Minecraft but it could trigger you

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Minecraft but it could trigger you
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Comments • 4 629

  • Spifey
    Spifey  5 months ago +8483

    Let me know if I missed anything AGAIN and I might make a part 509990

    • Kit_Cat 33
      Kit_Cat 33 2 days ago

      Spifey, this is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen

    • Gacha Craft
      Gacha Craft 5 days ago

      You hart my head 😭😭🤕

    • DaRandom Noob
      DaRandom Noob 7 days ago

      Quitting out while pn the server amd saying your still therd

    • Shadow Derp
      Shadow Derp 8 days ago

      Shear sheep with a lava bucket......

    • trinh bui
      trinh bui 9 days ago


  • FLossySoup1234
    FLossySoup1234 45 minutes ago

    This totally makes so much sense!

  • zion song
    zion song 13 hours ago

    we all know kali will get a perma ban in rank just like echo

  • Cokl Gaming
    Cokl Gaming 16 hours ago

    one more. trigering thing if you havent, door mazes

  • Lula Bug
    Lula Bug 17 hours ago

    TapL: *falls in lava*
    Spifey: "yOuR FiNe"

  • Rabid Wolf
    Rabid Wolf Day ago

    spifey an app called mater mods is using ur vid

  • ༄tqegu
    ༄tqegu Day ago

    they are so done with spifey 😂

  • gordon thickman plays

    Am *T A X*

  • david belizaire
    david belizaire Day ago

    JustVurb: why are you using a hoe?
    Spifey: Excuse me?

  • kasumii _haku
    kasumii _haku Day ago

    Am i the only one who likes birch

  • Taco Boi
    Taco Boi Day ago

    7:49 wow swearing

  • zachary_ zdong
    zachary_ zdong 2 days ago

    TapL was so done 😂

  • XxNelliexX
    XxNelliexX 2 days ago

    I can’t breathe XD

  • EatMeNow
    EatMeNow 2 days ago +1

    Spifey fighting spidey

  • Daisy Powell
    Daisy Powell 2 days ago

    Poor Minecraft players.

  • Kit_Cat 33
    Kit_Cat 33 2 days ago +1

    This is the hardest I’ve ever laughed

  • ii strqwberrie ii
    ii strqwberrie ii 3 days ago


  • GirlFox Gaming
    GirlFox Gaming 4 days ago

    *What a nice tutorial :) thanks*

  • Gacha Craft
    Gacha Craft 5 days ago

    You broke the law
    You hart my head
    You you hart my it just hurt 🤕 !!!!

  • SuggarDemon
    SuggarDemon 5 days ago

    If you were to do all 90 in 10 minutes, you would have to do 9 per minute. This would result in each trigger only having approximately 6.6666666667 seconds each.

  • *Leroy Sucks*
    *Leroy Sucks* 6 days ago

    Thanks I hate it

  • Zer0没有
    Zer0没有 6 days ago

    RKY is just so dead...

  • Km Dev
    Km Dev 6 days ago

    Wtf, there was no reveal at the end. You just ruthlessly trolled them on camera lol

  • Amatista The cat
    Amatista The cat 6 days ago


  • Azfar the unfamous gameplayer

    I can't stop laughing at tapl

  • Roberto Olan Cruz
    Roberto Olan Cruz 8 days ago

    This video totally fit with Kira theme

  • Arieka
    Arieka 8 days ago


  • UNnaturallyBlue
    UNnaturallyBlue 8 days ago

    Dude, good thing I'm not a Minecraft tuber. Ha

  • JeffMcJeffYT
    JeffMcJeffYT 8 days ago

    Breaking Obsidian - ASMR Minecraft

  • Bloozy
    Bloozy 8 days ago +1

    You should meet a Minecraft noob and show them everything bad to do in Minecraft but act like it’s fine

  • Tea_ Bunny
    Tea_ Bunny 9 days ago

    “Now our house is soggy”

  • DarkJay
    DarkJay 9 days ago

    This.. Hurts...

  • Alpaca Ammo
    Alpaca Ammo 9 days ago

    Stop torturing us xD

  • A very rude person
    A very rude person 10 days ago

    If a player puts down a torch just act like it's fire and place water down and destroy it

  • Cats Meow
    Cats Meow 10 days ago

    wait i legit am currently using the skin that justvurb is using without even knowing it

  • the little_satan
    the little_satan 10 days ago

    Rky is just playing along 😂

  • Halo Gamer
    Halo Gamer 10 days ago

    There’s an 8% chance that you’ll die from mining straight down that’s why it’s stupid when people call it a rule

    And it’s 10 times easier to get Redstone torches

  • All54321 Gaming
    All54321 Gaming 10 days ago +1

    1:59 Everyone is just being triggered by your wood choice XD

  • jeonggukies my hero academia


  • Mr. Mico
    Mr. Mico 13 days ago


  • the A team
    the A team 15 days ago +1

    I just love how calm RKY while im dying with the others lol

  • Eleven Nineteen
    Eleven Nineteen 15 days ago +1

    The most triggering thing to me is how the video ended & TapL couldn't even tell us how his day was

  • theMoonlit -Wolf
    theMoonlit -Wolf 17 days ago


  • Cutes sleep
    Cutes sleep 20 days ago

    Seem like one of the most annoying person to hang out with

  • connor jimenez
    connor jimenez 21 day ago


  • Robo Studios
    Robo Studios 27 days ago

    *_C a n u d o n t_*

  • Frogugu Frog
    Frogugu Frog 29 days ago


  • planespotter pro65
    planespotter pro65 29 days ago

    When you are building a house and place a glass pane and trying to break it but then you destroy other blocks

  • Strike Dudes
    Strike Dudes Month ago

    Everyone: please don't build on your farm
    Harvey: hey. Build the house next to here

  • Roblo x
    Roblo x Month ago

    2:34 epic

  • Myaluscious x
    Myaluscious x Month ago

    it "could" trigger you

  • My name is ray Die
    My name is ray Die Month ago

    I felt bad cause i just heard "wait wait stop"

  • Yellow bananago
    Yellow bananago Month ago

    What about having a new pickaxe but have one that's about to break and use the new one until it breaks

  • Draco Distortion
    Draco Distortion Month ago

    Phaermynge Matthirialls

  • The Game Gang
    The Game Gang Month ago


  • Madness999
    Madness999 Month ago +1

    Scrubs use torches to light their caves,
    I use enchantment tables

  • Anid Bexheti
    Anid Bexheti Month ago

    It could trigger me? Bruh...do you know how many brain cell operations i had to do?

  • The 303's
    The 303's Month ago

    I hate u...

  • Chloe Lee
    Chloe Lee Month ago

    the fact that you used an Ivan B song 😍

  • Sharkey Monkey
    Sharkey Monkey Month ago

    "It's ya boi Chips Ahoy"
    -Braincell, 2019