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  • Glenn Fales
    Glenn Fales 10 hours ago

    her character bothers me. why doesnt she get over herself and stop blaming everyone for my shes shy etc. Theres too many kids like this, and this movie I feel will give kids entitlement because its "relatable" and this is how life is. Just bad

  • Double Bloggers
    Double Bloggers 10 hours ago

    Elsie Fisher is perfectly casted

  • Killian Peters
    Killian Peters Day ago

    Holy crap
    100% rotten tomatoes?

  • TheDogeKing Gaming
    TheDogeKing Gaming 2 days ago

    Only watched this Cause it was filmed in my old middle school from last year

  • Memestilinski
    Memestilinski 3 days ago

    g u c c i

    • Memestilinski
      Memestilinski 3 days ago


  • bood burnham
    bood burnham 3 days ago

    i finish 8th grade in like a week so this is the perfect movie for me
    also can you tell that i love bo burnham and i would die for him in any circumstance

  • Paige Chandler
    Paige Chandler 4 days ago


  • bakago
    bakago 4 days ago

    i wish this came out 3 years earlier

  • Rico Fauzan
    Rico Fauzan 5 days ago +1

    Jake paul fans will realize now

  • Maple
    Maple 5 days ago

    *g u c c i ! ! 1 ! 1*

  • pill diet
    pill diet 5 days ago +1

    *This is so true it pains me.*

  • Aye Taky
    Aye Taky 5 days ago

    Actually i'm socially awkward with all my friends and i'm like the weirdo of the class and i'm still in eight grade Lol😂😂

  • pebbles j
    pebbles j 5 days ago +1


  • Anh Le
    Anh Le 6 days ago +3

    50% of the comments- “wow this is so relatable”
    The other 50%- “ew so unrealistic and cringe worthy”

  • Emily Pearson
    Emily Pearson 6 days ago

    i see bo Burnham I click

  • Samuel Sotelo-Avila
    Samuel Sotelo-Avila 6 days ago

    Sometimes you need to let your dreams die in order to have new ones

  • nessainhella
    nessainhella 6 days ago

    this is so real, I’m going into eighth grade.

  • I'mBatmanAndIKnowIt
    I'mBatmanAndIKnowIt 7 days ago +1

    Easily the most accurate depiction of a Generation Z high school yet in cinema/TV.

  • BreadHeadFTW
    BreadHeadFTW 7 days ago

    Is this ever coming out on Netflix???

  • Kira Jackson
    Kira Jackson 8 days ago

    This looks super cool. Definitely watching!

  • Super
    Super 8 days ago +1

    i have never been so happy not just because the movie but the fact that bo it actually happy

  • The Protagonist
    The Protagonist 8 days ago


  • Kate Boylan
    Kate Boylan 8 days ago

    Great job Bo! This looks great.

  • Christopher Hill
    Christopher Hill 8 days ago

    Two months

  • Too_Damn_Cheesy '
    Too_Damn_Cheesy ' 9 days ago

    What kinda school gives an award out for being quiet?

  • sno86
    sno86 9 days ago

    What the hell is a snap chat

  • Amar Ayoub
    Amar Ayoub 9 days ago

    Real life Inside Out...

    JAMES BURTON 9 days ago +1

    The kid who said "I had to charge my phone" is in my math class!

  • MagmaCool ;-;
    MagmaCool ;-; 10 days ago

    “It’s gonna be lit”

  • Jake 1192
    Jake 1192 10 days ago


    *Clicks off video and slowly dies*

  • Sup Ducks
    Sup Ducks 10 days ago

    When is this gonna come out? I’m currently in 7th grade and I could totally relate to this movie

  • Skyler Rose
    Skyler Rose 11 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can watch this for free like a website that’s safe w no virusis

    • EndrGirl6!
      EndrGirl6! 3 days ago

      Well like... that's kind of illegal

  • Ignore My Name
    Ignore My Name 12 days ago

    It's gonna be lit! 😆

  • Mike O
    Mike O 12 days ago +2


  • Sander Honig
    Sander Honig 12 days ago

    Really Looking forward to it!

