Best of the Worst: The Last Vampire on Earth


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  • RedLetterMedia
    RedLetterMedia  Year ago +4381

    Since everyone's going to ask: no, we can't upload the full version of the Sergio cartoon because it doesn't exist. It was a project that wasn't completed and the short clips of it you see in this episode is pretty much all that exists.

    • Yordle Void
      Yordle Void Month ago

      Btw someone may have already said it, but you do know that Tommy Wisau wanted to include a vampire sub-plot in The Room?

    • Just Some Dude
      Just Some Dude 2 months ago +1

      Dissapointing but understandable

  • BigDaddy BubbaBullfrog

    13:48 I'm guessing the 'mumblecore' boom mic was *not* a sennheiser... ;)

  • BigDaddy BubbaBullfrog

    Yeah, Twilight is a terrible series of books, BUT(T), Stephanie Meyer gots DAT AZZZZZZZZZZ.

  • BigDaddy BubbaBullfrog

    If Mike ever runs outta booze money, all he need do is set up an indie-go-go for a Sergio 80 minute animated cringefest! Mike will be swimming in vodka for MONTHS.

  • BigDaddy BubbaBullfrog

    Don't care what ya'll say about this flick, since this film - due to its charming lack of pretense - is BEARABLE, while Twilight is NOT. :)

  • Stalin
    Stalin 3 days ago

    They got a million views.

  • M. ierardi
    M. ierardi 7 days ago

    ...Aurelius looks like my former roommate, Bart, in a wig

  • Christoph Czeitschner

    Isn't Rich a grandmaster of Jehova's Witness?

  • ExtrackterYT
    ExtrackterYT 8 days ago

    1:52 no, you didn't "burned out half of the lights" you halfwit - you lit one up!

  • JC Silver
    JC Silver 8 days ago

    I know I'm super late to this but at 1:53 I just noticed that Jay's throw turns ON one of the lights lol

  • Sonia Singh
    Sonia Singh 8 days ago

    Lmao they reuse a shot at the first dinner scene

  • LeaveDenbyAlone
    LeaveDenbyAlone 9 days ago

    Wanna joe for a watch or something?

  • Megan McGuyre
    Megan McGuyre 9 days ago

    what the fuck is this movie's soundtrack???? it's like Vitaliy put some random notes on Noteflight and called it a day

  • Hazitaka
    Hazitaka 10 days ago

    Pleas make that audiobook

  • Erreul
    Erreul 10 days ago

    Wait a fucking second. WAIT A. FUCKING. SECOND. Is that motherfucker is drinking Zima. Yall fucking ship that from Japan or did yall actually give money to Miller? Either way it's absolutely despicable.

  • William May
    William May 12 days ago +1

    Damn, those bedroom eyes at 12:25!

  • NSFilms
    NSFilms 14 days ago

    It's funny, Jay throwing that fidget spinner and it hitting the giant O actually turned on one of the lights.

  • Dede
    Dede 15 days ago

    Doctorism? I think you mean Medicine buddy XD this killed me.

  • Aundrea Reck
    Aundrea Reck 15 days ago

    Still waiting for that Twilight Saga review and the day they finally review Nukie

  • Peef Rimgar
    Peef Rimgar 15 days ago

    holy shit i forgot zima existed wtf

  • Moshe Lee
    Moshe Lee 16 days ago

    I know this video is a year old but jay actually turns on a light on the big O when he throws the spinner.

  • Cal Grayson
    Cal Grayson 17 days ago

    ...Zima still exists? (Or at least did in 2017?)

  • kamikazemelon787
    kamikazemelon787 19 days ago

    It's come to my attention that Vitaliy Versace has a film called "Silent Screams" that was made in 2015. The world is clearly a simulation.

  • Starfals
    Starfals 22 days ago +1

    The Last Vampire on Earth!!!

  • TheElectricCentaur
    TheElectricCentaur 22 days ago

    i never knew Zima put out a 40oz...

  • blEkk
    blEkk 22 days ago

    I can only recommend checking out Vitalys imdb page. "Taekwando Kid"? Jungle book but Mogli has cancer? A home alone rip off with Ron Jeremy? Sign me the fuck on!

  • ScienceWinsEveryTime
    ScienceWinsEveryTime 24 days ago

    I think RLM needs to do a spotlight episode on Nukie at some point, seeing as how they seem to own every copy of it in existence.

  • Harper Steele
    Harper Steele 24 days ago

    I would love to be in a Versace movie. God knows they’re entertaining as hell and I’d love to meet the man, the myth, the legend himself

  • Smells Like E Minor
    Smells Like E Minor 24 days ago

    They're Mormon.

  • Protheus
    Protheus 25 days ago

    She isn't responsible for murder, you can clearly see that she didn't pull the trigger, the gun went off spontaneously.

