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  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
  • Audiences seem split on their latest adventures, some love it, others are left scratching their heads. What does the Nostalgia Critic think of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well...it's complicated.
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    Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an American 2D-animated television series based on the fictional superhero team. It is set to debut in September 17, 2018 after a sneak preview aired on July 20. This re-imagined series will have the Turtles go on new adventures as they seek to unlock the mystical secrets of New York City.

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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  5 months ago +409

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    • the gaming democracy
      the gaming democracy 2 months ago

      I think raph is a snapping turtle I think which is why he's so much larger.

    • DogoHalibar
      DogoHalibar 3 months ago

      I'd love to hear you cover the first few episodes of the 2012 series.

    • ryan lemons
      ryan lemons 4 months ago

      Peewee hurman lost bike adventure

    • xXTriforceHeroXx
      xXTriforceHeroXx 4 months ago

      Channel Awesome A live action skit review of The Predator (2018)

    SUPER MARIO DC Day ago

    I nominate this for WORST show of 2018

  • Melissa Bowling
    Melissa Bowling 3 days ago

    9:46 I actually got an ad

  • Sleipnir Odin
    Sleipnir Odin 3 days ago

    Animation "a la" *kill la kill* , please... It's good, from what i saw... But not *That* good, far from it.

  • Kapilthev kingston
    Kapilthev kingston 3 days ago

    What's up with everyone turning everything into gravity falls and Adventure time like shows. Those shows are that type of show the TMNT is not like that. 2003 and the 2012 shows gave out learning points about Brotherhood, friendship father son relationship and Goofy PIZZA HUMOR. When you watch the show you feel like you live with four brothers and go out on MEANINGFUL ADVENTURES even some of it our silly. This show is itched like "we are going to take everything that everyone knows about the turtles and make them stupid as TEEN TITANS even the dad stupid BUB"
    "Great idea our youth our like these dumb teenagers this is so relatable, we are not gonna pair them up with responsible adult or friend who will teach them or guide them to become better.
    The turtles is a kid teen show the turtles are teenagers but they are not your stereo type teenagers who do stupid stuff all the time. The turtles we're like normal teens who have anger issue problems, trying to fit in problems etc each issue fits with one character who struggle to deal with it and they learn to deal wit those problems and grow with help of their father who constantly guide them. As a watcher you drink up some of it when MASTER SPLINTER spill things out - You must hone your intuitions and focus MICHELANGELO, Do not over think things Donatello you must learn to react with the moment or you'll lose yourself in battle or in rushed situations.
    Do you believe you can get those learning points in this NEW SHOW NO FUCKING WAY so good luck kids and teenagers Hope you don't turn out dumb like these cartoon turtles.

  • baldi's basics
    baldi's basics 3 days ago

    He's the Angry Video Game Nerd

  • kumagawa i have to change my name because sam flatman thinks my name is stupid misogi

    I fucking hate how everyone is comparing this to teen titans go when the first tmnt cartoon did the same things teen titans go did, the series became popular because it said fuck it to its previous versions

  • Dead Af
    Dead Af 4 days ago

    I havent watch the vid but the comments are judgemental af. I actually quite enjoy it?? Its such a breath of fresh air now that raph is the leader and leo can act like a dumbass. The animation like really awesome,yall just dont like the new designs but i assure u its really unique.
    We're all just sooo used to seeing the same thing all over again,with leo being the leader,raph the rebel,donnie the nerd bla bla that we arent willing to accept the change.
    "they act goofy" well duh,theyre teens?? If yall really hate it just go watch the previous cartoons,it didnt go anywhere jfc.

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis 4 days ago

    I don’t like this show. Something’s just off about it.

  • Bobby Arteaga
    Bobby Arteaga 4 days ago

    Critic: *says something about Nickelodeon taking a Teen Titans Go approach with this*
    Me: (insert the NO from the beginning of the review of The Avengers)

  • Chihuahua in a Fedora
    Chihuahua in a Fedora 6 days ago +1

    I prefer the 2012 to 2017 show over any of the other ones, and I also love the movies from 2014 and 2016 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and TMNT Out Of the Shadows)

  • Sarvesh Sundaram
    Sarvesh Sundaram 6 days ago

    14:15 yaaaaaSsssss!!!

