Best of the Worst: The Last Vampire on Earth


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  • RedLetterMedia
    RedLetterMedia  Year ago +4611

    Since everyone's going to ask: no, we can't upload the full version of the Sergio cartoon because it doesn't exist. It was a project that wasn't completed and the short clips of it you see in this episode is pretty much all that exists.

    • Inks Hermit
      Inks Hermit 12 days ago

      Never seen such edge other than my cutting blade

    • Moe Greene
      Moe Greene 15 days ago +1

      can you make a film where rich evans plays a sexy vampire guy

    • Whisper
      Whisper Month ago

      One must appreciate a movie per se. It is difficult and time consuming to make. But, when a director rips off and " re-imagines " a story than he must face criticism. If you're compelled in making a vampire movie, at least take it into a complete different direction and make it original in some way. And I think we can all assume that the "novel" was "written" after the film was "made".

    • Tyler Allen
      Tyler Allen Month ago

      Can we at least get the audiobook of the novel with Jay narrating?

    • Phil DeSnutts
      Phil DeSnutts Month ago +1

      Nobody was going to ask that

  • jtar7242
    jtar7242 2 hours ago

    The synopsis for this film on IMDB currently reads: "A second-hand report of a man vomiting after eating chicken leads a preacher to believe a vampire is afoot. Luckily for the guy, his girlfriend has AIDS which allows him to be spared."
    Whoever is responsible for that, you're a hero.

  • secondlastnameleft
    secondlastnameleft 4 hours ago

    11:57 Mandie L. Abraham is a cutie!

  • Anish Chari
    Anish Chari Day ago

    The most realistic part of this movie are the people throwing up after eating KFC

  • Anish Chari
    Anish Chari Day ago

    Hematologist don't deal with AIDS and Diabetes. They deal with anemia, platelet problems, bone marrow diseases, but never diabetes or HIV.

  • Anish Chari
    Anish Chari Day ago

    "It's Twilight with bad actors."
    "It's Jack and Jill with bad jokes."
    "It's Transformers with mindless explosions."

    EAT👏THE👏RICH 2 days ago

    The ad I got for this video was hemophilia remedies 😂

  • UndergroundMan1223
    UndergroundMan1223 5 days ago

    From the imdb page:
    "A second-hand report of a man vomiting after eating chicken leads a preacher to believe a vampire is afoot. Luckily for the guy, his girlfriend has AIDS which allows him to be spared. "

  • Nᴀɴᴏᴍᴇɴ
    Nᴀɴᴏᴍᴇɴ 5 days ago

    17:43 you can see a lightbulb burn out in the background lol

  • MacheteEnima
    MacheteEnima 5 days ago

    Is the blood in a sandwich bag?

  • FJ R
    FJ R 5 days ago

    I wish a complete reading of the speech was included because I'm desperate to hear Jay deliver the absolute bonkers line, "I'm not afraid of punishment, death, or things I do not understand."

  • Jonny Dee
    Jonny Dee 6 days ago

    a fuckin Zima dude???

  • Howard Phillips
    Howard Phillips 6 days ago

    I don't know why you guys laughed at the girl exercising trigger discipline. Probably the only thing this movie did right.

  • Bananarama
    Bananarama 6 days ago

    Priest: When I am done with you, I will have killed the last vampire.
    Vampire: I am not the last vampire.

  • Catherine [DATA EXPUNGED]

    Red Letter Media should collect every known VHS copy of Nukie and build a house out of them

  • Afarin
    Afarin 9 days ago +1

    Does anyone else think the vampire guy looks like Mike in a bad wig

  • MerlinTheMighty
    MerlinTheMighty 10 days ago

    I want that audiobook guys :)

  • P Y R O T E C H N I C K

    help I stayed up all night again watching these best of the worst videos.... T_T

  • P Y R O T E C H N I C K

    holy fuck is Colin drinking a zima?

  • BTMotley
    BTMotley 11 days ago that the Avatar: The Last Airbender font (Herculanum) that they use in the opening credits? I think it is...making the title even worse? Funnier? Something.

  • jagardina
    jagardina 12 days ago

    I know this is over a year old but the fact that you have a light bulb out is annoying me. Can't you fix that in post and re-upload?

  • Gary James Taylor
    Gary James Taylor 15 days ago

    This movie currently has a 1.8/10 on IMDb

  • CV T
    CV T 15 days ago

    I think this is the worst movie you guys ever reviewed.

  • Nick Pappas
    Nick Pappas 16 days ago

    Rich Evan's laugh is the Fountain of LIfe.

  • Alan Murray
    Alan Murray 16 days ago

    Five times I’ve watched this now. Never fails to make me giggle
    Edit - the review not the movie

  • jmiogo
    jmiogo 20 days ago

    Wait... where’d you get that Zima?

  • Captain Boogers
    Captain Boogers 21 day ago

    I just realized that Colin is drinking Zima, a warriors drink.

  • BunnyMan456
    BunnyMan456 21 day ago

    As stupid as this movie is, the line, "I am not afraid of punishment, death, or things I do not understand," is kind of poignant.

