• Published on Aug 7, 2018
  • You folks have been great... time for some swag? I'm make'n t-shirts. And not hammerformed out of sheet metal, these are real shirts.
    Get 'em while they're hot:
    That really short banjo sting deserves some credit:
    Banjo Short - Audionautix
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  • Mark Metcalf
    Mark Metcalf 4 months ago

    I want a T-Shirt that says "This Old Tony is my Spirit Animal". Love your videos, so I subscribed, THANKS!!!

  • Adam Kartoffel-Kopf
    Adam Kartoffel-Kopf 5 months ago

    I've learned a great deal from your videos over the last year Or so, and they played a large part in my learning to operate a lathe to the point where I have been able to change industries at the tender age of 36, and am now an apprentice fitter and Turner manufacturing mining equipment in Australia
    Love the content and would gladly jump on as a patreon supporter of you went that route
    Keep up the great work
    . Adam

  • Daniel Lemos
    Daniel Lemos 7 months ago

    If you see me wearing your T-Shirt I'll buy you a new CNC milling machine!... That's not to say I'm not going to buy one, it's just I live in Africa :P

  • Dolfocar Ali
    Dolfocar Ali 10 months ago


  • M. Mitchell Marmel
    M. Mitchell Marmel 11 months ago

    (helpless laughter at third design)

  • mytapoiss
    mytapoiss 11 months ago

    Dear This old Tony,
    in addition to fine apparel, a thought (that I had watching your YT brother AvE) that if you had a machinist square for sale with your logo/initials on Etsy (or other platform) - that would sell like hot cakes. So preferably small (10 cm - close to 4 inches in Freedom units).Id buy one, I could use one for woodworking.

  • Cur M
    Cur M 11 months ago

    I wish I was named "tony". For guys named "Tony" these are great shirts. Alas. I'm not tony. Nor will I ever be. My first choice is the "not just a hobby" shirt. But it's a t-shirt. Alas. I cannot wear T-shirts. It's a terrible affliction but there it is, nonetheless. If you ever offer this shirt in a hoodie or long sleeve then I'm in.

  • cole west
    cole west Year ago

    Design idea: have t shirts with a TOT emblem and a quote from Tony. My favorite is: "This is my lathe. I use it to turn my parts down until they are scrap. That's how I know I'm done."

  • Streetsy
    Streetsy Year ago

    More importantly, when it wears out will it make a good absorbing oil rag?

  • martin gardener
    martin gardener Year ago

    Not quite sure if this is an Ad for T-shirts or Sharpies!

  • Solomon Reid
    Solomon Reid Year ago

    664 almost there!

  • Jason Joens
    Jason Joens Year ago

    Mine showed up today. I was expecting stainless steel but I got cotton instead.

  • Tim Langham
    Tim Langham Year ago

    I just ordered two of your tea shirts, I am going to be so grumpy if a welding spark makes them catch on fire

  • Stanley Denning
    Stanley Denning Year ago

    I'll buy a T-shirt if you include a hugg and a sloppy wet kiss...... OK. Just the hugg.

    GREAT GOD MARS Year ago

    i want an old tony shirt..i already have the under ware

  • Eric Charriot
    Eric Charriot Year ago

    Just ordered mine.... Thanks Tony, i'll be wearing them with proud !

  • Russell Riscoe
    Russell Riscoe Year ago

    Got a Tee to support ya. I'll just say your metal work is bounds better than the quality of the shirt, especially the transfer pattern. But, once it dies in about a month or two washings, I'll have a custom rag. Keep on Truck'n.

  • account
    account Year ago

    Just Ordered! Shipping to The U.K.

  • john vina
    john vina Year ago

    Had a dream last night you ,Stefan Abom and Mr Pete were square dancing, all wearing TOT shirts at Mr Petes meet and greet.Kinda not easy to watch ,but you had to look...

  • Jason Greene
    Jason Greene Year ago

    I wore mine to the Ozzy show at Great Woods Thursday night, and I can only imagine how many thought it might be a band lol

  • garth odonnell
    garth odonnell Year ago

    15.99 shipping to Australia, dang!!

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson Year ago

    Need to hook up with Bunker Branding!

  • Dave van der Linden

    Got my shirt all the way in the Netherlands. I love it!

  • seafurymike
    seafurymike Year ago

    Dang nabbit. The STANK of the t-shirt. what two bid ching wah factory made my T-shirt teespring? A quick wash and a rub under the pits and scrotum should fix that stank with some sweet ME scent to get the wife frisky. i mean, which wife in her right mind wouldn’t want to ravage me in a ripper TOT T-Shirt with man stank. hey hey you know what im saying fellas.

  • Jules Ham
    Jules Ham Year ago

    Got mine in the post today!

    • Jules Ham
      Jules Ham Year ago

      @This Old Tony thanks Tony it's the shirt that does it!

    • This Old Tony
      This Old Tony  Year ago +1

      now THAT.. that is one handsome gentleman.

  • Luit van Drongelen

    Got mine in the mail yesterday ... and a second one today, strangely.

  • Tino J
    Tino J Year ago +1

    today i had my long anticipated t-shirt in the mail. what i didn't anticipated was the amount of explaining i had to do regarding my wife. geez...

  • Peter Blackwood
    Peter Blackwood Year ago

    Woo hoo my shirt just arrived here in Melbourne Australia, I love it and I think it will even fit over my belly😀

  • Otto Leisering
    Otto Leisering Year ago

    Well, I wore the T-Shirt to the mall. My daughter insisted on walking 20 feet behind me. What's with that?

  • CyberSpacia
    CyberSpacia Year ago

    Mine was waiting for me on the front door step this morning, thank you!