  • little c
    little c 6 days ago

    raph is the big softie whos scared of everything
    leo is the confident jokey clever guy who has self esteem issues
    mikey is the goofball artist who loves pizza a little to much
    donnie is the confident scientist who has parental problems
    and april is the badass friend
    also in the original comics april was black
    they are probably leading up too leo becoming more mature why can't people just like what they have done i think it really shows off what teens are like now compared to back then

  • Gregory Grice
    Gregory Grice 7 days ago

    Nah. Enjoyably frustrating is what you would describe a better videogame, but you still prove a point, Nostalgia Critic. To be honest, Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles definitely isn't the right show for someone who wants to experience all good effort in one. That's why I think I'm better off watching anime instead. You can't just make one thing good and get away with it. No one's gonna let that slide.

  • Glazier Blue
    Glazier Blue 7 days ago

    I hate this new version. Nope. Nope nope.

  • Kelly Seastar
    Kelly Seastar 7 days ago

    To anyone who wants to be a writer: Plot is not optional! Even if you're writing pure comedy, you must have something for your characters to do.

    • Harry the cat
      Harry the cat 7 days ago

      Except "RUBBER". Cause that movie was about not having a plot or not making sense

  • Camille Box
    Camille Box 8 days ago

    Ummm... is it bad that I got the original turtles mixed up but not the new ones without rewatchings

  • Bonnalina Fuzbunny
    Bonnalina Fuzbunny 8 days ago +2

    Yeah, the one thing I didn't like about it is that they all basically had the same personality.

  • Bonnalina Fuzbunny
    Bonnalina Fuzbunny 8 days ago +2

    5:27 Dude that face you made XD

  • Sadiki St. George
    Sadiki St. George 8 days ago

    ROTTMNT isnt bad i like it its grown on me

  • Mark 35950
    Mark 35950 9 days ago +1

    While I watched this video, I was making mental notes of the pros and cons, wishing they would make a cartoon that has the epic action animation of this show combined with the distinct characters and consistently good comedy it lacks.
    But then I remembered we already have Avatar: the Last Airbender.

  • TDMT L345
    TDMT L345 10 days ago

    and raph is the leader since he was the first leader before leo

  • TDMT L345
    TDMT L345 10 days ago

    its funny when he questioned who was the turtle i answered evrything correctly besides the old one lol

  • SoNova Duncan
    SoNova Duncan 10 days ago +2

    There we go, an actual review. Someone who shows the pots and Cons of this show. Not just the new and fresh designs

  • Eddie Rawson
    Eddie Rawson 12 days ago

    It was cool

  • Dragunlancers
    Dragunlancers 12 days ago

    Something very weird about the Guess that Turtle part was I couldn't guess the old turtles right but I guessed the new ones correctly...

  • H MasterChaos
    H MasterChaos 13 days ago +1

    Teens titans turtles messed it up let me try again raise of the teenage ninja go SHIT I messed up again oh wait that’s m opinion of this reboot

  • Xanthy Montes
    Xanthy Montes 13 days ago +1

    2012 tmnt is the best

  • DragonLiLi
    DragonLiLi 14 days ago


  • guy games
    guy games 14 days ago

    13:39 my neighbor Totoro?

  • son goku
    son goku 18 days ago +1

    is this gonna be the next teen titans go ralphs tooth is like beast boy

  • racoon killer 7
    racoon killer 7 18 days ago +1

    Terrible just fuckin terrible(not u critic)the dumbass cartoon they fucked up april and them all pisses me off kids cartoons are so damn ignorant nowadays with their designs they don't even make sense anymore neither do the character personalities by the way I love your channel to Nostalgia Critic

  • Leaderwolf360 Noscope
    Leaderwolf360 Noscope 18 days ago

    My opinion:no tie to shredder this is trash (Jk it's just okay If no shredder.) Again jk we'll see how it gose.

  • Kevin W. Clark
    Kevin W. Clark 19 days ago +1

    This show just seems all visual and lazy on the writing or incapable of writing. The previous cgi version was far superior then this they should have just stuck with that. What's with the characters being the same?? You won't get any interesting character dynamics with this. Did the writers even know what Ninja turtles is?? It seems so pathetic.