  • John T. Campbell
    John T. Campbell 27 days ago

    ""I'm not afraid of punishment, death, or things I do not understand!""
    What does that even mean?!? I don't understand how nuclear bombs work, but I'm afraid of them. I don't know... That's just a confusing-ass line.


    Vampire AIDS ... ... VAIDS?


    "its Twilight with horrible acting "
    soo its just Twilight then is what you are saying ...

  • Agrellar
    Agrellar 27 days ago

    Holy shit! Jay FIXED a light throwing the spinner!

  • bryon jackson
    bryon jackson 29 days ago

    Middle aged teens

  • Ducklesworth
    Ducklesworth Month ago

    Can we get a highlight reel of rich evans laughing

  • blidrob
    blidrob Month ago

    Can't wait for the next movie, The EntertainMen!

  • Manuel Puente
    Manuel Puente Month ago

    This is one of my favorite BOW episodes ever ...

  • tiko Btu
    tiko Btu Month ago

    that vampire guy is the type of guy that'd buy a juicero

  • Gabe G
    Gabe G Month ago

    I swear everytime Colin laughs I laugh too. It's infectious

  • Jack Napier
    Jack Napier Month ago

    There's well over a million view on this video... Is it because of the fidget spinner?

  • parodie non richieste

    if was a movie for mock twilight, that might have worked too, unfortunately instead the producer want a serious movie. Mario Bava would turn over in his grave.

  • Erdem Yanikomeroglu
    Erdem Yanikomeroglu Month ago +1

    17:44 one of the lightbulbs on the "O" burns out

  • gregstiles
    gregstiles Month ago

    homeboy is drinking a zima.

  • MCIzawa
    MCIzawa Month ago

    cure for ditheathes

  • JMFL
    JMFL Month ago

    I love how Collin is always drinking a Zima.

  • Jessi Davin
    Jessi Davin Month ago +1

    I think Bloodmobile Wayne is Shreikpire's dad. They sure do look alike.

  • CB
    CB Month ago

    23:04 "Basitally,..."

  • Mister Plinkett
    Mister Plinkett Month ago +1

    The IMDB summary: "A second-hand report of a man vomiting after eating chicken leads a preacher to believe a vampire is afoot. Luckily for the guy, his girlfriend has AIDS which allows him to be spared."

    LIN LAWL Month ago

    Does Philadelphia bruises have something to do with drugs? Wtf does that mean.....

  • OvAeons
    OvAeons Month ago +1

    only thing that comes to mind with the Male lead is: Thicc Mop.

  • John Willy Flaten
    John Willy Flaten Month ago

    to all the haters? who could possibly hate this xD its gold! Alltho im assuming this guy is trying to become the next tommy wiseau...

  • Vanessa González
    Vanessa González Month ago

    The last vampire on earth... looks like lenny from shark tale. :)

  • C C
    C C Month ago

    i really though that "Edward 0.5" was overweight as fuck with that chubby face...
    but i had to double-take at the fact that he is slim.
    oh and by the way, the director is RUSSIAN.

  • OmarSaletovicPrins
    OmarSaletovicPrins Month ago

    Where is my audiobook?

  • gooieglopp
    gooieglopp Month ago

    okkkk umm JAY be working out hunni them arrrms tho

  • SomeGumshoe
    SomeGumshoe Month ago

    Holy shit! Did Colin from Canada go back to 1990 to get that Zima?!

  • Razzy1312
    Razzy1312 Month ago

    Where in the hell does a man find Zima for purchase today?

  • BigBadSeed
    BigBadSeed Month ago

    Versace entertain men.

  • G Ang
    G Ang Month ago

    THe family is the major stakeholder in KFC ... the secret that KFC makes you have Aids and Vampirism must NEVER get out ... kekkekeke ... THat or that Garbage Pail Kids needs all the KFS ... which makes KFC a drug

  • Peef Rimgar
    Peef Rimgar Month ago +1

    still waiting on that audiobook tbh

  • Spider Hame
    Spider Hame Month ago

    if you look closely at 1:55, you will notice that he actually fixed one of the lights, what a pro

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson Month ago

    I can't find Versace's movie anywhere. But here is the IMDB description for Vitaliy Versace's Psycho ---
    Very super scary only there is one man and he goes to the beef forest he sees the buff bee buffalo they strong bee buffalo hybrid monster and then he runs away very very quicjly scared for his own life he then comes accross an old tabernacle and purchases two items to slay the beast a toggleberry and a domino's pizzeria he uses these to face the monster in his darkest hour?.
    -Vitaliy Versace

  • Skull King
    Skull King Month ago

    1:54 jay actually turned on one of the lights


    I loved the sequel to this movie, The Last Jedi on Earth

  • Batz
    Batz Month ago

    The Vampire Doctor Who Cured AIDS: A Novel by Rich Evans

  • itsgodnga
    itsgodnga Month ago

    Wouldn't she be legally justified in shooting them to prevent a guy being burned alive? Lol

  • Funk Enstein
    Funk Enstein Month ago

    Everyone has AIDS!

