Mista, Fugo, and Trish Funny Moment - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Golden Wind


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  • Michael John
    Michael John 9 months ago +788

    this proves trish's narcissism. She doesn't react when fugo touched her breasts, she knows she is pretty "if your done enjoying the scenery.."

    • Yumu
      Yumu 15 days ago

      En_crypted say sike right now.

    • A Decent Delinquent
      A Decent Delinquent Month ago

      Bro you're on bad drugs

    • En_crypted
      En_crypted Month ago

      did you just destroy the entire female population with facts and logic

    • Giga Bites
      Giga Bites Month ago

      Passione’s Boss Giorno she does

  • gentlemate
    gentlemate 7 days ago +3

    I see why mista's stand is called "Sex Pistols" now

  • Penta AnimsTM
    Penta AnimsTM 7 days ago +1


  • Inki Gaming
    Inki Gaming 20 days ago

    Can’t wait for 3 years to pass so I can smash!

  • MusiSean
    MusiSean 21 day ago +1

    1:46 to 1:47 Fugo did a King crimson

  • IBeDa Baws
    IBeDa Baws 29 days ago

    U do realize u can edit the clip even on ur phone to cut out the part at the end right?

    • Coochie Brando
      Coochie Brando 27 days ago

      IBeDa Baws Nigga, you’re acting like this was recently uploaded plus i’m sure the uploader already noticed but decided not to delete and edit the video for whatever reason.

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude Month ago

    Me and the boy going to prison be cause of trish

  • Koong THE Yakuza
    Koong THE Yakuza Month ago


  • Rat Beebo
    Rat Beebo Month ago +1

    1.52 looks like he is doing the chicken dance xD

  • A. Theil
    A. Theil Month ago


  • Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man Month ago

    Anyone else thought Fugo was going to get with Trish? You know, instead of just getting ditched?

  • just poseidon
    just poseidon Month ago

    Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing the moooooooootion.

  • Nicky's Animation Nation

    Wow mista narancia was a good wing man for you when Giorno was "healing" you why can't you be a good wing man when Fugo "accidentally" falls on Trish. 😂😂

  • Laura Cupps
    Laura Cupps Month ago +4

    CHILL GUYS. She's only 15. ...Wait thats Legal in Italy.
    ... *Can we just take a moment to look at Giorno?* WHY IS HE DRIVING?

  • The Vault The Official Channel

    Fugo + Trish = Purple Spice (Purple Haze + Spice Girl) (I’m a Spore fan, so don’t judge me)
    P.S. He heard her heartbeat. What a wonderful sound.

  • jaydeeax
    jaydeeax Month ago +2

    Fugo is canonically the only one who touched Trish's boobs

  • M. Mirza
    M. Mirza 2 months ago +7

    The Gang got do fed up with Narancia looking so feminine, that they can‘t control themselves anymore when they see a real female

  • Astolflo kobayashi The trap

    Fugo left the gang knowing this would haunt him

  • Jason Browne
    Jason Browne 2 months ago

    What episode?

  • Kairuku
    Kairuku 2 months ago

    No ones questioning why Giorno is the one driving. Shouldn’t Bruno know how to drive? Why is a 15 year old who drank a cup of piss the one you want driving?

  • Passione’s Boss Giorno

    Trish would never go with anyone on the gang. She has 0 love interest in anyone. Stop already Lmao

  • the cum minister
    the cum minister 2 months ago

    great quality

  • KanseiOsuruk
    KanseiOsuruk 2 months ago

    1:45 Mista:WRYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Kawaii Desuné
    Kawaii Desuné 2 months ago +4

    S T I C K Y F I N G A S

  • Mercwitha mouth
    Mercwitha mouth 2 months ago +1

    and people say part 5 is gay

  • zZigzag
    zZigzag 2 months ago

    You guys complaining about this scene in the anime obviously have not read the manga where you could actually see her nipple

  • TheAnnouncer
    TheAnnouncer 2 months ago +1

    Trish was lookin like a whole snack tho

  • imalovingmiget playz
    imalovingmiget playz 2 months ago

    Stolen he just recorded another TheXvid video for views

  • Fugo did nothing wrong
    Fugo did nothing wrong 2 months ago +45

    God I wish that was me

    Trish that is

  • shadow the retard
    shadow the retard 2 months ago

    It's 2019 who the fuck uploads videos in 240p

  • Cesar Andres
    Cesar Andres 2 months ago +1

    Wait trish is legal?

  • Basher
    Basher 2 months ago +5

    Was that necessary Araki?

    • Andy Rodriguez
      Andy Rodriguez Month ago +1

      is anything necessary in jojo?

    • hussein ali
      hussein ali 2 months ago +4

      Basher yes it was. We need a better look. 👀 that’s Italy so it’s legal

  • Spider-fighter de Noir
    Spider-fighter de Noir 2 months ago +32

    Mista: We're in Italy.
    FBI: .....Damn....

  • XxXsNiPErXxX
    XxXsNiPErXxX 2 months ago +7

    So this is the real reason fugo left

  • Batron 11
    Batron 11 2 months ago

    You would think after this Sean he would be on bird for some of that sweet Trish ass

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 3 months ago +2

    She's only 15 FBI OPEN UP!