  • Unique Violet
    Unique Violet 20 days ago +3

    The rise of TMNT is a extreme garbage man . . . GARBAGE

  • BigBoomer101
    BigBoomer101 20 days ago

    I actually kinda like it but this is coming from a non fan. And I do agree, their personalities are very much the same so they need to fix that. I just assume that they are acting like how teens are. We can just wait till they get into more situations to we can then learn more about their characters

  • Lore Books
    Lore Books 20 days ago

    With the animation presented, I hope nothing but the best for the series.
    I hope they do flesh out some of the characters a bit more and lean towards some more story building.
    If not, it's fine, I'm fine with a goofy take on it.
    It's an improvement compared to Teen Titans Go.

  • RottingCitrus
    RottingCitrus 21 day ago


  • Edgar Furs
    Edgar Furs 21 day ago

    Black April :DD im done here

  • Lego lag studios
    Lego lag studios 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who had an ad when he said this a good time for a commercial

  • Gabriel creation studios

    I hate what they did with TMNT :(

  • Tsuki Condor
    Tsuki Condor 22 days ago

    1:08 Awww little Doug :)

  • JadaPotata99
    JadaPotata99 22 days ago

    Can u review that Shera reboot on Netflix?

  • Baikal920
    Baikal920 24 days ago

    They remind me of the Rowdy Ruff Boys

  • jackie estep
    jackie estep 25 days ago

    She was originally black

  • ZeroXA Productions
    ZeroXA Productions 25 days ago

    Splinter is almost gone full Roshi.

  • TET  - COM
    TET - COM 26 days ago


  • aaron Dugger
    aaron Dugger 26 days ago

    Watch another episode of rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles

  • robot says: bee boo boop

    Diversity turtles, progressive mutant turtles

  • Inferno
    Inferno 27 days ago

    The 2012 show will always be a personal favorite. They fleshed out the characters pretty well.

  • Keegan Lockhart
    Keegan Lockhart 27 days ago

    In the Micheal Bay movies, all the turtles are on steroids, in the new show Raph is on steroids, what happened?

  • L.T. Fanboy
    L.T. Fanboy 28 days ago


  • my hot pocket
    my hot pocket 28 days ago

    And also. Aprils black now

  • my hot pocket
    my hot pocket 28 days ago

    I think there wasa censored in tmnt that canged ninja to hero.

  • Rei Baal
    Rei Baal 29 days ago

    My only and true complain about this show is... Splinter. Really! He's disgusting to look at! And not even funny! He's an honorable martial arts master not a lazy ass rat D:

  • Billy Rewko
    Billy Rewko 29 days ago

    Could you please review the aristocats

  • Kyren
    Kyren Month ago

    The animation for this is better than most anime’s I’ve seen nowadays like dragon ball super

  • sarnobat2000
    sarnobat2000 Month ago

    Is there something wrong with us old timers who find animation aesthetic quality these days disgustingly low?

    • Vin Sama
      Vin Sama 21 day ago

      Maybe you're losing track of animation speed compared to nowadays where things kept moving

  • sarnobat2000
    sarnobat2000 Month ago

    Awesome tag line "I remember it so you don't have to."

  • Kev_ Bot
    Kev_ Bot Month ago

    She was made black for "diversty" she was never black and I have proof tmntentity.blogspot.com/2018/02/was-april-oneil-originally-black-in.html?m=1

  • SmokerMegadrive
    SmokerMegadrive Month ago

    No Shredder? what a piece of crap

  • Dawn Betancourt
    Dawn Betancourt Month ago

    12:22 it's becouse the cage stops him or it from teleporting

  • BrontoSmilodon1
    BrontoSmilodon1 Month ago

    wait critic knows about kill la kill?

  • mr.death row the skullwolf

    Spilrnter has diabidese

  • Shack Attack
    Shack Attack Month ago


  • Rose Inspiration
    Rose Inspiration Month ago

    He’s like the sonic boom knuckles of tmnt 😅

  • The Super Shiny Mega Gengar

    Am I the only one who sees April in this show as another Penny Proud?

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous Month ago +2

    Mikey is the sensitive artist. He's the most likely to be scared and the one who is most comfortable showing his vulnerable side. Ralph is the dimwitted but responsible one. He views himself as the big brother and he's very protective of the other three while also looking for their approval. Leonardo is gloryseeker. He thrives on attention from his brothers and from the world and he's constantly scheming to get it. Don is the cynical mad scientist, who actually acts as though he's intelligent, even if he's got the same base drives as his brothers.
    The personalities are different, but they're definitely distinct. And unlike most incarnations, there's more emphasis on them being a family of best friends rather than a team of superheroes who work together.