  • Hereinliesthetruth
    Hereinliesthetruth 28 days ago +1

    Best fucking show ever made since the invention of moving pictures.

  • Casual Mercy Main
    Casual Mercy Main 29 days ago

    17:45 rip bulb you will be missed

  • Ben Ives
    Ben Ives Month ago

    Jay does not have an inside voice.

  • Decembirth
    Decembirth Month ago

    Geezus Cryst! 😄

  • ESmith
    ESmith Month ago +2

    To be fair, an actor that shows up on time and gets to work is a pretty rare thing.

  • EthalaRide
    EthalaRide Month ago

    You know why the soundtrack is like that... they wanted it to sound like the band Vampire Weekend. Which, when asked, Vampire Weekend turned down making the soundtrack to Twilight.

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    I laughed my ass off at this review. Good stuff.

  • Nick Newman
    Nick Newman Month ago +1

    Versace is unique as a writer/director. He is the only man on EARTH who would dare to create the 'Teen AIDS Vampire" genre. That is his genius! I'm serious. It's quite brilliant.

  • Salami Slut
    Salami Slut Month ago

    I didn't know you could still get Zima.... I've always wanted to try that, since I was a kid.

  • Will Day
    Will Day Month ago

    Thaddeus "Chubby" Chadsworth 1867 -1979

  • One Boring Bastard
    One Boring Bastard Month ago

    Whenever I rewatch this I can’t help but go to daily motion to watch the Sergio cartoon

  • The Grow Wizard
    The Grow Wizard Month ago

    Is that a prequel to "Decker vs Dracula"?

  • Drive Music
    Drive Music Month ago

    RLM makes me consider getting in my time machine and going back to 1955 and going to film school. Not to make films, but to make friends.

  • Police 159
    Police 159 Month ago


  • Stuurminator
    Stuurminator Month ago

    Between the girl's trigger safety and the fact that she never pointed it directly at anyone on screen (even in the shooting scene, you can tell it's pointed well over that dude's head), I'm pretty sure that was a real gun and everyone on set was REALLY careful about it.

  • Adrián Enciso
    Adrián Enciso Month ago

    The filter given to the scene of Shrek and Chloe actually seems to work or at least make it look a little appealing

  • Jacob Carter
    Jacob Carter Month ago

    30:19 TO BE FAIR, you keep your finger off the trigger until the moment you are gonna fire.

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    way to punch down.

  • Max Andersson
    Max Andersson Month ago

    Hey. I like Prometheus.

  • I am the Walrus
    I am the Walrus Month ago

    The lead actress is the worst actress I've ever seen. There are children that act better

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker Month ago

    12:04 hehehe.

  • Amateur0Visionary
    Amateur0Visionary Month ago

    Love me two times baby
    Love me twice today
    Love me two times baby
    Cuz I've got AIDS
    Love me two times baby
    Once for tomorrow,
    Once cuz I've got AIDS
    -Dead Milkmen

  • Riley Burling
    Riley Burling Month ago +1

    Was it all shot on a Helios 44 wide open all the time? (Its a great lens, but not for all the time)

  • Meowth
    Meowth Month ago

    I'd buy that audio book.

  • 7he Paleo Shark
    7he Paleo Shark Month ago

    Mike's face at 29:11 is pure, sinister gold.
    (also, Rich Evans is wonderful as always)

  • Fionn Ó Faolain
    Fionn Ó Faolain 2 months ago

    When AIDS was a really big fear in the 80s and 90s doctors would give people with HIV/AIDS a mixture of different drugs called 'AIDS cocktails' so technically they're right but still your point is valid.

  • Jerrell McNutt
    Jerrell McNutt 2 months ago

    Quick PSA, this is on Amazon Prime for anyone who wants to see this masterpiece in its entirety

  • Jinjo Bread
    Jinjo Bread 2 months ago

    23:50. You're welcome

  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago

    Does the movie ever bring up WHY he's the last vampire on earth? Are there vampire hunters in this universe?

  • Hippic
    Hippic 2 months ago

    OMG!! The budget was $250.000 🤯

  • Spaghetti Teat
    Spaghetti Teat 2 months ago

    "Technically he looks like a cabbage patch kid" - Rich Evans

  • Shant
    Shant 2 months ago

    Mike, Jay, and Rich are the only ones worth a damn. All these other guys suck.

  • Nathan Joseph
    Nathan Joseph 2 months ago

    I can't take my finge-uhh eye off the trigger - Rich Evans

  • Grim Q
    Grim Q 2 months ago

    Lead guy looks like the love child of quentin tarantino and cocaine

  • Glasswall Studio
    Glasswall Studio 2 months ago

    Tosses fidget spinner, light comes back on, points out broken lights.
    Why this had me cracking up so much, I'll never know.

