AMERICAN ANIMALS Official Trailer (2018) Evan Peters Thriller Movie HD

  • Published on Apr 11, 2018
  • AMERICAN ANIMALS Official Trailer (2018) Evan Peters Thriller Movie HD
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Comments • 370

  • JamieFxreva X
    JamieFxreva X 10 hours ago

    I auditioned to be a extra in this

  • pebobryson
    pebobryson 16 hours ago

    This guy is almost 40 right?

  • jackkartik
    jackkartik 20 hours ago

    never back down loser became a criminal ... i see

  • Mychael Ryan
    Mychael Ryan Day ago

    The kid from The Killing of A Sacred Deer. 🤘

  • Michael Jay Marajas

    No lie, I first thought this was a movie about school shooters.

  • can'tshakeyoumel

    I 100 percent see kai

  • Mia. W
    Mia. W 2 days ago

    This is AMERICA.

  • Arie Daze
    Arie Daze 3 days ago

    Aunt Lydia

  • Angelica Dimude
    Angelica Dimude 3 days ago

    yea alt j that shit!

  • Livi Bee
    Livi Bee 4 days ago


  • dttyiwa savage
    dttyiwa savage 4 days ago

    sad to see such talent from evan wasted on a generic, seemingly boring movie

  • Ship For Hopeless
    Ship For Hopeless 5 days ago

    All I could think at the end of that trailer is « crow sound » Fight Milk!

  • Hxwky
    Hxwky 5 days ago

    is that the kid from dunkirk?

  • Lee Nance
    Lee Nance 5 days ago

    Evan Fucking Peters 🤘

  • Kbear2097
    Kbear2097 6 days ago +2

    EVAN, MY BABY❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😍😍😍!!!!!!

  • Ryan Plays
    Ryan Plays 6 days ago

    Sike this is the new oceans movie.

  • Martin Morales
    Martin Morales 6 days ago

    aaaaa ya quiero verla

  • Kenny Williams
    Kenny Williams 6 days ago

    So the dude that plays a fast dude in that other movie plays a dude that dresses like an old dude with other dudes to get dem funds son? Brang it dang it.

  • Maya Saraswati
    Maya Saraswati 6 days ago


  • Theme Park
    Theme Park 6 days ago

    I always enjoy anything Evans does. Dig that guy!

  • serenevil
    serenevil 7 days ago

    i'm watching this.

  • Aja Wilson
    Aja Wilson 9 days ago

    i thought this was going to be like some type of serial killing movie

  • t850terminator
    t850terminator 10 days ago

    Huh, I expected footage of animals doing animal stuff.

  • jagfruit 1
    jagfruit 1 10 days ago

    Did we just watch the whole movie?

  • Jen Tuesday
    Jen Tuesday 10 days ago

    You had me at Evan Peters.

  • CJ de Niño
    CJ de Niño 13 days ago

    This reminds me of Lil Dicky's music video 'White Crime'

  • Bia Lima
    Bia Lima 14 days ago


  • Levi
    Levi 14 days ago

    Did he just slip a note to get a booty call to that guy 0:43

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 15 days ago

    Americans EGOs 👎👎

  • Brianna Oakes
    Brianna Oakes 15 days ago

    Everyone here for Evan, I'm here for Blake

  • Eadlyn June
    Eadlyn June 17 days ago

    I don’t really like heist films but this looks like it could be good.

  • dnvdk
    dnvdk 17 days ago

    another sketch of a sick culture.. ewww... SK pplease please nuke them!

  • love always kate
    love always kate 18 days ago

    im really only here because I heard they used alt-j and now im interested

  • Jimmy Coffin
    Jimmy Coffin 18 days ago

    Crime thrillers Are the most boring shit you can ever watch

  • Captain Spaghetti
    Captain Spaghetti 21 day ago

    Are we just going to ignore how beautiful some of the shots are? I mean, 1:42 is absolutely genius!

  • Von Zine
    Von Zine 21 day ago

    Is the guy related to Edgerton?

  • GhostFaceKev
    GhostFaceKev 22 days ago

    This looks FIRE. I just got MoviePass so even if its not that great its still worth it.

  • Chandler Beckner
    Chandler Beckner 22 days ago

    is this the new whitest kids you know movie

  • Rania Zaou
    Rania Zaou 22 days ago

    Typical American movie 😪

  • Jae Vlogs
    Jae Vlogs 22 days ago

    Clicked so fast omfg

  • Matt Trussell
    Matt Trussell 23 days ago

    since there is a movie about it, they clearly didn't get away with it... *spoiler

  • Danny B
    Danny B 24 days ago

    In all the things I have seen Evan Peters in, he is either recruiting people (this trailer and American Horror story) or being recruited (X-Men).

  • Julianne Olson
    Julianne Olson 24 days ago

    sign me up

  • maulana hardi
    maulana hardi 24 days ago

    It's a fckn alt-j!!

  • S G
    S G 25 days ago

    Oh hell yeah I'm seeing this!

  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan 26 days ago

    Woah I just realized the chubby kid is the dude from Travelers.

  • BrianSuxx
    BrianSuxx 26 days ago

    i need yeah o see this now!

  • greatniss
    greatniss 26 days ago

    In case you were wondering, they are stealing a copy of Audobon's Birds of North America, the double elephant folio prints, also known as the Havel prints.

