Sky Sports Quotes of the Season 2018/19 | ft. Roy Keane, Gary Neville & more!

  • Published on May 14, 2019
    Watch our selection of the best and funniest quotes from across the 2018/19 season on Sky Sports.
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  • Shane Ryan
    Shane Ryan 7 days ago




  • Nathan Payne
    Nathan Payne 10 days ago

    And now no one wants var....

  • Davinator
    Davinator 10 days ago +1

    Man, Manchester City fans really piss me of. They say "oh we have the best squad in the world, the best players in the world and we *deserve* to be champions. "
    Mate you would probably be in the relegation zone if it wasn't for oil money.

  • JN Gunner
    JN Gunner 11 days ago

    Good Ebening

  • Itz H
    Itz H 12 days ago +1

    Ryan Frasers face 🤣

  • Sophie McClean
    Sophie McClean 14 days ago

    Neil Warnock: The worst officials in the world.
    If he came to the Irish Premiership, he would definitely change his mind.

  • mo salah
    mo salah 15 days ago

    The music is too low ,we can still hear the quotes.😂😂

  • Jukie
    Jukie 16 days ago +1

    It's a bad ebening no Emery

  • Mark Baxter
    Mark Baxter 17 days ago

    0:30 'you fighting?' '' you askin?! ''

  • Pearse Connick
    Pearse Connick 17 days ago

    Ryan frasers face

  • Jordan Ryall 10
    Jordan Ryall 10 18 days ago

    Emiliano sala he will forever be a bluebird

    GSM- GAMES SPORTS MUSIC 19 days ago +1

    Watching in 2020

  • Dxlicata
    Dxlicata 19 days ago +1

    Not a single soul:

    • Rohan
      Rohan 16 days ago

      No one:
      Joe Hart:

  • peter evans
    peter evans 20 days ago

    turn the music off

  • Daniel Oliver
    Daniel Oliver 20 days ago

    Respect respect 😂😂😂 Jose

  • Ger
    Ger 21 day ago +1

    Best league in the world worst referees in the world

  • hiyab h.mariam
    hiyab h.mariam 22 days ago

    Jose's classic respect rant

  • Andy Wheale
    Andy Wheale 25 days ago

    Re-Release this video without the bloody music please Sky!!

  • Travelling and more stuff

    *good ebening*

  • Strummer1980
    Strummer1980 27 days ago

    Quotes of the decade

  • Hrishikesh Newaskar
    Hrishikesh Newaskar 28 days ago

    Football is just more than a game and it is wht it is because of fans ...

  • J J
    J J 29 days ago

    Keane keeps going on about United and what’s wrong and the players mentality.... why don’t he go and sort them out

  • Khalo Classic
    Khalo Classic 29 days ago

    Gary neville is savage

  • alfiewil
    alfiewil 29 days ago


  • John Dogan
    John Dogan Month ago

    You know what 3-0 means?

  • Sean Otoole
    Sean Otoole Month ago

    1:56 that's some set of teeth on you Troy, get them sorted my man

  • Nige
    Nige Month ago

    Charlie Austin and Neil Warnock apoplectic 😂😂😂😂

  • SJ xano
    SJ xano Month ago


  • Mikey Neang
    Mikey Neang Month ago

    good ebening

  • Xenon
    Xenon Month ago +1


  • John j
    John j Month ago

    4:33 Gary's dad's not happy

  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan Month ago

    They mockeddddd emery

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith Month ago

    Wish Warnock was still in the prem

  • Donzi
    Donzi Month ago

    I I I

  • mo salah
    mo salah Month ago

    Kloop straight out- f*** word.😂😂

  • Football Inspires
    Football Inspires Month ago +1

    Even TheXvid caption didn’t understand what they’re saying

  • ShakespearesBruv
    ShakespearesBruv Month ago

    Calm down

  • rhensn
    rhensn Month ago +1


  • Emre
    Emre Month ago +1

    God ebining

  • Ash MB
    Ash MB Month ago +2

    RIP good ebening

  • Gizmo Ha
    Gizmo Ha Month ago

    Good ebening

  • zoe foster
    zoe foster Month ago

    Lol yea baby brexit means exit

  • Harry Hewitson
    Harry Hewitson Month ago

    It just had to begin with good ebening

  • Jamal Waqar
    Jamal Waqar Month ago +2

    0:35 Gary Neville mocks Carragher with his high pitched voice😂

  • Jamal Waqar
    Jamal Waqar Month ago

    Good ebening

  • Сергей Чекулаев

    Omg this racism problem is sooooooooo oooveeeerrrrrhyped

  • Tim Durgan
    Tim Durgan 2 months ago

    what's the music playing in the background at 2:33 to 3:17 ?

  • Jihad Hamzie
    Jihad Hamzie 2 months ago

    Commentator: MO Salah you little dacner😁😁😁😁

  • Bruised Banana
    Bruised Banana 2 months ago

    Couldn’t even hear what Klopp said after swearing because of the music

  • 320speed
    320speed 2 months ago +6

    "It got that heated that they started throwing hair gel at each other" 🤣 Roy Keane is a savage

  • cHaoxKollision
    cHaoxKollision 2 months ago

    The Special one 😂😂😂 Sree premierships bruddah dont fck wit dem man dere bro

  • Randall Lobo
    Randall Lobo 2 months ago

    Roll on VAR....oh wait.

  • Ben Stranney
    Ben Stranney 2 months ago


  • LordHeath1972
    LordHeath1972 2 months ago

    or..... The Neil Warnock Show.

  • Thabo Xaba
    Thabo Xaba 2 months ago

    Days into the new season and lol Sarri is right about English refs not being able to use VAR

  • Chizo5791
    Chizo5791 2 months ago

    @ 1:38 " why am I working at 70 years of age "...... cause your a hungry bastard

  • isakdinhox 14
    isakdinhox 14 2 months ago

    Money money money money city

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson 2 months ago

    Joe Hart's mother did a good job teaching him how to sit straight. Good posture, Joe! A shame she taught you how to play keeper too.

  • Аліна Радченко

    So, Sky, you've put together a compilation of best quotes only to blast loud music over them..?

    IOIO OUJJ 2 months ago +1

    3:30 Jose mourinho "srii nil, srii means..."