    • Diverse 341
      Diverse 341 15 days ago

      Now you have described all this, and now the question is how to empathize with these characters if the authors did not bother to immediately present these characters? Even from the first series it is not possible to understand who is who ...

  • Foni Vailahi
    Foni Vailahi Month ago +1

    Thanks you too I

  • Uber D
    Uber D Month ago

    Is there some sort of unspoken rule about the 2003 series where no content creators of any merit online are about to talk about it?

  • Travis Schiffer
    Travis Schiffer Month ago +1

    Ice Pirates and the new tmnt sucks

  • Joseph Ridley
    Joseph Ridley Month ago +1

    I'm not complaining matey because this channel and content is awesome (wow how smart am I for saying that) but at the end of the class vids Doug always says "I remember it so you don't have too" but in all fairness we wouldn't be watching if we don't or didn't want to remember them lol but still love the videos and all that jazz all the best from the north east of England

  • Keegan Lockhart
    Keegan Lockhart Month ago

    Michael Bay! Why?!! YOU RUINED OUR CHILDHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xavier Washington
    Xavier Washington Month ago

    For the comments about April being black, she was originally black in the comics, look it up, second, April is a badass here without powers, she’s a loose cannon in this series

    • Diverse 341
      Diverse 341 15 days ago

      And nothing that in the original comics, she was not black, and Latina, carefully read)

  • BRRGames
    BRRGames Month ago

    Is it bad to say that I kinda like Rise of the TMNT? If anything, it's at least better than the TMNT Team Up shorts (made by the people who made Breadwinners)

  • Darrin Gardner
    Darrin Gardner Month ago

    why is it some of the best action animated shows like TMNT and Teen Titans when they get remade into something stupid and just dumb?

  • Toa Bionicle0517
    Toa Bionicle0517 Month ago

    I would only watch RotTMNT because of the action.

  • Sans and Papyrus channel

    4:21 ummmmm actually, they are not the same. They are actually different species, Leo is a red-ear turtle, Micey is a box turtle, Donnie is a softshell turtle, while Raph is a snapping turtle, explaining why he look like that

  • Nick Cadwell
    Nick Cadwell Month ago

    I liked the TMNT back to the sewers.

  • J G
    J G Month ago

    O_O What happened to Splinter?

  • Gary Hawkins
    Gary Hawkins Month ago

    They gave TMNT the Teen Titans Go treatment.

  • Howtostudies
    Howtostudies Month ago

    If those elements were added it be very similar to the 2012 series

  • Howtostudies
    Howtostudies Month ago

    I understand why this is so different from normal action adventure shows when the other one was so much what was expected.

  • sadlobster1
    sadlobster1 Month ago +3

    Aside from the things I've listed, these are my three major qualms with this show.
    1. The Turtles' personalities - like Doug said; from the beginning, the Turtles didn't have much personality to them. Aside from them...just being teenagers. But what made the previous Nick incarnation of the TMNT and the 2003 classic work is how they made each of the bros different (personality-wise.)
    Leo was the often stoic, focused and determined leader; Donnie was the techno geek, Raph was the fun-loving heart of the team and Raph was the tough yet sometimes sensitive type.
    With this show...they're all EXACTLY THE SAME! Aside from appearances (which look abysmal;) how could one have a favorite turtle, when they all act the same way?!
    2. The new weapons are severely unfitting for them, especially Donatello's. I KNOW that for years, people have whined about how "lame" his staff was. But as Splinter said; in the hands of a master, ANYTHING can become a deadly weapon.
    In other words; in an expert's hands, that "cruddy wooden stick" (as some call it) can do just as much damage to a body as a sword can. Here, though...they put it out there that it's the WEAPON that matters most and NOT the user (pricks.)
    Finally, the villains...oh, my LORD are the villains bad!
    First off; Cena belongs in the ring, not in the acting field. So, his character of Lord...whatever-the-crud his name is is nothing compared to Shredder. Speaking of which, whatever happened to him and WHY are the supposed ONLY TWO Foot Ninja on screen so braindead?
    They look more like human versions of Bebop and Rocksteady or Tokka and Rahzar than Foot Ninja. Then, there's that stupid worm dude; the one who keeps on insisting that he's "the Turtles' greatest enemy."
    Sorry worm thing...but the only enemy you have is a fish hook.
    The only villain they did right...sort of was Baxter Stockman...or, sorry; StockBOY. He's as arrogant and snide as his previous incarnations, true. But why make him a kid?
    In closing, I don't imagine this show will receive a second season. I wager it will go the way of Cleveland Show and die out before it can get too far off the ground

