Gun Crime Epidemic In Huddersfield: What’s Happened To My Hometown? | Mobeen Azhar

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Journalist Mobeen Azhar visits his hometown, Huddersfield, to spend time with the local community who are battling a violent crime epidemic.
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Comments • 363

  • Darren Clark
    Darren Clark 2 days ago

    Birkby is out of control with drug dealers from all ethnic groups, cos there's nothing there for them any more .nobody would choose to live in Birkby these days it's to dangerous, it's getting as bad a reputation as chapel town in leeds

  • Morpheus ASMR
    Morpheus ASMR Month ago

    You liar just want to get your back on them because you got bullied cause your gay

  • windsor laser
    windsor laser Month ago

    80% of those who use illicit drugs use only cannabis. 65% of the money made by drug cartels are from cannabis. If you want to stop the drug trade violence, you have to start by legalizing cannabis. This is not new information.

    • langra man
      langra man Month ago

      it isn't about cannabis. ur high

  • Hollow Moon
    Hollow Moon 3 months ago +2

    Diversity is our strength

  • grand autismo
    grand autismo 3 months ago

    Where can i get these guns

  • Yusuf Islam
    Yusuf Islam 4 months ago +1

    The amount of crime increase because of banning of the narcotics

  • Lightningstriker1
    Lightningstriker1 4 months ago +2

    The lack of humanity is plummeting annually on a global level. Purging is the only viable solution.

  • andylaauk
    andylaauk 4 months ago +2

    #diversity #culturalenrichment

  • Corri ander
    Corri ander 4 months ago

    You can get some corrupt police officers! They are sometimes the ones that protect the criminal as in the Stephen Lawrence case. It's wrong! There have also been cases of the police giving weapons to criminal gangs. If this is still going on then it has to stop now! Families are dying even though they are supposed to be living! All British governments know to do, is jump into countries where they have a financial claim and start bombing it. Claiming they are solving the foreigners country! Well government wake up and stop bombing foreign lands and clean up your own backyard. Well they don't seem to care about the people in Yemen... Our eyes are open wide and watching how you roll Tory government. Why has crime gone up under them? 🤔 The government should get off their backsides and stand up and answer them! Stop cutting money in our communities, and then tell people to blame the council's or Mayor Sadiq Khan! We are not blinded by your lies anymore.....Well some are, but the majority of us NO! 👿

    • langra man
      langra man 3 months ago +1

      The corrupt cops were protecting the white drug dealing crime family in Stephen Lawrence case
      People who drink and take drugs are majority white

  • Born Writer
    Born Writer 4 months ago

    An ex-cop who knows who the dealers are, but wont talk to them apart from selling them food but does not report them to the Police - I guess its a good example of how corrupt the force is - such sh***y journalism that obviously tolerates this ex-cop`s supporting of the drug dealers, oh wait am i allowed to say that or should I keep quiet so that I don't offend anybody?

  • maverick buckley
    maverick buckley 4 months ago

    Heart breaking. Thank you for shining a light on this.
    Much love for the poor people effected by drug addiction. Also don't confuse a few evil pieves of scum with What a mostly a lovely community. We need to root out the evil scum, it'll be a long time in Jahannam for them.

  • newham Burnerboy
    newham Burnerboy 4 months ago +1

    Stabbed in the head n side hip few more inches and it would of got his heart loooool

  • banares hussain
    banares hussain 4 months ago

    The gentleman in the takeaway Manzoor what a great guy such a pity and shame he is still not a Policeman it's unsung heroes like him that are not in vital the police who do a great job but seriously lacking in numbers it's a disgrace the good people of this country deserve better

  • banares hussain
    banares hussain 4 months ago

    20 thousand fewer police officers 15 thousand fewer community support officers ever since the Tories and Theresa May got in government it's been a disaster they have blood on the hands

  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan 4 months ago +1

    Ban the rap music, violent films. Problem solved..