  • Rama Garcia
    Rama Garcia 27 days ago

    Anyone else think that Evan Peters looks like Julian Casablanca?

  • BunBun91
    BunBun91 28 days ago

    I want this to be an anime

  • BlackHippe
    BlackHippe 28 days ago


  • shirine charkaoui
    shirine charkaoui 28 days ago

    Tate 👅

    JUMOWA 28 days ago

    how to motivate young people to end up in jail

  • Ostkreutz Rox
    Ostkreutz Rox 28 days ago

    How bout this: He's Quiksilver. He's getting those guys to act according to the 'plan'. In the end they're just the patsies getting caught and blamed, while he runs away with the book.

  • Leo Qtea
    Leo Qtea 29 days ago

    Evan Peters *

  • Anna P
    Anna P 29 days ago

    wow. basic white guys doing crimes. groundbreaking

  • High boy
    High boy 29 days ago

    *This Is Not Based On A True Story* 😂

  • Dayton Colbert
    Dayton Colbert 29 days ago

    Is this based on a true story?

  • Darth Watson
    Darth Watson Month ago

    Alt-j - In Cold Blood :)

  • Lowlyf Fangirl
    Lowlyf Fangirl Month ago +2

    All the crazy sidekicks in one movie

  • Anouk O Riain
    Anouk O Riain Month ago

    This is what I call a good trailer

  • Lasagne Del Rey
    Lasagne Del Rey Month ago


  • Your Average Alex
    Your Average Alex Month ago +1

    pass. love evan peters but pass.

  • Keven Pangus
    Keven Pangus Month ago

    Started with a Fight Club vibe, shifted into an Ocean's Eleven vibe, ended on a Snatch vibe... giving off great feels from nostalgic movies but somehow I couldn't be less interested in anything ever... and I don't like that feeling because I really like Evan Peters as an actor.

  • XanRare
    XanRare Month ago

    I see Evan i think Tate

  • John Wink
    John Wink Month ago

    I like how they say "this is NOT based on a true story. "

  • pope quiet
    pope quiet Month ago


  • wiinterflowers
    wiinterflowers Month ago

    What are you doing, Peter Maximoff?

  • PersianinSweden
    PersianinSweden Month ago

    Thought this was about school shooting until 1:00

  • Lourenço Potter
    Lourenço Potter Month ago

    Looks like "LaCasa de Papel"

  • Kalin Miyon
    Kalin Miyon Month ago

    The editor for this trailer did amazing!

  • jibk
    jibk Month ago

    ALT J!!

  • uh what
    uh what Month ago


  • Shadowgirl
    Shadowgirl Month ago

    Seems interesting. I'm definitely watching this for Evan Peters.

  • L-Dog The Great
    L-Dog The Great Month ago

    EDITS EDITS EDITS and more edits

  • Missy Black
    Missy Black Month ago

    Barry Keoghan looks like Joel Edgerton.

  • Tyler Williamson
    Tyler Williamson Month ago

    Very nice! Anything with Evan Peters in it, count me in !~!

  • Chris Alvarado
    Chris Alvarado Month ago

    this is like oceans trilogy and snach as if they had a child

  • Camila Lucia
    Camila Lucia Month ago

    this trailer was just.... so... wow

  • Quarter Mile
    Quarter Mile Month ago

    American garbage. Would see that instead

  • Bread Harrity
    Bread Harrity Month ago

    1:02 - Anyone know this font?

  • Anthony Yalon
    Anthony Yalon Month ago

    those old-men disguises were way too obvious imo... security guards are supposed to be trained to easily spot that kinda stuff lol

  • ChocoftheCharts
    ChocoftheCharts Month ago

    I had a chance to be an extra in this, but I had work. I know some people that are in it though.

  • dianita huertas
    dianita huertas Month ago

    ''this is not based on a true story'' jajaja love it!

  • Race Racing
    Race Racing Month ago

    Alt j \m/

  • Ieva Vaicekauskaitė

    omg this version of in cold blood... amazing

  • KH KH
    KH KH Month ago

    Alt-j sounds so good on the score

  • Braden Greenbaum
    Braden Greenbaum Month ago

    We have that book in my school's library (Indiana University Lily Library)

  • greenytaddict
    greenytaddict Month ago

    I rather see this than ocean's 8

  • Aerin Atkins
    Aerin Atkins Month ago

    Watching for Evan and alt-j.

  • Timi Potokar
    Timi Potokar Month ago +2

    Omg alt-j

  • Sean Fitzgerald
    Sean Fitzgerald Month ago

    This will be good

  • Becca Harkness
    Becca Harkness Month ago +1

    This looks so good! Evan Peters 😍

  • Sam Wan
    Sam Wan Month ago +9


  • jane
    jane Month ago +1

    Evan !!!!!!!💥😍😍

  • Millz Miller
    Millz Miller Month ago

    This is how you edit a trailer.

  • Samantha Rodriguez
    Samantha Rodriguez Month ago

    Evan peters is so fucking hot.

  • randall vontin
    randall vontin Month ago

    why evan look old as shit

  • Bushy JJ
    Bushy JJ Month ago

    Looks great!!!

  • Gamwise Samgee
    Gamwise Samgee Month ago +20

    Evan Peters would make a pretty good Joker imo.