  • Man On Crack
    Man On Crack 12 days ago

    this is sooooooooooo cringy

  • Johnae •
    Johnae • 12 days ago

    She said gucci and im not ok

  • Marcus Harris
    Marcus Harris 13 days ago

    FIFA 18 song! Also great trailer

  • Shuja Asghar
    Shuja Asghar 13 days ago +2

    when you realise that she is Agnes from despicable me

  • Hunter Rose
    Hunter Rose 13 days ago +2

    Ayyy bo burnham

  • yana tokhova
    yana tokhova 13 days ago

    сейчас сидела на канале лиззке зашла в ее понравившейся видео и нашла это дерьмо😂

  • Ceptimus
    Ceptimus 14 days ago

    Ugh, I'm 12 and I find this soooooo cringey /s

    • Benawesome BW
      Benawesome BW 8 days ago

      Ceptimus Its trying to hard to be relatable. Honestly you don't know how awkward year 12-15 were until your older.

  • BryceRichards
    BryceRichards 15 days ago

    Good job Bo, you did good!

  • Enzo Jordão
    Enzo Jordão 16 days ago

    I’ll always identify this song with attempted rape thanks to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

  • Th3 RandomN3rd
    Th3 RandomN3rd 17 days ago

    Why isn't bo the comedic father?

    • EndrGirl6!
      EndrGirl6! 3 days ago

      He's too funny and too great of a guy to be a character we won't like

  • autumn bishop
    autumn bishop 17 days ago

    i can relate to this so much

  • This Sarcasm
    This Sarcasm 17 days ago

    i see SNSD HOLIDAY MV 😍 🔥

  • Z Channel
    Z Channel 17 days ago

    Ha the song in the trailer Sail Away Sail Away Sail Away, hilarious

  • Angel The Pirate
    Angel The Pirate 17 days ago +1


  • megan davis
    megan davis 18 days ago

    8th was fine 6th is what sucked

  • megan davis
    megan davis 18 days ago

    Bo Burnham.

  • Evin C.
    Evin C. 18 days ago +1

    oh my god she has a doctor who poster and a gotham academy posterwhat a queen

  • Jenna S
    Jenna S 19 days ago +1

    I don't know about anyone else, but good gracious I can relate to the premise of this film so much. Kudos to A24 for making visually stunning films that always hit home

  • Grace Barr
    Grace Barr 20 days ago +1

    Shout out the the class of 2022!! 8th grades almost over

  • taking flight
    taking flight 20 days ago

    MY MAN.

  • MasterElement
    MasterElement 21 day ago +1

    What is it with comedians and directing movies these days?

  • Corinna
    Corinna 22 days ago

    Am I the only one that loved 8th grade? lol

  • Creig Cooke
    Creig Cooke 22 days ago +1


  • Alpha Wolf Bruns
    Alpha Wolf Bruns 22 days ago

    Oml yaaaaaasss

  • UK's Ups&Downs
    UK's Ups&Downs 22 days ago +1

    What year is 8th grade for the UK? I'm confused, we don't say grade, we say year....(^~^)

    • EndrGirl6!
      EndrGirl6! 3 days ago

      People who are in 8th grade are just starting Highschool, so around 14 to 15

    • Benawesome BW
      Benawesome BW 8 days ago

      UK's Ups&Downs year 8, unless you somehow failed.

  • Fifi Dale
    Fifi Dale 22 days ago +1

    I love how realistic Kayla is!

  • Living Person
    Living Person 23 days ago

    July 13 is too far away dammit

  • Ezgi İnce
    Ezgi İnce 23 days ago

    Is it on netflix?

    DORA DE XPLORA 23 days ago


    DORA DE XPLORA 23 days ago


  • Andrea
    Andrea 24 days ago

    This girl is like an exact replica of me

  • Annette Hui
    Annette Hui 24 days ago

    I watched this at my college, and IT’S SO GOOD!!!!!!! I haven’t loved a movie like this in such a long time:D

  • Justin Seibold
    Justin Seibold 24 days ago


  • Stormy
    Stormy 24 days ago

    Bo... you have fallen so far

  • Valeria Nicole
    Valeria Nicole 24 days ago

    Bo is a genius!! ❤️

  • Sky Raven
    Sky Raven 25 days ago

    Eighth grade did definitely break my heart

  • IfIwasLeviIwouldsay
    IfIwasLeviIwouldsay 25 days ago


  • silver kill
    silver kill 25 days ago

    If you are gonna see this movie let me hear say hell yeah!