  • jσłyηє kυjσн
    jσłyηє kυjσн 3 months ago

    Ok....Mista ruins every OTP like Fugo x Trish..........now is Mista x Trish

  • 4ever EndlessX
    4ever EndlessX 3 months ago

    Crazy to think that later on in Purple Haze Feedback Mista would confess he never trusted Fugo

  • 10xTNT
    10xTNT 3 months ago +4


  • Patrick Carlos
    Patrick Carlos 3 months ago +1

    Fugo gets to feel Trish, Diego gets to kids Hot Pants. I’m not implying how I pick my favorite characters but…

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 3 months ago +3

    I like to think diavolo was secretly following them erased time with king crimson so no one remembers it now

  • MetaCroon
    MetaCroon 3 months ago +2


  • Sir Krigeon
    Sir Krigeon 3 months ago +43

    0:10 When you find some good doujins but remember its No Nut November

  • courier six
    courier six 3 months ago +28

    That plot twist at the end with this being screen recorded

  • Logoncal
    Logoncal 4 months ago +1

    And this is why Fugo left. He already bumped on Trish, couldnt risk bumping on DA BOSS

  • Johnny Salery
    Johnny Salery 4 months ago +166

    The REAL reason why Fugo left is because he didn't want to face the Boss's wrath for touching his daughter lmao

    • Mr. Girdiego
      Mr. Girdiego 8 days ago

      I mean, the boss himself Fisted her, if you know what I mean.

    • Grim Chirico
      Grim Chirico 2 months ago +2

      nah I search like this 😂

  • narancia ghirga
    narancia ghirga 4 months ago +1

    i don’t like it

  • Ephexia
    Ephexia 4 months ago +815

    Literally everyone else that isnt over 18:
    Giorno(15): guess im driving

    • Yuuki Kuroutarou
      Yuuki Kuroutarou Day ago

      We don't know if Bucciarati and Mista have driven in their lives and Abbachio just got his hand reattached, so it's Giorno.

    • Abdega
      Abdega Month ago +2

      He obviously has his learners permit and Zipper Mom is making him drive

    • MrLCGO
      MrLCGO Month ago +2

      @Ed SkyNight Also Fugo is 16. Only Mista, Abbacchio and Bruno are legally adults.

    • MrLCGO
      MrLCGO Month ago

      @TheLouLouGamer The apple juice box is part of his stand, so it'd be more in character for him to drink that.

    • Ed SkyNight
      Ed SkyNight Month ago +3

      Narancia isn’t over 18.

  • Twisted Drifter
    Twisted Drifter 4 months ago +11

    She may be 15, but I have a +4 card

  • Sam Diamond
    Sam Diamond 4 months ago +100

    I like how at 1:56 Bruno has an expression like “dude what”

    • Sam Diamond
      Sam Diamond 3 months ago +17

      HorriblePlaythroughs05 nah Narancia has more of the “can you not” face.

    • HorriblePlaythroughs05
      HorriblePlaythroughs05 3 months ago +19

      More of a “can you not” face to me

  • ThatOneGuyWhoWatchesHentai

    Oh love me mista

  • Who the Fuck Am I?
    Who the Fuck Am I? 4 months ago +6

    Everybody is saying that she's 15 and stuff but they're forgetting that Fugo is only 16...so It's not illegal.

  • Dinah B
    Dinah B 4 months ago +4

    Mista is now my favorite characters0

  • Ryan Nielsen
    Ryan Nielsen 5 months ago +6

    why is giorno (15) driving and not bucciarati or abbachio (both 20)?

    • Enrico sksjhsj
      Enrico sksjhsj 4 months ago +1

      Because this show is Jojo's bizzare adventure. Full of bizzare adventures and bizzare events.

  • Pnw33Pdx
    Pnw33Pdx 5 months ago

    Fugo is built like one of those white dudes that say Nigga

  • Denki
    Denki 5 months ago +86

    Will not forgive him for that.

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 5 months ago

    isn't this copywrite. you were watching a yutube video and copied that video from the person who made it

    • Red Rocket Rider
      Red Rocket Rider 3 months ago

      And the person that madd that video stole from David Productions. OP is basically Robin Hood, stealing from thieves and giving to the people

    • Coochie Brando
      Coochie Brando 5 months ago

      Audaciousfellew Oof who cares? a majority of people would screen record from another person’s video and make it their own, you never know honestly

  • Nelsonwackyvideos 2
    Nelsonwackyvideos 2 5 months ago +1

    Legal loli(in italy)

  • Hilo Takenaka
    Hilo Takenaka 5 months ago +35

    The sole reason why I ship Trish and Fugo

  • *  Pyrosnappy *
    * Pyrosnappy * 5 months ago +5

    did you really just record a youtube video and posted it again

    • C
      C 3 months ago

      @Coochie Brando Lmao

    • Coochie Brando
      Coochie Brando 4 months ago +4

      * Pyrosnappy * *It Just Works.*