    • ManeScreen
      ManeScreen 4 months ago +1

      Lol🤣 music has no involvement, it’s society you have to fix

  • Matthew Griffiths
    Matthew Griffiths 4 months ago

    How sad must your life be when you are willing to take a life over a drug

  • David Granville
    David Granville 4 months ago +2

    Did you hear anything?? this guys shit at presenting clearly the schoolings always been behind

  • Stephen whitehead
    Stephen whitehead 4 months ago

    Muslim leaders need to stand up ffs

  • Stephen whitehead
    Stephen whitehead 4 months ago +5

    Meggy was earning 30 thousand a day that's why

    • Life Support splasher
      Life Support splasher 2 days ago

      More like £700 a week ish

    • Connor
      Connor 4 months ago +2

      Stephen whitehead no he wasn’t 😂 he had a lot of money but not that much

  • mufc OK
    mufc OK 4 months ago

    Go home abduls

  • J Pouch
    J Pouch 4 months ago

    Free all the opps..Bang Bang o'block 😉😂😂 !!

  • Mo David
    Mo David 4 months ago +3

    Is he gay?

  • Jimmy N13
    Jimmy N13 4 months ago

    Uninterrupted mass immigration

  • ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟᴋɪɴɢᴢ

    Incoming "It used to be a paradise town before the immigrants came" comments...

    • ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟᴋɪɴɢᴢ
      ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟᴋɪɴɢᴢ 4 months ago +1

      @maverick buckleyNever lived there gone through kr even visited there.. One thing I do know, nowhere in Britain has never been a paradise dating back to medieval times 😄

    • maverick buckley
      maverick buckley 4 months ago +1

      True or false?

  • :45433 ;?6434&
    :45433 ;?6434& 4 months ago +7

    ‘What’s happened to my city?’ Mass immigration.

    • SiR LanCeR
      SiR LanCeR 4 months ago

      :45433 ;?6434& aww don’t be upset it’s only facts......

    • :45433 ;?6434&
      :45433 ;?6434& 4 months ago +1

      SenóR Sanchezes nice one mate let me know when I’m supposed to laugh x

    • SiR LanCeR
      SiR LanCeR 4 months ago

      :45433 ;?6434& - yeah....whatever...Ok 😆
      You should of gone to SpecSavers.

    • :45433 ;?6434&
      :45433 ;?6434& 4 months ago

      SenóR Sanchezes I’m fully english 😂

    • SiR LanCeR
      SiR LanCeR 4 months ago

      Yeah mass Eastern European’s, Descendants like you, whom are ascending into the perimeter.

  • Benjamin Dover
    Benjamin Dover 4 months ago +6

    Cultural enrichment

  • p1nnu wakeu
    p1nnu wakeu 4 months ago

    dont listen to this guy zionist run media and he a gandoo fake pakistani

  • sikhsatsingh
    sikhsatsingh 4 months ago

    The religon of peace.... haha

  • Liverpool Football club
    Liverpool Football club 4 months ago +3

    Feel for me at from Huddersfield

  • Joel Garner
    Joel Garner 4 months ago +3

    I am from Huddersfield and I live on the edges in the country side .I know the crime goes on in certain parts of the city centre the rest are very nice areas to live .

    • Big Perm
      Big Perm 4 months ago

      True it's mostly braken hall, Dalton and deighton

  • Philip Levins
    Philip Levins 4 months ago


  • tazmanrehman
    tazmanrehman 4 months ago

    Chemi trails blended with watching Scarface Godfather blessed with no laws in Great Britain for murder you get this shit immoral behaviour

  • antony hewson
    antony hewson 4 months ago +2

    Says it all" Mobeen azhar" returns to his hometown??? done.

  • antony hewson
    antony hewson 4 months ago


  • antony hewson
    antony hewson 4 months ago

    Its simple..whats happening is by importing 3rd world country, you get 3rd world!! White boys are too busy getting an education or working to feed a family, not dealing and stabbing each other..ive been on the streets watching this gradually happen for 30yrs.

    • Doghed Dehgod
      Doghed Dehgod 4 months ago +1

      antony hewson think you’ll find white boys are sniffing glue and hitting Ket / zannies on the daily. There’s no white boys in universities any more, good riddance if whites are going to be lazier than everyone else then let them OD I reckon.

