Minecraft but it could trigger you

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Minecraft but it could trigger you
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  • Spifey
    Spifey  Month ago +6801

    Let me know if I missed anything AGAIN and I might make a part 509990

    • rope
      rope 8 days ago

      "This man has a university degree, but can't even spell farm"

    • Fateful
      Fateful 11 days ago

      Nah dude 509991

    • Luigi
      Luigi 11 days ago

      It needs a cursed texture pack

    • Melissa Vandervalk
      Melissa Vandervalk 12 days ago

      Mining diamonds with stone shovel

    • Amazing Gage
      Amazing Gage 15 days ago

      Destroy a house with tnt. How to do, go mining under the house and set off a lot of tnt (same with diamonds)

  • Carolina Garis
    Carolina Garis 12 hours ago +1


  • Katie :D
    Katie :D Day ago

    This is giving me a headache omg

  • uwu owo
    uwu owo Day ago

    *_SO MUCH SAND_*

  • Matthew Calabrese
    Matthew Calabrese Day ago +1

    This video is not funny, yet I still laugh so hard.
    I am confusion

  • Notinamillionyears


  • Mishari Bouzubar
    Mishari Bouzubar 2 days ago

    *bro just put it in the hole*
    *idk why its so hard*

  • Mundane
    Mundane 3 days ago


  • Eighto Manix
    Eighto Manix 3 days ago +1

    I can tell rky wants I die

  • Mia zuki
    Mia zuki 3 days ago

    I feel like building a 2x2 house litteraly on your crops was to obvious

  • Antonio Ortega
    Antonio Ortega 3 days ago

    At 6:59 you cold see saskue

  • Sebastian Vang
    Sebastian Vang 3 days ago


  • Simona Cappello
    Simona Cappello 3 days ago

    Me before se how e place the door: yes is trigger but is not that bad...after i see the door:TRIGGERED LEVEL 1000

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 4 days ago


  • Katniss777
    Katniss777 4 days ago +1

    "aMETAKS???!!?" 9:15 bro i cant

  • Katniss777
    Katniss777 4 days ago

    the beautiful comedy of the non-existend reactions on the minecraft faces while cursing him out over discord😂😂

  • brotato potato
    brotato potato 4 days ago

    You fricken frick fricken dude really frock FRICCCCKKKKKK

  • XxMeower2008xX d:
    XxMeower2008xX d: 5 days ago


  • Adrian Cornac
    Adrian Cornac 5 days ago

    Aimlessly place blocks.
    Make the house floor out of random blocks you have.

  • Chanimae
    Chanimae 5 days ago +1


  • Björn Leifss
    Björn Leifss 5 days ago

    This is worse than medival torture

  • Hasprogaming 1
    Hasprogaming 1 5 days ago

    1:13 I see ur a man of culture dark souls 3

  • The Hydra
    The Hydra 5 days ago

    i was waiting for you to go into nether & hit a zomie pigmen

  • That Guy Cameron
    That Guy Cameron 5 days ago

    Make a trapped chest instead of a chest

  • PaxAssa
    PaxAssa 5 days ago


  • Jumpy_Skitty
    Jumpy_Skitty 5 days ago


  • koenpostma11
    koenpostma11 6 days ago

    This man has a university degree and can't even spell farm. Im dying

  • Gemini
    Gemini 6 days ago


  • HayWire ONE
    HayWire ONE 6 days ago


  • HERjuno
    HERjuno 6 days ago

    You sound like pyrocynical

  • GachaLove Amy
    GachaLove Amy 7 days ago

    "sO mUcH sAnD"

  • Mr. Crab
    Mr. Crab 7 days ago

    Delete this


  • Włodzimierz Włosimięta

    You cant play Minecraft.

  • what Bro
    what Bro 7 days ago

    *A normal survival let's play* mhmm..

  • zam zami
    zam zami 8 days ago

    Your serious voice make tis vid looks more legit😂

  • ThePro DragonGamer
    ThePro DragonGamer 8 days ago


  • Chezburger
    Chezburger 8 days ago


  • WoofiX _
    WoofiX _ 8 days ago

    This is brilliant

  • Pedro Araiza
    Pedro Araiza 8 days ago

    Watching this just triggers me😂😂

  • Goku Black Mastered Utra instinct

    One like= 1 braincell.

  • Sebastiaan Ruesink
    Sebastiaan Ruesink 8 days ago

    AMETAKS 😂😂😂😂

  • LexanSini
    LexanSini 8 days ago +2

    Give each item it's own space, like every individual one so instead of having 64 wood in one slot, put a single wood in ever spot cause, boy oh boy, it hurts

    And then complain you have no more space and dump important things in lava ig lols

  • Liane Pega
    Liane Pega 8 days ago

    i want to fucking kill you

  • CLOUD 9!
    CLOUD 9! 9 days ago

    I am seriously stressed right now. Quality content.

  • Dewey
    Dewey 9 days ago

    ItzMax sounds like Hosuh from Dan Plan I haven't looked into it so if it IS HIM don't bully me

  • Sir William Touchabs
    Sir William Touchabs 9 days ago +1

    Just a random comment:
    You sound like Jamie Zhu (The guy who always pranks his dad)

  • l a s a g n a
    l a s a g n a 9 days ago

    *_F A E R M R E O S U R C E_*

  • Bananax Limelight
    Bananax Limelight 9 days ago

    Notch would love to see this

  • Frosty the Snow Lad
    Frosty the Snow Lad 9 days ago

    You sound like Wilbur from soothouse

  • Shi Tzu Que
    Shi Tzu Que 9 days ago

    Sooooooooooooooo triggerd

  • Goat Studios
    Goat Studios 9 days ago

    When you go mining knowing your inventory is full
    Proceeding to "pick up" all your ores

  • Reet Yeet Skeet And Repeat

    1:15 anyone have the original vid?

