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  • Clare Gibson
    Clare Gibson 5 hours ago

    i cant believe they didnt talk about geometry... or at least algebra

  • gabi s
    gabi s 9 hours ago

    who the hell wears that much eyeliner

  • Logan Fields
    Logan Fields Day ago

    1:08 Immediately disliked the video

  • Kayla Haggstrom
    Kayla Haggstrom Day ago

    I can relate so hard... even names.

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time Day ago

    I quite enjoyed this film! All the awkwardness in it, made it feel much more real life than hollywood style films. Well worth the watch!

  • baylie landry
    baylie landry Day ago

    this is literally so fucking accurate it’s crazy

  • Dragga
    Dragga Day ago

    Rented this on Red Box. It was cute. Not a must-watch, but an enjoyable film nonetheless.

  • Waffles Waffles
    Waffles Waffles Day ago

    I hate to say it but the trailer is 20 times better than the movie

  • Mm Ll
    Mm Ll Day ago

    Watched it...super boring.

  • Banana Sauce
    Banana Sauce 2 days ago +1

    lmao i didnt really like it the script seems a bit messy. theres nothing intresting or like a main idea of the movie besides just graduating eighth grade, i was extremely excited to watch it when it came out but disapointed at how it wasnt as good as i thought. i wouldnt recommend it to anyone, if i could rate i would give it a 2/5 stars, but its my opinion, so yeah if this was a movie review im doing that now

  • bunnybabe 1330
    bunnybabe 1330 2 days ago

    I can’t wait to watch this later on today! I’m in my first few months of 9th and I feel like how the trailer looks

  • elizabeth ellen
    elizabeth ellen 2 days ago +1

    she was so mean to her dad in the movie it made made me really sad lol

  • Martin Dressler
    Martin Dressler 3 days ago +1

    What's the name of that song again??

  • ygolohcysp
    ygolohcysp 3 days ago

    Diary of a wimpy girl

  • Morgan Schmitt
    Morgan Schmitt 3 days ago

    i watched this but wtf is it

  • Ameen abdul
    Ameen abdul 4 days ago +1

    this is the most boring trailer I have seen in my life

  • Lisa Mendes Muffin Shawn

    I am happy there's a movie about 8th graders cuz i am one and i hope this helps 😂😂

  • hi
    hi 4 days ago

    is there anything better than a pussy?... yes! a really good book

  • TrippieCristian
    TrippieCristian 4 days ago

    This looks a little more like 6th grade 😂

  • TrippieCristian
    TrippieCristian 4 days ago

    If you want to make a good movie about eighth grade you need a actual eighth grade grader to help you 🤦‍♂️

  • Vengatesh vegetio
    Vengatesh vegetio 4 days ago

    Just watched it.....i think it's more realistic...i liked it.

  • Orca Commander
    Orca Commander 4 days ago

    Absolutely love they put the “sail away” song in the trailer. Also, absolutely hate when trailers are bombed with songs not even in the film.

  • loser
    loser 4 days ago

    we will begin to explore these changing bodies of yours. its gonna be lit

  • Loganatorexit
    Loganatorexit 4 days ago

    Eighth grade is so stupid, like I'm sorry but tf...What's hard about eight grade

  • VocAspiration
    VocAspiration 5 days ago

    As a 9th grader, I am SO GLAD that an adult-who GETS what it's like to finish middle school in this age-made an amazing movie like this.
    The emphasis on the acne the whole movie, like you're seeing it through her eyes because that's actually how the main character feels about her face. No "beauty filter" outside of her phone, just insecurity
    The fact that so many teachers try to get hip with the kids and bring up memes that have been dead for a good few years
    The behind-the-scenes struggle with emotional pain the girl has to go through, hugging her dad who's always there even if he sorta embarasses her. As someone who's emotionally unstable, I've had times where I just have to hug my mom and cry my heart out
    Social anxiety disorder, the fear of being around lots of other people. One of my closest friends has it
    This has gotta be one of my favorite movies of all time...it brought me to tears...