  • Howesenberg
    Howesenberg 2 months ago

    Rich Evans is just drunk on Hatorade, God bless America

  • StoneColdSergio
    StoneColdSergio 2 months ago

    My name is-ah Sergio. Like-ah seriously. I live in Amereeeca!

  • Miloš Anđelković
    Miloš Anđelković 2 months ago

    Where's the audio book you hack frauds? :D

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago +1

    "We're gonna call it BotW Fidget Spinner Edition. 1 million views guaranteed!" -> mission accomplished!

  • LiquidArmProduction
    LiquidArmProduction 2 months ago

    Please actually do the audiobook, I’ll pay for it (under the table so Sergio doesn’t know.)

  • jared curtis
    jared curtis 2 months ago

    Zima?! Really??

  • Haz Matt
    Haz Matt 2 months ago

    the first twilight does actually have a scene in which they all just randonly decide to play baseball in the rain for some reason.

  • Haz Matt
    Haz Matt 2 months ago

    the twilight author is actually a mormon apparently

  • Bummed
    Bummed 2 months ago

    Shocking lack of vicious comments about Colin drinking FUCKING ZIMA

  • minusseasons
    minusseasons 2 months ago

    Please do Born Into Mafia for us. The people demand it.

  • Mike
    Mike 2 months ago

    I guess the fidget spinner idea worked after all.

  • Good Vibrations
    Good Vibrations 2 months ago

    1. Is that a Zima? 2. I got mad epileps and that aint shit.

  • AlucardsQuest
    AlucardsQuest 2 months ago

    Large feet seems such a strange thing to comment on, most people have large feet don't they? Small feet are the odd ones out. idk

  • Marco Panzanni
    Marco Panzanni 2 months ago

    Holy Christ! was this puke made on a budget from a summer job.
    I think the Blood Clinic guy was the actual father of the "Last Vampire" , there is a striking similarity of hideousness they share. They both look like me with acid thrown in the face.
    PS: no no, they're all bearfoot at the end cause "director" has run out of money.

  • S
    S 2 months ago

    This was the funniest thing I've seen all week. Thanks guys.

  • Amateur0Visionary
    Amateur0Visionary 2 months ago

    ...didn't even know they still make Zima.

  • Knives
    Knives 2 months ago

    that looked like fuckin candy apple mix lol

  • Nadodan .Nadodan
    Nadodan .Nadodan 2 months ago

    Obviously the girl has good trigger discipline she doesn't intend to shoot these people, she wants to talk things out. You're not supposed to put your finger on the trigger unless you're sure you want to shoot somebody.

  • MrFasttyler
    MrFasttyler 2 months ago +2

    Does anyone else think he looks like a chubby Robert Smith ?

  • Ash Williams
    Ash Williams 3 months ago

    17:43 the light goes on the O.

  • rkgk1517
    rkgk1517 3 months ago

    10:02: Digging that ketchup stain

  • moriez87
    moriez87 3 months ago


  • Cyber Demon
    Cyber Demon 3 months ago

    A scene in the movie where they read the script of the movie? That is borderline experimental.

  • bowie stutsman
    bowie stutsman 3 months ago

    Rich is too good for this world

  • tor̴ ̵da͘ll̴ey
    tor̴ ̵da͘ll̴ey 3 months ago

    24:00 *A I D S C A N C E R*

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis 3 months ago +2

    Where the hell did they get all the Nukie boxes?

  • Lucky Ducky Driving School

    Why didn't you tell me you had AIDS?

  • Max Fightmaster
    Max Fightmaster 3 months ago

    The first ‘Sergio’ joke was good, juxtaposing good/bad movies. The second was gratuitous. I’m sure they realize that, but I’m a bit of a prick, and on Sundays I snark about dumb shit rather than believe in gods.

  • Possibly Dell Honne
    Possibly Dell Honne 3 months ago

    "Stop or II'll Shoot. This is a good man And If you took the time to f- get to know him you would find that out. I'm not reading my lines. Tell me i'm a good girl."

  • Tristan Foss
    Tristan Foss 3 months ago +2

    These men need a million subs. Like, right now

  • Grayve Rose
    Grayve Rose 3 months ago

    I would say that all this effort was worthless, but, it makes people make funny videos like these so, its kind of a circle of life thing that is vicarious to watch

  • Angel Miller
    Angel Miller 3 months ago

    I have watched this five times now, and I can't stop. Why do I find y'all's pain so delightful?

  • HadesWTF
    HadesWTF 3 months ago +5

    After researching it, I'm 99% sure that Vitaliy Versace's movies are a money laundering scheme for big time criminals.

  • RSK
    RSK 3 months ago

    is that the co-worker bro from Birdemic?

  • Nom du Clavier
    Nom du Clavier 3 months ago

    This entire movie is on youtube