  • pinaring halimatus N
    pinaring halimatus N 26 days ago

    girls generation ??? 😍😍💕💕😘😱😱😱

  • Tony Dupre
    Tony Dupre 27 days ago

    Can't wait to see it today!

  • FriedVHS98
    FriedVHS98 27 days ago

    please end me i cant tolerate this anymore

  • Sayla Enos Sings
    Sayla Enos Sings 27 days ago

    My name is Sayla I just started middle school and I’m shy like her and hey name is Kayla and my name is Sayla XD

  • flyingmoosefart
    flyingmoosefart 27 days ago +2

    Don't let the trailer confuse you, this movie is far from cringey and actually hits home on the aspects of today's generation.

    CHEEZE WIZZ AND MILK 28 days ago +2

    I freaking hate 8th Grade. I’m in it right now. I’m almost in 9th grade and the only reason I’d wanna relive 8th grade is because Bo Burnham is directing this movie

  • Kamil Qadri
    Kamil Qadri 28 days ago


  • EddTheBob TheRulerOfTheWorldTheUniverse

    Realistic. Also when it said bo burnham I exploded. Hes back

  • LSSJOrangeLightning
    LSSJOrangeLightning 29 days ago

    I'm expecting to hear "Nerds" during the credits.

  • Dionysia Dinius
    Dionysia Dinius 29 days ago

    Aye olivia jade. I see u girl 😏😄

  • TheLordOfTheRings
    TheLordOfTheRings 29 days ago

    ur making me feel the cringe of being 13 again, thanks I needed this

  • gem may
    gem may 29 days ago


  • Dean Treadway
    Dean Treadway 29 days ago

    What an incredible film. Massively lovely lead from Elsie Fisher, heartbreaking support from Josh Hamilton as her dad, and a really talented cast, beautiful score and photog, and Orinoco Flow will never sound better than it does here. Big BIG wow at the Atlanta Film Fest tonight! So authentic and real. I just fell for it fully!!

  • Scott SVO
    Scott SVO Month ago

    Eighth grade was hell from what I can remember

  • Eddie Herger
    Eddie Herger Month ago

    So true and so real. I love that it's casting for characters are also so real and relatable and not some model or just attractive people that no one can relate or compare with. It's realistic, it's honest, it's authentic. So glad to see more material from Bo and that he's creating material that is true to his "beliefs" on stage.

  • Emily Davis
    Emily Davis Month ago

    I miss Bo, I’m so happy I get to see some more of his work soon!

  • Rebecca Rush
    Rebecca Rush Month ago

    When will the movie going to come out❤️

  • Tori G
    Tori G Month ago

    this relates to me so much right now

  • Maryam
    Maryam Month ago

    Ha! I'm in eighth grade, looking forward to the end of middle school and the beginning of high school. High school here I come. But I was homeschooled throughout eighth grade, so thank goodness I'm not facing the bad stuff happening in schools.

  • Arunalu Kariyawasam

    Is this out yet?

  • Unsweetened Bagel
    Unsweetened Bagel Month ago

    95% accurate ur missing the part were every 8th grader is juuling in the stalls

  • Stuff Er
    Stuff Er Month ago

    im about to be an 8th grader and jesus christ am i hoping that i wont have to deal with all these cringey shit, but this movie actually looks interesting and i'd obviously watch it cause Bo Burnham.

  • Vanessa Mella
    Vanessa Mella Month ago

    I can already tell this film is gonna break my heart

  • ranioh
    ranioh Month ago

    is that mrs. girls generation

  • gwenivere lemon
    gwenivere lemon Month ago

    This looks awesome

  • abacada seesyou
    abacada seesyou Month ago

    I love Bo but damn this actress is real good

  • mcnasty
    mcnasty Month ago

    This is the worst shit A24 has ever released