age. It’s not something that isn’t serious. IT IS. You need to act your age and stop showing off your body. You and his relationship is technically illegal so....

  • ramiah Davis
    ramiah Davis 13 hours ago +1

    I cringed soooo harddd 😂

  • TeaWithGrandma
    TeaWithGrandma 13 hours ago +1

    *SHoUld I?*

  • Zainab Junaid
    Zainab Junaid 13 hours ago

    Wtf just wtf

  • Betül Yalcin
    Betül Yalcin 14 hours ago


  • Asildas Defne
    Asildas Defne 15 hours ago +4

    Dani: gets "married" whit Mikey
    Also Dani: cheats on Mikey with his best friend 🙄

  • Aesthetic Ella
    Aesthetic Ella 15 hours ago

    You can hear the auto tuning its so bad

  • Dj Jac
    Dj Jac 16 hours ago

    No one is talking about how she dresses I mean you do you but like she is only like 13 and she is dressing like she is 19

  • Sumeja Hošo
    Sumeja Hošo 16 hours ago

    Oop she forgot to delete this too

  • Lisa Manoban
    Lisa Manoban 17 hours ago

    Ok yeah we have been together for a year now... Why the heck are we not married yet?! Bitch you are literally one year younger than me... WTH?!

  • Stxllaa
    Stxllaa 17 hours ago

    Why is this so bad :D

  • Hey It’s Lana
    Hey It’s Lana 18 hours ago +2

    Ok but can we just say that even if she was 15 what she does wouldn’t be okay anyways?

  • Tomanika Mccready
    Tomanika Mccready 18 hours ago

    Shes 13, apparently she's been searching for each other, and think their the "one" for each other, and only been together 1 year, I'm waiting for a breakup video, it's going to be a banger.

  • Lowlife aurora
    Lowlife aurora 19 hours ago

    I hate how people are so mean and saying shes 13 if she says shes 15 then just listen and also im pretty sure she worked hard on this music video so please stop hating i dont get why people are saying such mean and dumb things

  • Moriah Daniels
    Moriah Daniels 19 hours ago +2

    You know this video would be a whole lot better if there was just like no auto tune, no Danielle, no Mikey, no lyrics, no beat... nothing...

  • Sydney Ashcroft
    Sydney Ashcroft 19 hours ago +2

    and isn’t it just so cute how she’s going into 8th grade and he’s going to be a senior???? Goals am I right????

  • racheltrbl
    racheltrbl 20 hours ago


  • Aneela BienAime
    Aneela BienAime 20 hours ago

    my teeth ere grinding

  • Katrina Archer
    Katrina Archer 20 hours ago

    Why is she getting married at 10 years old u r too young

  • sushi gachamaidX
    sushi gachamaidX 21 hour ago +1

    I would rather listen to Friday rather a terrible lie about a proposal and a marriage.