    • Roxkstargirl
      Roxkstargirl 4 days ago

      VocAspiration I know that these things are real, and I do relate to some of the stuff in here (Being quiet, not having friends, constantly being on my phone, and stuff like that). But the thing is, I don’t really care as much. I never felt the need to make friends. I never felt the need to change myself. I’m happy being alone. I’ve never met a “mean girl” (The only exception I think is my sister, but even then, I think she’s just trying the imitate the stuff she sees on tv). Never gotten asked out, or even approached by a guy. (And I don’t think they think I’m ugly, I’m pretty average looking, so I kinda blend in.) Hell, I don’t even eat with anyone at lunch.
      So, I either some of the high school stories I heard are a vocal minority of the 300,000,000, million other kids...or I live in a bubble.
      Probably the latter.

    • VocAspiration
      VocAspiration 4 days ago

      +Roxkstargirl Well, from analyzing the movie I've found a lot of things about it I can connect with. It might seem cliche due to the excessive awkwardness and gossip and boys, but remember: those issues are real albeit constantly discussed. The girl in the movie has social anxiety and is pretty upfront about how she truly feels through the way she acts.

    • Roxkstargirl
      Roxkstargirl 4 days ago

      Weird...I’m your age yet I found this movie incredibly cliche. I thought the only reason it got good reviews is because it was all reviewed by adults who think that it’s realistic. But if your in 9th grade...maybe it’s just me.

  • Caelan Ferguson
    Caelan Ferguson 5 days ago +1

    The "gucci" part had me dead😂

  • Gentity
    Gentity 5 days ago +1

    Op, here I go cringin' again.

  • Scapehips
    Scapehips 5 days ago +1

    They said it's gonn be lit

    *We will get em next time*

  • Chaotic Bandit
    Chaotic Bandit 5 days ago +1

    The most boring movie i've watched..😑 2/10 ...

  • Chris Flores
    Chris Flores 7 days ago

    0:56 I like how her dad actually just lets her do that

  • yasmine renee
    yasmine renee 7 days ago +2

    bro, i just watched this movie, and it's GARBAGE!

    and if you actually "*l i k e*" this movie, you seriously need to rethink ur whole life.

  • Karrington Cummings
    Karrington Cummings 7 days ago +2

    This movie was kind of bad.

  • Aunnica Ortiz
    Aunnica Ortiz 7 days ago

    Why do the eight graders look like high school sophomores?

  • alekos jovaras
    alekos jovaras 7 days ago

    The OA????

  • Sid S
    Sid S 7 days ago

    Someone give the background soundtrack please

  • legeogame
    legeogame 7 days ago

    It's gonna be lit.

  • Renagade324
    Renagade324 7 days ago +1

    The 👌”GUCCI” ruined it for me

  • Bre Heckman
    Bre Heckman 8 days ago +1

    Honestly, it was too hyped up. The movie wasn't great.

  • Arosha R
    Arosha R 8 days ago

    It just annoyed me so much when Kayla would always jump on her dad's throat, shouting at him about stuff when all he does is try to talk to her as a parent, if I did that with my parents back in my younger days they would smack me in the face..hence I grew up to be a respectful and responsible adult! Other than that she is cringey, in 8th grade I had people trying to talk to me and get my attention all the time while I was just myself and got the best grades at school. My awkward years was when I was 10 to 12 as soon as I hit puberty I changed myself and tried becoming confident, experimented with hair and makeup etc

    • Arosha R
      Arosha R Day ago

      +V H That's a very good insight..but as I have noticed she is socially awkward because her dad seems to be socially awkward too..and she is growing up without a maternal figure so I understand it's hard but I really disliked her being a bitch to her dad...I wish my dad was that concerned with me, he never was!! I guess alot of an adults upbringing depends on his household and his parents! But also I know a person can change himself if he doesn't wanna be like his parents, whether his parents were alcoholics or abusive etc

    • V H
      V H 7 days ago +1

      Different parenting styles. I think her dad tries to not be controlling and let her express herself even if its negatively toward him. He tries to be understanding because she's going through a lot of changes and difficulties. I'm sure he knows that she doesn't have friends and is a little socially awkward.
      Other parents take a more direct, albeit controlling route. Nothing wrong with that besides maybe smacking you in the face.
      But Kayla (and a lot of teens) are more concerned and care about social status's and likes more than what their parents think of them or how much they support them and will be there for them. Just like some teens resent their parents for a period of time growing up.
      It may not have been your experience, nor mine. But I can understand it and I think the movie did a good job overall portraying the points and experiences that Bo was trying to put out there.