  • Lou Po
    Lou Po 4 months ago +2

    It’s probs the dalton block boys there OJ watch there CB cypher 🥶

  • Scimmia
    Scimmia 4 months ago


  • Jack Munns
    Jack Munns 4 months ago


  • Numy Ahmed
    Numy Ahmed 4 months ago +3

    We should get rid of gandus before drugs lol

  • Chroma
    Chroma 4 months ago

    He thinks a bulletproof v to the shops is suprising lol

  • Chroma
    Chroma 4 months ago

    3:00 whos snitching

  • Washik
    Washik 4 months ago +3

    Government allows the drugs to be on UK and now they banned it what a hypocrite

    ZAHAR REC 4 months ago

    Muslim Police Becoming

  • Harvey Sheering
    Harvey Sheering 4 months ago +3

    Look at the grooming gangs

  • Rapstatsmedia tv
    Rapstatsmedia tv 4 months ago

    need one on Luton...3/4 a day ! UK gon to shit

  • ohh 90s
    ohh 90s 4 months ago

    Why is Britain 80% Pakistanis 5%African 2%polish and the rest actually British it's a big joke

  • Gaming Counter
    Gaming Counter 4 months ago

    When you take care of people that comes mainly from ongoing wars. Help them with psychological trauma. If you stick them in a area with few opportunities, high crime rate and a lot of trouble past memories. This is what happens! It does not matter where the people come from it’s the situation they are put in with the memories they have.

  • Houston's mccaine
    Houston's mccaine 4 months ago

    Outside of London, Birmingham is the highest for crime stabbings and violence and drugs and racism and segregated areas.

  • ObinOne
    ObinOne 4 months ago +6

    unbelievable what the fine county of Yorkshire has become........................

  • dan naylor1
    dan naylor1 4 months ago +5

    Welcome to Yorkshire Bradford is 100% worth

  • British Patriot
    British Patriot 4 months ago

    All the foreigners causing chaos again

    • British Patriot
      British Patriot 4 months ago +1

      CMs . What so im racist for telling the truth how brainwashed you are look at the state of the country all these blacks cause the crime and stabbings London never used too be dangerous ever since these Africans turned up its been going downhill.and there the ones who keep pushing the drugs.

    • CMs .
      CMs . 4 months ago +1

      British Patriot 😂😂😂😂 been a while since it’s been like that ain’t it ya racist pig, and it’s gonna be like that wether you like it or not

    • British Patriot
      British Patriot 4 months ago

      mh 786 ye but it’s more foreigners doing it just look. At the state of London young blacks committing so much crime it never used too be like that when London was a white city

    • mh 786
      mh 786 4 months ago +2

      Have you not seen white men causing chaos

  • King of Ldn
    King of Ldn 4 months ago

    Lol these country side boys ain't on shit , stop playin 😂😂😂

  • .
    . 4 months ago +3

    Huddersfield is an OT spot ermm idk why but everywhere in outside london is nowdays

    • Chroma
      Chroma 4 months ago

      Crow27🇹🇷 yea on fortnite? Lnao

    • AAA 111
      AAA 111 4 months ago

      Crow27🇹🇷 But people from Leeds n manny usually set up there tho

    • Ibr4hxm
      Ibr4hxm 4 months ago +1

      Ace 123 lol I know bare man who have been to Huddersfield man from London even go to Blackpool and that

    • .
      . 4 months ago

      @AAA 111 true but you'll be surprised

    • AAA 111
      AAA 111 4 months ago

      Huddersfield has its own gangs tho. No one from London will be going there tho that’s for sure.

  • Carlos Escobar
    Carlos Escobar 4 months ago

    Just come to America lol this ain’t shit

  • Tyan
    Tyan 4 months ago +2

    It's high noon

  • G.g K
    G.g K 4 months ago

    Ethnic minority’s destroying Great Britain.

  • Colin S
    Colin S 4 months ago

    Hmmmmmm.... wonder why

  • Dawah Illalah 2018
    Dawah Illalah 2018 4 months ago +2

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  • dave smith
    dave smith 4 months ago

    How come this stuff never happens in white areas

  • jon jon
    jon jon 4 months ago +2

    Immigration happened that's what. NEXT.