  • ocarinaplaya
    ocarinaplaya Month ago

    I'm here waiting for the studio that did Avatar and Korra to give the Ninja Turtles a shot by adapting the biggest comic book arcs. Including the brutal part where bebop and rocksteady beat donatello nearly to death and break his shell.

  • Danny Isambard
    Danny Isambard Month ago

    Garbage incarnation of a great franchise. What idiot/idiots at Nick green-lit this trash?

  • Kido the Koala
    Kido the Koala Month ago

    In a couple of years into production of this show, there will probably be a transgender reveal of one of the turtles.

  • Anthony Drallmeyer
    Anthony Drallmeyer Month ago

    Honestly I did not like the part where they fight in the construction area. They have to stop to make a bad joke every 5 seconds.

  • Strange_ 0ne
    Strange_ 0ne Month ago

    Being a zoologist I like how each is a different species of turtle. Raff is a snapping turtle, Leo is a red eared slider and so fourth. Also Splinter looks more like a bamboo rat then a sewer rat. It's a wecomed addition

  • Lab Baby
    Lab Baby Month ago

    I was never big on TMNT, but I have no complaints on the overall franchise. This particular incarnation looks fun and lightheartedly amusing, something I'd play in the background while I'm busy in the house. I remember how the characters in South Park in the beginning had a lot of the same character traits except for Cartman, who was just the stereotypical fat kid anyway. As the show progressed, the characters took an interesting arc. Stan became more responsible and empathetic, Kyle became more neurotic, Cartman just turned into a complete psychopath, and Kenny became more pervy and dirty, even contributing to a lot of important plot points that changed the show entirely. That's what I feel like RotTMNT is gonna be. I'm sure the first season is about wrapping up by and I'm going off this video, but we should see the defining traits of the Turtles at some point develop in some kind of arc.

  • All Mouth
    All Mouth Month ago

    Where's Angry Video Game Nerd?

  • Redstar2613
    Redstar2613 Month ago

    Splinter was the worst thing in this series. He doesn't train them and just sits on his ass watching Soap Opera's and drinking Milk... what the fuck? They should have just created something entirely new, since they pretty much did that anyway, instead of ruining all these great characters, which actually might have been enjoyable if they weren't shit versions of pre-existing characters that so many people have come to love. But of course that would be why they did this in the first place.. easy money.
    Although.. and I can't believe I'm somewhat defending this show.. the mosquito getting out and then not being addressed in the next 4 episodes is a fully expected thing of a new series. Often the first Season of new shows will have actually interesting plot things happen in the first episode, followed by episodes that are stand alone and boring by comparison, really only getting good again at the end of the Season but usually having just enough plot sprinkled throughout to make you have to watch every goddamn episode, just in case.

  • Ivan De La Garza
    Ivan De La Garza Month ago

    too late...

  • Mysticfox2010
    Mysticfox2010 Month ago

    Hollywood always claims to be so divers and tolerant, yet always forces the most generic offensive stereotypes on their minority characters. They pat their own backs when they take a respectable female character and turned her into Token Black Ghetto Female #36.

  • Vance McDonald
    Vance McDonald Month ago

    Watching this very episode while watching this

  • Dragzilla 66
    Dragzilla 66 Month ago

    I watched all of the new episodes for this dumpster fire of a turtles series so far. It's pretty damn awful.. Barely any story and it's too episodic for my liking. I love the 2012 turtles series a hell of a lot more with it's actual plot based episodes and it's well crafted action scenes. Master Splinter is so fucked up in Rise of the TMNT.

  • Dicky McDickface
    Dicky McDickface Month ago

    >people complaining about a cartoon called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles isn’t taking itself seriously

    CODY WARD Month ago +1

    my fave is the 2012 cgi version

  • e 38276
    e 38276 Month ago

    Dare you to watch Bug Busters