  • miri
    miri 8 days ago

    for anyone wondering whats the song @ 1:00 its 'Slip Away' by Perfume Genius

  • Brendan Liegey
    Brendan Liegey 8 days ago +1

    Not gonna lie this movie looks like complete trash

  • Brendan Liegey
    Brendan Liegey 8 days ago +1

    My family would never allow phones and headphones at the dinner. What a disgrace; totally disrespectful

  • Jordan Ball
    Jordan Ball 8 days ago

    looks stunnin

  • Emma Tuite
    Emma Tuite 9 days ago

    This movie reminded me of my past self soooo much I almost cried at one part

  • Lola Lou
    Lola Lou 9 days ago

    This is the most real life thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  • taliwakka27
    taliwakka27 9 days ago

    Her spying dad was almost as creepy as the scumbag 17 year old who tried to have sex with her in the car lol

  • チャナティップという生き方

    When the teacher dabs

  • チャナティップという生き方

    This film was so GUCCI

  • cam daniel
    cam daniel 9 days ago


  • Sancheezy
    Sancheezy 9 days ago

    This is by far the most relatable film I've ever watched.
    Fucking amazing film.

  • Sienna
    Sienna 10 days ago

    guys i understand why it’s rated r now..

  • H3R 19
    H3R 19 10 days ago

    I'm in 8th grade and quiet and shy. I can't wait for this!!

  • UmmYeahOk
    UmmYeahOk 10 days ago

    Eight grade is pretty bad, but I would hafta say that 7th grade is the worst, with 6th grade tying with 8th.

  • Edvin1011
    Edvin1011 10 days ago

    Watch Skins and burn this with fire.

  • Angela Fermin
    Angela Fermin 10 days ago +1

    Lmao. I wasn't like this when I was in Eighth grade. I mean, 10th and above is much more worse.

  • Seyha Seng
    Seyha Seng 10 days ago +1

    This movie wasted my time :,(

  • toaster in the tub
    toaster in the tub 11 days ago +1

    A24: doin' gods work

  • Angie
    Angie 11 days ago

    Why is this r

  • fadillah rahmadhani
    fadillah rahmadhani 11 days ago

    GABE IS SO CUTE !! gucciiiiii

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway 11 days ago +3

    The Hardest Choices Require The Strongest Will.

  • ßoßßy Frêsh
    ßoßßy Frêsh 11 days ago

    *Don't be ashamed of yourself*

    *That's your parents job*

  • A. Fizzy
    A. Fizzy 11 days ago

    2:04 lol

  • Dayana Ayoub
    Dayana Ayoub 11 days ago

    This movie is the worst thing i`ve every seen! WTH? this is such an awkward and cringy ......NO!!!

    • V H
      V H 7 days ago +1

      ​+Dayana Ayoub If you try to get a movie to be what you think it should be...then you're probably not going to like it. Have you read into what Bo was trying to portray? I think this movie did a very good job on what he was going for.

    • Dayana Ayoub
      Dayana Ayoub 9 days ago

      Jordan W who said it has to be awkward? No. It doesn’t have to be she’s a normal girl not a mentally ill kid. Plus it wasn’t educational at all

    • Jordan W
      Jordan W 10 days ago

      Dayana Ayoub first of all its supposed to be awkward that’s the point hooneyy

  • newmoment
    newmoment 12 days ago +2

    When will 9th Grade come out? Just curious but I'm looking to find 3rd grade.

  • Mundo Eurus
    Mundo Eurus 12 days ago +1

    Orinoco flow ❤❤❤

  • edenfaithh
    edenfaithh 12 days ago

    this movie means so much to me.

  • Vidhi Patel
    Vidhi Patel 13 days ago

    why couldn’t they just not add the gucci thing at the end of the videos she makes🤣 I’m 13 and I’d drink bleach before saying that

    • V H
      V H 7 days ago

      There's actually a reason behind the gucci thing. Elsie (Kayla) actually had a habit of saying it herself as a social tick. They added it to the film which I think is cool. A director adding something to a character that the actual actor/actress does.