  • Andrew Destefano
    Andrew Destefano Month ago

    over a million people saw four adults call some poor kid fat

  • Wasmo
    Wasmo Month ago +1

    Third movie we find out that both Versace movies are in the same universe and it's the start of something wonderfully horrifying

  • KusanagiMotoko100
    KusanagiMotoko100 Month ago

    When they talked about the elephant in the room being AIDS I really thought Mike was telling a joke, but it was actually the plot...

  • SkeletalSounds _
    SkeletalSounds _ Month ago

    He for sure looks like a gay bloated retarded Hayley Joel Osmond

  • SkeletalSounds _
    SkeletalSounds _ Month ago

    9:41 is so cringey omg she doesn’t know how to respond and he says he likes all of the scenes in his own movie lmaoo

  • GC Fournier
    GC Fournier 2 months ago

    Love the Zima choice

  • Seth Harper
    Seth Harper 2 months ago +1

    Rich's laugh can cure aids

  • DubbleD
    DubbleD 2 months ago

    When will they review "Born Into Mafia" I wonder? Please do!

  • Herje Don
    Herje Don 2 months ago

    He is from eastern europe/russia or something. Changed his name and want to be a movie producer. Is he just cynical and wants to make easy money? Or is he in fact serious, a delusional man-child

  • Scruffy Looking Brantforder

    I remember the first time I saw this video the Sergio bit got to me. Never had noticed until then that Mike has a preferred comedic style that he uses everywhere.

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 2 months ago

    Zima? I'm disappointed.

  • goitcore
    goitcore 2 months ago

    Oh my god! Vitaly Versace has made a home alone rip off! Called Beverly Hills Bandits! It came out this year!! Please please please watch it so I don't have to!

    • goitcore
      goitcore 2 months ago

      Just watched the trailer, which seems to be pretty much the whole movie. From beginning to end.

  • Jack Garrett
    Jack Garrett 2 months ago

    They really got a million though

  • Davy Machinegun
    Davy Machinegun 2 months ago +1

    Everytime I watch this episode, the comparison at 4:29 cracks me up. I'm not even close to being a part of Twilight's target audience but I can still appreciate the mood in that scene and how it appealed to teenage girls at the time. Then it suddenly cuts to this ogre in midlife crisis passing by a cheap microphone. The contrast is so embarrassing and hilarious.

  • EvilMrHyde
    EvilMrHyde 2 months ago

    pause at 19:27 the gap in the "O" make Jay look like he has a man bun

  • FireinTheFoxes
    FireinTheFoxes 2 months ago

    Is no one going to point out that one of the lights on the O turned back on when the fidget spinner hit it at 1:53 haha

  • Stalin
    Stalin 2 months ago

    They got a million views.

  • Christoph Czeitschner
    Christoph Czeitschner 2 months ago

    Isn't Rich a grandmaster of Jehova's Witness?

  • ExtrackterYT
    ExtrackterYT 2 months ago

    1:52 no, you didn't "burned out half of the lights" you halfwit - you lit one up!

  • JC Silver
    JC Silver 2 months ago

    I know I'm super late to this but at 1:53 I just noticed that Jay's throw turns ON one of the lights lol

  • Sonia Singh
    Sonia Singh 2 months ago

    Lmao they reuse a shot at the first dinner scene

  • LeaveDenbyAlone
    LeaveDenbyAlone 2 months ago +1

    Wanna joe for a watch or something?

  • Megan McGuyre
    Megan McGuyre 2 months ago

    what the fuck is this movie's soundtrack???? it's like Vitaliy put some random notes on Noteflight and called it a day

  • Hazitaka
    Hazitaka 2 months ago

    Pleas make that audiobook

  • Erreul
    Erreul 2 months ago

    Wait a fucking second. WAIT A. FUCKING. SECOND. Is that motherfucker is drinking Zima. Yall fucking ship that from Japan or did yall actually give money to Miller? Either way it's absolutely despicable.

  • William May
    William May 2 months ago +1

    Damn, those bedroom eyes at 12:25!

  • NSFilms
    NSFilms 2 months ago

    It's funny, Jay throwing that fidget spinner and it hitting the giant O actually turned on one of the lights.

  • Dede
    Dede 2 months ago

    Doctorism? I think you mean Medicine buddy XD this killed me.

  • Aundrea Reck
    Aundrea Reck 2 months ago

    Still waiting for that Twilight Saga review and the day they finally review Nukie

  • Peef Rimgar
    Peef Rimgar 2 months ago

    holy shit i forgot zima existed wtf

  • Moshe Lee
    Moshe Lee 3 months ago

    I know this video is a year old but jay actually turns on a light on the big O when he throws the spinner.

  • Cal Grayson
    Cal Grayson 3 months ago

    ...Zima still exists? (Or at least did in 2017?)

  • kamikazemelon787
    kamikazemelon787 3 months ago

    It's come to my attention that Vitaliy Versace has a film called "Silent Screams" that was made in 2015. The world is clearly a simulation.

  • Starfals
    Starfals 3 months ago +1

    The Last Vampire on Earth!!!