  • Calum Shaw
    Calum Shaw Year ago

    Shut up and take my money

  • RentschDEX
    RentschDEX Year ago

    My shirt came with 4 holes in it... How can I weld these?

  • Snakebell18
    Snakebell18 Year ago

    Shirt came 👍🏻

  • john vina
    john vina Year ago +1

    I can not describe all the attention I get wearing my TOT tee shirt.. Ladies come up to me thinking I was this old Tony. I never lie ,so I just say I know him very well . Then the next question is how often I see him and I reply every weekend " we are on the same bowling league" and on every other tues night when Tony , Mr Pete& myself play bingo. Moments like that, I feel like a roadie to the Rolling Stones . Virtually useless but still have some value in their eyes. thank you for giving my life meaning ..( even if its just a little)

  • Narzuhl
    Narzuhl Year ago

    This Old T-Shirt arrived today in Germany. So where do I have to get my groceries now for that added bonus?

  • Mark Lynch
    Mark Lynch Year ago

    I got my shirt yesterday.... I've spent the last 18 hours wandering around waiting for a bare chested man to give me a hand shake.

  • James Groomes
    James Groomes Year ago

    Ayyyee tony, yea, I got some young guys at work watching you learned how to cut tapers, thread all that by you. Thanks mymman

  • Matt Anderson
    Matt Anderson Year ago

    Too bad there aren't kids sizes. My kids like the heart one. Well, my kids also like the other one, but they don't know why. And no. Just no. But the heart one, yes.

  • Mark Wolf
    Mark Wolf Year ago

    This commercial has inspired me to go buy some Sharpie Markers.

  • SLRist
    SLRist Year ago

    Got my shirt in the post today - great fit, great quality. Thanks ToT - I hope you can negotiate a better royalty rate - you deserve it!

  • Mark Lockwood
    Mark Lockwood Year ago

    I ordered 2 XXL shirts. Nice shirts but they are too small, more like the XL size. I started the process to return them for larger shirts. I will post what happens.

    • Mark Lockwood
      Mark Lockwood Year ago

      I just got the replacement shirts.........Perfect!

    • Mark Lockwood
      Mark Lockwood Year ago

      Teespring got back to me within a few hours. New shirts are on the way. No problem or hassle. Good choice Tony.

  • 12vTools
    12vTools Year ago

    Ordered Thanks for all of your superb infotainment!

  • Glen Ralph
    Glen Ralph Year ago

    Got myself a sweet, full color, tattoo shirt! Although, I'd still like to support you on Patreon as well!
    Also, someone left a comment in your most recent vid (die filler) about using "stopless files 24/7, hot hot hot" as another shirt design. Please consider it... Please!
    Love your work, mate!

  • Paul Nasca
    Paul Nasca Year ago

    Mine is enroute!

  • Andrew Culverhouse

    Shirt is really good quality, and made it to England already. Looking forward to my uncle Tony looking at me very strange, I mean there is no way he knows what a micrometer is.

  • Guy Ward
    Guy Ward Year ago

    I’d be proud to wear one.

  • Luke Arts
    Luke Arts Year ago

    you've been shouted out yesterday by the craziest mad genius on TheXvid Collin Furze! Expect a boost in subscriptions =D

  • Tiit Saul
    Tiit Saul Year ago

    hey Tony. check this video out. these guys did what you didnt. they made an awesome kids car powered by a chainsaw motor...kind of.

  • Nate Nixon
    Nate Nixon Year ago +1

    Got my “Not just a hobby” shirt yesterday. I work in Tool and Die, the older crowd is staring at me. It’s great!

  • Projeto Trebuchet

    I'd like my handshake in blue sharpie please...

  • Nat Smith
    Nat Smith Year ago

    Just got a picture sent from home of my ToT shirt, excited to get home and try it on.

  • R. Smith
    R. Smith Year ago

    All right. So... when,where and how much are the hammer-formed sheet metal shirts? PS: Also, what gauge and is copper available (polished or antiqued)?

  • Tony Creasey
    Tony Creasey Year ago

    Got mine today, skookum as frig!

  • john vina
    john vina Year ago

    My life is complete .. I have gotten responses from the Professors Mr . Pete . Joe Pie, Robrenz, Stefan ( in German),Tom Lipton ( we have the same barbers )Steve Jordan, Abom ( had lunch ) Alex the French guy ( made cookies) Jimmy Diresta ( we bowl every sat.) now you .. I can leave this world happy..( and when I go I am wearing your shirt..)

  • Dan Moore
    Dan Moore Year ago

    Glad to be able to support the channel. I hope the 0.0328 cents you receive from my purchase is good for at least a couple of seconds of video.

  • john vina
    john vina Year ago

    Everyday I wait by my mail box for two TOT shirt . One for day wear and one for night time. Hoping ,wearing it at night time will bring me "luck" I haven't slept since I made my order.

  • Anthony Kassa
    Anthony Kassa Year ago +1

    I got my shirt today!!! Love It! they do run a little small my XL is closer to a L just FYI.

  • Mark Denney
    Mark Denney Year ago

    wearing right now

  • Steve Gough
    Steve Gough Year ago

    Not finding a way to directly contact you: I love your channel and have so much respect for you and your work; and learn a lot from it. I've just come from AVE's place, where he's mentioned "Salami" while the bodies are still warm in Italy. Please distance yourself from this guy. The dick/pussy/sex references have become relentless; he's a genius, but needs help. He's normalizing some perverted shit.

  • ThadEGinathom
    ThadEGinathom Year ago

    I hope that Harold bought his tee and is wearing it proudly!