  • StormBlaze Eye Of The Storm

    Yeah i got a little triggered just a bit

  • YUSUKE Vinci
    YUSUKE Vinci 10 days ago +2

    Top 5 most triggering things in Minecraft :
    •Mining diamond with a wooden pickaxe
    • mining gravel with a pickaxe
    • jumping at the farm
    • kill a sheep with shears
    • mine obsidian with a stone pickaxe
    There is more lol

  • YUSUKE Vinci
    YUSUKE Vinci 10 days ago +1

    The thumbnail: *is triggering it self*

  • Hunia
    Hunia 10 days ago


  • Muhammad Kianeziabustatuta

    fareming amtweals or farming materials

  • Muhammad Kianeziabustatuta

    faeram stusdff or firearm stuff

  • sasuke plays
    sasuke plays 10 days ago


  • Shadow Black
    Shadow Black 10 days ago


  • Shadow Black
    Shadow Black 10 days ago

    Honestly I’m just laughing instead of being triggered

  • _Akatski
    _Akatski 10 days ago +1

    The house is soggy
    I repeat
    The house is soggy

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 10 days ago

    RKY sound so depressed wtf?

  • PurpleColonel
    PurpleColonel 10 days ago

    See the thing is, your friends have to be really, really stupid to not know that you're fucking with them.

  • Im You Gacha
    Im You Gacha 10 days ago

    Lol I would just leave the server

  • Turtle McFee
    Turtle McFee 10 days ago


  • Sir William Touchabs
    Sir William Touchabs 10 days ago +3


  • Mud Fox
    Mud Fox 10 days ago

    Your determination is refreshing

  • Mariel Quintana
    Mariel Quintana 10 days ago

    que intentas en el video por me moleste mucho no entiendo

  • Abigail Schwartfeger
    Abigail Schwartfeger 10 days ago


  • Rosivania Lima Diniz
    Rosivania Lima Diniz 10 days ago


  • • little honey •
    • little honey • 10 days ago

    so its me after not playing for 2 years 😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Mutttistic
    Mutttistic 10 days ago

    Couldn't you just re-upload PewDiePies Minecraft series? Smh

  • EnderBox HD
    EnderBox HD 10 days ago

    TapL's reactions to Spifey mispelling Farming Materials had me dying for ages

  • jay ayala
    jay ayala 10 days ago +1

    If i was playing with you wouldn't get triggered because I trigger you

  • Hi bois
    Hi bois 11 days ago

    «Why are you using a hoe?»
    «*E X C U S E M E ?*»

  • NepNeppingNep
    NepNeppingNep 11 days ago

    Honestly this was me when i first started minecraft xD

  • ForUm •
    ForUm • 11 days ago

    No,no,no, stop, StOp, STOP. MIKEY STOP

  • [Lenny Face]
    [Lenny Face] 11 days ago +1

    U M I C I S M U T E D

  • Vicky
    Vicky 11 days ago

    I love how can u feel the poker faces through the characters

  • Smileygirl10 3
    Smileygirl10 3 11 days ago

    Ughh this would be sooo annoying

  • Otra Chica De Internet

    I was okay until the diamond part came in. That was PAINFUL to watch dude

  • Lily Comb
    Lily Comb 11 days ago


  • Cosmic Remix
    Cosmic Remix 11 days ago

    So on his server, in survival, I got fucked. Someone trapped me in a nether portal by blocking both sides with fences that I cant break. It wont teleport me to the nether though. I'm just stuck with my screen spinning and purple. Can someone help me?

  • Lllpp -
    Lllpp - 11 days ago

    *This man has a University Degree.*

  • Carla Jackson
    Carla Jackson 11 days ago

    Wait what was happening with the sand in the lava?

  • Gaming Central
    Gaming Central 11 days ago


  • KungPaw
    KungPaw 11 days ago

    Yeee boiiii

  • Galimeer5
    Galimeer5 11 days ago

    Me [whimpering]: "...please stop. Too much _trigger"_

  • GachaTuberHD
    GachaTuberHD 11 days ago +2

    I lost 50% of my brain cells just by watching this :/

  • Gabbi Durham
    Gabbi Durham 12 days ago


  • pockeii
    pockeii 12 days ago

    My first house always looks like absolute garbage. So does the rest of them but the first one especially.

  • Jocelyn Wolfe
    Jocelyn Wolfe 12 days ago +2

    I would've rage quit bro, this triggered me so hard

  • Elias Thorsø
    Elias Thorsø 12 days ago

    I was watching this without sound and that made me triggered

  • Yosif Bias
    Yosif Bias 12 days ago

    I love that sniff sound

  • Daniel
    Daniel 12 days ago

    Get diamonds and drop diamonds in lava instead of dirt

  • Villainous
    Villainous 12 days ago

    The only thing annoying me is the amount of times you say "its fine"

  • Linea Toftgaard
    Linea Toftgaard 12 days ago

    Breaking a spawner