  • Icey Tray
    Icey Tray 15 days ago +1

    kampunki banget yah

  • Anis Fithrah
    Anis Fithrah 15 days ago

    I’m so angry by the way she treats her father, that’s rude that’s not “”going through puberty”” or “”going through some hard times”” ugh

    • Joe Whitehead
      Joe Whitehead 11 days ago

      Anis Fithrah But then they have that nice little moment by the fire later on

    • Anis Fithrah
      Anis Fithrah 11 days ago

      Joe Whitehead she’s just plain rude, especially the part she throws the banana to her dad, that’s unacceptable

    • Joe Whitehead
      Joe Whitehead 12 days ago

      Anis Fithrah That’s teenagers

  • ken shamrock
    ken shamrock 15 days ago


  • Dead Gucci
    Dead Gucci 15 days ago +6

    0:54 See, I can't even use my phone while eating dinner (oh wait I don't even have a phone)

  • Antisocial loser
    Antisocial loser 16 days ago

    Oh mr big shot comedian Bo is a Writer/Director now

  • katoness
    katoness 16 days ago +1

    Why even bother with people that don't like you? Be yourself and you will attract like minded people who will respect you for who you are.

  • Katerine Lefrançois
    Katerine Lefrançois 16 days ago

    Film magnifique!

  • Jakey Bone
    Jakey Bone 17 days ago

    i wouldnt watch this if it was unironicly saying lit but its bo burnham so its fine with all the gucci stuff

  • VTEC
    VTEC 18 days ago

    Social Awkwardness: The Movie

  • Mad Robot
    Mad Robot 19 days ago

    Lebron James!

  • Janko Milatovic
    Janko Milatovic 19 days ago

    Seems cool! xD

  • mad son
    mad son 19 days ago

    this girl needs a lot of sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a rough one

  • Lila Coe
    Lila Coe 20 days ago

    My boy bo burnham

  • Katie Bruce
    Katie Bruce 20 days ago +1

    Bo is amazing omg I’m so proud of him ❤️😂

  • Person On Youtube
    Person On Youtube 20 days ago

    I went to middle school but i hate my classes the walls are locker walls for some reason and 2:04 dab police

  • Soufi Oscar
    Soufi Oscar 21 day ago +3

    sometime we feel so sad and alone

  • my life as Amber-louise

    It was rubbish and it was a waste of time to watch nothing was interesting in it dont watch shes always slouching its just weird i live in englans im in high school and i heard in america u have to be 16 to go high school in england u have to be 12 to be in high school crazy right?

    • Nicholas Angus
      Nicholas Angus 17 days ago

      my life as Amber-louise wow, that’s sooo crazy. Can you tell me another cool story?

  • jesus varela
    jesus varela 21 day ago

    this new generations are so boring and fake all they care is about pretending to have a good lice on social media instead of having real fun and enjoying life

  • Dorin Vlad
    Dorin Vlad 21 day ago

    Fifa 18 track detected!

  • AD V
    AD V 21 day ago

    Americans can't do realistic dramas. Always had to turn into some kind of comedy...

  • Survivor Addict
    Survivor Addict 22 days ago

    Why do people say this movie is relatable when it’s the most cliche bull shit ever?

  • Alyssa and some zombies
    Alyssa and some zombies 22 days ago +2

    Literally the exact story of my eighth grade life that I'm living right now. For real, ask anyone from my school. I mean annnnyyone.

  • Marie Burr
    Marie Burr 22 days ago

    omg this was published the day after my birthday omg omg omg

  • gayatri singh
    gayatri singh 22 days ago

    wow american school is so different.

  • h00dboy
    h00dboy 22 days ago

    Sail away sail away sail away... Enya - Sail Away (Orinoco Flow) there you go, kids.

  • muhammad patel
    muhammad patel 22 days ago

    H8 high school cnt w8 4 colllege

  • Aurora Larlia
    Aurora Larlia 22 days ago

    i'm not popular or anything but eight grade has been the best time in my life for me

  • Cynthia Jackson
    Cynthia Jackson 22 days ago

    This movie is cringier than Napoleon Dynamite

    Hi TUBERS 23 days ago

    I think pretty much everyone charges their phone...at least that’s what I think. I’m not 100% sure...
    Read more

  • Yassmina el iouj
    Yassmina el iouj 23 days ago

    NAme of the song please ? Silhouette Silhouette Silhouette

  • Klee Klee
    Klee Klee 23 days ago

    You know all this girl power bullshit happening in media and films right now? Want to know why they feel bullshit? Because there’s no authenticity behind it. This... this right here is fucking girl power! Amazing movie! Loved it!

  • Katarina G.
    Katarina G. 23 days ago

    Just hold on through middle school and high school, uni is the best. Personnally high school was cool too but middle school was terrible. All those hormones, changes, everyone being mean to each other, popularity, wanting to fit in... It gets better with time.